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Remembering Wauwepex

By Bruce A. Smith Editor’s Note: One of the most pleasant parts of our current Covid Quarantine is strengthening old friendships. For me, that has been connecting with my ol’ Boy Scout buddies. Most of us met at our summer … Continue reading

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Fatherhood in a New Age – a tale of alien abduction coming to RISK!

By Bruce A. Smith I do not know if this story is true, at least in the usual sense of that word. What I do believe is that this story has a truth, a compelling truth that lies behind the … Continue reading

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One home run and many bunts

From the collection of true stories, titled: “Stories from the Journey,” due for publication in mid-2018. By Bruce A. Smith When I was ten, I hit a home run in a Little League baseball game. It was a solid shot, … Continue reading

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Life Stories – For Mind and Soul

Special to the Mountain News-WA By Lu André From his collection: Life Stories – For Mind and Soul ~ Creation At first I was going to have the title as “There is no God” and I knew many will not … Continue reading

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Local storyteller shares unique tales from his life in Europe

Special to the Mountain News by Lu André From his collection: Life Stories – For Mind and Soul The Spy Who Never Was It was a dark, almost medieval time for Bulgaria back in the 1950s and 1960s. For less … Continue reading

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There is Justice in this World – more Campfire Tales

By Bruce A. Smith Back in the 1980s, I needed to sell one of my company’s pick-up trucks. It was a beat-up ol’ Ford with 154,000 miles on it, and I had put an ad in the paper asking $1,000. … Continue reading

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On Becoming a Hunter – another selection from the “Campfire Tales – True Stories Not Everyone Believes”

By Bruce A. Smith Of all the things I did when I had a so-called mid-life crisis, the craziest according to my ex-wife was not leaving her, selling my business, nor relocating to Yelm, Washington to join Ramtha’s School of … Continue reading

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