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The Mountain News is free, and you can establish a “subscription” that will send you email alerts whenever new material is posted.  You can pick the schedule of  your “subscription” to daily, weekly or monthly status by heading to the home page, scrolling down and finding the “email subscription” function at the bottom of the menu on the right side of the page.  Click there, and all shall be revealed.

Hope you sign-up, and thanks for visiting The Mountain News!

13 Responses to Free subscriptions

  1. Amy Court says:

    We are looking forward to receiving your newsletter. Thank you very much from Rainier!

    Amy Court & family

  2. Kelly Mainard says:

    Hey Bruce! Are you going to have a “Frederickson” Department? If so, we can link to you from the Frederickson community blog.


  3. ashley says:

    looking forward to reading all the wonderful articles

  4. Carol V. Wright says:

    Thanks for the good article on Beth. I took a copy up to Bronka Sundstrom! (-:
    Check out the article by Candace Brown in today about the crucifixion painting.

  5. Requel Roos says:

    Hello Bruce,
    I am not sure if I have gotten signed up for your e-mail notification because I have not received any new articles. Can you make sure that the process went through? Thanks! Requel

  6. Molly says:

    Bruce, mountain news is a fantastic creation! So glad to finally get here.

  7. Carol Orr says:


  8. Gloria Peach says:

    Thanks for providing our community with hews that is so thought provoking and interesting to our locatilty.
    Your article on A Roadmap For Change is excellent.
    Happy Thanksgiving and I hope your DB Cooper excusion tomorrow will be fun and, hopefully, turn up someting new to dig into..

  9. EILEEN REITER says:

    I would really like to know more about this. I am a new business working out of Kapowsin.

  10. Murat says:

    I am great admirer of Bruce Smith. I would like to follow him.

  11. Makenzi Cuzick says:


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