DB Cooper Conference confirmed for November 24, 2018 in Portland

By Bruce A. Smith

The 2018 DB Cooper Conference is now confirmed, organizer Eric Ulis announced today on the DB Cooper Forum. Ulis said that the event will be held at the Columbia Edgewater Country Club, a site near where the skyjacking started – Portland International Airport. Continue reading

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DB Cooper Conference confirmed for November in Portland – and then venue switched abruptly as researcher Robert Blevins threatens law suit

By Bruce A. Smith

Early today, Friday, September 14, DB Cooper researcher Eric Ulis posted a shocking revelation on the DB Cooper Forum that the Portland Yacht Club (PYC) had just rescinded its invitation to host the Cooper gathering, originally scheduled for November 24, 2018. Just two days prior, Ulis had announced that the PYC had agreed to host the gathering, fittingly on the exact 47th anniversary date of the only unsolved skyjacking in American history.

The PYC informed Ulis that they had received a letter from Robert M. Blevins threatening a law suit if they allowed the Cooper Conference to go forward. Apparently, Blevins feared “slanderous” attacks against the subject of his book, Into the BlastThe True Story of DB Cooper which touts former Northwest Orient flight attendant Kenny Christiansen as the actual skyjacker. However, Blevins’ claimsand the candidacy of Christiansen-as-Cooperis widely debunked despite a recent “Brad Meltzer’s Decoded” episode that utilized the central claims of Blevins’ book.

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“Peering into the in-between” – a tale of interdimensional life from Stories from the Journey

By Bruce A. Smith

On occasion I have been able to see what’s in the “in-between.” By that I mean I have glimpsed the energy forms and beings that live in the space between solid objects, such as the air that surrounds us or the space between two people.

I learned how to do this from Ramtha at his School of Enlightenment (RSE) in Yelm, a sixty-acre campus owned by his channel, JZ Knight. Ramtha’s guidance over many months, even years, of practice and training was critical, and the learning didn’t come easily. However, his words at the start were simple.

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UPDATE – Mount Rainier invisible as smoke fills our skies – Eatonville air is officially “very unhealthy” – Legislators weigh in

By Bruce A. Smith

UPDATE, Wednesday, August 15, 2018, 3 pm

2nd LD Representative Andre Barkis has responded to a series of questions from the Mountain News concerning the current unhealthy air conditions, and long-term timber management practices to control the increasing number of forest fires. The questions are posted at the end of the article, while Rep. Barkis’ comments follow below: Continue reading

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Security questions abound on how a plane was stolen from Sea-Tac airport

By Bruce A. Smith

Serious security questions have arisen in the wake of a commercial airliner being stolen from Sea-Tac on Friday evening, August 10. Richard Russell, a “ground services employee” of Horizon Air,  entered the cockpit of a twin-engine aircraft, called a Bombardier Q400, at approximately 7:30 pm and flew around south Puget Sound until 8:45 pm when he crashed into Ketron Island, about 30 miles southwest of Sea-Tac airport.

Chief among the questions are: how did he manage to steal the airplane, and how was he able to perform aerial stunts for nearly 75 minutes?

Russell’s exploits were video recorded by hundreds of people on the ground, including some here in Eatonville, and many marveled at his barrel rolls and aerial stunts. So, how did “Beebo,” as he was known to family and friends, learn to perform all those maneuvers?

Horizon Air officials and law enforcement spokespeople are claiming that Russell had no pilot’s license. Nor was he trained by Horizon to fly, although airline officials acknowledged on Sunday that Russell was authorized to assist in the towing and positioning of aircraft. Continue reading

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On Age – a true tale from Stories from the Journey

By Bruce A. Smith

The following story was told at several recent storytelling venues, such as StoryOly in Olympia. WA, and at the Moth open mic in Seattle’s Fremont Abbey. It is part of a collection of true, personal stories titled, Stories from the Journey, due for publication in early 2019.


I remember Eisenhower! I even remember his nickname, “Ike.”

I’m old. I have age. I was born in 1949. Continue reading

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On Betrayal – A true tale from “Stories from the Journey”

By Bruce A. Smith

The following story was told at recent Moth Story open mics in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, and is one part of my collection of true, personal stories titled, Stories from the Journey.


Betrayal spans a wide arc of human behavior, from the most basic of “she’s done me wrong,” to complex manipulations that can destroy a person’s life or family. Or even a country, since this week in July 2018 headlines around the world proclaimed: “President Trump Betrays America in Helsinki,” and banners accusing him of treason surrounded the White House upon his return. Betrayal can carry great weight. In my sixty-eight years I’ve encountered plenty of betrayals, especially in three marriages and divorces, but the keenest view of the depths of betrayal can be obtained by looking at my relationship with Rebecca, my first girlfriend.

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