Roy group looking for increased police protection


Lynn Brewer, a community activist from the Roy area, has announced several pieces of action by her group, the Roy Watch Dogs, that show some promise in gaining increased police protection for the troubled neighborhoods of rural southwest Pierce County.

The rural areas that lay outside the City of Roy boundaries are wholly dependent upon the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department for police services.  Due to chronic budget constraints, PCSD service is weak in the Roy area, and as a result crime is growing.  It is not uncommon for residents and business owners undergoing a crime-in-progress to wait for up to 45 minutes for a Sheriff’s deputy to arrive at the scene.  Ms. Brewer has proposed assessing a self-imposed tax on residents in neighborhoods that need increased protection, and with that funding to then hire off-duty PC Sheriff’s deputies for private police patrols. 

She and the Watch Dogs have held several Town Hall meetings in Roy on this issue, and have met with numerous political and governmental leaders.  Here is a report on her latest efforts to procure adequate police protection for herself and her neighbors.

Email Message from Lynn Brewer to members of the Roy Watch Dogs

Re:  Scheduled meetings with US Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA), State Senator Randi Becker, (R-2nd LD), US Congressmen Dave Reichert (R-8th CD), and State Representative JT Wilcox, (R-2nd LD).

Just wanted to let you know that I had a 20 minute meeting this weekend with Senator Cantwell on a matter related to my business and as a result she and I are going to work together on a related matter.  As a result of this meeting, her Senate Legal Counsel and I are having lunch on Monday.  This will allow me the perfect opportunity to begin to build the relationship necessary to be able to work at a federal level to get the help we need out here. 

I have also spoken with Congressmen Dave Reichert’s Chief of Staff , and will be working with him to raise the issues and hopefully tap federal grant money.

I have a meeting scheduled with Senator Randi Becker on March 15 at her office in Olympia.  If anyone would like to join me for that meeting, please let me know.

I have spoken briefly with Representative J.T. Wilcox to discuss the issues out here and will also bring him on the meeting with Senator Becker.

While I realize none of this moves the ball immediately forward – this “political arena” is all about relationships and this will be the first start for us as we look for grant opportunities.

We have also received a number of e-mails from people indicating they would be willing to contribute the $25.00 but haven’t heard from enough of you – please don’t be shy!!!! I have certainly been adding “friends” like crazy on Facebook – of course – I have no idea how to tell how many friends we have because I don’t know how to use Facebook!!! 

Please be sure to check out the new blog for Roy Watch Dogs at and follow us on Twitter.

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