176th St road widening project nearing completion

by Bruce A. Smith

After years of construction, the widening of 176th St to four lanes is nearing completion with the announcement this week that work will begin this July on the last major section in Spanaway.

 The following is the press release from Pierce County:


New project on 176th St. E begins in early July

 Construction work along 176th Street East from B Street East to 14th Avenue East in Frederickson will begin July 8.

This project is one of several Pierce County projects to improve safety and relieve traffic congestion through the 176th Street East corridor.

 Beginning in July, crews will clear areas outside the existing roadway, then excavate and embank in preparation for utility relocation. Utility companies will relocate facilities for future construction. The roadway will remain open during this work, although motorists can expect to see construction and utility vehicles parked along the shoulder and expect occasional delays.

 During this project, the roadway will be expanded to four lanes with turning and U-turn lanes, and raised medians. Concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks will be installed. Pervious concrete will be used on sidewalks and shoulders to reduce surface water runoff.

 Crews will upgrade the traffic signal at B Street East as well as add street lighting and an enclosed stormwater drainage and treatment system.

 Tucci & Sons, Inc. is the contractor. The construction contract cost is approximately $5.4 million. The work is expected to be finished in spring 2015.

 Nearby project nearly complete

Construction on a project along 176th Street East from 14th Avenue East to Waller Road East is expected to be completed this summer. 

Crews are expanding the roadway to four lanes and installing concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks. They are also adding a raised median and turn lanes at intersections. The project also includes additional street lighting and an enclosed stormwater drainage and treatment system.

Tucci & Sons, Inc. is also the contractor for this project. The construction contract cost is approximately $7.1 million.

More details about these projects are available at www.piercecountywa.org/fredericksonarea

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1 Response to 176th St road widening project nearing completion

  1. Mark Steven says:

    This is a complaint about your crew worker needs to do their job properly I live on 176th and B street and your flagger is not certified to direct traffic properly I’m sick of tired of having my drive way blocked it’s illegal to block drive way of peoples home so the construction manager needs to do something about it I shouldn’t have to tell your crew how to direct traffic she told me back that it’s not her (flagger)fault well then she doesn’t know how to control and direct traffic that tells me your flaggers aren’t certified it’s obviously they aren’t getting the properly trained. I have to many construction workers cars parked near my home to where it makes it harder for me to go in and out also they litter dump their trash on ground making it look filthy!

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