Diller to get some of his 39 horses returned

By Bruce A. Smith

Dr. John L. Diller of Graham will be getting some of his horses back from the 39 seized by Pierce County in September, pending the inspection of his stables by animal control.  The equines were taken due to their allegedly unsanitary living conditions.

 After several delays, Dr. Diller finally had his day in District Court November 9, where he petitioned for the return of his horses.  In response, the court issued a qualified decree.

 The court ruled that seven horses may be returned pending the pre-release inspection by the county to verify “acceptable feed, shelter and dietary arrangements.”

 However, the status of the remaining horses is uncertain.  The court issued an expanded ruling which stipulates any addition equines that can be “restored to health within the next ten days” will also be returned.  However, exactly what health issues are involved is not clear at this time, and medical clearance will be resting, apparently, with an equine veterinarian from Tacoma Equine Hospital, named Dr. Jodi Chadim.

 Nevertheless, the court has decreed that if the medical approval is not granted the remaining horses shall be “forfeited to Pierce County to be adopted out or humanely euthanized.”

 In addition, the court further ruled that for any returned horses they may not be subjected to any breeding.

 Also, Pierce County Animal Control is granted the authority to make periodic inspections of the stables and horses with at least 24-hour notice.

 Further, Dr. Diller must insure that all horses will be under the care of an equine vet, and that Dr. Diller must provide adequate care as defined by Pierce County code.  The conditions of the court order are to remain in effect for two years.

 Julie Anderson, Pierce County Auditor and chief of animal control services, told the Mountain News this week that Dr. Diller has 30 days in which to appeal this ruling.

Ms. Anderson also acknowledged that one of the 39 horses was humanely euthanized last week, making 31 the number of horses still under county care.

©  2012  Bruce A. Smith

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9 Responses to Diller to get some of his 39 horses returned

  1. MSKL says:

    I would place my money on those hoses all being in much better health if the county had left them alone in the first place. I felt from the instanst I saw the first press release and the horses at Frontier Park, with that tiny pile of 4 bales of alfalfa, the county was going to damage the horses’ health more than the Dillers ever could have!

  2. Wendy Hall says:

    There is a court order releasing specific horses to the Diller’s because they were ruled healthy by animal control and the judge. Since the hearing one of the horses has foundered. A serious condition brought on by the wrong feed and stress. If he dies it will be the second horse to die as a direct result of animal control.

  3. cascadedavid says:

    I keep checking back on this story… I’m not a horse person, but my gut tells me that something is seriously wrong here. I know that people like to believe that there are government people out there who mean well, but they just don’t work that way. There is always an agenda. #1 being Money. If you are a horse person, and you are not right in the middle of every move being made here, then you deserve to be stripped of your assets when it’s your turn. I’ve already seen many knowledgeable experts call bs on all of this. You had better wake the hell up and take care of your own now, or accept the fact that you might be next!

  4. Sherri says:

    That sucks. Dr. Diller has been working his A** off to improve his place (barns) and surrounding areas but still only 7 horses. I hope he appeals it.

  5. old lady says:

    I’d like to try to sue DEA for my civil rights and hardship I have as DEA took dr Diller’s perscription permission to write for me when I am out & now without meds,I am suffering in pain with huge bumps from arthritis & I’m too old to have this happen to me & it all started with the DEA snooping into a dr’s rights with his patients =me being one, so I say sue them the DEA & the people who started this fault finding as I’m sure no one cares about me & cant find a new dr to take me around here the Puyallup area & I* will be forced to take killer meds from a arthritis dr & so I will sue if I can for my civil rights & it won’t be against my fine Santa Claus dr that is gentle & kind! This year I pray to GOD that you people find out the truth before its to late for those horses & also me! leave my great dr alone. You problem solvers don’t care for my suffering either like your bull about the horses.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Greetings Old Lady,

      I don’t understand your distress. You can’t find another doctor to treat you? Further, I have not heard that Dr. Diller’s practice has been curtailed in any manner. Can you tell us more about his alleged loss of prescriptive priviledges?

  6. Truth says:

    Nevertheless, the court has decreed that if the medical approval is not granted the remaining horses shall be “forfeited to Pierce County to be adopted out or humanely euthanized.”THIS WAS NOT SAID. Untwist this and tell the truth. Animal control has did mental and physical damage to all 39 horses. Who will help them. They had horses in stalls and have not let them out. This was months not days. They say they have leg problems. That is because they caused it. I heard they put them down because of that. Lies are all around this. I wish the truth was reported. Bruce you should of been in the court room to have the truth. Julie Anderson can run the show if you let her. Find out what is really going on. That is a true reporter. I do see the media will be dealt with, and if it can not provide truth, it could be the end of that news. What side do you stand on Bruce? Still no charges. September 26th 2012 When this happen, and now it is 2013. He was not and is not guilty with animal cruelty. If he were, he would not of gotten some horses home. Tacoma equine did not want him to have his horses back. Tacoma equine also put incorrect blood work in court. Dr Barth had caught the blood work, that was used to say one of Dillers horse was really sick, and they made it better. It was a lie. How much more was not true.

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