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Barbsie Comes Home for Christmas – a submission to the Moth Story series

By Bruce A. Smith This story is my account of becoming aware of loving someone – in this case my sister – for the first time in my life. In the fall of 1958, when she was five and I … Continue reading

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Understanding New York Lingo

By Bruce A. Smith To better understand the lyrics in Alicia Keyes’ songs and other New York-based musicians, and to know where the action is talking place in about half of the cop shows on TV, ie: Law and Order, … Continue reading

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“North to Chibougamou,” an account of seeking refuge in Canada; from Campfire Tales – True Stories Not Everyone Believes

By Bruce A. Smith If you travel due north from New York City the road eventually ends 750 miles later in a little mining town called Chibougamou. In fact, when I traveled there in 1969 the last 150-mile stretch of … Continue reading

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Christmas 2016 – Things I Remember from Childhood

By Bruce A. Smith Tomorrow, I travel to New York to spend the Christmas holidays with family. One of the ways I prepare to go is to think about the old days – remembering the funny, quirky events of the … Continue reading

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Lessons I’ve learned as a beachcleaner

Editor’s Note:  The following is a chapter from the forthcoming book: Retreat from the Sea, which explores how mankind is currently dealing with sea level rise and examines options for the future. By Bruce A. Smith I was once a … Continue reading

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Sex abuse, the Spotlight movie, and my Catholic high school

by Bruce A. Smith I just saw the movie “Spotlight” on Netflix, and it brings related issues to the surface, such as the Mauck murders in Graham in 2007 and on-going sexual abuse by Catholic clergy. To begin, “Spotlight” is … Continue reading

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Playing in the Snow – Sort of

by Bruce A. Smith One of today’s surprises is realizing how much I’m enjoying the epic Blizzard of ’16 that is engulfing the East Coast. It has awakened much nostalgia for life “back there” for many of us who live “out … Continue reading

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