More prayers for Japan


 My prayer for Japan

  by Judy Spiers

 I am so grateful to know, dear Father, that – despite the fact that we aren’t always fully able to grasp your entire goodness – you are omnipotent, supreme, a very present help in trouble.    

It comforts and reassures me to know that your dear love is present everywhere – especially in Japan where consolation is so much needed. 

 Thank you for reminding me of how, when Jesus and the disciples were in a ship in a violent storm that threatened to take their lives, he rebuked those threats with, “Peace, be still,” and great calm followed.

May every person in Japan hear and feel your “Peace, be still” today; may their fears be assuaged and great calm rest all.

Let your, “Peace, be still,” reach out to everyone in the world and free them from worries, doubts and fears.  Cause us to rest in the assurance that all will be well, and, that there will emerge from these days a bright tomorrow.  

Remind me – remind us – often that we are “peacemakers,” and that the quiet, calm, still thoughts we cherish as we go through these days brings to those in need a deep sense of security and rest. 

I know I can trust your Love to meet every human need.  I know you are imparting wise and intelligent solutions to every worker from around the world who is helping the people of Japan.   

Before I even ask, I love knowing you keep your promises, especially this one:  God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away”(Rev). 

May the entire Earth and our every thought about it right now be stable and solid.  And may blessings spring out of her like the seeds in a garden to bless your children in Japan, today and forever.   


Judy Spiers is a regular contributor to The Mountain News.

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2 Responses to More prayers for Japan

  1. Merry Ann Peterson says:

    Thank you for that WONDERFUL prayer for Japan.

  2. Carol Wright says:

    Thanks Judy! LOL, Carol

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