Tari Parker’s column: A life lesson on suspicion


I had a funny experience at the grocery store this afternoon.

 I only needed milk and some broccoli, spinach, a big Mayan onion, and hard rolls for garlic bread.

 To discourage buying more than that, I picked up a small hand basket.

 When I chose the rolls, I went to put them into my basket and it was gone.

 I moved quickly around glancing at ingredients in other shoppers carts.  At a checkout stand I said, “Someone took my cart and my wallet is in it.”

 “Was the cart black or beige?” she said.

 “OH, God! I said, I didn’t take a cart, it’s a hand basket and I know just where it is!”

 It was sitting on the table where the rolls were, wallet on top.  No one had plundered my wares.

 It was a nice lesson for me to be less suspicious – which is why it happened.

 Life is such a hoot! 


 ©  2012  Tari Parker

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1 Response to Tari Parker’s column: A life lesson on suspicion

  1. Hilarious!!! I have done similar things too, guess it comes with having too much fun at the super market.

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