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  1. Jeff London says:

    This is looking very polished, professional and replete with a variety of interesting tidbits. Well done, Mr. Publisher.

    How is the newspaper which you left? I bet they go belly up and you get all their advertisers.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Mr. London was my first editor, publishing me in 1990 in his Sovereign Scribe magazine. The 150-word piece I wrote concerned the biological methods of naturally treating human wastes in public sewage systems.

  2. Robin Griffin says:

    When will your site be updated

  3. galen cook says:

    Good work, Bruce. And you write well. Keep up the good work.

    Galen Cook,
    Attorney at Law

  4. Joanna says:

    Bruce ,
    this is Joanna from the country mouse ..thanks for the interview ,,,I was wondering if you can send us all the pics you took here …?
    E-mail is ::

  5. I made my first jump in September of 1970 , static line deployed T10 with A TU Modification for steering. The reserve was A 28 ft. , flat circular C9 with A 4 line release to add some steerability. All round parachutes are steerable to A certain extent using riser slips , planing , using front or rear risers to move forward or reverse while losing altitude. Not to be done close to the ground. The C9 Rate of descent rate of descent and reliability, quick opening characteristics would trump the 26 ft. conical if the jumper weighed 180 lbs. plus………..18 feet per second rate of descent , opening forces would be equal, the C9 Slightly more prone to oscillation. The 26 ft. would come down faster , 19 or 20 fps , all things , eg , elevation above sea level, atmospheric conditions, humidity, etc. …….. 20 fps would be approximately 13.5 mph. . An anology once expressed was stepping off the roof of A pickup truck traveling at A rate of 5 mph. A PLF , Parachute landing fall would be highly recommended , eg , roll to distribute landing shock over the more robust parts of the body , 5 points of contact. A paratrooper, smoke jumper or A skydiver from the round canopy era would be aware of this. Paratroopers went from 22 ft. to 24 ft. to 26 ft. reserves over the years. At one time troopers would manually open the reserve after the main was opened via static line to reduce descent rate when under heavy equipment loading. Russian paratroops did it routinely thimking it resulted in A softer landing. The advent of the 35 ft. parabolic T10 In 1953 , replacing the 28 ft. flat circular main , saw the elimination of the practice. A military jump from 800 ft. leaves no time for A cut away in the event of A malfunction , so 2 chutes out , A 26 ft. lo po in addition to an even partially opened main makes an injury free landing probable. The C9 , Due to high speed deployment design, lower rate of descent , steerability and reliability make it the canopy of logical choice……… I think even over A Paracommander, which is more prone to malfunction when openened in an unstable freefall scenario, and like driving A Maserrati , very unforgiving when braked turns are not employed, and rapid reaction to control toggle input . One would have to be used to it to maneuver and land it safely. Further, it is possible to clear A streamer or Mae West malfunction on A C9 , if you know how , and you are lucky.A PC , FORGET IT. Like any topic one chooses to study , the more you learn , the more you realize you dont know. Parachutes are no exception. Mike Morley, USPA License C37653

    • @Kenneth Michael Morley ………. Based on your specific detailed input……I figure it is logical to say, that the skyjacker made the jump successfully considering the fact, I’m inclined to think he was definitely experienced and military trained…….

  6. galen cook says:


    I just received word of your emergency medical situation. I hope that you get rested and recover fully so that you can get back to your usual excellent reporting.


  7. Mountain News: Added to the Links and Friends list at Adventure Books of Seattle website. Very good articles, local and poignant. Highly recommended.

  8. Gary Derowitsch says:

    Bruce Smith,
    For the record I’m not accusing Tina Mucklow of anything. I’m just formulating my opinion from the information I’ve obtained and trying logically to explain why no evidence was ever found at the DZ.
    Gary Derowitsch

  9. Steve says:

    Looking at the photos of Barb Dayton, before her reassignment surgery, I’m gonna suggest that you pursue that lead more thoroughly. The FBI sketch shows a striking resemblance to Bobby Dayton. Very plausible I believe.

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