FBI seeking fugitive in Washington state

by Bruce A. Smith

The Seatttle office of the FBI is asking Mountain News-WA readers for assistance in locating a fugitive named Kevin Anthony Briggs.

Here are the press releases from Ayn Dietrich, the PIO in Seattle, and she offers details of their request.


Hello, media colleagues—

 Would you please help get out the word that the FBI Salt Lake City Division is looking for Kevin Anthony Briggs, who may be traveling through Washington state? Briggs is wanted for state charges of aggravated assault, attempted sexual intercourse without consent, assault on a peace officer, and escape.

 Authorities believe Briggs purchased a one-way bus ticket to Spokane, Washington, on February 1, 2014, from Missoula, Montana. Information developed during the investigation suggests he could travel through Washington state or to Oregon, California, and/or Mexico.

 The subject is considered ARMED and DANGEROUS.  Anyone with information as to the identity or whereabouts of this fugitive should refrain from approaching him and is urged to contact law enforcement immediately. 

 My counterpart in the Salt Lake City Division is copied on this email and can handle any further questions about the subject or the FBI’s appeal to locate him. Please note, though, that I believe we’re already passing you all the information we can release at this time. If you’re just looking for sound, I’m happy to help, too.

 Please see the attached Wanted poster for more details and photos.

 Thanks for helping us get out the word!





Ayn Sandalo Dietrich

Public Affairs, FBI Seattle


 2nd Email, Feb 19:

 Hello, again, colleagues–The FBI is now offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the location and arrest of Kevin Anthony Briggs. An updated Wanted poster and new photos are attached. Thanks for helping spread the word!

Kevin Anthony Briggs, wanted FBI, 2. 19. 14

Kevin Anthony Briggs

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