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A Covid Journal, Day 103 of Quarantine – and Day 27 of Nationwide Protests for Social Justice

By Bruce A. Smith These are the most dramatic days of my lifetime – the Covid crisis coupled with historic social change that will hasten the end of racism. The coronavirus has killed 120,000 Americans, half of whom would be … Continue reading

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Mah nish tanu: Why is this night different from all other nights, (or days)? – Passover in Quarantine

Special to the Mountain News, from contributor Rachel Holtzman Editor’s Note: America may not be “raring to go,” as the President as hoped a few weeks ago, but Easter and Passover are upon us. Passover is a unique religious celebration, … Continue reading

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A Covid Journal – Day 20 – “Hello in There” poignant testimony as singer-songwriter John Prine critically ill with Covid – Monday, March 30, 2020

By Bruce A. Smith Despite his chemo this week, my buddy James has recovered sufficiently to send me a missive informing me that sing-songwriter John Prine is critically ill with Covid-19. In addition, Prine’s wife, Jane, has also tested positive … Continue reading

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The Covid Crisis: Tips for homebound kids

Special to the Mountain News Editor’s Note: As school close and families sequester themselves at home, millions of families world-wide are wondering: what do we do with the kids? Here are some ideas from a young woman on the front … Continue reading

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A Covid Journal – Day 2 of Self-Quarantine

By Bruce A. Smith March 12, 2020, 8 pm. Today has been peaceful. It’s been like a snow day without shoveling. Plus, the sun was shining – again (!) – and temperatures in Eatonville hovered near 60 degrees. So, I … Continue reading

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Life in a Boy Scout Camp – More tales from Camp Wauwepex

By Clifton Lamar Jones Special to the Mountain News-WA The following was written after reading Bruce Smith’s accounting of his scouting history.  After reading his article I was so taken back with his heartfelt words of Camp Wauwepex and my … Continue reading

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Impact of murder among family members revealed in interview with Manny Silva, father of slain Tacoma woman

By Bruce A. Smith Manny Silva, the father of Lisa Melancon, a Tacoma woman killed in 2011 during a drive-by shooting, contacted the Mountain News this week to describe the impacts of his daughter’s murder. His testimony reveals how vast … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh – an essay on the shooting in the Tree of Life Synagogue

By Barbara Jean Heller Pittsburgh, my home, has been shot in the heart. On Shabbat morning of October 27, a man walked into a synagogue open to all who would enter. The man, twisted with hate, raised a semi-automatic rifle … Continue reading

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Calling all Carolers – Eatonville Christmas Tree-Lighting is a community affair

Special to the Mountain News From Karelina Resnick Join the Carolers for the

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Remembering Mike

Under construction and revision. Saturday, May 27, 2017 BAS

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