DB Cooper news: New video on the money find released

By Bruce A. Smith

I am pleased to announce a new video release on YouTube where I explore the events surrounding the discovery of part of DB Cooper’s ransom money in 1980.

Over $6,000 worth of twenty-dollar bills was found in two separate places at a beach called Tina Bar, a spot along the Columbia River just downstream from Vancouver, Washington.

First, on Sunday, February 10, 1980, an 8-year old boy named Brian Ingram found three bundles of weathered twenties when he was digging in the sand. The next day the bills were discovered to be from DB Cooper’s ransom delivered during his skyjacking eight years earlier, in November 1971.

When the FBI descended upon Tina Bar two days later, they uncovered thousands of shards of money buried in the sand for a stretch of 40 feet under the area where Brian had found his bundles. After digging through the areas with shovels, the FBI brought in backhoes and found fragments of bills down to a depth of 3-4 feet.

How the money got there and when is still unknown, but there are plenty of theories to explain this unusual phenomenon. Welcome to the DB Cooper story – one that is filled with inexplicable mysteries.

To watch the video, click below:




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1 Response to DB Cooper news: New video on the money find released

  1. ruby says:

    Listen to video -try to transcribe it .bruce Smith said in my view, the idea,that somebody,planted the (cooper)money,its easy to come up with an Scenario about how 3 bundles ,got planted there,,its like Robert Rackstraw,in history channel,is theorized to have planted,the money ,there to throw the Fbi -agents-off trail,but he couldn’t be D.B.Cooper,
    because Here-s the money,and there other variations -pick a
    Suspect- there’s some notion of how the money -they engineered
    the money being planted.(suspects could of been 🙂
    Lets look at possibilities 1.:Rambo could of jump from plane.2. Robert Rackstraw ( could of jump from plane and survived.) retired pilot/paratrooper and ex-convict who served on an army helicopter crew and other units during the Vietnam War 3.Ken Christensen could of jump /survived.Christiansen enlisted in the army in 1944 and was trained as a paratrooper.4.Richard Floyd McCoy, Jr. “copycat” hijackings”-McCoy was an Army veteran who served two tours of duty in Vietnam, first as a demolition expert, and later, with the Green Berets as a helicopter pilot. McCoy was killed in a shootout .
    How did the Money Bundles get there .Throw a bottle with a note in it ,
    where would it end up at ,at the beach somewhere? If trash is in the river it end up on the beach? So it just goes to show that anything in river will end up at the shore? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out?If someone had planted the money,buried it in a hole, the paper would of not as weathered as it did -as bruce claimed,only if person had burnt it /cut it / ruin it /in the first place and stuck it hole near the water? Look at the forgeries that people do to sell some kind of antique?On the N.W.Orient 305 why wasn’t some D N A found on some glass,magazine,arm chair seat,bathroom, did he take his briefcase with him, then he had no intention of leave it or use it ?Because he had order food for the crew. But the flight crew decided to fly over marshy dangerous areas to make D.B.cooper fail at his mission(bill Ratachek)?

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