Frederickson News: Family Movie Night a big success

Editor’s Note:  The following report was written by Shannon Scacciotti, the chairperson of the activities committee of the Frederickson-Clover Creek Community Council.  Ms. Scacciotti and her crew have produced several free events for the Frederickson community, including two Family Movie Nights this summer, and the upcoming extravaganza in October called Freddie Fest.

The last movie of the summer, “UP” was shown last Friday, August 12, at the Pierce County Skills Center on Canyon Rd.  In June, the F-CCCC offered “Despicable Me”

 Showing these movies is no easy task.  The movie licensing fees are approximately $350 per movie, and Porta-Potties must be installed for the evening, all of which were provided by the LeMay refuse company, now known as Waste Connections.  In addition, LeMay donated their recycling services and garbage pick-up. 

 Also, the F-CCCC incurred costs for the bounce houses, which was covered by ticket sales, along with procuring all the contributions from their volunteers, such as the movie screen and frame, the sound system, and, of course, permission from the Bethel School District to use the Skills Center as the movie site.


 Hi Team!

 We had another great success for movie night!!!  Falling stars!  Full moon over a lit Mt Rainier!!  Magical!!!

 We were featured in the TNT’s “Go” section!  We were also listed in Pierce County Councilman Roger Bush’s news letter.

 The count was around 350 happy people!!  The children loved the free bounce house thanks to LeMay/Waste Connections.  Some people still donated money toward the event ($4).  Concessions brought in $81.

 The children loved the craft tables provided by the Boys and Girls Club and the Bookmobile.  I think there were over a dozen blood donors (at the Red Cross-Pierce County Blood Mobile), but I will receive a final report from them soon.  They stayed nearly two hours longer than they planned.  

 Pizza from Ricky J’s and popcorn by Goodell’s Wood Finishings were most appreciated!

Sadly we weren’t set up fast enough for Jarrett’s live band.  Thank you for your understanding, Jarrett.

 The only other challenge was being unprepared for the mosquitoes!  Note to self….bug spray!!

 Noise from the road construction was not an issue, nor was traffic exiting the facility.

 Thank you for all your hard work!!

 Amy passed on contact info to a young mom named Nicole who is transitioning from work to home.  She is interested in chairing our committee next year!  I will keep you informed and invite her to our meetings.

 See you tomorrow at Rainier View Water Co at noon for entertainment planning.  Our next meeting will focus on Freddie Fest.


For more information on the Frederickson-Clover Creek Community Council and their activites, visit:

A caped crusader attended last Friday's movie night in Frederickson


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2 Responses to Frederickson News: Family Movie Night a big success

  1. catalina says:

    Good idea!

  2. John Marshall says:

    Thanks Bruce,

    As you know so well, The Frederickson Clover Creek Community Council and the Friends of Stan & Joan Cross Park are working hard to make Frederickson a better place to live, work and play. Thanks for all you do.

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