Snow blankets area


Maybe the snow stuck to the road in your neighborhood, or maybe it didn’t – or most likely it did both – but where ever you live the Great White Stillness probably descended upon you over the past two days.  Generally, the main roads stayed passable, commuting was a little tougher, and now we go into a period of deep cold, with tonight’s temperatures forcasted to be in the teens.

In the meantime, here’s what our winter wonderland looked like today, followed by a report from the Pierce County DPW outlining what their plans are for maintaining road safety.


County crews attack snow and ice

Pierce County Road Crews have been working around the clock since Monday in response to recent snow and ice events.  Thirty plow trucks and graders have been applying salt, sand, and removing snow accumulations on the county’s 1,500 lane miles of roadways.

Priority “lifeline” routes are plowed and treated several times during each shift.  As of midnight Thursday morning, crews had applied approximately 675 tons of rock salt, 225 tons of sand and 9,500 gallons of liquid anti-icer.

Pierce County’s snow and ice plan divides priority routes into 28 response zones, each about 50 arterial lane miles.  Plows are assigned to each zone, with initial priority given to the primary roads.  Once these routes are bare and wet and no new snow accumulations are expected, crews can then focus on the primary local access roads in each snow zone.

The forecast is predicting cold temperatures Thursday night and Friday so crews will stay in snow and ice response mode as long as necessary to prevent re-freezing on primary routes and to clear primary local access roads.


A commercial snowplow heading down Meridian



As the deep cold descended upon us Thursday evening, it produced another 4 inches of snow that turned roadways treacherous and backyards beautiful.

All pictures by Bruce A. Smith

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3 Responses to Snow blankets area

  1. karelina says:

    On the fairly steep curve just past NWTrek on WA-161, several cars were on the side of the road, in ditches, one flipped over. I almost joined them in a ditch. At the next curve, there was a police car in the middle of the road, if the officer hadn’t moved it when I honked, I would have run into it – no traction to stop. It is extremely icy out there. I left Eatonville about 6:45 and arrive home about 8:30 – normally a 20 min. drive. I don’t think I’m going to leave my house until spring!

  2. brucesmith49 says:

    I know the curve and hill you are talking about, Karelina. It is about a mile north of NW Trek, just beyond Clear Lake – in the 352nd St area. I’d go out and take a look, as it’s not too far from my home, but I don’t want to join the folks in the ditch. I was on SR 7 at 7 pm and it was very icey – and dicey. But, I needed more milk to make hot cocoa, so a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do…..

  3. Carol Wright says:

    Thanks for the tip about Emily Randolph. She’s going to sing at our greater Graham area EXPO next Saturday at Frontier Jr. Hi. (-:

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