Burglaries in Ashford


Special to the Mountain News

  Sarah Scott, chair of the Upper Nisqually Community Forum, announced today that the Ashford area has been hit this week with a series of burglaries.  Ms. Scott is also the proprietress of the Cedar Loft Cabins in Ashford.  She sent the Mountain News the following reports:

 “I’m passing along two messages of community interest.  One regards a recent burglary.  

 1)      “This is from Pam Painter, Managing Director of Mt. Rainier Visitor Association.

 “Deborah Sample’s Storm King Lodge was broken into yesterday.  Deb stepped out for a couple of errands and post office run.  She was probably gone less than a 1/2 hour.  When she returned, a man was coming out of her house.  He said he was looking for reservations, and then he left.  She said he was very calm.  Deb thinks that he just started trying all the doors, using the pretense of reservations, and found something accidentally unlocked.  After getting back into the house, Deb found that her laptop and other items had been stolen.

 “After the burglar drove off, Deb drove after him.  There was a work crew on the road yesterday.  He drove around the flagger, and the work crew called 911.

 “The man was 30ish, driving a 90’s style Impala type car, bluish-green or teal colored.

 “This guy was very brazen.  Please be cautious if you notice anything suspicious. 

 “The sheriff said she was lucky that he was just leaving the house and that she didn’t surprise him inside.

 “Let’s watch out for everyone!”

 The above report was sent during the day on Saturday, and it precipitated the following response, which Ms. Scott issued Saturday evening:

 “In reply to my earlier email, Andrew Carey & Kathy Hatcher, both residents of Nisqually Park, notified me of another burglary, also yesterday.  This one occurred in their neighborhood.  Quoting from Kathy’s email: ‘I would like to add that a parcel/property across the street from ours in Nisqually Park that is an improved RV site with services and two storage buildings….both buildings were broken into and items stolen yesterday as well.  Our neighbor just observed the locks cut on the buildings this morning and reported it to the owner and sheriff.’

 “If others know of other burglaries or attempts in our community, please let me know so I can pass the info along.  Let’s hope the 911 work crew call following Deborah Sample’s break-in yesterday will keep the perpetrator away from our area.  Nonetheless, do take care and keep an eye out.”

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