Women’s March – What’s Next?

By Lisa Pilkinton

What happens next? How can we make a change?

Well. What a turn out for all the Women’s Marches around the world this weekend, and I feel proud to have been a part of it.

Everyone seems to have a different take on the marches. People were marching for so many causes; people with different priorities; different social, political, economic, religious, scientific backgrounds and opinions. But, whatever people were marching for they were all saying: THIS IS NOT OKAY.

Personally, I was saying the whole system is not okay. The system is not okay in America; it is not okay in England; it is not okay on a GLOBAL scale.

We live in an intricate web, each person lives on a different part of a scale, of different spectra, of different values and of different beliefs. The fact that so many people from all areas made their priority on Saturday to came out and say thing are not right brings hope – a hope that we as individuals can become the masses and changes can be made.

So let’s ask , what can we as individuals do?

If everyone who turned out to march this weekend make one little change in their life, a difference will be made. If everyone who takes the time to complain about all that’s wrong with the world took a moment to ask what change they could make? The dream of change would start to become a reality.

As to what change to make, this is different for everyone. There is no ONE thing that can change the world, It’s the mass of little things that need a slight adjustment that will make a difference. If you were there on Saturday, what made you march? What do YOU care most about? Use that passion, put it to use, make a change in your life. Research your interest and what you can do, make your choices.

If you want somewhere to start; start small: Whats the first thing you do in the morning?

For me, I put my clothes on. What choices have I made there? What companies am I supporting? What billionaires am I giving my money to? Where were they made? Who made them? Do I agree with how they were produced? Does it contradict my human rights values? Is there a better place for me to buy my clothes? Can I afford to make that change? Can I simply buy a little less? What change can I make?

We are all consumers, our world runs on money – we either have it or don’t –  and depending where we are on the scale varies our views and means but it is something we can use to make choices, to cast our votes. Just thinking about where you spend your money and what you spend it on is making choices and going for change. How small a change you make, or how big a change you make is up you, I just urge anyone and everyone to make a practical change.

Lets not attack one another for our choices, let’s just all think about the choices we have in front of us on a daily basis and use those choices to make change a reality.

Donald Trump may be taking a giant leap backward for mankind. Let’s not make it with him. Let us as “We the people” make a step forward, make a change, one step at a time and together. However small a step you may take, it is a step none the less, and you cannot make the next one without it.

The picture below shows Lisa demonstrating at the US Embassy in London last Saturday as part of the worldwide Women’s March.


©  2017  Lisa Pilkinton

Editor’s Note: Lisa is a contributing editor to the Mountain News and is based in London, where she works as a theatrical tech. Her essay today describes what she sees coming next in the wake of Saturday’s historic Women’s March.

As for me, I’m shopping around for a pussyhat. If you know where I can get one, please let me know.

  • Bruce A. Smith, Editor
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8 Responses to Women’s March – What’s Next?

  1. Nancy Mays says:

    I can crochet you a pussy hat! No charge!

    • brucesmith49 says:

      You’re on, Nancy! I’ll buy the wine so I can model it in style!

      As I have ALWAYS said, a well-dressed man can’t have too many pussyhats.

      By the way, I prefer softer shades of pink. Southwestern tones are ideal. Feel free to stitch my name into the hat, too, if that’s not asking too much… just tell me where and when and how much wine to bring…

      • Paula Morris says:

        Oh! Can I have one too? I like soft pink. I will pay for materials. Hey, I just thought of something. Why don’t we form a Pussyhat Club?! We can be each others rapid response team! We can meet once a month and have WINE! 5-10 people–sign up! What do you think Bruce and Nancy?

  2. Paula Morris says:

    This article touched me. Good suggestions. I remember not long ago thinking: How can I simplify my life. I made many small changes then, such as getting rid of my electric can-opener, electric knife, many duplicate items I saved, cleaning out superfluous clothing that I hadn’t worn in at least a year–stuff like that. But now, the changes need to be even more conservation and energy conscious. Twenty years ago I started recycling. Still doing that. But now, I raise chickens, make my own jam, pickle vegetables, have a garden, and think: How can I make nutritious meals on less money. I consider organic and local grown produce as preferable to stuff imported from Mexico, Chile, or wherever. Here’s the kicker tho. Now I think:

    Why is our present economic system even worthy of salvage? Supply and demand for instance. My sense of fairness says–if an item is popular, it will sell more. Therefore, the producer will make more. So, why not keep the price low, since one will make more money anyway, because the item is popular? But no! If an item is popular, the producer jacks up the price even more! I think this is pure and simple greed! Economics 101 has to go! I believe in fair trade. Make a profit, ok, but not off the backs of everyone else. So I don’t buy stuff very much. I don’t like the “Capitalist” system.

    I also NEVER go in to a Walmart. I know stuff is cheaper there, but I refuse to support them due to their terrible track record with their employees and the fact that they are a major importer of China made goods. I try not to buy stuff from China. I don’t like “Corporate” mentality.

    When I get up, about the 3rd thing I do is make a pot of coffee. First of all, if I’m not going to drink a whole pot, I don’t make one. I make 4 cups when it is just me drinking it. Secondly, I buy fair trade, organic coffee whenever I can. I want to support local and private farms, etc. Large corporations have caused small farmers to have to work on their own farms for next to nothing! Not to mention, they use GMO, Frankenfood crops thereby raping the soil of nutrients and selling junk to all of us. We might as well eat dirt! But no….there is no nutrition in our dirt anymore! So, we might as well eat chemicals!

    Anyway, Donald Trump talks about making America great again! What? When was it ever really great? And what does that really look like now? Trump is a billionaire businessman. He wants to make profits–and make them off the backs of workers. It’s going to be corporate, corporate, corporate–everything! We have to stop this! We have to repeal Corporate Personhood. We need to work toward breaking A.L.E.C., repealing Citizens United, and getting Money out of Politics! That’s just a start.

    • brucesmith49 says:


      Perhaps all of the energies unleashed by the Women’s March will ultimately transform society – get the Big Money and Big Power people off our backs. Reform WALL ST, dissolve the 1%, crack all the debt structures like student loans.

      We’re gonna need a LOT of pussyhats…

      …I better learn how to knit. I’m gonna be busy for the rest of the winter…

  3. brucesmith49 says:

    I’m all for pussyhat clubs. Just tell me where and when. I’m good for a bottle of J. Lohr Cabernet.

  4. brucesmith49 says:

    The Pussyhat Project people are thinking along these lines. For more information, locations, ideas, knitting patterns, and networking:


  5. Nancy Mays says:

    Bruce, sorry for the delay getting your hat in the mail. Now I can’t find the address you sent me. Can you give it to me again and I’ll get it right out to you! Paula Morris I’ll make you a soft pink one. I’ll let you know when it’s finished. Better email me so I don’t loose your address when I need it, also!

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