Woman with ties to Yelm to be featured on Discovery Channel on Saturday, June 1st.

by Bruce A. Smith

 Jeanne Trantel, the woman who authored the popular book, “Disguised Blessings” will be featured tonight on the Discovery Channel at 8:30 Eastern Time.

 Trantel’s book is the true story of her experiences being married to a man who became a bank robber, and she never knew about it until he was arrested.  Besides the heartache of living through that event, “Disguised Blessings” is also the tale of how she recovered, became truly independent, and developed a career in real estate and therapeutic massage.

 Tonight’s broadcast is titled, “Where is she now?” and it is a follow-up to an earlier show that chronicled the dramatic events of learning that her husband was a bank thief and headed to jail, and that for at least a year he had been lying to her about their shaky finances.  Besides the betrayal, Jeanne was broke and had two sons to raise alone.

 Although Jeanne and her boys live in New York and her husband’s crimes occurred in Connecticut and Long Island, for several years Jeanne has been a student at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment in Yelm.

 Jeanne sent the Mountain News a brief blurb on her experience of being a television star:

 “Hi.  The crew came to New York from LA.  This show aired already; it is a new episode called “Where is she now?”  My show was chosen out of all the shows to air on the best air time.  My book, “Disguised Blessings” will be mentioned.  I do not know if it will be re played after tonight.  It is on the Discovery Channel.  My show is half an hour at 8:30 pm Eastern time.  Who the bleep did I marry?”

 The Mountain News interviewed Ms Trantel a year ago, and the entire article, titled: “Author with ties to PNW pens book describing her marriage to a man with a secret life as a bank robber” is posted on-line at:


 In addition, Jeanne’s book is available through Amazon:

Disguised Blessings – A wife’s story of her Wall Street husband turned bank robber can be obtained at http://www.amazon.com/Disguised-Blessings-Street-husband-turned/dp/1449028373 .

©  2013  Bruce A. Smith

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