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  4. Meyer Louie says:

    I met you at the DB Cooper symposium. I read all of your pages and pages of compelling writing on the case. I look forward to talking with you soon.

  5. Digby says:

    Did anything ever come of the guy who claimed his pet skunk found more of the money? And yes, that’s as ridiculous as it sounds, but I haven’t heard if it’s debunked yet.

  6. Paul Olson says:

    Does the FBI have a fingerprint of Dan D.B. Cooper. If they do , then I know where another fingerprint is that they should compare it to!

    • brucesmith49 says:

      AS I understand the situation, the fellow known to the Portland, Oregon PD as DB Cooper in November, 1971 was a petty criminal and convicted felon. House burglaries, I think. SO, his fingerprints should on file somewhere.

  7. Paul Olson says:

    My hypothesis of identity on D.B. Cooper have just to many similarities to the inigma. Age,height,picture compared to sketch,welth(not full time job),parachutists,alias, spoke Mexican,pure elements on tie / amateur scientist and two quotes . 1) this is my death bed statement. “In case I die , the questions about me will be answered. All except one.That will die with me. 2) Money, not mere hollow empty words talk my language best “. Again, is there a fingerprint?. And could anyone get the stewardess ( Tina Mucklow ) to look at my suspect?

    • Paul Olson says:

      Suspect is now deceased.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Hi Paul, I suggest a few things:

      1. Why not email me directly at brucesmtih@rainierconnect.com.
      2. Why not come to the DB Cooper Forum and share your perspectives.
      3. As for Tina, she’s unresponsive to me, but she is to others. She lives in Eugene, Oregon. Why not ask her yourself?
      4. The critical fingerprints are not what the Portland PD have on their DB Cooper. What is critical are the fingerprints you have on your suspect and if anyone has found them on Flight 305. The fingerprint issue is contentious and I have heard a lot of conflicting narratives on how may fingerprints were captured, their quality, etc.
      5. I’m not sure what the verbal passages mean that you’ve shared with us. What do they mean/suggest to you?
      6. Lastly, have you read my book on DBC? Or Skyjack. Both will give you a fundamental understanding of the case and what has been done in the investigation.

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