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Wauwepex Revisited – An old camp staffer returns after 50 years

By Bruce A. Smith Just got back from camp. Sweet time. Those of us old camp staffers who disregarded the twice aborted 100th Reunion set for today, netted seven of us in total: Cliff Jones and his wife Linda – … Continue reading

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Remembering Wauwepex

By Bruce A. Smith Editor’s Note: One of the most pleasant parts of our current Covid Quarantine is strengthening old friendships. For me, that has been connecting with my ol’ Boy Scout buddies. Most of us met at our summer … Continue reading

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Philmont – the National Boy Scout Ranch cherished by millions of Americans – is put in hock to pay BSA debts

By Bruce A. Smith I was a camper at Philmont Scout Ranch when I was sixteen-years old, and it was one of the most meaningful experiences of my youth. As a kid growing up in suburban New York, I had … Continue reading

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Life in a Boy Scout Camp – More tales from Camp Wauwepex

By Clifton Lamar Jones Special to the Mountain News-WA The following was written after reading Bruce Smith’s accounting of his scouting history.  After reading his article I was so taken back with his heartfelt words of Camp Wauwepex and my … Continue reading

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On Age – a true tale from Stories from the Journey

By Bruce A. Smith The following story was told at several recent storytelling venues, such as StoryOly in Olympia. WA, and at the Moth open mic in Seattle’s Fremont Abbey. It is part of a collection of true, personal stories … Continue reading

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