News for Graham – week of Feb. 21, 2011

 by Wayne Cooke,  (253) 847-4614
 The March 2nd Self-Reliant Community meeting will focus on the Seven Tasks for self-reliance, (helpful to new members), discussing specifically how we might create a “neighbor net” of a group of “interdependent” neighbors, actually see a five gallon bucket loaded with food, de-oxygenated, and sealed, talk about hands-on classes in preserving, see a chafing can/ceramic room-warmer, see a prepared rain barrel, etc.  

 At the meeting we will have some of the 30 windows that Paul and I obtained (suitable for greenhouses).  Sizes are: 33″x58″ high, 39″x58″ high, etc.  Pick up at Wayne’s.  847-4614


 Plant FOOD… in Robert Borten’s fertile 60′ x 60′ garden on 82nd near 224th.  Four people are interested so far.  Simply following 89-year-old Robert’s advice will teach you much about growing food.  I have our big old Ariens roto-tiller almost ready and looking forward to using it first on the Borten Garden.

 RAQUEL phoned to say her SEEDS ARE IN.  While their Organic by Nature Farm is not open until April, you can phone (253) 377-8787 to arrange to come buy seeds from them.



Because inflation seems likely, and also because there is talk by a few politicians of cutting Federal benefit programs, it might be useful to take a few minutes and think seriously about what your actual personal situation would be if your income of today were cut in half.  What would you lose?  What tough decisions might you have to make?  What would you keep, no matter what?  We have rarely been forced to choose what is most important to us.  We might find that it is relationships, not things, which make us happy.  What would we really be forced to do.  Actually, I’m sure we know people, perhaps in SRC, who have found themselves in just that situation, and were able to cope with it successfully.  Maybe they could teach us.



Kimille Douglass, directress of  Rainier View Montessori Academy, is looking for an accredited administrator.  If you are Montessori-trained and otherwise accredited, phone her at (253) 262-3292 or cell: (253) 686-7205.

Job Ideas:

Someone in Graham should set up internet job listing services for young (or otherwise) people in Graham looking for ways to earn a few bucks.  Summer is coming, school is out, and there will be strong youngsters willing to do yard work, painting, odd jobs, etc.

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