DB Cooper – Top Ten Questions for the FBI

by Bruce A. Smith

In the past six months, there has been flurry of interest in the DB Cooper case from TV producers and documentarians. Some Cooper researchers are reporting up to six different outfits from the United States and the UK developing some kind of DB Cooper show, and I think the essential question to ask is: What will be the role of the FBI in these shows, and will they answer any lingering questions about the investigation?  Continue reading

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Remembering 9/11: Empathy and Sympathy Would Follow the Horror

by Gayle E. Tice

On the morning of September 11, 2001, my mother cried as I pulled on my socks and then ran for my bus to the fifth grade. The television news was on; it was trained on the Twin Towers. My father stayed with her until she could call and make sure her family in New York was alright. I got on the school bus and watched young boys crash finger airplanes into each other and laugh. I got to school and my teacher, Mrs. Spawn, was crying like my Mom. Continue reading

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DB Cooper suspect, Ted Mayfield, killed in aviation accident

by Bruce A. Smith

Long-time DB Cooper suspect, Ted E Mayfield, was killed Friday, August 28 in an aviation-related accident at his home in Sheridan, Oregon. He was struck on his arm while hand-starting an Air Coupe prop airplane and died of his injury at the scene. Continue reading

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Alder Lake Fire continues despite rains – Update Monday August 31, noon

 By Bruce A. Smith

Update: Monday August 31, noon:

The National Forest Service announced today that the Alder Lake fire continues to “smolder” even after torrential rains passed through the area over the week.

But the fire did not spread over the weekend and remains at 275 acres. The NFS says the fire is now 15% contained.


Update: Saturday August 29, 3 pm:

National Forest Service spokesperson Kristin Bowles announced today that the overnight rains have “calmed things down” at the Alder Lake fire but not extinguished it. The fire has entered its third week of burning. Continue reading

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Updates – Smoke and fire threaten southern Pierce County

by Bruce A. Smith

Concern is mounting in Eatonville and surrounding communities as our skies become smoke-filled and many local residents are staying indoors to protect themselves from unhealthy air. The culprits seem to be two-fold – first an 100-acre fire on the south shore of Alder Lake, and secondly, contamination from regional forest fires east of the Cascades. The following press release has been issued by the National Forest Service (NFS) and the US Department of Agriculture giving details about a 100-acre forest fire on the southern shores of Alder Lake. Dozens of firefighters are battling this blaze and have attacked the flames with bulldozers and aerial water drops.   Continue reading

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Kapowsin Meats taking steps to control Salmonella outbreak

by Bruce A. Smith

John Anderson, president of Kapowsin Meats in Graham, announced today that his wholesale meat producing firm has issued a recall notice for all “Whole BBQ Hogs” sold between May 14 and July 21, 2015.

These meat products have been identified by the Washington State Department of Health as a primary source of the Salmonella outbreak that has caused illnesses in 134 cases state-wide. Continue reading

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Kapowsin Meats identified by State Health officials as one source of Salmonella outbreak

By Bruce A. Smith

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) announced today that its team of investigators have discovered Salmonella bacteria in products from Kapowsin Meats in Kapowsin.

Continue reading

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