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Azure Standard faces challenges in Oregon to its organic farming practices

By Bruce A. Smith Azure Standard, the world’s largest supplier of organic wheat and grains, has been accused of improper management of noxious weeds growing on some of its wheat fields located in Sherman County, Oregon. As a result, it … Continue reading

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The Donald and Me, and Salma

By Bruce A. Smith If the 2016 election wasn’t shocking enough, I was stunned even further when I read in the media aftermath that Donald J. Trump had tried to date the same woman that I had attempted to in … Continue reading

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Lessons I’ve learned as a beachcleaner

Editor’s Note:  The following is a chapter from the forthcoming book: Retreat from the Sea, which explores how mankind is currently dealing with sea level rise and examines options for the future. By Bruce A. Smith I was once a … Continue reading

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Sleaze from Presidential campaign triggers testimonials from women who were sexually assaulted

By Gayle Tice Update, October 23, 2016 The conversation around Trump’s comments keeps evolving.  It includes encouraging statements about male “locker room talk.”  From men reflecting on the locker room talk of their youth and how it never crossed into … Continue reading

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Don’t Feed the Ghosts

Editor’s Note: The following article is controversial, disturbing, and thought-provoking, for it explores deeper levels of consciousness. Specifically, it examines how our thoughts interact with a greater reality, and asks if our negative thoughts attract negative beings, such as disturbed … Continue reading

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People are suffering – how should we respond?

Editor’s Note: The following essay is from a young woman named Gayle Tice. A few words about her and our relationship are in order before you read her story about encountering a homeless vet in Seattle. Gayle is originally from Graham, WA, … Continue reading

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Remote Viewing – a new forensic tool in the Search for DB Cooper

~  By Bruce A. Smith The DB Cooper skyjacking is a stunning true-crime mystery – one of the top whodunits of American lore. The case is unsolved for decades, but now new investigatory techniques are being used, such as DNA … Continue reading

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