Marmot madness on Mt. Rainier

      Originally posted on journalist Candace J. Brown’s Good Life Northwest blog, and published here with her kind permission.


Marmot Madness– videos and more

 While hiking on a rocky slope at Mount Rainier, a friend of mine enjoyed the kind of luck outdoor photographers dream of.  She happened to come across the rare sight of a mother marmot nursing her baby.  Since some people have never even seen a marmot, I decided to do a some research and provide more information, including videos.

A mommy marmot nursing her young on Mt. Rainier last summer.

Apparently, the world’s animal population includes about fourteen species of marmots, and those native to the alpine regions of the Pacific Northwest are often seen by hikers.  Here’s an article from the Washington Trails Association about backpacking trips to see marmots.  Hoary marmots can be found around Mount Rainier and Olympic marmots(marmota olympus) on the Olympic Peninsula.  Many dig burrows in rocky places, and I suspect our mommy here isn’t far from her own front door.  They are known for making a chirping or whistling sound as they socialize with their fellow marmots.  That’s why the owners of a popular restaurant on Chinook Pass named their business Whistlin’ Jack Lodge.

If you enjoy photos of Mount Rainier, here’s a site called Mount Rainier Photos that also contains a lot of valuable information of interest to hikers in the Pacific Northwest.  The photographer behind this site is Sally Johnson and in “Sally’s Blog” I found a post about marmots.

Who would think I’d also find a blog called Furry Marmots, dedicated entirely to these captivating little guys?  Just for your entertainment, I’m listing some links to marmot videos as well. Remember this: you never know what you’ll learn by reading Good Life Northwest.  Please keep coming back.

Fighting Marmots at Mt. Rainier

Hoary Marmot Eating Plants at Mt. Rainier

Hoary Marmot at Mt. Rainier

Chirpy Marmot on Mount Rainier

Olympic National Park Marmots Boxing

copyright Candace J. Brown 2010
Photos copyrighted by Maryann Huang 2010

 About Candace J. Brown’s blog:

Good Life Northwest

Good Life Northwest comes from my belief that life should be joyful and abundant.  It’s an expression of the gratitude I feel everyday, for this region of fascinating people, natural beauty and a million choices for having fun, learning, and living the “Good Life” INEXPENSIVELY!  This is the blog of great ideas and information you won’t want to miss.

Candace Brown

 I love life in the Pacific Northwest.  As the sixth generation of my family in Washington State, I was born in the Puget Sound area and have always lived here.  I thrive on the salt air and sounds of the gulls.  Fresh snow on the mountains, my own muffled footsteps on a forest path, bird songs, and wildflowers all bring me joy.  I even love the rain.  This is a region filled with unsurpassed natural beauty and fascinating people whose stories still wait to be told.  Appreciating those things and being grateful for them energizes me.  Good Life Northwest is intended as a way of reminding others of what truly matters in our lives.  I like to picture you smiling when you read it and going away feeling better when you’re done.


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