Election Day, 2018 – One Man’s Predictions

By Bruce A. Smith

I think tomorrow’s elections will reveal a growing Red Tide in our country as opposed to the hoped-for Blue Wave. As one Republican strategist declared on “The Circus,” a weekly Showtime political show, the Democrats will pick up a few congressional seats in a kind of “Blue Tornado,” wherein selected districts will opt for a more liberal perspective and flip from Republican to Democrat. But overall, Red Skies will prevail.

Nevertheless, I predict that the Dems will take the House of Representatives by a seat or two – a squeaker election when compared to historical mid-term precedence – but not the 35-40 seats projected by some Democratic analysts a few weeks ago, or even the 60 touted by some in September.

But the shift to the Democrats in the House will be balanced by the Republicans picking up 3-4 seats in the Senate for a commanding majority in that body. Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota, Claire McCaskill in Missouri, and other Red State Democratic Senators will be gone.

Locally, I sense that Dino Rossi will win in the 8th Congressional District by a couple of percentage points, besting Democratic challenger Kim Schrier by 2,000-3,000 votes. Nationally, Beto O’Rourke, the darling of the liberal media such as Chris Matthews of “Hardball,” will get beaten by Ted Cruz by 10 points. But the slogan “BETO!” will live on, and O’Rourke will become a popular spokesperson for the New Democratic party, as the Dems shift from their traditional elitist stance to a more Bernie Sanders, socialistic position.

In contrast, I see America increasingly embrace Trump and the repressive policies of Trumpism. I see the President’s approval rating reaching 50% for the first time in his presidency, as increasingly Americans fear greater numbers of immigrants entering the United States and agree with Trump’s rhetoric and harsh reactions.

Here’s some of my thinking: My computer’s browser is MSN, and it posts daily polls on topics of interest, such as who we think is a better NFL quarterback – Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Patrick Mahomes. It also delves into politics and recently has been asking questions on immigration. This week it queried if we support a political leader who resists an increase of immigrants. I was shocked to see that a majority of respondents voted for the conservative, more pro-Trump response. In fact, today’s poll revealed that 60% of respondents approved of a tough stance on resisting the Caravan, including the use of military force.

These polls back what I hear from my neighbors, or even some of my Paratransit drivers who are Trump supporters even though their skin color is not nearly as white as mine.

As a result, I think increasing numbers of Americans will support deploying even more combat troops to Texas – that the current level of 15,000 is too low. In the days ahead we may find that the next battle to preserve the “American Way of Life” will be a bloody contest on our southern border with Mexico, and I suspect hundreds of “Caravaners” will die in a political photo op before global disgust compels Trump and his allies to discover a face-saving withdrawal.

But the die will be cast. American will be closed to foreigners, and those born elsewhere who are already in the country will be forced out.

In response, the liberal media seems to think that Americans are being sold a false bill of goods on the Caravan – that it is just Trump hype. But the American public is not blind to the pictures of Africans drowning in the Mediterranean Sea as they try to escape poverty, wars, and desertification while seeking refuge in Europe. The so-called “Caravan” is just the American equivalent.

I feel the majority of Americans know the world is becoming more unstable, primarily due to climate change, and they see the resulting impacts upon world-wide food production, social order, and shifting balances of power militarily. Hence, I suspect that a majority of Americans will soon feel that today’s Caravan is just the tip of an immigration/refugee iceberg, with tens of thousands of folks descending upon our southern border in the days to come, making it potentially the most dangerous battleground on the planet.

Although most voters say they want to confront climate change, ironically they don’t want to vote for programs to fight those changes. I agree with those Republican pundits who are courageous enough to address this issue when they say that most voters are just not ready to accept the resulting changes to their lifestyles. Notably, one Republican analyst on NPR radio said that many Republican voters are simply not ready to forego their dreams, such as abandoning the idea of buying a beach house, or buying a brand-new F-250 pick-up with a lot of roar. A Prius is just not sexy enough to get right-wing votes.

But folks know climate change is here – 50 inches of rain in Houston will do that – and they know it’s going to get a lot worse, with Hurricane Michael just being the latest wake-up call.

So, I think most folks know that what is currently happening to Europe is about to happen to us, as desperate people seek to find some degree of safety – or even food – in America. Sadly though, I think most Americans don’t feel we are rich enough, or strong enough, or white enough to absorb tens of thousands – maybe even millions – of impoverished brown-skinned people, particularly since they don’t speak English. I think many Americans feel too poor themselves to feel generous, just clinging by their fingernails to their families and lifestyles as the middle-class get squeezed by the One Percenters.

But what happens to us liberals? Clearly, we won’t rest easy. But marching with pink Pussy Hats will not be enough, nor having hundreds of women running for elected office will be sufficient as most of them will lose tomorrow. Increasingly, I think liberals and the Blue Enclaves will be isolated and culturally cut-off from the rest of the country. We will be on our own, collectively and individually.

What that means will vary tremendously as we grapple with endless challenges – changes to commerce due to trade wars, increasingly harsh ICE raids, more pressure on political dissent and diversity, more problematic taxation, fewer banking regulations and consumer protections, and less effective educational policies. But one issue stands out that effects everyone that lives west of the Mississippi – smoke from forest fires.

Since the Trump Administration will not do anything about climate change, our western fires will continue to rage every summer and get worse. Our skies will be blanketed with thicker smoke and more toxic fumes for longer periods of time. Already California, Oregon, Washington and the Province of British Columbia have formed an environmental collective to try to fight climate change with local regulations. But that is a drop in the bucket compared to what we need.

For those of us with pulmonary issues, we may have to evacuate the Pacific Northwest during the greatest smoke invasions of summer, like snowbirds flocking south for the winter. Or we will be forced to wear respirators every day of July and August. Or stay indoors with air purifiers and air-conditioning units running full blast.

Ironically, the question of smoke comes with a local political twist. Many of my neighbors in rural Pierce County feel it is their right to burn garbage and debris even though it is illegal and very dangerous to folks downwind. But the cops are not impassioned to enforce these law, nor are our fire fighters inclined to insist upon compliance as they need every vote they can get to support their budgets. Add to this lousy fireplaces and wood stoves spewing plenty of smoke on a chilly night, and smoke is a year-long problem in my part of town.

Hence, I know I’ve got to develop my mind-over-matter techniques to create a bubble of clean air around me. As esoteric as that might be, it’s really my only option. Everything I’ve learned about consciousness at the Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment is no longer just a delightful theory to me, or a goal to attain if I can focus long and hard enough. Now, it’s time to get ‘er done. It’s crunch time. It is time to make the miraculous happen.

My life depends on it.


wood smoke, BAS, respirator, close-up, best

The author at his home in Eatonville during the huge debris smoke crisis of last January that followed the great winter storm.

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13 Responses to Election Day, 2018 – One Man’s Predictions

  1. Dempsey or Everdell says:

    What an opportunity to test the punditry. While I recognize that many states and many local collections of the results of the election may not be available for days or even weeks, I do understand that when those are available we can count. We can count the predictions of this particular set of conclusions and we can use that count to quantify the nature of the preferred profile of reality and having subsequently quantified that projection we can reduce it and hopefully reach a conclusion on whether you are right or whether you’re wrong. I like that kind of simplicity. Herb

  2. Dempsey or Everdell says:

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Herb’s pix of NY, circa 1966, shows life in the Big Apple before the implementation of the EPA and clean air regulations. I was 16 when this picture was taken, and I clearly remember my eyes burning due to the pollution. First to change was the switch to non-leaded gasoline. Then gas mileage regs moved cars from 15 mpg to at least 20. The big one for me was a ban on burning leaves – that was a biggie in my neighborhood.

  3. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note: The following commentary was submitted by Steve Klein, via an email.

    One thing seems certain – that the House has a very good chance to flip and if so, there will be an ideological civil war in this country and the prez. will unleash a tirade of charges that votes were hacked/fixed, he’ll fire Sessions & Rosenstein, and others, there will be a “burn down the building” of gov’t before the freshman are inaugurated.

    Then Mueller will begin releasing his obstruction data, possibly indict Roger Stone, Trump Jr., etc., and then we’re off to what this country has never faced, ever. A Blue House Foreign intelligence Committee will force subpoenas on witnesses in the Russia probe that Nunes stopped, Ways & Means will subpoena Trump’s tax returns, he’ll refuse, this will go to the Supreme Court, he’ll still refuse even their demand, and on the Foreign Relations Committee, look out, here we go on Russia investigations & immunizing Mueller.

    Q and Trump will cry Deep State stranglehold, Soros, Hillary e-mails, fear, etc. – and all that you said will ensue, which beautifully describes fascism taking root in America. To most, that is a term from their history class and most have zero idea what that means.

    All of this is not going to be pretty, Mother Nature WILL have her way and the next 2 years are going to make the last 2 look like a cake walk. This is the burning of the past, both literally & figuratively. Practicing/engaging our school’s training every day will be paramount – even within the school that has also become so divided, as well. The morals of America are under assault.

  4. Paula Morris says:

    Bruce, your predictions sent cold shivers down my spine! Steve Klein’s response did as well. But I’m afraid both of you may be right.

    I have a good friend who is a Chicago cop. He said many at his station,including himself, feel that something big is in the wind. Chicago is going nuts. Trumps divisive tactics are leading up to something terrible.

    At this point, the only salvation I see is in the transition of the human species. Elevating consciousness and completely changing our perception of reality will be what saves the human race from extinction.

    Those of us who are progressive minded will need, in the near future, to hold on to our sanity and keep strong in our spirit. No matter what happens, remember that we are spirit beings in a temporary human shell. It’s time to pour that energy out on all around us.

    Love really is the answer. As John Lennon said: “Imagine.”

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I had strong, mixed feelings about posting this essay, Paula. I debated with myself if I really wanted to publicize a dispiriting, dystopic, sad, view of the future. But when I contemplated what to do, I felt it was best to tell the truth as I see it – that too many people and too much of the media discount Trump as a fool, and don’t see the real satisfaction so many Americans have in knowing that Donald Trump is their president. I wanted to share that message before we are engulfed in a blizzard of punditry tomorrow.

  5. TED says:

    You spent some real time thinking this through. That’s why we like your reporting, Bruce.

  6. brucesmith49 says:

    Paula you are so Right-On with your words:

    “At this point, the only salvation I see is in the transition of the human species. Elevating consciousness and completely changing our perception of reality will be what saves the human race from extinction.

    “Those of us who are progressive minded will need, in the near future, to hold on to our sanity and keep strong in our spirit. No matter what happens, remember that we are spirit beings in a temporary human shell. It’s time to pour that energy out on all around us.”

    I agree with you completely.

  7. I agree with Mr.Klein.
    Mother Nature is about to ‘clean this mess up’…literally and figuratively.
    I am prepared as ‘best I can’…let’s do this.

  8. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note. More from Steve Klein:

    P. S. And if the House flips, there has to be an “adult in the room” to check this President’s massive debt increase, which has become 50%
    greater than when Obama left office. Remember, Trump campaigned in 2016 to eliminate the debt, get the U. S. out of Afghanistan, and “drain the swamp,” and none of that occurred. just the opposite. Just see things as they are.
    Forget his proposed 10% tax cut pledged 2 weeks ago, which was nothing more than an election ploy. The “elephant in the room” is the massive debt and
    the money the government has to borrow to pay the interest on that debt, the exact issue Republicans decried under Obama, yet Obama left office decreasing the debt.

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