Man repays favor to Washington State Patrol after 35 years


Editor’s Note:

 This press release has just come to the Mountain News from Guy Gill, the public information officer for the Washington State Patrol.  Trooper Gill thought we would like to hear some “good news” from his department, and we concur.


 A Texas man repaid the Washington State Patrol (WSP) for a gallon of gas he received from a trooper over 35 years ago.  Lloyd Koopman ran out of gas on a stretch of highway in the King County area and was very happy to see a trooper pull up to assist him.  The trooper pumped a gallon of gas out of his patrol car into Mr. Koopman’s car so he could get home. 

 Mr. Koopman went on with life, and 35 years later, while he was cleaning out his toolbox, he found a small envelope the trooper gave him that night. The worn envelope says:  

  “Providing you with a gallon of gasoline to get your car started again, is one of the many services provided by the WSP.  Service is a part of our business.  We are pleased to have been able to assist you

 As you no doubt learned running out of gas on a highway is both a dangerous and frustrating experience.  We hope that in the future you will take all the necessary precautions to avoid a similar situation.

 If you would care to repay us for the amount of gasoline (one gallon), this self-addressed, stamped envelope is provided for your convenience.”

 Mr. Koopman sent a check for $10.00 to the WSP and a letter saying “just thought it was time to pay up”.  He further stated in the letter that he remembered the trooper arresting a man for DUI after signaling him to stop with his flashlight. 

For obvious safety reasons, troopers no longer provide or transport fuel in their patrol cars.  Running out of fuel while driving can be very dangerous, especially if you’re not able to get your vehicle moved to the shoulder. 

Last year, troopers assisted over 115,000 motorists statewide and a good number of those drivers were out of fuel.  With gas prices high, a lot of people are trying to stretch their dollar at the gas pump, but some of them are trying to stretch it a little too far.  Please take a look at your fuel gauge before commuting to help keep you as safe as possible.         

Washington State Patrol,  Media Release

Chief John R. Batiste and Captain Jason Berry

Government and Media Relations

(360) 596-4010 – office; (360) 596-4015 – fax

 ***For Immediate Release***

 Date:      August 2, 2011

Contact:  Trooper Guy Gill



Thomas K. Faubion –  Attorney at Law

Estate Planning and Wills

35 Years Experience

Volunteer Officer in the Graham Fire and Rescue Department

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1 Response to Man repays favor to Washington State Patrol after 35 years

  1. Karen Shearer says:

    Thank you for that good news. The media, in general, is not interested in giving us good news. This was refreshing.

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