Life Stories – For Mind and Soul

Special to the Mountain News-WA
By Lu André

From his collection: Life Stories – For Mind and Soul



At first I was going to have the title as “There is no God” and I knew many will not read any further. I also thought that this is not entirely true—there is God. Being that all words describe something, god, as a word, describes and means something to whoever is using the word. The association that most people have with this word is what I do not like much. Our programming still holds much of the old worshiping script of a god in the sky. The primitive man saw mostly everything unexplained and life-threatening coming from up above, from the sky—thunder, ominous clouds, hail, flooding rains, scorching sun, winds etc. He also saw many good things happen “coming from the sky.” So, he made a “god” in the sky and gave it different names throughout the millennia. This is programmed deep in our brains and in our DNA.

So I decided to use the word “Creation” instead of god. I think this word is a bit more accurate with what we know now-a-days or at least for what I am going to talk about here.

Creation is everywhere. Creation creates creation. It is omnipresent, on-going and eternal.

We have to realize two things. We, humans, create non-stop. There is a tendency to call all good results “creation”. We usually put all bad ones into “the trash.”

I will go to extreme and talk about what we call “killing”. Please, remember that this word, like the word “god”, describes only an action. (There cannot be any deity to who there is no action.) We are conditioned to think of “killing” as something bad. Actually, it is only an action. Anything we do is an action. I am sure you’ll agree with me at least on that one. Anything that happens in our world is some form of action. I will push it a bit further now and I will ask you to see the action of “killing” as creation. Is this too harsh? Let’s see.

When you are picking tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, etc. from your garden you are actually killing them. When you cut them off you terminate their growth and their natural life cycle. When you eat them they seize to exist, you exterminate them. The same is true for all the fruits and all meat that feed you. This is still very upsetting for many. Now, I am going to shock you with something even more dramatic that you may have not thought of. We “kill” the oxygen in the air too. Every breath we take obliterates oxygen molecules. So, how is that for being spiritual and considerate for the planet? Well, that is only if we still think of things as being “good or bad”.

Now is a good time to remind you of my Motto and the quote from Shakespeare. If you think of everything as creation, you would see and understand that when you eat you transform the food you create energy, you create new cells and basically, create life. You transform the oxygen into something (carbon dioxide) that plants and trees need for their life—another creation. You did not kill anything; you created a transition from one object to another, from one form of life energy to another.

We can see the same creation everywhere—animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, they all create. If I say “Creation is everywhere” I have to look at all things, don’t you agree? Let us look at rocks, for example. Do they create? This is a tough one. For quite long time I thought—this stops here, I cannot rationalize this.

Then I dug in deeper. I knew there had to be an explanation and did not stop thinking about the rock until I got it.

The rock absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night. It provides cooling during the day and warmth during the night. Underneath it, the soil retains the moisture. If you lift a rock, you may find worms and insects below it. It does create shelter for small living creatures. So, it does create. The rocks are on a different time scale than humans. Give it a few hundred years and the rock will break down and create sand. With more time, the sand itself will break down and create dust. The wind will spread the dust in the air and animals, plants and humans will eat it and breathe it. At the end of their life cycle the rocks as everything else will become dust—dust to dust.

How is that for creation?

So, you see, there is no god—there is only Creation! Creation and Creators are everywhere and these Creators should be appreciated, treasured and worshiped—you being in the forefront of it all.

In another topic I will discuss how you, I and everyone is the Creator of life itself. This one will be easier for you to follow since now you know that a rock is a Creator too.


The Forest

I am in the forest. Trees, trees, trees. All around me. Peaceful and friendly. Reaching with arms and hugging. I look up with them. Against a dense blue sky they point to wonderfully white clouds of many shapes. Beautiful! The trees sway gently with the breeze and urge me to play with the clouds. Here is a rabbit or, wait, maybe it is a fox turning into a bear. Are the trees painting that or am I?

I feel the rooted stillness of the forest. Being here awakens the infinite wisdom and growth in me. I am infused with strength and longevity. The rhythm of my heart is calm. I immerse myself in the symphony of sounds. Birds choirs and their solos are enchanting. The music is strong and soothing at the same time and through it I can hear the trees whispering to me. Lo-o-ok up, stre-e-etch up, re-e-each higher! Be free, unite with us and blend with everything. The sky is inviting; the sunlight warm and nurturing. Pristine air fills my lungs and expands me. I accept the presents from the trees. I feel united in the universal creation—the gift of life.

I lay restfully on the grass. I hug a young tree and dream. I dream a forest. I am a forest.

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