The Project to Fix a Bad Road – the Graham Hill Section of SR 161

By Bruce A. Smith

First of a series.

The Accident, Thursday October 6, 2016, 6:30 pm:

As I crested over the top of Graham Hill I could see a line of three cars stopped in front of me. I slammed on my brakes and I skidded, but there was no screech. It was raining, so I just slid into the first car.

BAM! The front-end of my van crumpled and the read-end buckled on the car I had just hit. Its bumper and rear quarter panel folded into his trunk space, and then the whole car slid forward and smashed into the car in front of him. My van continue to roll and pushed those two cars into the third car – the one at the front of the line.

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Sleaze from Presidential campaign triggers testimonials from women who were sexually assaulted

By Gayle Tice

Update, October 23, 2016

The conversation around Trump’s comments keeps evolving.  It includes encouraging statements about male “locker room talk.”  From men reflecting on the locker room talk of their youth and how it never crossed into bragging about sexual assault, to the high school and professional male athletes in this story who have taken a visual stand for respecting women inside the locker room, I am seeing exactly what I hoped to see.  Men are standing up to men and fighting the ‘boys will be boys’ excuse.


Editor’s Note: A recent article in the New York Times described how one woman’s effort to gather brief stories of how women have been sexually assaulted has launched a tsunami of responses, totaling over 27 million. Hearing that, Gayle Tice, a frequent contributor to the Mountain News-WA, seized this opportunity to share her experiences and the stories she has heard from the women in her life.

I attended a Women’s Leadership Institute conference recently. On a walk back to our dorm rooms with a couple of the other women, I brought up the question of uncomfortable encounters with men. I wasn’t prepared for their responses. Sure, I’ve used my now-fiancé, then-boyfriend, to shield myself from a couple of men that got too close with their opinions or invitations. But I’ve never had a cab driver lock the doors and badger me for my number to the point where I feared for my life—and I’ve never been followed for blocks by some man badgering me for a date, refusing to take no for an answer. I’ve never had to run through my options for a safe exit; I’ve never had to think about how I might fight back. Continue reading

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Salmon Festival coming to Eatonville

By Bruce A. Smith

Our friends in Eatonville have sent the Mountain News-WA the following announcement regarding the fourth annual salmon festival to celebrate local salmon recovery projects, such as Ohop Creek:

Come Celebrate Salmon at the Eatonville Salmon Fest, Saturday, October 15

The fourth annual Eatonville Salmon Fest will celebrate community support for salmon recovery on Saturday, October 15th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Nisqually River Council, Nisqually Indian Tribe and the Town of Eatonville are hosting the celebration that will feature a number of family-friendly activities, music, food vendors, and a self-guided tour to the Mashel River. Participants are also encouraged to bring their own t-shirt to make their own salmon print.

Over the past 10 years, dozens of salmon restoration and protection projects have been accomplished around Eatonville. “The Eatonville community is a great example of what can be accomplished in restoring and protecting salmon on a local scaled,” said Justin Hall, executive director of the Nisqually River Foundation.

For more information and a full schedule, contact: Justin Hall, at 360.438.8715 and or go to

What Eatonville Salmon Fest

When Saturday, October 15

10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Where Mill Pond Park,

101 Alder Street, Eatonville, WA




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Police ask for help in identifying the Burlington mall shooter

Update 10 pm, 9. 24. 16

A suspect has been taken into custody for the mall shooting in Burlington. Local media are reporting that the individual is Arcan Cetin, 20-year-old resident of Oak Harbor. No other details were immediately available.


By Bruce A. Smith

Law Enforcement is asking for help in finding the Burlington mall shooter.

The young man who shot and killed five people on Friday night, September 23 is still at large, and the police are asking all media to distribute his picture so that the public might be able to provide clues to his identity or whereabouts. Continue reading

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By Paula Morris

The Graham-Kapowsin Community Council is a non-profit, community service organization, and as such does not usually endorse individual businesses.

But there’s always an exception.

Though the GKCC wishes success to all the small businesses in the Graham area, the new Graham Auto Repair at 22217 Meridian Ave E holds a special place.

Co-owners Troy and Kori Vaninetti have provided invaluable help and support to the GKCC over the years, and are considered friends.

The business broke ground in February, with the official Grand Opening held August 1st. Continue reading

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Eatonville man killed in Graham traffic accident

By Bruce A. Smith

An Eatonville man was killed in a traffic accident at the intersection of Mountain Hwy (SR7) and 304th Street in Graham early Sunday morning, the Washington State Patrol (WSP) announced today. Continue reading

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Life Lessons Learned in a Temp Agency

By Gayle Tice

If it should be mandatory to work retail to find out how to be civil with every variation of irritated humanity, it should also be mandatory to work as a parking attendant for a large event taking over a major commercial zone. I found myself working as a parking attendant for an art fair in Bellevue this past July 28 to 31, on assignment from a Staffing agency. Continue reading

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