Pet Industry resistive to recession, Graham entrepreneurs claim


Nancy and Regis Jackson, owners of the Pet Ponderosa Resort and Spa in Graham, told the Graham Business Association today that they have weathered the Great Recession, along with most other kennel operators and pet product manufacturers.

The Jacksons claim their high-end kennel operation did not see a drop-off in revenues during the economic downturn, and they said the $3.7 billion pet industry as a whole fared in a similar fashion.

American’s love their pets,” said Nancy Jackson, adding that nearly 50% of the nation own either a dog or cat.

Retailers are recognizing the power of pet purchasing, and many vendors not usually associated with animals are now offering a pet product line, such as dog and cat shampoos from the fashionable salon stable of Paul Mitchell or Harley Davidson, which is offering animal accoutrements, such as bandanas for dogs.

Ms. Jackson also shared some eye-opening statistics showing just how much Americans love their pets:

         –  most cat owners have at least two cats, and two-thirds of all cat-owners let their feline friends sleep in bed with them

         –  however, the average number of dogs in a dog-lover’s house is only one

         –  63% of pet owners buy their beloved a Christmas present, while 36% buy them a birthday gift.

         – Almost 70% of all families that send visual holiday greetings cards include their pets in the family photo

         – Labrador Retrievers are the most popular pet, by species

 Regis Jackson described the Pet Spa portion of Pet Ponderosa as a comprehensive service provider for animals that includes nail and coat treatments, pet massage and chiropractic adjustments.

 Besides maintaining a state-of-the art boarding and training facility, the Jacksons host a variety of community events for their clientele, such as pet Halloween parties or summer-time BBQ campfires for dogs and their owners to “howl at the moon” while roasting franks and hamburgers.

 “The dogs just love it,” Regis said.

 Such quality care seems to be resistant to economic trends. 

 Pet Ponderosa is also moving into disaster care for pets, and is a leading member of the newly formed P-CART, the county and state disaster relief agency for pets and livestock.  As such, the Pet Ponderosa received emergency pet boarders from Orting in last year’s floods.

For more information on these services contact the Pet Ponderosa at (253) 847-7763, or contact .

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1 Response to Pet Industry resistive to recession, Graham entrepreneurs claim

  1. After the Graham Business Association meeting this morning I stopped in at the Pet Ponderosa to check out their facilities, and what a great place! It was the cleanest pet resort that I have been in; you could eat off the floor – and if your a dog you probably would want to. The other noticeable feature was no doggy odor, a difficult achievement with the 16 or so dogs that I saw. I will certainly be taking my two dogs there the next time I need to leave town.

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