Ramtha, Democrats, and f-bombs – an insider’s view

By Bruce A. Smith

 At the heart of the recent flap over the release of a doctored video clip showing Ramtha the Enlightened One lambasting the pedophilic priests of the Catholic Church in words peppered with tons of salty language, was the cry that the subject matter was taken out of context.

 In an effort to provide some of that “context,” Ramtha’s channel, JZ Knight, and her organization offered a corporate-style announcement via her Los Angeles-based PR firm that described the offending video as a snippet from a commentary on the corruption of the Church.  However, it did so in language as dry as the sands of the Sahara, and as a result the deeper meaning of what Ramtha was talking about and why he was so profane has not been told in words that have any real impact.

 Into this informational vacuum seeped the fact Ms Knight had previously made about $100,000 worth of financial contributions to local Democratic candidates and the Obama campaign.  Predictably, the nature of Ramtha’s teachings was used to smear the recipients of Knight’s monies.

 These Democratic contenders, especially the 2nd LD’s state senatorial candidate, Bruce Lachney (Eatonville), appeared to have been abandoned on the political battlefield by Knight, left vulnerable to the charges of Republican powerhouses like Kirby Wilbur, the chair of the Washington State Republican Party, who called Ramtha’s words “vile,” and demanded that the Dems give back the Knight donations.

 Presently, Knight does not seem eager to present any further explanation of Ramtha’s teachings, and she appears content to let her army of attorneys descend upon Washington State Superior Court to obtain a temporary injunction preventing any further showing of the offending videos, as they are copyrighted material.  According to media reports, Ms Knight’s attorneys will be back in court on November 14 to extend the injunction for a hefty period of time.

 But why didn’t JZ Knight grab a film crew and head to Kirby Wilbur’s office in Seattle and set him straight about Ramtha sticking up for the victims of sexual abuse, and blasting the Catholic Church for covering-up the crimes of its priests?  Or why didn’t she conduct her own press conference and address this controversy?  Further, how come Ramtha didn’t channel through JZ and confront the Republicans and anyone else upset with his ire towards the Church?

Such timid behavior is not what I expect from my teacher or from the leaders of his School of Enlightenment, for I have been a student of Ramtha since the late 1980s.  Specifically, I left New York in 1990 to relocate to Yelm and study at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) full-time.

 Normally, I would not inject myself into a story, but the circumstances here call for me to do so.  I was not at the events that found their way onto the videos used against the Democrats, and even though I have not been an active student for a few years, I have been at plenty of similar events to those filmed where Ramtha was just as passionate, addressed the same subject material, and dropped the f-bomb just as frequently.  If JZ Knight and Ramtha won’t provide any meaningful context to what has been flung around cyber world in the past couple of weeks, perhaps I can.

 To begin, Ramtha looks drunk, and I would imagine that he had been drinking a lot of red wine before and during his presentation.  I know he and I did during many events, and I consider the experience one of the most potent aspects of my education.  In vino veritas, “In wine there is truth,” Ramtha has said many times during these “wine ceremonies,” and I fully agree.

 These wine-fueled workshops produced exceptional results for me.  I got to know myself at a deeper level – one that was not accessible by the other disciplines I used to seek inner truths, especially the many variations of meditation I learned from Ramtha, such as the power breath work of Consciousness and Energy®.

 After a lengthy season of these wine ceremony events, which were replete with “truth sessions” with study partners and friends, I even found the courage to ask a woman to marry me, an objective that I had been unable to obtain despite 800 psychotherapy sessions over a period of twenty years.  Yeah, Ram!

 Okay, so Ramtha was juiced when he was talking about the Catholic Church.  Is there anyone who can seriously defend the pedophilic priests or the bishops who sheltered them?  I doubt it.

 However, one snippet from Ramtha has him castigating “homosexual priests.”  Whenever I heard a usage like this I always assumed he meant the priests who were having sex with altar boys, and he wasn’t attacking all homosexuals, clergy or otherwise.

 In fact, I admire Ramtha’s view on homosexuality.  I have heard him describe homosexuals – gays and lesbians – as “cross-overs” – spiritual beings who have a past life heavy with experiences in one gender.  When they re-incarnate into their current life they “cross over” into the other gender but still carry some of the characteristics of the previous life time’s personas.

 A variation on this theme that I have heard described is an entity that may have had a problematic relationship with certain kinds of people, such as a man who abuses women.  As a result that soul might chose to incarnate now as a female to learn first-hand what kinds of pressure women live through.  Added to that may be the strength or determination of the male gender carried over from the past, so the resulting cross is a tough-minded lesbian.

 Ramtha has talked at length about many of the abuses of the Catholic Church – some fundamental and sublime, and others overt, such as the historic taint of anti-Semitism in the Church.  Perhaps the most obvious display of this occurred during WWII with the complacency of the Vatican towards the Fascists in Italy and the Nazis in Germany.

 Ramtha has often drawn attention to this blatant inconsistency since Jesus was a Jew.  When I heard the one reference in the video to something about the f-ing Jews and f-ing Jesus, the above is the context in which I heard it.

 As for the use of the f-bomb, I like it because I think it delivers a greater passion to the discussion, and reveals a deeper authenticity about the subject.  Yes, the use of the f-word can be un-nerving, but it does heighten one’s attention to the conversation.

 In a second video swirling around the original one, there is a lot of disparaging talk directed towards Mexicans.  Again, for me, the Catholic Church is at the heart of this commentary.

 Specifically, I have heard Ramtha talk extensively about how the Catholic Church has to answer for its stupefying dogma – that its ideology drains away the life blood of creativity and innovation in a society.  I have heard him say that if Henry VIII and Elizabeth I in England did not stand up to the pope during the 1500s and 1600s, then the Age of Enlightenment wouldn’t have happened in such a robust fashion and that the United States of America would be “another Brazil,” namely Catholic and politically limp.

 Further, the Catholic Church has to answer for its policies on birth control and its treatment of women as second-class citizens.  Truly, the Catholic Church has to take responsibility for how many countries have massive societal problems due to the notion of keeping women “barefoot and pregnant.”  When I heard Ramtha talk about Catholic Mexicans I felt he was talking about these kinds of issues.  Clearly, current day Mexico is crippled by its Catholic legacy, with tens of millions of people crowding into the central plains of Mexico City, fouling its air, and struggling to develop a vibrant economy and a viable democracy free of drug lords and criminals.

 I may have over-looked a few juicy tidbits of Ramtha-isms from the videos, so this piece may have an addendum or two added once it’s posted.

 I hope this helps.  Clarity and truth are certainly my intentions here.  I anticipate that I will write further descriptions of my life in RSE, especially on the topic of what I learned.  Also, I know that folks unfamiliar with the school may have many questions, and perhaps this may be a venue to answer some of them.

Addendum, November 11, noon:

It has been brought to my attention that the vidoes in question can still be accessed via YouTube and the Freedom Foundation website.  Apparently the temporary restraining order only enjoins Virginia Coverdale, the originator of the video, from any further distribution.   An earlier version of this article erroneously reported that the videos were not viewable on the Internet.

 ©  2012  Bruce A. Smith

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26 Responses to Ramtha, Democrats, and f-bombs – an insider’s view

  1. Claudia Branham says:

    There is never and excuse or reason to use that kind of language, and please don’t blame it on a church. I have been attending church all my life, several denominations and non denominational as well. I have never heard any racism or non willingness to accept any who darkened the door of the church. The only “so called” church is the one that protests, (or tries to) at military funerals, it is comprised of less than 2 dozen family members. Just because we disagree with certain behavior, as made plain in the Bible, doesn’t mean we are hateful. Most people disagree, agreeable. If a person doesn’t believe in God, or believe the Bible is God’s Word to mankind, that is their right and privilege under our constitution. To believe is also our right and freedom under the constitution.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I disagree, Claudia. I do think there is a time and place for certain types of langauge, and I further believe that a hallmark of enlightenment is having the ability to discertain those times and places. And audiences.

      In addition, I would say that a deeper level of enlightenment is expressed by taking responsibility for the impact of one’s actions. Clearly, the Catholic Church has failed to do that in many instances.

      • Ann says:

        I agree, Bruce. I grew up ignorant of inappropriate language, and have been subjected to much of it in the public schools and media, hearing more there than from Ram, who uses discernment to get his point across.

  2. kitcatalina says:

    I think you made it worse, but it couldn’t have been much worse, but adding that s/he was drunk, was certainly a cherry on top.
    I saw the videos and thought they were offensive and I agree with most of what s/he said.
    Throwing Bruce Lachney on the pyre was unforgivable.

  3. Jason Brubaker says:

    Very well written article put in simple terms that cuts right to the heart of what I see to be the intended message of Ramtha’s teachings. I like that Smith expressed how he was helped in his own life by the teachings. I admire how he’s taken a complex and heated argument and written about it in a cool headed and logical manner. I also like that JZ Knight is protecting the integrity of the teachings by going after those who have an intent to distort the teachings for their own destructive agenda. I have had discussions with people in the past where I have defended JZ’s right to copyright Ramtha’s teachings. As for the idea that JZ put a video crew out there to go after some people. Well, I’m not sure about that one. Isn’t that the press’ job! A press conference would be interesting though. Especially if Ramtha held it. Now that would be an event. Not sure people are ready for that. Maybe a pre-recorded one edited by the school. God forbid he use the f-bomb and the whole message gets lost on people who are unwilling to see past their emotional reactions.

    • joshmagill says:

      If Ramtha is so enlightened, then wouldn’t he have the ability to handle a press conference without being edited? Couldn’t he be able to make a presentation to the public that brings people to him, to help them understand, to straighten out the context of such videos?

      I enjoy how so many RSE followers have to protect or make excuses for one (Ramtha) that is considered to be so enlightened. I would love to see a press conference from Ramtha, but it seems he doesn’t come out in public, just private “fundraisers.”

  4. Josh Magill says:

    Bruce, you say the videos are not viewable online due to the temporary injunction, yet I just clicked on the links in your other recent story regarding the Dems and Ramtha and they are still working.

  5. Jason Brubaker says:

    You guys in Washington just legalized gay marriage and marijuana. I think the people of the state can handle someone drinking some wine and telling the truth.

    • Josh Magill says:

      Nice. Look closer, only about four counties passed those. Majority of the state rejected both. It is because so many people live in those metro areas that they passed.

      Bruce, that leads to a good question though: Is there truth in marijuana also? (Just kidding)

    • Ann says:

      Ram does not get drunk. He has, at times, put more wine in JZ’s body than it could handle. Ram was still clear and lucid. His consciousness operates her body through the lower cerebellum, from outside her body. JZ was not drunk, either, for her consciousness was far elsewhere.

      How people have the courage to honestly look at themselves as many of us have done with Ram’s guidance?

      • Mark Kelly says:

        I guess she is like a God that way that the laws of physics and biology do not apply to her. Three bottles of wine, (her quote not mine) and she is as sober as a rock.

        Did Ram make her stumble, trip and slur her words too? He is pretty clumsy for a warrior. When do you think he learned to speak English.

        I guess where ever he is they must have television so he can stay up to date on American current events.

        He is the only spirit I know that is more of a modern day social/political commentator than a messenger of his teachings.

        What a wonderful civic minded guy he is or must have been.

  6. brucesmith49 says:

    Jason, the demographics of Washington state reflect those of the entire country. The rural areas of Washington are very “Red State-ish,” while the urban centers are quite blue-ish. In fact, the liberal parts of Washington only dominate four counties – the ones incompassing the metro areas of Seattle and Tacoma. Those counties are King (Seattle), Pierce (Tacoma), Thurston (Olympia and Yelm, by the way), and Snohomish – (the ritzy northern suburbs of Seattle and the city of Everett and its huge Boeing 747 plant).

  7. judy whitman says:

    RSE and this school is pure poison to the Dems in the 2nd district. Why, they keep taking the schools money, and standing on a platform with “Ram” is beyond me? I was sitting on the fence, and was going to cross party lines and vote for Bruce. After seeing him with this entity, and the spewing of hate that was coming from it’s mouth- Not a chance in hell! I knew he was going down. Pretty stupid, Bruce!

  8. Rockie says:

    Thank you Bruce, well said. What astonishes me about those of you who object to the way and the words Ramtha uses to describe pedophiles is more important to you then the why. You just sweep the why under the rug and never make reference to these disgusting, vile and yes evil dirt bags, and the church who hides them and defends them. If any one of you had a child of your own that was raped by a priest, I would wager that the f-bomb would most likely be the least of what you would call them. Instead of coming to the defense of the children you prefer to make an issue of the Ram, and make him your target rather than the evil doers. And you call members of RSE brainwashed? Perhaps you need to rethink your morals people.

  9. Mark Kelly says:

    I think most of us are missing the point about these Ramtha Videos. I don’t think that JZ’s view reflect those of the Democratic Party, and yes if it was the Republicans she supported this would be a much bigger story.

    She may have been deriding the Catholic Church’s handling of their alter boy scandals, but it does not explain her statements on Mexicans breeding like rabbits and organic farmers appearance and smell. When you add those statements into the mix, it becomes clear that she is a full blown bigot, not just voicing her displeasure with the Catholic Church. But this is America and she is entitled to her views.

    It is unfortunate that the first video was done so poorly because that one depicts the real danger of her. In short, a room with what is probably a good amount of under aged college kids, at least some most likely drunk, designed to hold 900 people with over 2000 packed in it, smoking pipes, and drinking alcohol with the fire exits blocked and the smoke alarms turned off.

    She then goes on to threaten and brag how the government lets her do anything she wants and is proud of it. JZ is a megalomaniac who believes that rules and standards are below her. By conducting these channeling’s in the fashion she does she has put many people in harms way and the county turns their head the other way.

    A review of her financial donations to local candidates and government organizations details to me how she is able to get away with these actions and why the county commissioners and fire department ignore complaints where they pursue other minor violations of land and building uses with great vigor, Jon Pettit’s case and Misti Chastain come to mind.

    To me this turns the money she gives from donations into payoffs that put her students at great risk. Yet I read very little about that.

    • Jason Brubaker says:

      “Democratic Party, and yes if it was the Republicans she supported this would be a much bigger story. ” -Really, are you sure about this?

      “Mexicans breeding like rabbits and organic farmers appearance and smell.” – Out of the 2000 people you say were in the room I think there may have been a few “Mexicans” and “organic farmers”. Maybe they understood the context to which he was speaking.

      “When you add those statements into the mix, it becomes clear that she is a full blown bigot” – I really doubt that she is a bigot. I think the huge number of ethnically diverse students might disagree with you.

      “a room with what is probably a good amount of under aged college kids, at least some most likely drunk, designed to hold 900 people with over 2000 packed in it, smoking pipes, and drinking alcohol with the fire exits blocked and the smoke alarms turned off.” – Probably under aged college kids? Are you sure about that! 2000 people? Are you sure about that! Are you sure about any of this, or is it speculation?

      “JZ is a megalomaniac who believes that rules and standards are below her.” – Nice opinion!

      “county turns their head” – Really, the entire country turns their head!

      “put her students at great risk.” and “she has put many people in harms way” – Little dramatic isn’t it. If that is harms way I should never leave the safety of my own house!

  10. Bev says:

    Wow, how everyone has their own view from their position in the 360 degree view of things.

    I have been a long time student of the Ram since 1985. How do you explain something that HE’S talking about if you don’t know the history behind it. RAM was on the video NOT JZ. She had vacated the body and RAM was running it like a puppet. What most people saw was a very selected, edited video for someone own evil use. Anyone could take anything from one’s conversations in life and turn it dark. Sad to see someone do this to the teachings. Ram is here to help us all over the ditch or at least those of us who are awake and aware and hear the call of truth. Well, what most saw on this video were truths, selected to show the result that the woman wanted who edited them (evil results). What RAM has explained for years when he started using the F… word is why be upset with me using this word, you use it every day in your life (the masses of humanity). You use it and think nothing of it. He mostly uses it when he’s really trying to make a point and then he usually says oh sorry, your words. I know what he meant at these events and it was due to the coverup of the churches on the abuse of children and also with the dogma it has layed upon the masses, i.e., women do not have a soul, women must obey god or man, women cannot think for themselves and must have babies like rabbits, Oh it’s okay to that the church killed many during the crusades and apologize for it hundreds of years later…. These are only examples of things he’s said over the years.

    He wants us all to wake up and know that every human being has forgotten who they are, the forgotten gods. Every single one of us has this within us. His message is behold god. How do you let someone see teaching that are for a college student and they’re only a first grade student. Yes they won’t understand it unless they have the yearning to understand it and then are lead to expand more knowledge with books, research, etc. Those who go to the school think outside the box and the public at large don’t understand this. So what most don’t understand equates to fears of the unknown and that often leads to lashing out at these people who are different.

    The sad thing is that this women who edited the video’s didn’t really get the teachings, She chose to live in the emotional body and let it rule her. JZ was only trying to rally for the democratic party because she saw that was the clearest way forward into our future for everyone. She knew she may get rebuttal from the public because a lot of people hate what they fear and don’t understand it.

    I have been at events at the ranch and have gone the next day to work and hear the most outrageous rumor on what just happened there which is so far fetched into the fear of the unknown land. And we we’re being taught quantum realities., etc.

    Well peace with all of you and yours. The high holidays are among us and it’s time to be of good cheer and assist those who are in need. Have a glass of wine, beer, juice, water or whatever is your beverage of choice and toast to a wonderful 2013 and beyond! May Mother Earth be healed and renewed too! To life!

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  12. FRegan says:

    RSE & the kerfuffle…?

    Well, I would like to comment on the recent kerfuffle with RSE & the enlightenmefree person/group. A few things spring to mind instantly & I am going to address these things since they keep coming up for the community at large it seems.

    There is nothing that would sway my mind nor my heart away from the deep respect & profound love that I have for my teacher. Nothing. Never. And people can offer many opinions about videos; taking things/ language/ words, out of context, into context, this way, that way… Revealing little more, in the process – than their own ignorance of the subject at hand. I want to speak to some of the things that are being said, because I love this great teacher.

    Here are the points that I would like to address –

    1) Cult
    2) JZ knight is not Ramtha
    3) Master teachers & Wine ceremonies
    4) The church & it’s pedophiles

    1) The cult issue.

    First thing first – Ramtha is not a cult leader, Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment is not a cult, & Ramtha’s students are not ‘followers’/ cultists/ groupies. A friend of mine grew up in a Satanic cult, & was systematically raped & abused as a child in CA, not only by her father, but by all of the male members of the cult. This is not what happens at Ramtha’s school of Enlightenment! At RSE the central tenet is ‘Behold God’ i.e. we are all divine. This is worlds away from the abuse & disempowerment that happens in cults. Ramtha’s whole mission is to empower people & to teach us that we are divine! And we are not followers of Ramtha – we are students. Since he has the knowledge & is teaching us, that is how that works. We don’t follow him. We learn from him, when we choose to.

    2) JZ Knight is not Ramtha the Enlightened One.

    At the end of the day Ramtha the Enlightened One, is a master teacher who came here to teach us. He is an enlightened spirit. Just like Jesus, the Buddha, St Germain, Mary, Quan Yin & a bunch of other great beings. People keep mixing him up with JZ Knight. And calling him – she/he or something. He is his own spirit. He utilises JZ Knights body when he teaches – channels his spirit through it. He is not JZ Knight. She has been systematically, scientifically tested a few times & the scientists testing her autonomic responses compared to Ramtha’s autonomic responses agreed that there was no way she could fake the responses, since they were so hugely different. When Ramtha is using the body – the brainwave frequency is in delta – that is DEEP SLEEP for mere mortals. Now show me a human being who can teach on quantum physics & how consciousness & energy create the nature of reality for 16 hours while their brain waves remain in a deep Delta state & while their heart is beating at 180bpm!!! And they don’t eat that whole time, nor use the bathroom. Hmmm…maybe he is who he says he is! Of course, much admiration to JZ for becoming a truly powerful woman & a self-made millionaire & for giving so much of her life to channel this great being. However, she is not our teacher. Ramtha is the teacher. That is clear. It is very obvious when Ramtha is using the body compared to when JZ is – it is a whole different experience ENTIRELY. Ramtha is the Master teacher.

    3) The Master Teacher for the uniniated/ wine ceremonies.

    One job of an enlightened master teacher in my current understanding which is always growing – is to take his students through the entire array of emotional responses/ reactions, in order to reveal aspects of our selves to us, which may have been hidden to us prior to that point. Encorporating the infamous tenet ‘to know thyself’. How can we know ourself if we can’t see ourself? Everything is seen to the teacher, he is actually all-seeing, all-knowing, & all-loving….but there’s no point in him just telling us we are ‘this or that’, we would never listen to him. His job is to show ‘us’ to us. A tricky business, & a job for only the most skilled & the most enlightened I dare say. Well, wine ceremonies will do that, & as the Ram has said, ” I will do anything for awakening..” . And he will do & say a lot – to shake us into waking up & seeing ourselves. Some of the things he says may seem offensive – he is trying to get an emotional response – don’t forget! What will he do? well…. get us inebriated, use the most colorful language (which I personally find highly entertaining), put us through all sorts of disciplines blindfolded… & so on. Endeavouring to get us to give up our ego & find our spirit! And to find love. That is, I think what we are all after…afterall. If we were to never see ourselves & all of the aspects to us that lay hidden, dormant, then change would be impossible. In order to change something, we first must see it, be totally disgusted with it, take responsibility for it & own it, change & move on. Just a small explanation of what might seem like outlandish behaviour to the uniniated. It is outlandish behaviour – but the intention behind the behaviour is to teach & to show. Not necessarily to offend. Although if he offends you, you’ve got work to do! Coming through the processes of this school, I can safely say his methods work. Astoundingly well, I have changed so much under Ramtha’s tutelage…. And I am deeply grateful for that.

    Anyone with any kind of understanding of this process would know that Jesus Christ also drank much wine & shared with his ‘follower’s’, as did Plato, Aristotle, & other great masters. It is a practice known to those who have done any small bit of research into this. Wine helps to open the mind, it releases our inhibitions, it brings forward aspects to us that are hidden & it allows the teacher to see his students in this light. It’s a tool. That’s all. A few glasses of wine. No-one is being raped, abused, tortured, mutilated, no rituals are going on, no human or animal sacrifices. Just the ancient school of wisdom ‘tool’… el vino veritas.

    4) Meanwhile ….The church & it’s paedophiles.
    What is most intriguing is the response of people who are so ‘offended’ by the simple & illustrious ‘f-bomb’ (which is used nearly everywhere by nearly everyone, nearly all the time, by the way…& can certainly add emphasis to a point…). And yet these ‘church-going’ individuals (as they call themselves) don’t seem to mind at all that their youngin’s are being raped by their priests!!!! Now that is the height of hypocrisy. Bring on the good old ‘f-bomb’ I say. I cannot stand by & hear that BS. I was raised Catholic, my friend was abused & raped by a catholic priest from age 10 to 15. He was an altar boy. He was the first Irish person to take the Catholic church to court & he won. Really? Really? You are going to tell me you are so offended by someone saying ‘f-bomb’ – but it’s just fine & dandy that the catholic priests are raping their altar boys, & all of this has been going on for aeons, not to mention the Inquisition, the burning of intuitive women at the stake, the treatment of women in general, the disempowering of so many people for aeons…And that’s all fine!!!??

    Yet this master says’f-bomb’ & well, the world will end I just got so offended. If that is the case, then you should stay kneeling in front of your priest cos there is no hope for you!!! Stay there – no, don’t get up. Stay kneeling.

    Now that is just the greatest load of horse poop I ever heard in my entire life. And I was raised Catholic, so I have the right to call a spade a spade. Pulllllleeeeeease.

    I might add that – I have been a student of Ramtha for 4 years now only & I have learned & grown greatly. Anyone who knows me, could attest to that.
    I have never ever met a more loving, gracious, kind, eloquent, generous, mature, wonderful, wickedly funny, wise, intelligent, awesome AND most importantly outrageous being than Ramtha the Enlightened One. LOVE I YOU GREATLY MASTER TEACHER, & I know what love is now….thanks to you! Peace….

    Rock on, let the sacred remain the sacred, away from the profane!!

    F-bomb ‘em!!

  13. Virginia Coverdale says:

    It’s one thing if all of you followers (yes followers, you weren’t born in Yelm were ya?) want to say you have gotten a higher meaning from what ever JZ as ram says. But to flat out LIE BEV and say its out of context is “un-impeccable” to the core. The cult leader sued me so I couldn’t’ show the world the context. But wait, could others have it????? Can she sue the whole world???? Will it eventually come out from somewhere or someone???? OH NO, what will you all be doing when the world has grabbed their popcorn and settled in to watch the entire horror show.The world has already seen more than they need to. Remember, they are sober, not on Prozac, and don’t have the remnant of Red Devil Lye in their systems, therefore they can still use critical thinking and common sense. Her behavior is INDEFENSIBLE unless you are a bigot or brainwashed. Have a nice day.

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