Body Recovered this week in Mount Rainier National Park


Editor’s Note:

Officials at Mount Rainier National Park announced this week that a body has been found at the base of a cliff in the southern section of the park.  The following is the press release issued today from the NPS public information office:

 A body was recovered from the base of a cliff at Mount Rainier National Park on Monday by rangers investigating a vehicle parked for several days at Ricksecker Point, a dramatic overlook on the south side of the park.

 When a check of its license plate did not turn up anything unusual rangers entered the vehicle on Sunday evening, found identification, and linked it to a missing persons report.

 A search initiated on Monday morning using ground crews and a helicopter eventually located a body at the base of the cliff below Ricksecker Point.  The injuries to the body are consistent with a fall from great height.  The body was removed by helicopter and delivered to the Lewis County Coroner where identification will be made.  All inquiries regarding identity should be direct to the Lewis County Coroner.

 An investigation into this incident is ongoing.

Addendum, Tuesday, September 25, 2012; 1:30 pm

Park officials have confirmed that Rickseker Point is the dramatic over-look on the road to Paradise, just above the Nisqually Bridge.  Rickseker Point is accessed via a special loop road off the main roadway to Paradise, and gives an extraordinary view of the Nisqually River Basin.

Also, The Lewis County Coroner’s Office told the Mountain News this afternoon that it has not been able to confirm the identity of the body at this time.  However, they said that they will be performing an autopsy on Wednesday, and expect to have more information after that procedure.

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1 Response to Body Recovered this week in Mount Rainier National Park

  1. gkcc says:

    Thanks! Since we are up on Mt. Rainier almost every Monday it is good to know what is going on. I’ll forward this to our hiking group. Keep up the good reporting! PS Did I read that it is your birthday this week? (-:

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