Earl Cossey’s son speaks to media

by Bruce A. Smith

Wayland Cossey, the son of Earl Cossey, spoke today to a gathering of media at the King County Sheriff’s Office in Shoreline.  Due to personal health issues I was unable to attend, but Sgt. Cindi West, the PIO of the KCSO, sent the Mountain News the following announcement:


 Murder victim’s son pleads with “Good Samaritan” to come forward


Wayland Cossey, son of murder victim Early Cossey, met with the media today to ask for the person to come forward who found the identification belonging to his dad, and mailed it back to his house.  The family has offered a $1,000 reward if the person who found the identification and credit cards will contact the police and tell them where the items were found.

 The lead detective in the case, Jake Pavlovich, said the person can remain anonymous.  He said the finder can mail a letter to him with a handwritten note describing where the items were found.  Detectives will use handwriting from the original letter to verify the mailer is the same person that mailed the found items.

 During Wayland’s interview he also expressed how important it was to the family that the suspect to be caught.  He said over time the family would forgive the person that murdered his dad but they needed the case to be solved to help them move on.

 Many details of the case are being withheld while the investigation is being conducted.  Detective Pavlovich said, “Some of the details of this case are known only by the suspect and the detectives working the case.  We want to hold those details back until we have our suspect(s) in custody.”

 If you found Cossey’s identifications and credit cards and mailed them back to his address PLEASE call Sgt. Cindi West with the King County Sheriff’s Office at 206-263-2560 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).  Or mail a letter to Sgt. Cindi West at 516 3rd AveSeattle, WA. 98104-2312

  Sergeant Cindi West

King County Sheriff’s Office

Public Information Officer

Date:  May 30th, 2013

Case No. 13-092045

Photo Gallery

The Cossey family has provided these new photographs of Earl Cossey, including a youthful shot taken after a successful sky dive.

Cossey skydiving, family, KCSO, 5.30. 13


Cossey headshot, smiling, family, KCSO, 5. 30. 13




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1 Response to Earl Cossey’s son speaks to media

  1. Nice article, Bruce. I also like the idea of the Cossey family coming forward and helping put Cossey’s murder back in the public’s attention. We can but hope that sooner or later a suspect will be apprehended.

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