Seizure of 39 horses in Graham reveals massive DEA drug investigation

By Bruce A. Smith, with contributions from Josh Magill

 The seizure of 39 horses from a 99-acre ranch on Meridian Ave in Graham is part a much larger – and vastly more serious – investigation of the horse owners being conducted by the Seattle office of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

 The owners of the horses, Dr. John L Diller and his wife Tina, confirmed to the Mountain News this week that the seized horses are theirs and had been taken in a two-day operation conducted by the Pierce County Animal Control (PCAC).

 In addition, the DEA confirmed to the Mountain News that they have been conducting an extensive investigation of Dr. Diller’s medical practices and had conducted a recent raid of the Diller homestead, which precipitated the horse seizure.

 The DEA has provided documents to the Mountain News detailing their investigation into Dr. Diller’s medical activities, most notably his possible over-prescribing of narcotics and other controlled substances, and also his failure to comply with proper medical standards regarding pain management. 

 According to the DEA documents, Dr. Diller’s medical license is currently under a two-year probation from the Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission (MQAC) for his alleged over-prescription of pharmaceuticals, such as oxycontin and methadone, which are very strong pain-killers.  In addition, the latter drug, methadone, is often used as a clinical substitute for heroin to counter withdrawal symptoms.

 Nevertheless, Dr. Diller and his wife have not been charged in any criminal activity – neither for the alleged horse abuse nor the DEA’s drug allegations.

 However, the DEA sent the Mountain News a 50-page public document that was the basis for obtaining a search warrant for the Diller property, and the affidavit is titled, “MJ05161-KLS.”  It details numerous instances of Dr. Diller prescribing huge amounts of narcotic pain -killers, such as confirmed by Joe McCarter of the Lincoln Pharmacy of Tacoma, who told investigators that he had filled a 30-day prescription written by Dr. Diller for 540 tablets of 10 mg methadone.

 In addition, DEA investigators found that the Department of Health’s Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) indicated that Dr. Diller had written individualized prescriptions for huge quantities of drugs.  One script itemized by the PMP revealed a monthly order for 300 tablets of 5 mg. oxycodone coupled with 120 tabs of 30 mg oxycodone, which is believed to be a maximim strength dose,  plus 90 tablets of 350 mg. Carisprodol, a muscle relaxant.

 Another Diller prescription called for 540 tabs of 10 mg methadone along with 506 tabs of 30 mg oxycodone, again for a 30-day period.

 A third prescription called for 360 tabs of oxycodone 5/325 mg, and was followed seven days later to the same patient for an additional 540 tablets of oxycodone for a grand total of 900 tablets, with both scripts indicating the pharmaceuticals were a 30-day supply.

 Such over-prescription suggested to investigators that the patients are highly addicted to the drugs and/or selling their extra quantities.

 Both seem to be occurring, as the affidavit details accusations from patients identified as Patient # 1 and Patient #2, claiming they witnessed other patients selling their drugs – including in the parking lot of Dr. Diller’s medical office in downtown Puyallup.

 Worse though, is the allegation that some of Dr. Diller’s patients have died as a result of being over-prescribed, thus making him vulnerable to charges of being an accessory to murder.

 DEA investigators identified three patients as having died from over-prescriptions:  a man called Larry Feller, who died in March 2011; a patient known as “KR” who overdosed recently in Bonney Lake; and a man named Randall Rider, who moved to the Puyallup area from his home in Spokane several years before his death and became a patient of Dr. Diller’s.

 Mr. Rider’s death is even more tragic because his brother, Russell Rider, MD, is an anesthesiologist at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane.  According to the DEA documents, Dr. Rider attempted to get his brother in rehabilitation and tried to intervene with Dr. Diller to prevent the over-prescription of drugs to Randall.

 In addition, Dr. Diller’s medical office is apparently not much more hygienic than his horse stables back home.  The DEA documents provide a squalid description of the medical offices, offered by a former medical assistant named Tara Johnson.  Johnson claims that the bathroom was unsanitary and contained a constant stench of urine, which was soaked into the wallpaper.  Plus, Johnson charges that an examination room had flooded and had not been cleaned for several months.

 Ms. Johnson’s allegations were compiled in a Labor and Industry complaint, claiming “unsafe” working conditions.

 Along those lines, DEA investigators listed additional accusations from several former Diller staff stating the work environment was unsafe due to the threatening behavior from the patients.

 Further, the DEA documents characterize Dr. Diller as a major drug dealer in the Puget Sound area, drawing patients from as far away as Aberdeen and Seattle.

 The affidavit also charges that an estimated 70-80% of Dr. Diller’s patients paid cash for their doctor visits, paying between $80-130 per visit to receive their drug prescription. 

 One of the major reasons underlying the DEA search warrant of Dr. Diller’s home was to obtain information on where this cash has gone, along with gaining a more detailed understanding of the kind of pain treatment he dispensed to his patients.

 Dr. Diller and his wife have declined to discuss these allegations with the Mountain News, and have referred reporters to their attorney, Lance Hester of Puyallup.  However, Mr. Hester has not responded to multiple inquiries from the Mountain News.

 As for the horses, Dr. Diller and his wife have reportedly operated their equine breeding business since 1965.  According to the fuglyhorse blog, the Diller’s horse ranch is known as Malia Arabians and Warmbloods, but no signage is visible on Meridian and an Internet search of their horse breeding activity is inconclusive.

 Nevertheless, Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson, who oversees the Animal Control Department, told the Mountain News that the primary complaint against the Diller’s is the lack of adequate shelter for the horses and their failure to maintain proper equine care.

 Anderson acknowledged that many of the seized horses appear well-fed and that food and water was readily available in the Diller barns.

 However, the facilities were unsanitary, with urine-soaked straw and feces compacted up to a foot-thick in some stalls.  Further, many of the horses were kept in pitch-black conditions without any light or ventilation.

 In addition, most of the horses seemed to live their entire lives inside their stall, with no evidence of any outdoor pastures for grazing or paddocks for exercise.

 As a result, Anderson said the horses were unfamiliar with being handled by humans and were very skittish and dangerous.  Hence, the transfer of the 39 to county custody took two days and required a full crew of animal control officers.

 “It went great even though the horses were very hard to handle” said Anderson.  “There were no injuries to any of our officers or the horses.”

 Anderson said that her department has six animal control officers, and she also called upon Kitsap Animal Control for additional officers and equipment.  In addition, Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies were called in to provide security after hours.

 To continue the care and protection of these horses Anderson has assembled a team of experienced volunteer wranglers from the Pierce County Backcountry Horsemen, the PCSD and other equine organizations to compliment her officers.

 Anderson has taken personal charge of the rescue operation and seems determined to avoid the disappointments that occurred in the county’s last large-scale horse rescue – the Darlene Wilson 40-horse episode of 2010.  In this occurrence, the PCAC tried to partner with a local equine rescue organization that ultimately found itself without sufficient resources to properly care for its initial installment of twenty horses.  Ultimately, the rescue group had to euthanize about ten of the horses, and eventually the PCAC had to intervene and take a handful of horses.  Finally, the remaining ten horses were court –ordered to be sold.

 Further, criminal charges against Ms. Wilson have stretched out through the months, and the drama has shown the difficulties in a successful prosecution of horse abuse.

 Nevertheless, the county is picking up the tab for the feeding and caring of the 39 horses.  Anderson told the Mountain News that she has tapped into her agency’s reserves to supply $40,000 for this operation.  However, as the effort to build a prosecutable case proceeds – thus requiring the need to preserve the evidence – the bill may rise higher.

 Regardless, this initial outlay comes at the expense of not being able to cover any voting re-counts should her organization be required to do so after the general election in November.

 Such happenstance reflects the unusual mandate for the Auditor’s Office.  Typically, a county auditor handles elections, real estate documentation and public licenses, such as deeds and passports.  Historically, the Humane Society has handled animal control issues, especially the licensing of pets, but now the Pierce County Auditor has assumed responsibility for animal control.  .

 This transfer occurred several years ago as the number of animal-related criminal incidents grew, such as abuse cases and dangerous dog attacks upon children and adults.  The Human Society realized it was no longer able to provide a sufficient level of service to the public and transferred responsibilities to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.  However, the PCSD soon learned they were not well-suited to administer pet licenses or respond to barking dog complaints at 2 am.

 Then, in 2006 under the administration of the then-Auditor Pat McCarthy, the Auditor’s Office took responsibility for animal services.  Currently, Ms. Anderson’s office handles the usual pet owner traffic directly, while her six animal control officers are trained and supervised by the Sheriff’s Department, from whom she contracts the officers’ services.

 Now, Ms. Anderson and the county are enmeshed in a complex law enforcement case than spans across the accusations of animal abuse to murder, and yet, no one is charged at present with any criminal wrong-doing.

Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson, (right) with one of her animal control officers, Jody Page, (left), attending to the seized 39 horses at the their secured location at the Pierce County Fairgrounds.

 ©  2012  The Mountain News-WA

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88 Responses to Seizure of 39 horses in Graham reveals massive DEA drug investigation

  1. gkcclc says:

    YIKES: Now, Ms. Anderson and the county are enmeshed in a complex law enforcement case that (?) spans across the accusations of animal abuse to murder, and yet, no one is charged at present with any criminal wrong-doing.

  2. cascadedavid says:

    Wow! Now it appears that we are caught up in a vindictive web of lies and word tracts… I think this is going to cost us…

  3. I believe it might be prudent to at least note that the Diller farm is directly across Meridian from a dump that is planning an expansion. maybe it means nothing, but the timing is amazing since the county istrying to fast track the permits without another EIS.

    • Josh Magill says:

      That is true and could be a story, but not sure the DEA (a federal agency) would get involved in something local like that. There is also room to expand south instead of crossing the road.

    • cascadedavid says:

      I’m sure that the national company that owns all of these landfills now has many contacts in the alphabet agencies.

    • Julia says:

      I have first hand handled three of the horses seized from that property and I can tell you that these are criminally neglected horses. I don’t know anything about the DEA’s charges but the Federal Government is not going to get involved just because a County dump wants to expand.

  4. Me says:

    Had to deal with some of this Dr’s patients! All I can say is everything in this article is exactly true and I’m glad it’s over!!!!! What a nightmare!!

      • Me! says:

        This should have been stopped a long time ago. For me personally I have had to deal with nasty drug addict patients of Dr Diller’s and I’m disgusted at how long this went on. Not only did he cause some patients harm and death, but those of us work in healthcare had to deal with this crap, all the while trying to do the right thing.

    • cascadedavid says:

      You don’t seem to care about any potential victims here. You only seem to care about what you claim to have had to to deal with. Two vets, and neighbors have stood up for this guy. I’m guessing that you said nothing about any of this until they let you go, then you went viral. I think you have won. I don’t know who these guys are, but I’m guessing that they will probably lose everything. I’ve read that some horse people are concerned about the county’s ability to care for these horses, and that they were fed high quality feed, and now they aren’t. I’ve read that they ended up shooting ten horses the last time they did this. If I were you, I wouldn’t assume that I was the only one who had an agenda here either.

      • Lora Somerset says:

        Deal with the patients? You are not a true health care provider then. I am a RN, have been one for over 12 years. I “deal” with all sorts of patients every day, every shift. I maintain compassion for everyone no matter what the story or background is and have had years of school, classes, psych classes in order to work with every type of patient I come across. You, working in a professional healthcare office, should be able to maintain your composure and yourself with any type of patient. I believe you sound like a disgruntled employee and I’m rather glad you are not in that office any longer. I would hope that you are not in healthcare any longer as you are not a professional and do not have great people skills. And for the farm, it’s a witch hunt land grab. Mrs Auditor is also trying to cover her ass for the last encounter when she took someone else’s horses.
        (what a screw up.)

      • Julia says:

        They did not shoot the horses. The horses had to be humanely euthanized. I’ve seen these horses. If you actually saw these horses in person (matted and dreadlocked manes, impossible to catch and put a halter on because they haven’t been handled in god knows how long, terrified to have a person come near them, hooves that are way too long and untrimmed and cracked) you would not say these horses are getting worse care by the County. There is actually some hope now these horses won’t suffer anymore.

    • Gail Kohler says:

      I used to be a patient of Diller’s in the 80’s and early 90’s. He had me so strung out on pain meds and then decided to cut me off. I was so addicted that I couldn’t handle the withdrawals and ended up turning to heroin and ruined my life! He took 20 years of my life and I hate him for it! I am clean now and I am again a real person with horses and property! I want you to know that all drug addicts are NOT the same. Some are nice and clean like me!

  5. cascadedavid says:

    I’m not in the horse community, but I am glad to see that so many who are, are getting involved , and checking things out for themselves, I have seen so many instances where propaganda has been used to vilify folks, then we find out later that it was someone with an agenda. I don’t know either way on this, but you all are at risk . Dig deep!

    • Lora Somerset says:

      Boy, I’m right there with you!! People sometimes become sheep and follow like zombies…I wish they’d think for themselves rather then let the news do it for them.

  6. cascadedavid says:

    Thought this through, it looks like a land grab… Organized crime wants it. Finds weak spots, Attacks them with local useful idiots who have been made to feel warm and fuzzy and don’t yet understand turn and burn…

  7. lifelongpatient says:

    I find this article highly inflammatory and highly objectionable. You will note that there is an “ongoing investigation by the DEA”, NO CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t people innocent until proven guilty? I have no expertise in the horse breading arena and will not speak to that matter. However, I can speak directly to the high quality, compassionate care I have received from Dr. Diller. You have grossly mistaken the facts in this article. Dr. Diller’s license is NOT under probation due to “his alleged over-prescription of pharmaceuticals”, if you had checked your facts prior to publishing this article, you would have found that the issue was documentation. This issue that can be found in just about ANY provider’s office. The main concern, illegible / incomplete chart notes on ONE patient. Should we all be condemned due to our penmanship or forgetting to write something down? I do not make light of the issue, accurate / readable medical records are a necessity. If you had checked your facts you would see that Dr. Diller agreed to rectify this issue and that his probation is OVER 4/13/2012. Further, the Department of Health found that the patient involved AND his family expressed appreciation for Dr. Diller’s empathetic primary care over the years and that no evidence of actual patient harm was caused by Dr. Diller. I have been a LIFE LONG patient and NEVER at ANY TIME have I felt threatened by any of the patients I have seen in his waiting room. Most often, they are elderly, in wheelchairs, on oxygen machines, or have other age related illness. At 46 years old, I am ALWAYS the youngest person in his office. I have never once seen an “unsavory character” in his clinic. NOT ONCE have I ever had any indication that anyone was high on medications or illegal substances. Dr. Diller is a kind, compassionate, competent healthcare provider. He does not spend millions of dollars on his facility, as some of the clinics are doing these days. Honestly, you get what you pay for. More often than not when I go to one of those facilities, I am a number and treated as such. I am a number that pays for their high priced facility. Dr. Diller is a hometown doctor, with hometown values. Is his facility state of the art? No, it is not. Is his facility unkempt as Ms. Johnson is implying in her statements, ABSOLUTELY NOT. NOT ONCE have I smelled urine in his office, nor have I seen an examination room unkempt from an alleged flood. NEVER have I had a physician say to me “I’m so sorry you don’t feel well, but am happy to see you” and TRULY mean it as Dr. Diller does. This man is not the monster this article makes him out to be and I am outraged you would defame him in this manner. This matter is ONGOING; we should not be reporting “alleged” facts or opinions. You will note that NOT ONE of the major news crews or major media have made this reckless reporting mistake defaming such an honorable person. PLEASE be fair in your reporting and your judgment.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I am pleased for you, lifelongpatient, that you have been able to find a physician who suits you and gives you the care you desire.

      Can we talk? I would like to know more about Dr. Diiler. You can call me at (360) 832-6248 or email me at to set up a meeting time. Thanks.

      • Lofelongpatient says:

        Please send me the specific questions you have regarding Dr. Diller. If the questions are respectful and fair, I may answer them. However after the way this article was presented, I am reluctant to provide you with further information. You have taken the word of a disgruntled employee as truth. My bet is she is behind the DEA investigation. Disgruntled employees could make accusations against YOU, wouldn’t you appreciate being treated as Innocent until the charges were proved or denied?

    • Rose says:

      I agree …Dr Diller is a sweet careing dr.He can’t write pain or anti depressant scripts any longer ( the nurse told me that)& I find it very difficult (these DEA days as interferring) to get a dr who will.He tried to be good & “good” he is! Shame on the DEA for bothering him & about that urine someone smelled =was most likely a patient giving a urine sample that spilled over their small cup & on to the bathroom floor as the cups are small & people are old.

    • dmj says:

      I absolutely agree, I am a patient of Dr Dillers and he is one of the most kind thoural
      gentle caring doctors I have ever had in my fifty year life. He has helped me achomplish
      a full understanding of my physical condition.Six mri’s later
      refered me to one of our counties best ortho doctors I am facing four more surguries . I have been lebled by the mountain news as
      and I quote…..Highly Addicted Dangerous or selling medication.I intend to sue as soon as
      all these lies and the witch hunt is over…….. the mountian news.


      • brucesmith49 says:

        Greetings dmj,

        You’re Dr. Diller patient Number Four. Care to chat with me? You mention “lies” in your above comment. I am eager to discover what you think is untruthful?

        Feel free to call me at (360) 832-6248 or email me directly at

        – Bruce A. Smith, publisher

    • PTownGirl says:

      I think we can all agree that Dr. Diller is a very nice, caring person. He was always in a chipper mood with a smile upon his face. But who are you trying to kid? There were some shady things going on at this place for sure. Whether Dr. Diller knew what he was doing or not, I guarantee his younger staff did. Maybe your appointments were early in the morning when most of the pill poppers were still asleep, but you can’t tell me you didn’t notice a younger crowd of people in there. There was always a VERY long wait to be seen and while in the waiting room, patient after patient would walk out with a script in hand. His office is very out dated, but never once did I notice any smell or any sort. The staff was pleasant and so was the doctor. I feel that Diller was more or less taken advantage of by these fiends and didn’t know what to do.

      • brucesmith49 says:

        I’m not so sure that we can all agree on anything, PTown Girl. Can we talk? I’d like to learn more about Dr. Diller’s medical practice. Please call me at (360) 832-6248 or let me know how I can contact you directly. Thanks. – Bruce

      • Travis Wilson says:

        I totaly agree with you!! He was the doc that gave birth to my older bro an well i knew him from going in there.. he was a good doc.. he would sit an talk ect now when you go to a doc they are all like i got to go to the next blahh you know what i mean all they want is $$$ the more people they see the more $$ they get.. he would give you time to get comfortable. so ya people fu**ed with him… if you want to say whatever..

    • Sarah says:

      I agree, I was a patient of Dr. DIller’s for most of my life, from infancy to my teen years. My family and I never had a problem with him, he is a good person and never gave me any reason to believe he is a bad doctor. If the drug allegations are true I think he was probably just trying to help people, who knows.

    • Tammy Christensen says:

      I too was a ten year patient of Dr. Diller. Yes I paid in cash. Why? I had no health insurance. I too am 46. His waiting room was always full of elderly people in wheelchairs. I was always the youngest healthiest person there. He prescribed me pain pills when I needed them, only 30, and NOT oxys. He is a great doctor, and cared about taking care of me. I was and am stunned to see this article. I almost do not believe a word of it.

  8. Lofelongpatient says:

    I would like to correct an error in my reply. I made a typo, Dr. Diller is off probation 4/13/2012. Further, I would like to point out that I have worked in the healthcare industry since 1992

    • Lofelongpatient says:

      Same typo. I meant 4/13/2013. I apologize for my error

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Thanks for your reply, LLP. As for questions, I would like to have an open-ended conversation with you about Dr. Diller. I’d like to know more about his practice of pain management, in particular your experience – if any – with the pharmaceuticals in question, i.e.: oxycodone, methadone and similar medications, and his prescriptive practices. Further, I’d like to know what kind of guy Dr Diller is.

        As with most folks I interview, all conversations are “on-record.” However, as a courtesy I would share a draft of anything I might write that would include information shared by you. During interviews I do entertain requests to go “off-record,” but I require an explanation for why certain information might be considered too sensitive for public disclosure.

        Also, I would need to establish your credentials to talk about Dr. Diller and his medical practices. Are you a patient; a colleague? Or exactly what is your healthcare background. Specifically, in what way are you able to judge whether 1000 tabs of maximum strength oxycodone per month per patient is excessive. Further, what in your judgment would be the parameters for prescribing such medication?

        Lastly, have you seen the DEA affidavit alleging the many prescriptive abuses by Dr. Diller?

      • Lofelongpatient says:

        My credentials, I already stated I was a lifelong patient. I do not, nor have I ever taken the substances outlined in your article. I have worked in other healthcare clinics. I am not willing to second guess a Drs prescription as I am not qualified to diagnose or prescribe, so I can not and will not second guess a seasoned professional’s decision to prescribe medications to a patient with chronic pain.

        No I have not seen the DEA allegations, and until these facts are proven beyond a reasonable doubt, I will stand behind a man who has provided nothing but quality care to to my entire family, my clients and my friends.

        You appear to want to hang him without a fair trial, I am not sure we have much to talk about.

  9. lifelongpatient says:

    Have you asked gkcclc, cascadedavid, or me for their names? If there names are not relevant, why is mine? I am done following this feed and your site, your comments are biased, unsubstantiated and unfair. Again, I ask that you check your facts, use caution and fairness in your reporting. You are talking about a man with no charges filed against him, a care taker of elderly patients and a compassionate lifelong physician. Anyone can make an accusation, let the process play out before you judge him.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Dear lifellongpatient,

      You refute very serious allegations made by the DEA – that makes you newsworthy. The author of gkcclc is known to me and many others. Cascadedavid offers brief and sharp rants but not much more, so there is no point in following-up with him. But you, my friend, claim to have substantive knowledge of a man who is alleged to engage in such reckless behavior that he has caused three people to die and 39 horses to suffer. That’s why I’d like to talk with you further.


  10. Rose says:

    Well I was dropped & left without my meds Bruce. I have severe arthritis & DR Diller understood that I preferred to have him perscribe my pain killer & antidepressants because I am a widow & going thru having to be alone & dr understood that I would not take the metroxiate type meds from a arthritis dr as those meds kill FASTER than the pain pills! My best girlfriend died 2 wk before my spouse. She died from IV in the hospital for a year for her same condition as I have but I got off the KILLER arthritis meds so I’m alive & was well until DEA did this to DR. DILLER,now I’ll have to drive a long distance to a new old arthritis dr to get relief. Look into the facts of our type of pain & leave the dr alone!

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Thanks for responding, Rose. Yes, I would like to know more about your experience with arthritis medication and treatment, and how Dr. Diller has been as asset for you. Can we talk? I’m at (360) 832-6248, or send me an email and let me know how to contact you more directly.

      -Bruce A. Smith

    • Julia says:

      I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and narcotics actually make your condition worse. Methotrexate will not kill you as fast as narcotics. Good luck trying to find another doctor to fill your meds. Most doctors know that narcotics don’t work for RA pain and they know how quickly it will worsen your condition and kill you.

      • Truth says:

        Do you hear and see most of all medicine they give you now a days, that may help , but it will do harm in all these other ways. Some medicines say it can give you cancer, Will you stand up for them. We have a medical cartel going on. Diller is not the problem here.

  11. cascadedavid says:

    I’m not sure what to make of your comments, Bruce. I’m pretty sure that you understand that the guys who got busted in the Iran contra deal could care less if 3000 horses were walking dead. Press releases = perception management. If not though, Snydely Whiplash is at it again, and Snow white and the seven dwarves are saving us. Never follow the money. Nothing to see here. Move along folks.

  12. Devastated says:

    I am a lifelong patient of Dr. Diller’s as well. I have trusted my life in his hands for 30 years. He came to Good Samaritan hospital 12 hours after my son was born and from that moment he has been my sons doctor. Dr. Diller might as well be part of my family…..These accusations seem quite questionable to me. I know he owns ALOT of prime land between Puyallup and Graham. It’s sounds to me like they are looking for a way to take ownership of what he has worked so hard for…Bruce, I really wish that before this article was written you would have taken into consideration the point if view from those who know what kind of a man he is. You did not seem to hesitate to put in bogus claims of an unsanitary office from am ex employee. Why not try to collect all sides of the story?…I can no longer receive the meds I need from Dr. Diller and after 30 years of loyalty to a wonderful doctor I will be forced to find a new family physician. It has had a devastating effect on me and I can’t imagine what it has done to him.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Greetings Devastated,
      You’re Diller Patient Number Three, and I offer you the same invitation as the others. Please call me or contact me in some fashion so that we can discuss Dr Diller. You claim to know him in a substantive manner over a long period of time. I am eager to hear what you know of the man. You can call me at (360) 832-6248. Afternoon and eves are best.

      Email is fine, too;

    • NG says:

      Good luck finding a new doctor,I was judged when the new Dr. first saw me, I am not on any c-2’s only vicodin for my fibermyalgia and arthritis. If you are one of Dr. Dillers patients you WILL be judged. Dr Diller has been my Dr. for over 30 years. I will never find another Dr. that will NOT judge me, and yes I work in the medical field. he is a good man and all of this bad talk will never change my mind.

  13. brucesmith49 says:

    Cascade David,

    Your link to the video clip on the apparent controlled-demolition of World Trade Center Building No. 7 is wonderful. Thank you. However, I am not sure what it has to do with Dr. Diller, the DEA or the PCAC’s seizure of 39 horses. Please explain.

  14. Josh Magill says:

    OI am curious why everyone is angry with Bruce’s article. The info he reported is coming from public documents supplied by the DEA or the county auditor, not him personally. He didn’t make up the allegations. Bruce is not confirming the allegations, but only alerting the public of the allegations as a good journalist does. Everyone that says the doctor is great won’t officially talk to Bruce. Talk to him so he can tell your side of the story too. Nobody wants to officially back the doctor on record using their real name. I find that interesting. If you truly care about the doctor then prove it by letting Bruce tell your story.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I’m curious, too, Josh, on their reticence. By the way, any word on why the PCAC’s vet, Tricia Arnold, DVM, has left the case?

    • Lora Somerset says:

      Why would anyone want to be in the paper? So the Auditor can find us out and come and take our animals too…for speaking out? Or how about the DEA coming to check on us because we think they are ridiculous? If I stood up with my full name in your paper and stated my opinion and shared my thoughts, my knowledge….I’d be next in a long list of “investigated” folks. I’ve seen those who hold authority find “reasons” to make life miserable for those who either have what they want or take what they want. If they want him out….they’ll do it. His land is absolutely beautiful and a landfill or housing tract would definitely be in the works. My place is next….it’s just damn sad. And, the patient’s have actual confidential rights according to the law. So they stated their feelings and you must respect their rights. Isnt it enough they shared how they feel? You want them to step forward and share that they have to use narcotics daily to get through every hour? They arent going to do it. I think they have the right to share feelings but not personal issues. Let it be. There is an independent newsprint in Sacramento that I loved, because they shared the truth behind a lot of local government scams. Or they questioned shit that was happening and bugged until they found out. I dare you to question the DEA from a different point of view, and the auditor chick.

  15. cascadedavid says:

    Thank you, I will. Our country has been infiltrated by organized crime. They control almost all government, and media. Once you are awake to how the media is used to manage the perception of the masses, it’s pretty easy to spot the deception. We were told that we are seizing sick, starving horses, but we look at them and they look healthy. We know that these agencies have lied to us over and over, yet we choose to believe them over the individuals that they are going after. If you understand that this is just how they do business daily, and that they are ruthless, and would kill a whole city if they needed to, then you would see that they could really care less about these horses. Always follow the money. If they want something, they just look for the easiest way to get it. My guess is it’s the land, or this man is an obstacle of some sort. Or maybe he just pissed someone off…Veterans Today is a pretty good source to learn more about what is happening if you are interested.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Thanks Cascade David for spelling out your concerns a bit more clearly. Yes, I am very aware of the actions of Big Money and Big Power, a dynamic identified as the “corporatocracy” by author John Perkins in his stellar work, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.” I strongly recommend it to all.

      So far, the Diller case is quite curious, but I do not sense the work of the corporate-global elite. That’s not to say that the corporatocracy is not active in Graham, as I believe I have seen their handiwork in others places, most notably in the Mauck homicides – of which I have writtten extensively at the Mountain News and elsewhere, and as recently as just a few weeks ago, too. Have you read it? If so, whaddaya think?

      As for 9-11, I think that the collapse of WTC-7 is the most obvious clue that controverts the common understanding of who is responsible for those tragic events.

      So, C.D., let’s talk. Please give me a call: (360) 832-6248.

  16. Lora Somerset says:

    Innocent until proven guilty. The DEA can actually investigate any healthcare worker that handles narcotics, or prescribes them. EVEN a RN such as myself. Many people use methadone for pain, not for addiction. Many people use Rx narcotics for ailments such as Rheumatoid Arthritis as well, such as my very own father. He lives with daily pain and would not be able to walk about on my farm without his meds, prescribed by his physician. Those meds are morphine, vicodin, tylenol 3’s and sleep aids. Meds I give out daily at work.
    However, Pierce county has taken on too many horses, horses that I have seen fed well. And, I feel a landfill coming close to my home, as I am a neighbor and believe in land grabs.
    This county is going to hell in a handbasket. Oh, and I hate it when people come out of the woodwork to fingerpoint. This is like a damn witch hunt. I wish people would go back to helping others instead of finger pointing.
    Remember, when you break your leg in an auto accident, I’ll be in the ER with narcotics waiting for you…and if it heals slowly you’ll be using a ton of narcotics to get over the daily pain you will deal with…and there will be a doctor you will rely on to write you those scripts.

  17. Rose says:

    What is the Mauck story? Perhaps he was addicted before using dr DILLER? I’m the one who has arthritis. I can’t remember names of all prescriptions as they are so odd.But I know some that while taken do need my blood taken every 2 months,and it hurts & the needles could be contimated like the ones used in Vegas by SW medical. DEA makes me now have to drive the hazards on the freeway to a Arthritis dr that I may & can get to fill my meds that were taken away one month ago! I am old & I hate freeways & more money on gas. I still need a new dr closer to Puyallup or Graham! Thanks for making me suffer MORE at my age. I was dropped in Sept! I need pain pills you need to follow the health pain of these people first & yes i will give you my name soon as you can answer why me?

  18. Rose says:

    No one cares…… but me & why me? i’ve called & looked for a dr near puyallup that would give me some pain killers (instead of the arthritis ones) as i’ve taken many pain or arthritis meds with diff drs. in two states & I was told in Vegas by a arthritis(Russian)dr to get out of that office if I wouldn’t take the latest killer (metroxate type) blood testing meds? So I did & then I took just pain pills for years, so why bother dropping me now that I’ll most likely die in 12 yrs anyway & can I TRY to sue DEA or who ever for leaving me without a new prescriptions for over a month now as it was abrubtly for messing in my private health business? There are rapes that go unreported in Top secret offices,there are losers that go to locked doors in basement in Seattle (for sex & have to pay)at video stores? I dislike the life style of loose women & men & they should be arrested for this stuff so why me? i’m a good great grandmother that has a spotless record!

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Hi Rose,

      It’s quite a poignant story you tell. I certainly hope you can find the medical help you require.

      Did you call me earlier today? An older woman called me this morning, asking if my number was a doctor’s office. When I said, “No,” she hung up. Was that you?


    • PTownGirl says:

      From the looks of it, I guess we can speculate that you found another doc. I only say this because you are ranting on about suing the DEA and how they screwed you over on being able to get your pain pills and now you have to “doctor shop”! Good luck finding an attorney to take that on. By reading your comments alone, I find you hardly creditable.

      • Rose says:

        MY civil rights! I haven’t found another dr for general practice yet ,but I do have a arthritis dr that I have to drive father & i can’t for my future visits. I have large dis figuring growths from arthritis so I can prove my pain & I take urine samples & yet there is no dr that will write for pain killers. I hope for you to you to feel pain so you’d shut up about us that have real pain!

      • PTownGirl says:

        Rose: In response to your comment, I wouldn’t wish pain upon anyone. For you to wish pain upon me is cruel and low of you. My grandmother suffered from arthritis for many, many years so I know that it is quite painful and most off all discomforting. Though, she wasn’t one to take pain pills when she was in pain, different generations handle things differently I guess. I know for a fact that Dr. Diller is not the only doctor in Pierce County, who is a GP, that will write prescriptions for pain pills. If your looking for one, maybe head to South Hill WalMart and look around, I’m sure you can spot a pill popper that will give you the heads up on a “good” doc. I believe it is a good thing that they [pills] are harder to get now a days. I can’t tell you how many of my close friends have had their lives ruined because of the ease of getting these prescriptions. We have a serious problem this day and age with our youth taking prescription drugs and whatever they [docs] can do to minimize the risk, then by all means I hope they do it. Have you ever thought about getting your medical marijuana card? You don’t even have to smoke it now days and I’m sure your liver would appreciate the break from pain pills!

    • Sarah says:

      Rose, There is a natural remedy called Feverfew. It is known to help RA, among other things. Talk to a doctor and try it (it comes in tablet, liquid, and powder form I believe), it is known to have reactions with other herbs and medications such as blood thinners, but if you aren’t on anything it could react with then it should be safe for you to take. I was a patient of Dr. Diller’s as well, and am sorry to hear about your situation. I don’t blame you for not wanting to take the RA meds the doctors want to prescribe you. Here is a link to a page that will tell you more about feverfew, I hope it helps you and allows you to function without being on meds! I don’t trust the government, who knows what they put in these medications.

  19. Rhett says:

    It’s stories like this that cause us all problems…..Please check into Tara’s back ground before you start slamming someone.

  20. Rose says:

    yes i am still dr shopping & was going to call you but decided that i don’t need the attention. So I calkled you by mistake.I’m 70 yr old & I could write a book too,but i’m not educated in that area & don’t want to try at my age. Also their are missionary kids who grow up treating women worse than the dope addicts as they lie & also spread disease.I know this personally that the HIGHER up you become the Lower you are!

  21. Rose says:

    Also airplane co. hired a pedophile as a ceo. I read that some where & I could tell you more about the kids raised near China.,about whats what in my mind.

  22. cascadedavid says:

    Bruce. This story reminded of your great story of the Mauck murders…

  23. cascadedavid says:

    I thought that your readers might find this interesting… It’s really hard to understand how corruption occurs. As bad is it is, it’s important to understand how it happens.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      For those seeking more information of the kinds of topics discussed in the above video interview with Ms. Kay Griggs, I suggest viewers read John Perkins’ “Confessions of an Econmic Hit Man,” Cathy O’Brien’s “Tranceformation of America,” and “The Men Who Stare at Goats” and “Them,” which are both penned by author Jon Ronson. In addition, John Marks’ book, “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” is an excellent source for information on the government’s exploration of mind control, most commonly known as the MK ULTRA program. Further, Dr. Colin Ross, MD, offers two superb studies of the MK ULTRA program in his works, “The CIA Doctors,” and “Military Mind Control – a Story of Trauma and Recovery.”

  24. Rose says:

    For PT TOWN girl.Thanks for the remarks that you e mail from your innocent mind ,as I feel the same way about DRUG addict’s ,but they need hospitialization. I do NOT abuse pills & I would NOT take from a stranger or a family member or on the streets as I don’t have to at present. You should quit implying about my life ,while you think you are judging me (of implying) that I am also a drug addict! I will answer any questions you may have through BRUCE. I still say:please don’t judge people until you know the facts! Everyone here should stop & think about the true facts of my present dr. as I still have him & He’s a GOOD ,decent person & unlike you, he feel’s his patient’s pain and that is why he’s a dr.I will go to court for him if needed! I have nothing to gain (at all )against the jury here ,but to tell the truth as I see it!, I will tell Bruce if needed. I want you to know that I also have a back injury! I believe in getting strength from above! PTOWNGirl do please ask patients (that are in pain) to judge this dr; as hes innocent & his over writing of pills were for someone who was gone from Wa state (land )as he was out to sea & fishing (from Aberdeen)at times & for month’s, that’s why some scrips were written (for too many pills) for regular in town patients!. That’s some of the answers for here! I may talk to Bruce & perhaps he could put it into proper words for me as I am blue collar person but I know plenty of people in high places that know people in low places!,Why would I I hope you feel pain ( like we do) is so it could interrupt life as you now know it. I don’t wish it on any one but a person will have to live with pain everyday to experience what it does to my life.

  25. Good day! I simply want to give you a huge thumbs up
    for the great info you have got right here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog
    for more soon.

  26. Tina says:

    WOW!!! Lots of unfounded opionions here, but let me tell you, I have direct, hands on experience in Dr.John Diller’s office, I left, therefore, am not an unhappy ex-employee.
    The working conditions during my employment of just over a year were tragic. The restroom (shared by employees and patients) was filthy, poor lighting, a leaking toilet and yes, no matter how much it was cleaned, it always reaked of urine.
    In my position, I witnessed many inexcusable occurrances, that eventually left to my decision to seek employment elsewhere.
    Charts were piled in the back of the clinic, years of nursinghome patient visists went undocumented.
    Yes, Dr.Diller was always a very pleasant, caring and sweet individual, and I believe that he truely cared for his patients and their well being. The problem with being such a kind individual, is that it sometimes results in the inability to say NO when appropriate. I witnessed, on a daily basis at times, patients coming in for pain medications, with one excuse after another such as “my dog ate them”, I accidently dropped them in the toilet”, ” I lost my purse (again)” and he would readily and happily fill the narcotics for them, knowing full well, that they were lying and abusing, but it continued.
    If you haven’t witnessed the bad side of a nice person and don’t know how to seperate the issues, you should think twice before making accusations against government agencies we have in place to prevent these types of things and keep our animals safe from harm. Everytime the government gets involved, people cry foul. Yes, there is corruption I’m sure, but people have died here and this is not the first time Dr.Diller has been in trouble. I will not share the experience I witnessed while under his employment, as it has not been metioned yet, but he should have learned the first time.
    Nice guy-Yes, does he follow the rules? Absolutely not!

  27. Jennifer says:

    I have been a patient of Dr Diller since I was 5 and he was a smart and gentle man. Never over prescribed any kind of medication. As the witnesses saying patients selling in his parking lot, how is that possible when you have to go to the pharmacy first. Also the prescription amounts seem high but say you take 15mg 3-4 times a day which is 45 5mg 3 times a day. When you break it down like that. As for his office, yeah it’s not pristine but I have never been concerned about my health. Also the building is very old. Dr Diller is so busy and the office staff would never ever life a finger to say :replace paper towels. I have a feeling that a past employee is disgruntled and taking it out on my wonderful Dr.

    • Jennifer says:

      I made a mistake in my math. Ok so say your dose is 15mg 3times a day. I don’t believe oxycodone comes in 15mg so it would be 3 5mg pills a day which equals 45 pills. He is very empathetic for people in severe pain and unlike most doctors he seriously cares about his patients. One more thing. Before I was prescribed pain meds he referred me to a spine Dr for MRI and xrays. I’m just really sad and choked up for my fav Dr

      • PTownGirl says:

        Jennifer, is that fuzzy math; 45 pills a day or month? I totally agree with what Tina had to say. The office was run down, charts stacked in every available corner, and rooms VERY outdated. The only vitals performed were taking blood pressure; no weighing, temp, resp, or pulse. I usually get strep throat once a year. A couple years back I got it really bad. I called Dr. Diller’s office to be seen and was told by the receptionist that I couldn’t get an appointment until the following month! This was a normal occurrence with this office. He was so over booked from people coming in to get their scrips renewed that I couldn’t even be seen by my own doc and had to go to a walk-in clinic. Yes, I am sure Diller cared for his patients, but I think he cared about making money a little too much more. At one time he had me on 3 different medications: Adderall for my adhd that he said I had, Xanax for anxiety and Ambien for helping me sleep at night. I have an extremely stressful job and he recommended Xanax for my stress/anxiety while at work. I started taking these meds and within a month I felt like a complete zombie. I was forgetting things, having blackouts and on the verge of losing my job because I couldn’t function properly. That is when I called it quits with Diller’s office. Nice guy, yes, but it’s not who I wanted for a doctor. In my opinion, he should have retired years ago and enjoyed the fruits of his years of labor.

      • Doesn't matter says:

        Thrilled that I’m not the only one standing up for such a wonderful caring Dr.

  28. Truth says:

    No matter what doctor you go to, you will not be fixed. Most all the time they give you meds that you have to stay on. And most of the meds will kill you in another way. They can control you and you don’t even see it. You can if you want the truth. Have you ever seen what they put in flu shots? This is put into your blood stream. They can put anything in that flu shot and nobody will question it. Why? ( You know how the flu knows when to show up……..after flu shoots are given.) The year they did not have enough flu shots, Well it did not show up at its normal time. You could have ADHD from vaccines. Learn how to detox your body. I could help you bu,t as I see, you would turn on a person that tryed to help you.

  29. Doesn't matter says:

    Dr. D was my Dr for years. He’s one of the best. He’s old school, a country Dr! Yes he did prescribe me my meds which did include a narcotic. But he NEVER over did it. And by reading this “story” I can honestly say my # of pain meds were no where as many as these CLAIM to be. The only thing I will say he’s guilty of is taking people on their word. He is a great, caring Dr who was taken advantage of. And ya better believe that I WILL be in court if called upon. As for this medical assistant, I actually liked her and still hold nothing against her. But there is a reason that she’s just an M.A and he’s the good Dr.
    Yes at times I do believe that more should have been done in my care but I trust in my Dr. He NEVER made me feel less of a person due to my health issues. Infant my big issue wasn’t with him but with one of his rather RUDE staff.
    Dr. D I got your back!

  30. Doesn't matter says:

    Another thing that i thought of after re reading this “story” is that during much of Dr. D’s time in the downtown office he was NOT the only Dr occupying the building. As far as the condition of said building why is the other Dr not mentioned? Yes, I know that is just a tid bit of the whole “story” & not a major one at that but it’s just something I did noticed.If Dr. D is so awful then why did Dr. M (shared the office) ask Dr. D to take on his people upon his own retirement?

  31. shannon hayes says:

    My friend is a long time patient of Dr. Dillard. There has never been any been offensive smells, and the office was always clean. He was never over prescribed any drug. Has never had to wait for an extraordinarily long time for an appt. Please, when I get into any doctors appt within 15 minutes I’m shocked…and then I have to wait 20 more minutes in a room.

    The fact that NO formal charges have been filed, and all of this is “alleged” makes the above “reporting” something worthy of a grocery store “rag”.

    The fact that the horses Dr. Dillard tried to care for, were killed in the end, makes me wonder what the purpose of Animal Control was really meant to do when they raided the Dillard farm. All the abused animals where killed “humanly” by Animal Control. So there is no way of really knowing how ill they were. Supposedly, because they were so ill cared for. Yet, under the Dillard’s care, they were alive.

    The DEA used the horses as an excuse to raid the Dillard’s home.

    I know several doctors who have lost patients. There are hundreds of patients who have abused their meds and died from that abuse. The doctor was not held responsible.

    My best to the Dillards, and thank you for caring for my friend for the past 40 years.

  32. Mr. JC says:

    I started seeing Dr. Diller as a patient in 1971 (I was 11 y/o at that time) while he was in the military. He retired from the military and started practicing in Sumner WA before moving to Puyallup. My last visit to his office was roughly 6 months ago. I’ve never found him to or his staff less than professional so I’m very surprised to read what I have here. I will go on record as agreeing to the overall appearance of his office, he didn’t spend a great deal of money on it but it was always presentable. I never recall the restrooms being in the condition as noted by another reader.

  33. I believe he was a great Dr as I myself grew up going to him as a kid ,but as a adult I found that my mother was addicted to uppers & downs & he was her Dr. I once even went as far as to bring this to the Sumner Pharmacy & Dr Dillers office that he was giving her way too many drugs ,I once went to nicholsons pharmacy to pick up her prescribions & shocked by the huge brown paper grocery bag of pills filled all the way to the top ,I even tried saving my mothers life by turning her into a drug rehab but she refused any need for help & the service left her home saying that she had denied any help therefore they couldn’t do anymore Unless she wanted help ,well to make a long story short ,I no longer have my mother she passed away from a overdose of meth since she was addicted & mailed to Texas where she found she could no longer get the drugs she was used to getting from Diller & she turned to meth since it was easier for her to get ,I miss my mother very much & I shouldn’t have loss her this way RIP Mother ,I am now a daughter without a Mother & have been for many yrs I grow up in Bonney Lake , Dr Diller like I said was a great Dr. For me & my 2 sons…but as far as my mother goes….she got what she wanted & how much she wanted from Dr Diller !

  34. John Diller did not get into horses until after he married his wife, Tina. He did not meet Tina and marry her till sometime in the 80s. I do not know whether or not Tina was Into Horses since 1965 I just know about John as close family friend.

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