Don’t Feed the Ghosts

Editor’s Note:

The following article is controversial, disturbing, and thought-provoking, for it explores deeper levels of consciousness. Specifically, it examines how our thoughts interact with a greater reality, and asks if our negative thoughts attract negative beings, such as disturbed ghosts. Would these unseen entities require our negatives energies to feed their energetic bodies? If so, they may be motivated to keep us having more negative thoughts so that their appetites continue to be satiated.

This article begs further: are our habits, addictions, and unconscious behaviors more than just the sum of our neural nets of memory triggering feel-good receptors? Also, from the religious perspective, exactly what is a “guardian angel?” Or conversely, when “the devil made me do it,” how does that work? Continue reading

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DB Cooper case closed – but not abandoned

by Bruce A. Smith

DB Cooper World is in a tizzy this week, as the FBI announced late Monday that they have “administratively closed” their investigation. After 45 years of trying to solve America’s only unsolved skyjacking they are giving up, although if someone finds a twenty-dollar bill from the ransom or Cooper’s parachute the FBI wants to know about it.

But the FBI’s actions come at a very curious time – this week the History Channel released an epic four-hour documentary series on Norjak, as the DB Cooper case is known. This documentary is also veiled in mystery, as it is chock-full of testimony from retired FBI agents who formed what they call a “Cold Case Team.”

Continue reading

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Eatonville Prepares for 4th of July Celebrations


By Alana Smith

There’s something enchanting about enjoying Independence Day the same way people have for decades, even if past generations weren’t able to Facebook their celebration “selfies.” It’s hard to beat spreading out a blanket and taking in some America the beautiful. 

Here in Eatonville, we’ll be celebrating our nation’s independence with dazzling fireworks displays. Though it might seem like a modern development, the origin of fireworks on the 4th of July dates back to 1777, when Philadelphia commemorated the one-year anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence with a parade, live music, and, you guessed it, fireworks. More than 200 years later, the Independence Day tradition is alive and well, with pyrotechnic shows that get bigger and better every year thanks to awe-inspiring technological advances. Continue reading

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Sex abuse, the Spotlight movie, and my Catholic high school

by Bruce A. Smith

I just saw the movie “Spotlight” on Netflix, and it brings related issues to the surface, such as the Mauck murders in Graham in 2007 and on-going sexual abuse by Catholic clergy.

To begin, “Spotlight” is a great film, and it won the Academy Award for Best Picture last year, 2015. It is the story of how the Boston Globe broke the story on the rampant sexual abuse by clergy in Boston, and how insidiously the Catholic Church covered up the raping by compromising law enforcement agencies, and manipulating the Massachusetts legislature and judiciary. But more importantly, the culture of unquestioning acceptance fostered by the Church was even more widespread and compelled journalists, attorneys, families, and victims to remain silent.

Father John Geoghan (pronounced “Gaygan”) was the Boston Archdiocese pedophile who got the Spotlight story going. He was later arrested, convicted, and incarcerated in the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Worcester County, Massachusetts, according to published accounts.

Geoghan was murdered in 2003 while in prison, and a Massachusetts criminal named Daniel T. Tavares – but soon to become a Graham, Washington resident – was rumored to be implicated in the murder by allegedly allowing access to Geoghan by leaving a door open. Tavares was released for “Good Behavior” in June 2007 despite his 120 Department of Corrections (DOC) citations for violence while in custody, along with two outstanding warrants for his arrest stemming from assaults on prison guards. After his release, Tavares took a flight to Sea-Tac, married a Graham woman, and then six months later killed his Graham neighbors, Brian and Beverly Mauck. Continue reading

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Special to the Mountain News-WA

by Paula Morris

There are many after school programs in the Pierce County area that offer food and snacks to kids during the school year. But what happens when summer vacation starts?

Carol Wright, the Director of the Graham-Kapowsin Community Council (GKCC), says there are 360 homeless kids in the Graham area alone. All of them may have depended on school lunch and after school care as their major source of food. It’s not only homeless kids who need help. Kids whose families are facing a crisis—job loss, low-wage jobs, illness, etc., need food as well.

Happily, through the generosity of private donors, and through community grants, there are a number of excellent resources in the Graham, Eatonville area, that cater to the issue of feeding kids through the summer. Continue reading

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Pacific Northwest prepares for the Big One – the Cascadia Rising earthquake drill

By Bruce A. Smith

Next week, June 6-10, local, state and federal officials will be conducting the nation’s largest-ever earthquake drill, called Cascadia Rising. Over 6,000 first responders, military personnel, and emergency management crews will simulate what life will be like throughout the Puget Sound region in the event of The Big One, a 9.0 quake.

In advance of this exercise, the Pierce County Department of Emergency Management (DEM) sent community action teams into Graham and other locales in March to talk about such a historic earthquake, and Peggy Lovellford of the DEM said “It is not a question of ‘if,’ but ‘when.’” Continue reading

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GKCC and Feed the Children Project to host Swap ‘n’ Shop, and a 5K Fun Run


Editor’s Note: The Graham-Kapowsin Community Council and its partner in helping feed Bethel school kids, the Harvest House Food Pantry, are holding a Swap ‘n’ Shop meet, along with a 5K Fun Run, to raise money for their joint “Feed the Children Project.” The monies go to stocking weekly food bags that eligible Bethel students receive to sustain them through their weekends, holidays, and summer vacations when the school breakfast and lunch programs are not available.

The following press release was received from the GKCC and Mountain News contributor Paula Morris.



May 6, 2016


SWAP’ n’ SHOP/Fun-Run-Walk

Saturday June 4, 2016, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Sponsored by: Graham/Kapowsin Community Council (GKCC), and Harvest House Food Pantry’s – Feed the Children Project.


Graham Elementary School

10026 204th St

Graham, WA

Enjoy the day and help feed your community at the same time.

Featured will be: Unique handcrafted gifts as well as new items.

A 5K and 1K run will be held at 10 a.m. All ages invited to participate.

($10 donation is suggested. T-shirts will be available for $15.)

Register with, Calvin Gibson:

Please bring a non-perishable food donation to stock the food pantry and to replenish the GKCC backpack for kids, project.

If you would like to participate as a vendor: Fees range from $25-$30 for a 10X10 space. For application, (by May 27)

Contact: Carol Wright at 253-279-3071 or

Email at:


I love human-interest stories, don’t you? There are so many talented people in the Pierce County area. I had the privilege of meeting one of them the other day.

Calvin Gibson was kind enough to allow me to interview him for information about the SWAP’ n’ SHOP event accompanying this article.

Calvin is the “marketing arm” of the GKCC. He considers himself to be an inventor, and I would have to agree with that designation. In fact, he not only invents stuff—like collapsible Christmas trees–but is re-inventing himself as well.

After a few starts and stops career-wise, Calvin chooses to spend his days helping his community. He has been involved in the District for over eleven years. “Bethel Pride” featured him in an article, and the school district’s kids dedicated one of their yearbooks to him!

An unfortunate run-in with a major bank left Calvin without a house. But instead of considering himself a victim, he relocated to a living arrangement that allowed for him to be free of debt and stress. He now uses his time to “give” of himself to others.

I enjoyed Calvin’s entrepreneurial spirit and believe the Graham-Kapowsin Community Council is lucky to have him as part of their staff.

Be sure to say “hi” to Calvin at the SWAP’ n’ SHOP event, and hopefully you will find his “trees” for sale there!

Paula Morris

Graham, WA

(Author of “Newbie in Graham” column for the Mountain News-WA.)

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