Democrats donate Ramtha monies to charity

By Bruce A. Smith

 In response to tremendous pressure from Republicans to return monies donated by Ramtha channel JZ Knight, local Democrats are grabbing a middle ground and giving the money to charity.  The action comes as Republicans are in an uproar over videos released this week that show Ramtha giving a profanity-laced teaching condemning the Catholic Church and priests who rape children.  The videos are quite provocative and disturbing to many, and one video also castigates Catholics of Mexican descent. 

 Bruce Lachney’s campaign announced today that he is giving his money to unspecified “educational scholarships.”  Mr. Lachney is running for the Washington state senate from the 2nd Legislative District and an official in his campaign has confirmed that it received $3,600 from Ms. Knight.  Lachney is challenging the incumbent, Randi Becker (R) from Eatonville.

 In addition, Mr. Lachney spoke at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment for about ten minutes in September as part of a larger event that was live-streamed to students around the world who signed-up for it, and included remarks from Thurston County Councilmember Sandra Romero.  Lachney addressed the group on his primary campaign theme of the need for a revitalized state involvement in education.

 The Lachney-Becker race is considered very close, which is surprising since Becker’s seat was once-considered safe for her re-election, and Republicans are pouring money into her campaign.  A recent Republican mailing to Eatonville area voters was scathing in its attack on Lachney, calling him “Wacky Lachney” for his association with Ms. Knight.

 Ms. Becker and her campaign have not responded to multiple attempts by the Mountain News to discuss this mailing and the nature of her party’s attack on Lachney.

 In addition, the Washington State Democratic Party has reportedly announced that it is donating the $50,000 it received from Knight to two different charities.  The Seattle Times is reporting that the Democrats are giving half of the funds to Referendum 74, the effort to legalize gay marriage, and the other half to the Anti-Defamation League.

 Below is the full Lachney campaign announcement:


 For Immediate release

Sunday October 28, 2012

 Eatonville-State Senate Candidate Bruce Lachney 2LD

 “I met Ms. Knight only once.  Her thoughts and beliefs are her own.  As a member of the same Lutheran Church for more than twenty years, I find the language and tenor of her discourse disturbing.  As such, the campaign will be donating any contributions from Ms. Knight to educational scholarships.

 In regards to the election; voters choose their democracy.  Ms Becker’s democracy is anchored in the slander of innuendo and the smear of “guilt by association.”  The Lachney campaign secures democracy in the issues: education, the budget, and reason.  We are confident that voters November 6th will know the difference.  Best wishes to my supporters.” said Bruce Lachney

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21 Responses to Democrats donate Ramtha monies to charity

  1. gkcclc says:

    Good choice and decision! CVW

  2. diamond says:

    Not only Repullicans decry the rhetoric of JZ Knight, I think everyone except her followers are disgusted with the vile, filthy message she spewed out. It comes from the pit of Hell!

    • Kathleen Clare says:

      Yes, from a pit of Hell that this world is in. It’s an observation of what is going on in this world we live in, spoken in the language we use.

  3. Four years ago when Becker first ran for Senate, she and her party used libelous materials against then Senator Rasmussen. Unfortunately, no attorney in the county will take such a case for prsecution. These attacks during campaigns can go on without any legal control on the lies, smears and mis-information. It is shameful that our Senator is willing to engage in camapigns that use this kind of smears.

    • Kathleen Clare says:

      Yes, it is shameful that Randi Becker profited on smeering Bruce Lachney on representing a lot of people who go to and benefit from JZ’s business. It gives only wealth and healing to this comunity, but – as usual – the republic agender gets interruped, so they get angry, and use angry rejected women to get information from to disarm JZ Knight – sad, Nothing is privat at the ranch, just pay like going to collage, exept it’s much cheaper – and you can attend too, and make up you own opinion.

  4. kitcatalina says:

    Regretfully, the smear worked, Lachney loses much needed campaign funds and he’s forced to apologize for taking a speaking engagement from a spiritual leader who abhors ignoring child rape by the Catholic Church. Okay, her language is in the toilet, but I, for one, agree with the sentiment. If Becker spoke to a church event with a minister, who opposes gay rights and women’s right to choose, supports those who stand against these with brain washing and assault on families and doctors, and donated large sums to her campaign, no one would blink an eye.

    • Josh Magill says:

      You are right. So it matters how you say it. Knight (Ramtha) hopefully will think next time before she (he) speaks. Any position can be stated professionally and without being vulgar to make a point. That wasn’t done.

      • Kathleen Clare says:

        Josh – Ramtha is not JZ! And Ramtha tells the truth the way it is! The actions of cathlic priest raping young boys is more disgusting than any word could describe. No language could be vile enough to point this out. Get a reality check!

    • Kathleen Clare says:

      Right on. And, to the people who don’t believe in anything other than what they can see with their eyes (and hipocritically claim to believe in Christ), JZ never said those words – it was Ramtha, how is getting better and better at speaking our vile language that he had to learn from us.

      • Josh Magill says:

        I don’t care who said it Kathleen. I don’t care if you actually believe JZ channels Ramtha. It was wrong to say what was said they way it was said. I have a reality check and I will tell you like it is. What I saw was not just a rant against Catholic priests raping young boys. I saw someone that ranted against other religions, against other races and didn’t care what they thought or felt. I didn’t see someone trying to help those people or bring them a better life or mind or consiousness as RSE claims they try to do. I saw someone trying to tear down people and turn people against each other, not bring them together for good or peace. I saw someone that charges people for their spiritual knowledge and leads them to be broke, even to the edge of poverty. Someone meant to helps others in a spiritual way doesn’t charge for it, in my opinion. A spiritual leader doesn’t bring themselves down to the negative levels to make a point, so your point that Ramtha had to use our language to teach is ludicrious. If that is the spiritual leader you follow than you are being led by someone that cannot raise themselves above the ugly things of this world. I was born in the same New Mexico town as JZ Knight and was raised in the same areas and I can tell you those people are and would be dissappointed too. I don’t know where Ramtha came from and don’t care if he has such a poor evolution to learn that type of language from us as you say. I also don’t care if people continue to learn from RSE – have at it – but I do have a right to say that I disagree with a candidate taking money from someone like that. And FYI … I would like to believe in something more, but I don’t claim to believe in Ramtha or Christ … so you can’t call me a hypocrite when I say prove JZ and Ramtha are different.

  5. Jane Becker says:

    YES on R74

  6. Kathleen Clare says:

    Josh, there is a new video release that is explaining Ramtha. I hope it will answer some of your questions. The fact that you are looking for answers shows that YOU DO CARE!

    • Josh Magill says:

      Looking for answers? When did I say I was looking for answers?

      • Kathleen Clare says:

        Josh, you said ‘it was wrong to say what was said the way it was said’. So do you disagree with the message, or with the way the message was delivered?

      • Kathleen Clare says:

        Perhaps you are not looking for answers after all. Keep your view, it will keep you at your status quo, and that’s a safe place to be, especially if you have to raise kids! Tradition is good.

      • Kathleen Clare says:

        Josh, you sound very passionate and real. I would be more than happy to meet with you in a public place to ease your concerns about RSE. Let me know what time works for you. I’m pretty busy volunteering in public education.

      • Josh Magill says:

        I was pretty clear that I did not like the delivery. You believe I would have a problem with anyone being against pedophiles? I dislike pedophiles as much as anyone. I am not knocking Ramtha or JZ, but don’t feel any positive message comes through hate of another. You misread. I never said I had concerns about RSE, just how its message is presented.

  7. Victor Gagnon says:

    So Josh why does it bother you so much? Why do you give away your power? What is it about yourself that you dislike so much? (contemplation) These questions might be the reason why Kathleen sees what she sees in your language on your post? I only see her giving you the opportunity to look at another possibility and she is not making you wrong. You are not wrong in what you say or think because its just what you know. It is your opinion and you are allowed your opinion. In this world which we say we have freedom of speech. Are we not all allowed our opinion, even the Ram’s or anyone else’s for that matter, no matter what. Because otherwise its not FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Do we have to have a border for freedom of speech or is freedom speech only allowed until you offend me and then one has to ask the question, why are you offended? Will I offend someone in world if I say something that is not to their liking. Is this not how the world goes round. Freedom of speech is ok and say what you want until you offend me and then I want to kill you and then the question has to be asked, “Don’t you offend yourself” Who has the emotion of being offended.” Not the Ram thats for sure and not me that’s for sure. Remember the quote from Shakespeare I believe he said something like “There is nothing right or wrong, thinking only makes it so” If you can remember whats in your mind it is in your mind not Kathleen’s or mine or anyone else’s for that matter. It belongs to you only, it is your reality in your mind.To understand this,your mind must be open and if it is not then it is not and there is nothing wrong with that. When one points a finger at someone who offended them then have a close look at your pointed finger on your hand and note while pointing the finger there are three fingers pointing towards you clasped in the palm of your hand. You said you have a reality check. Question. If you and I are at the same sports event then do we get the same experience. I think not because I am not you and you are not me. That’s the beauty of life, we are all so unique. If you attend a Ramtha event and I attend a Ramtha event and you have a so called bad experience and I have a life changing experience. Who is right and who is wrong. Should I make you wrong because of your experience. What right do I have to do that.
    As they say (whoever they are) its all in our head!!!
    Do you think you are free man? (contemplate that). Me thinks not!!
    Try to just contemplate these thoughts, because they are just your thoughts and don’t make yourself wrong. We all have buttons that annoy us but maybe we have to try to understand that it is US who is annoyed not the person who pushed the button.
    You know what is cool about this comment if you read this post is that you will always remember it. It will not go away. Its very powerful. Do believe that? It matters not to me but if it opens up your heart then WOW!!
    Chill out!! and have a light heart.
    My intent for this post is to simply give some food for thought.
    I live by a saying of an 80 year women reporter that liked to add affirmations to her life whenever she had a birthday and this one I love the most. ” WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF ME IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS”
    Love yourself into life.

    • Kathleen Clare says:

      Wow – that’s beautiful. But he will not see it as such, since we only see our own reflection. We only see what we are ourselves.
      But thank you very much for making this world a better place to live in, and that is what it comes down to; preserving mother earth, our planet.

  8. Josh Magill says:

    Victor, I like me very much. I’ve been through hell and came out fine. My power is mine and nobody else’s. You write with calm words and act as if you know me. I like that approach, but it does not work with me. As a writer, I did think what you wrote was nice, despite Kathleen’s limited understanding of me, thinking I would not.
    I do not disagree with certain points of good the RSE shares. (Do not take that as an opening for conversion to Ramtha.)
    What I disagree whole-heartedly with is that it takes any hate speech, belittling of others, or alcohol to teach anyone goodness or enlightenment. You are mistaken in the fact that I write on this wall to share with you that I was offended. I write to share my point of view, my freedom of speech. I have not limited yours or Ramtha’s, but only said I disagree with some of it and how it was presented. That is my right, as well as the right of others to do so.
    I am very comfortable in my own skin and mind, having grown up in a religion many called a
    cult. I understand some of your hope to defend RSE. And as long as you continue to believe in the teachings of Ramtha, I hope you stay as passionate about it.
    I believe we are the most enlightened when we truly believe in something and are passionate about it, standing up for it. But do not mistake that for my advocacy of any sort of hate speech, nor my advocacy for the ones being hated.

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