Campbell weighs in on Pierce County Council Race – supports Rasmussen

Special to the Mountain News

Tom Campbell, the former state representative from the 2nd LD, has sent the Mountain News the following statement on the current race between Marilyn Rasmussen and Jim McCune for the Pierce County Council seat from the 3rd District, in which Mr. Campbell announces his endorsement of Marilyn Rasmussen.

Letter to the Editor:

I have watched this race from a distance, but after some recent comments in the press and mailers by the McCune campaign I feel I must weigh in with some observations.  

I have served with both candidates in the State Legislature and have observed both over a period of years.  I am frankly saddened by the claims made that Jim McCune had procured the Bethel Skills Center construction.  Jim was a member of the Capital Budget committee when we funded Phase One of the construction, but he voted NO on that budget.  I asked for the inclusion of those construction funds from the Chairman Rep. Dunshee and it was only then it was included in the budget.

 Marilyn and I fought together for years to stem the scourge of meth production in our community, but Jim’s only contribution was to sign on as a co-sponsor to my bill to reduce access to pseudo ephedrine.

 I had to work hard against my fellow Republicans to pass this bill, which included the “log book requirement” that the police needed to prosecute drugs manufacturers.  Jim was nowhere to be found throughout this fight, but in the end he did vote yes.

Marilyn is the one in this race that has consistently produced for our community, in school construction, road improvements, public safety and many other substantial assets that we would have never seen otherwise.

 Marilyn has demonstrated the ability to cross the aisle and work with the other party to the good of those she represents.  Her opponent, sadly, has been rigidly partisan to the detriment of the community he represents.

 The record is clear – accomplishment – not rhetoric.  Marilyn offers a strong record of achievement that her opponent cannot match.  I am supporting her for the good of our community and the quality of life that we must improve.  I know that she will put us before the moneyed interests and party officials.  I am supporting Marilyn Rasmussen and ask that you do, too.

 Tom Campbell



 Editor’s Note:

 Tom Campbell served the public for 16 years as a state representative, sharing several years in the state legislature with Mr. McCune until McCune was re-districted out of the 2nd LD this year. 

 Campbell also served with Ms. Rasmussen, a former state senator, and in fact, he ran against her unsuccessfully for her senate seat in the 1990s.

 In 2010, Campbell lost his legislative seat to JT Wilcox.  Currently, Mr. Campbell continues to work as a chiropractor in Spanaway.

Marilyn Rasmussen, Pierce County Council candidate, pictured here with Randy Dorn at a recent Democratic fundraiser

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1 Response to Campbell weighs in on Pierce County Council Race – supports Rasmussen

  1. Claudia Branham says:

    So much mud slinging and untruths from a former Legislator, it is very sad. Regarding the Skills Center, Jim McCune was very much involved and worked with that project from beginning to the end, just ask Superintendent Seigal. Jim was Co Chairman with Rosa Franklin with the Pierce County delegation. It is no crime to vote no on a matter and still be totally involved with the matter. Rep. Dunshee is a Green Party fanatic and loves to spend tax payers money. Jim doesn’t agree with excessive, unnecessary spending of our tax payers money. By the way, I never read anywhere that Tom Campbell was an active part of the Bethel Skills Center. The Pseudo Ephedrine bill wasn’t Jim McCunes bill, it was Tom’s however Jim lobbied the GOP legislators and he was the only one of the GOP to vote for it. Even though Tom says he is a Republican, he lobbied the Democrat legislators, why didn’t he support Jim in his efforts??? Tom was never with the GOP caucaus, he most alway choose to work with the opposite party. The majority party actually was soft on crime, not near as strong on safety issues as Jim McCune. The majority party passed the most outrageous sex ed program in our school system, Jim fought against it. In case anyone wants to know, he was not holding office when the dump fiasco happened, and again, it happened under the rule of the majority party, the Democrats. And, finally, Jim McCune never accepted any money from JZ Knight who is a vulgar, foul mouthed woman made rich by her outlandish behavior.

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