Central Pierce Fire District to send relief supplies to stricken firefighters in New York

Editor’s Note:  The Mountain News has received the following press release from the Central Pierce Fire District, which serves Frederickson, Spanaway, South Hill and Parkland.  They have announced a relief effort to help firefighters in New York and New Jersey recover from the damage they experienced during Superstorm Sandy and the Nor’easter snow storm that blew in the following week.

I will be traveling soon to New York to spend the holidays with my family, and I will be touring the flood zone areas, bringing back a story on how recovery efforts are proceeding.  In addition, I hope to meet the Central Pierce convoy as it arrives in New York – if so , I’ll post a full report on the Mountain News.

 In addition, I’ll be writing about the storm recovery effort.  Already 500 homes in New York City have been abandoned and bulldozed flat.  Based upon my conversations with family and friends it is my belief that up to a million residents in the greater New York metro area will have to relocate to higher ground, or if they rebuild they will have to significantly modify their properties by building on stilts, or construct extraordinary structures to protect their homes and neighborhoods from future storms.

The recovery will take many forms, but in my view the general principal will be:  “Retreat from the Sea.”

 But the first order of business Back East is: let’s get the power back on and get warm, make sure that all families are reconnected, and let’s celebrate the holidays.

 And my thanks to CP.  Se ya in the Big Apple.


From Chief Randy Stephens- 

November 20, 2012

 Seattle to Sandy Hurricane Relief

 “Seattle to Sandy” is a community-wide donation effort to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy.  More specifically, victims that normally save lives…but now need saving themselves.

Mission: To collect enough donations to fill a 52′ trailer bound for New York.

This will directly benefit members of the FDNY, active and retired, and their families who suffered devastating losses as a result of this historic natural disaster.

Donations will be distributed through Friends of Firefighters, a nonprofit organization formed in response to 9/11.

 Central Pierce Fire & Rescue will be the official drop-off point for donations collected for this cause.  All 12 of our fire stations are available for drop off of donated items.  We anticipate receiving donations for the next two weeks. 

 For more information on items needed, please go to Seattle to Sandy Facebook page or www.friendsoffirefighters.org

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