Recent post is postponed

By Bruce A. Smith

Regarding the recent post that has been postponed, it refers to a recent book review that I posted here at the Mountain News.

The folks at Principia Publishing would like me to publicly admit that I committed an egregious error in posting my review of their planned upcoming book on DB Cooper suspect, Walter Reca. I posted the review in violation of a non-disclosure agreement that I signed with them several weeks ago. I simply forgot that I did, and that they were expecting complete privacy. I apologize.

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6 Responses to Recent post is postponed


    The beat goes . DB Cooper is the mystery of all times It might still be written about in the next century. Chasb

  2. sfudge7974 says:

    I personally think your all blowing smoke to claim fame…I met a guy in the early 80’s that jumped out of an airplane with stolen loot and according to Brucie….there were tons of guys who did it….??? You believe what you want and I will too!

  3. Marla says:

    Bruce, you are proven to be an honest person. Honest people make honest mistakes and are forgiven.

  4. Vern says:

    Thank you for the apology. Accepted.

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