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DB Cooper researcher looking for a Cooper $20 in ciculation

Special to the Mountain News Editor’s Note: Eric Ulis, noted DB Cooper researcher, is initiating a project to locate any DB Cooper $20 bills that may still be in circulation, or “hiding in Aunt Sally’s attic in Kansas City,” as … Continue reading

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The GOP Lighting Itself on Fire Provides a Hostile Takeover Opportunity for Independents and Centrists

A Guest Editorial by Eric Ulis Until recently I was registered as a Republican, albeit a centrist. That said, I am going to make a prediction: In the wake of the moral bankruptcy demonstrated by the Republican Party during the … Continue reading

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CooperCon 2019 a rousing success

By Bruce A. Smith Nearly one-hundred DB Cooper enthusiasts gathered Saturday, November 23, to hear from investigatory experts in America’s only unsolved skyjacking – and to share their own theories and offer opinions. Drawn to the Kiggins Theater in downtown … Continue reading

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Singing DB Cooper – An author’s lament recorded as Cooper World gets ready for the 48th Anniversary with CooperCon 2019

By Bruce A. Smith The 48th Anniversary of the DB Cooper’s iconic skyjacking is upon us, and many in Cooper World are preparing to celebrate by attending CooperCon 2019 next week. Cooperites will be gathering on Saturday, November 23 at … Continue reading

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DB Cooper Conference is gearing up to celebrate the 48th Anniversary – and to continue the investigation of America’s only unsolved skyjacking

By Bruce A. Smith Noted DB Cooper investigator and impresario, Eric Ulis, has announced that CooperCon 2019 will be held in Vancouver, Washington on November 22-24, at the Kiggins Theater. This year’s event extravaganza will be an expansion of the … Continue reading

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DB Cooper Boat Tours to Visit Tina Bar and PDX

By Bruce A. Smith AHOY, all DB Cooper enthusiasts! You will have a chance to sail on the Columbia River past the primary DB Cooper landmarks next Saturday and Sunday, June 29-30. This includes Tina Bar, where some of the … Continue reading

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Interview with a SAGE radar operator as investigations intensify in the DB Cooper Case

By Bruce A. Smith Concerns about the flight path abound in the DB Cooper case despite the 47-years since the iconic skyjacking occurred, and the closing the case in 2016 by the FBI due to a lack of any new … Continue reading

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