Mount Rainier National Park is now open

Editor’s Note:  The following press release was delivered to the Mountain News by the NPS, heralding the opening of the park as a result of last night’s budgetary agreement in Washington, DC.


Ashford, WA – Mount Rainier National Park is open! Main access roads are now open with limited services while operations are brought back on-line. Services such as food and lodging are available in communities outside the park.

 “We are relieved and extremely pleased to open the park and invite people to experience and enjoy Mount Rainier,” stated Superintendent Randy King. “We can now fulfill the purposes of the park.”  

Colorful fall foliage welcomes visitors back to the park. Take any of the main roads that are open this time of year to experience fall at its best. Roadways that are open include: Nisqually Road to Paradise and Paradise Valley Road; Stevens Canyon Road, with some delays due to road striping today: and the White River Road to the White River Campground. Sunrise and Mowich roads are closed for the season.

The Jackson Visitor Center at Paradise is now open on weekends and holidays and the Carbon River Ranger Station is now open.  Seasonal facility closures now in effect include: the Paradise Picnic Area; Sunrise; Cougar Rock, Ohanapecosh, and White River campgrounds and picnic areas; and the Paradise Inn. Mount Rainier Guest Services, the park concessioner, will provide food and lodging services inside the park by the weekend; the Longmire General Store is open. Check the park website for specific facility and road condition information at

We are proud to partner with our gateway communities in serving over 1 million recreation visitors to Mount Rainier each year.   A recent report estimates that these visitors spend over $33,000,000 and support over 450 local jobs outside the park.   The economic impact of closing this park for 16 days has been extremely tough on our gateway communities, local businesses, neighbors, and park partners. Please help support the local businesses when you are in the area. With your help we can lessen that impact.

We are happy to be back at work serving the American people and welcoming visitors to their national parks!

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    Thanks. Would you be able to run an article about our open market?

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