DB Cooper and the FBI – video on the Citizen Sleuths now on YouTube

By Bruce A. Smith

The Citizen Sleuths segment of the DB Cooper and the FBI video series is now available for viewing on YouTube. Link is below.

The Citizen Sleuths are a group of private citizens recruited by the FBI in 2009 to assist in the analysis of evidence pertaining to the DB Cooper skyjacking, the only unsolved case of its kind in the United States.

Although the FBI officially closed the case in 2016, the Citizen Sleuths and other researchers are still investigating. In particular, the Travel Channel’s host of the “Expedition Unknown” series, Josh Gates, supplied monies to the Citizen Sleuths to advance their examination of particles found on the tie left behind by DB Cooper. In the January 2017 broadcast of “Expedition Unknown,” these sleuths – in conjunction with McCrone Laboratories – revealed that over 100,000 particles have been discovered, including such rarities as pure titanium, rare earth minerals, and stainless steel. Continue reading

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Details released on last week’s shooting at G-K High School – gunman in cusotdy

Special to the Mountain News-WA

From James Lynch, Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office


Graham-Kapowsin Shooter Charged


TACOMA, WA – Today, Prosecutor Mark Lindquist announced the alleged gunman in the drive-by shooting that happened last week near Graham Kapowsin High School has been charged. Continue reading

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More true tales of communist Bulgaria from local storyteller Lu André

Special to the Mountain News-WA

By Lu André

From his collection: Life Stories – For the Mind and Soul


I bought my first car when I was 32. That was back in communist Bulgaria.

Bulgaria turned communist at the end of WW II—1944, and for the next 15-20 years you could think of this once beautiful and prosperous country as a large prison. People who weren’t communists, or didn’t turned communist to survive, were stripped of almost everything human. On top of that, most goods were exported to the Soviet Union, our “Big Brother,” so food, clothing and necessities were really sparse. Continue reading

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Calling all Carolers – Eatonville Christmas Tree-Lighting is a community affair

Special to the Mountain News

From Karelina Resnick

Join the Carolers for the

Continue reading

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DB Cooper News: Flap over letters sent to FBI makes headlines nationwide

By Bruce A. Smith

Headlines this week ranging from Fox News to the Seattle Post-Intelligence have proclaimed the FBI has just released a letter from DB Cooper that they received shortly after his iconic skyjacking in 1971.

This news item was introduced to the world’s media by Los Angeles film and TV producer Thomas J. Colbert, who is best-known for appearing in the 2016 History Channel documentary on DB Cooper. In the broadcast, Colbert vigorously promoted Robert Rackstraw as the skyjacker DB Cooper, but was unable to prove it to the FBI’s satisfaction nor the public’s.

The flap over the DB Cooper letter appears to be the latest in a promotional campaign by Colbert to promote Rackstraw, apparently to build momentum for a docu-drama filmed by his colleagues in Hollywood.

Besides the lack of any definitive proof linking Rackstraw to the skyjacking, the primary eye-witness, Flight Attendant Tina Mucklow stated on-camera for the History Channel (HC) that a photo of Rackstraw from that era was not a picture of the skyjacker.

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DB Cooper news: Interview with author Martin Andrade

By Bruce A. Smith

With the 46th Anniversary of DB Cooper’s skyjacking approaching us – Cooper hijacked his Northwest Orient jetliner on the evening before Thanksgiving in 1971 – it is certainly timely to discuss this iconic crime with another DB Cooper author, Martin Andrade, Jr.

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DB Cooper news: New video on the money find released

By Bruce A. Smith

I am pleased to announce a new video release on YouTube where I explore the events surrounding the discovery of part of DB Cooper’s ransom money in 1980.

Over $6,000 worth of twenty-dollar bills was found in two separate places at a beach called Tina Bar, a spot along the Columbia River just downstream from Vancouver, Washington.

First, on Sunday, February 10, 1980, an 8-year old boy named Brian Ingram found three bundles of weathered twenties when he was digging in the sand. The next day the bills were discovered to be from DB Cooper’s ransom delivered during his skyjacking eight years earlier, in November 1971. Continue reading

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