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A Covid Journal, Day 9 of my Self-Quarantine –  1st Day of Spring arrives, along with distinctions between Covid, a cold, allergies, and the flu

By Bruce A. Smith Happy Spring, everyone! It comes early this year, March 19, 2020, due to the leap year and other astronomical perturbations that occur once every 400 years or so. Usually, spring arrives on March 21 but can … Continue reading

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Covid Journal, Day 7 of Self-Quarantine, March 17, 2020

By Bruce A. Smith Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone. Erin Go Bragh, as we used to say in New York – or at least that’s what the banners would say in pubs and workplaces. It translates to “Ireland Forever.” However, … Continue reading

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A Covid Journal – Day 6 of Self-Quarantine, March 16, 2020

By Bruce A. Smith Panic buying came to Eatonville today. The bread shelves had two loaves – both whole wheat. I took one. Then, I turned towards the nearby Deli section and asked the gal behind the counter when the … Continue reading

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Election Day, 2018 – One Man’s Predictions

By Bruce A. Smith I think tomorrow’s elections will reveal a growing Red Tide in our country as opposed to the hoped-for Blue Wave. As one Republican strategist declared on “The Circus,” a weekly Showtime political show, the Democrats will … Continue reading

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Great TV comes to Netflix: “Occupied,” and “Nobel”

By Bruce A. Smith For those who like well-written dramatic TV series with excellent production values, I recommend two recent additions at Netflix: “Occupied,” and “Nobel.” Both are made by Norwegian TV outfits, and both are sub-titled. But English is … Continue reading

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Sixth inundation of smoke this summer – WAQA at 162, “unhealthy”

By Bruce A. Smith The sixth inundation of smoke since August 1 settled over Eatonville today, Saturday, September 16. This makes the 22nd day in the past 47 that we have had unhealthy air to breathe. Again, the culprits are … Continue reading

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Smoke back again – fifth episode this summer

By Bruce A. Smith The fifth inundation of smoke since early August occurred in Eatonville today, September 11, courtesy of Joint Base Lewis McChord. Through some kind of atmospheric inversion, JBLM’s grit and gases smothered the ground-level air at mid-day … Continue reading

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Sections of Mount Rainier National Park close due to approaching forest fire

Special to the Mountain News Mount Rainier National Park is closing public access to much of the eastern portions of the park due to extreme fire danger. The nearby Norse Peak Fire has exhibited erratic behaviors over the past few … Continue reading

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Smoke returns to the PNW as the nation copes with natural disasters

By Bruce A. Smith The smoke came silently at night, drifting over Eatonville from the east. Around midnight our nearly-full moon turned a deep red-orange, indicating that the grit and gases from the eastern forest fires had filled the upper … Continue reading

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An Open-Letter to Houston

By Bruce A. Smith I’ve had some burning questions about Hurricane Harvey, particularly the flooding in Houston that no one in the media is addressing. Yes, the storm and the rescue of thousands is important and is being told well. … Continue reading

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