Reader Support and Donations

The Mountain News looks to our readers and the larger community for support, such as cash, supplies or services.


If you can send us ten or twenty bucks a month we will be extremely grateful, and you’ll get an invite to a smoked-chicken BBQ at my place on the July 4th weekend.  Also, if you are willing to barter paper, ink, computer services, gasoline, etc., in exchange for our editorial and copy-writing services or placement within The Mountain News, we are so ready to make a deal!

Or, use paypal to give an instant donation, thanks!:


Checks can be mailed to Bruce A. Smith at PO Box 1676, Yelm, WA 98597.  Thanks, sincerely.


The Mountain News is looking for investors who can help us bridge the financial gap until our advertizing revenues are sufficient to support a staff of five – three writers, an ad rep, and a graphics/web page meister.  We currently need 10 grand during our initial stage, and would be happy to get $500 from twenty contributors or hopefully, one big fat check.  You folks get to the head of the chow line at the BBQ, and regular payments starting in about a year at 6% interest.


We have a variety of advertising – banner ads, small block ads on the right side of copy pages, a directory, and pictorial inserts, and a variety of pricing schedules.  Call for a quote.

4 Responses to Reader Support and Donations

  1. Admin says:

    Hi Bruce, have you considered using PayPal to accept payments?
    It is very easy to sign-up and use. This would allow your readers to be able to contribute to your e-paper using credit cards and signing up for reoccuring payment options. Check it out. I love PayPal.
    Holly Olsen-Pierce

  2. Jeff says:

    Wonderful article about Tina. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good thing you didn’t go back to knock again. She probably had a 12 gauge behind the door.

    Jeff London
    The Sovereign Scribe

  3. PayPal has a new rule: They now allow anyone with a credit or a debit card to make a payment to someone who has a PayPal account. And the sender does NOT need a PayPal account of their own, just a valid card. You provide the PayPal address you use to receive payments. (Hint: NEVER use your PayPal receiving address to send an email. It’s not dangerous, but you’ll often start getting spam from other sources.

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