Women March in Olympia and Across the Globe to Protest Trump

By Bruce A. Smith

In an historic display of grassroots political power, millions of women marched in at least 670 cities around the world on Saturday, January 21, to protest the policies and rhetoric of President Donald Trump. USA Today conservatively estimated the total number of protesters to be 2.5 million women worldwide.

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Poetry Flows as Resistance to Trump Grows

By Bruce A. Smith

The following poem was written by a long-time Democrat friend, Dave Mitman. Dave has always put his money where his mouth was, and gave a couple bucks to local candidate Darcy Burner in 2008 and 2010. He even put up yard signs for Obama in 2012, and slapped a “Feel the Bern” bumper sticker on his pick-up this year.

But he never wrote a poem about a politician before. That’s how angry Dave is.

In his email to me with his poem, “Putin’s Puppy,” he prefaced it with a little note:  “I realized I had way to much time on my hands when I started to write a poem. Could not help myself as this was therapeutic. Hope you enjoy, and if you wish pass it on. Also, I refuse to use a capital “T” for trump; he does not deserve one.”


Putin’s Puppy

by Dave


Putin bought a brand new puppy.

He called his puppy little trumpie. Continue reading

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Trump Era Begins – Mountain News Readers Respond

Many Mountain News-WA readers are upset with Donald Trump, and now, with his presidency a reality they are responding. The Mountain News will be posting their missives in an ongoing effort to communicate how deeply angry many citizens are, and what they endeavor to do to thwart Trump’s dangerous policies.

Our first posting is from Pat Forman of Puyallup. When I spoke with her today to ask permission to publish her essay, she told me that she had never been this angry before in her life, nor so despairing of her country.

  • Bruce A. Smith, Editor


By Pat Forman

I am getting very tired of people trying to convince me that I am wrong about Trump and I would like to ask that people I care about quit trying to convince me that I need to wait and see. Some even say I will end up liking him enough to vote for him in four years.

Considering the lack of morals he has displayed, that wouldn’t happen even if his policies and volatility don’t do the harm I predict they will. Continue reading

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The Donald and Me, and Salma

By Bruce A. Smith

If the 2016 election wasn’t shocking enough, I was stunned even further when I read in the media aftermath that Donald J. Trump had tried to date the same woman that I had attempted to in 2003 – Salma Hayek. Back then, I had asked Salma to be my date for the Christmas Ball at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE), in Yelm, Washington.

More accurately, I had not asked her for a date face-to-face, but in a letter. The truth was I didn’t know who Salma was. I knew she was a famous Mexican actress and had just started attending RSE, but that was pretty much it. I didn’t even know what she looked like. Sure, I figured she was pretty, but I hadn’t a clue on whom she actually was.

What stirred my interest about Salma was an article I read in Oprah magazine in the summer of 2003, when Oprah asked Salma why, at 40, she had never been married.

I haven’t found my match,” Salma told Oprah.

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DB Cooper and his tie – story of metal discovery explodes nationwide

By Bruce A. Smith

DB Cooper is back in the news this evening as a local Seattle NBC report on the metals found on his tie is going nationwide. A special investigation by KING 5 TV reporter Chris Ingalls has been pricked up by other news organizations, such as USA Today, and is being reprinted and rebroadcast. Most tellingly, I just got a call from my mother in New York City that she saw a clip on it during the evening news.

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Christmas 2016 – Things I Remember from Childhood

By Bruce A. Smith

Tomorrow, I travel to New York to spend the Christmas holidays with family. One of the ways I prepare to go is to think about the old days – remembering the funny, quirky events of the past, and some of the dramas that have made us the people we are today. This year, I’ve just stumbled upon an old file I wrote a few years ago, remembering the itsy-bitsy details of what life was like for me growing up in the 1950s and 1960s in suburban New York. Continue reading

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Pierce College and Bethel School District bring higher education to Graham and neighboring communities



Editor’s Note:

Kate Burrows, the Communications and Public Relations Specialist for Pierce College has sent the Mountain News the following announcement concerning Pierce College classes in Graham.


Starting January 2017, Pierce College will offer college courses at Graham-Kapowsin High School, providing access to higher education for communities in south Pierce County. Continue reading

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