Puyallup Aglow a place of comfort and fellowship

by Bev Marshall, Orting correspondent to the Mountain News

 Women, and some men, too, come to Puyallup Aglow meetings from areas beyond the city boundary, such as Graham, Orting, Sumner, Eatonville; even as far away as Vashon Island.  It’s a place to meet old friends and make new ones, and have fellowship over a cup of coffee or tea.

I have heard this more than once from those who attend. “I don’t know what I’d do without my Aglow friends.”

 You will find uplifting praise and worship music at an Aglow meeting, plus a message that will touch your heart and lift your spirit.  Some women who need encouragement attend and find that someone really cares.  Many are dealing with unwholesome lifestyles or struggling with a bad relationship.  These are the kind of women Aglow leaders and members administer and help get back on track.  Many members have tried and failed, over and over, but they find Aglow is a safe place they can come when they need encouragement. 

 Even though Aglow meets only once a month, a prayer team prays regularly for those who call the prayer line and request support that way.  Some of the seasoned Christians will go out of their way to minister to those in a crisis situation.

 Aglow leadership encourages women to be involved in the world around them by doing random acts of kindness wherever they see an opportunity.  People are needy and we want to be available to help where we can.  It is through the love of God and dedication that we boldly proclaim Jesus as Savior, healer and deliverer.

Through Aglow I have met some people who became wonderful friends.  I have attended some great Aglow Bible studies over the years. 

I was always the quiet one in any group.  Aglow has been instrumental in helping me grow spiritually, emotionally and become involved in the ministry in ways I never imagined some 20 or more years ago.  Today I am a member of the Puyallup Aglow chapter of Aglow International and on the board as public relations secretary.  I also do the newsletter for Puyallup and Tacoma Aglow and keep a website for these and other local Aglows, plus, I do other printed material for Puyallup Aglow and also for Southwest Area Aglow leadership.  

 Aglow is for all ages.  It is undenominational and open to everyone.  You don’t have to be a member to attend.  For more information about Aglow, go to www.puyallupaglow.org or www.aglow.org  

 The next meeting of the Puyallup Aglow will be Monday, May 9, at 10 a.m. in the Puyallup Library, located at 324 S Meridian, Puyallup, WA.  The meeting will have a speaker, Linda Cunningham.  For more information on this meeting, call: (253) 691-7676 or (360) 893-2393

Editor’s Note:

 According to their home page, Aglow International is a trans-denominational organization of Christian women and men that some Christian leaders call a “global movement.”  They are established in 172 nations on 6 continents, all of which have indigenous leaders overseeing the work in their nations.  An estimated 200,000 women and men meet together each month through local Aglow fellowships–the heart of the organization.

Aglow consists of small group studies, care (support) groups, retreats, and annual conferences, and Aglow workers, through prayer and evangelism, offer practical gifts of clothing, food, housecleaning, and babysitting, as well as mentoring young people.

Aglow groups impact their communities by reaching out to those in prison, in senior homes, inner city neighborhoods, and mental institutions; to single moms, working men and women, all beginning with the next door neighbor.



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3 Responses to Puyallup Aglow a place of comfort and fellowship

  1. I wouild recommend Aglow to anyone who is looking for what the above article describes. I was priviledged to sit in on a planning meeting over 40 years ago when Aglow was just getting started, I attended a number of Aglow meetings in the Tacoma area and even spoke at one in the late 70s. I heartily endorse Aglow!

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