Missing dog near Clear Lake

Editor’s Note:

 A member of the Mountain community has asked for our help in locating her missing dog, named Max. 

 Max is a tan-colored, medium-build dog with white markings.  He went missing about noon in the Clear Lake area, near Meridian/SR 161.

 If you should find Max, or have any information about his whereabouts, please contact the Mountain News at 360.832.6248, and we will contact Max’s owners.

 Here below is a copy of the request:


 I’m Nicole; I saw you on your road today, I was looking for my dog.  Here is his photo. His name is Max.  He ran away from my parents’ fenced yard on Clear Lake on Saturday October 20th at noon.  We are desperate to find him and are worried because even though he has a microchip and a collar with our information, he is scared of people and no one might be able to get close enough to read it! AND WE LIVE IN BELLINGHAM, so he doesn’t know how to get home.

 Thank you for spreading this around.

 Sincerely, Nicole”

My name is Max. Have you seen me?

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