An introduction to Ramtha’s model of science and his view of reality

by Bruce A. Smith

The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, The New Physics – An Introduction to the Science of Consciousness. What follows is Chapter 5, a part of an on-going series here at the Mountain News.



Ramtha – An introduction to his model of science and view of reality


For those leery of Ramtha, believe me I can appreciate your anxieties. I have had my own moments of doubts that Ramtha’s school was a cult, his channel JZ Knight was faking it, or felt dismayed by the financial cost of attending RSE.

So, what I propose here is that I walk you through my journey of how I came to know Ramtha, discovered he is a great teacher, and what I have learned from him. Hopefully, that will give you a context in which to consider his science regardless of any mis-giving you might have about him.

I first heard about Ramtha in the autumn of 1988. One day, a sixteen-page, tabloid-sized newspaper titled Windwords mysteriously appeared in my mailbox. It described the doings of an entity named Ramtha, the Enlightened One, and the teachings he was presenting at his School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington.

The paper said that Ramtha called himself “The Lord of the Wind,” and Windwords was a poetic metaphor to herald the teachings of Ramtha.

To this day, I still remember vividly what occurred next.

I brought all my mail into my home office, but started off by reading Windwords. I skimmed through the transcriptions of Ramtha’s actual teachings as they looked pretty dense to me, and instead glommed onto a profile describing a couple who had moved to Yelm to study full-time with Ramtha and prepare for “The Days to Come,” a cataclysmic future brought on by an environmental apocalypse.

Those notions appealed to me, and I read intently. At the time I was a commercial beachcleaner in New York, and very active in the environmental community. Even then – in the late 1980s – I was very aware of global climate change and rising sea-levels.

The prior year I had shared a plane ride with a NY-NJ Port Authority engineer enroute to Charleston, South Caroline for “Coastal Zone ’87,” a professional gathering of scientists, governmental leaders, and guys like me to discuss beach pollution, coast-line erosion, and maritime development pressures.

The engineer and I talked about “global warming,” as the phenomenon was then characterized, and he blew my mind when he told me that the sea-level in New York Harbor was already a foot higher than when base-line tide charts were first developed by the Union Navy during the Civil War.

He told me that the port facilities in New York and New Jersey had been built using these metrics from 1861, but now with higher waters, the question was what to do about it.

“The politicians are too frightened to touch this issue with a ten-foot pole, so nothing is being done about it,” he said, adding that if and when a good-sized hurricane hit New York it would wipe out the docks and most of the on-shore shipping infrastructure.

“It’ll be a total mess,” he said, presaging the Sandy hurricane of 2012.

So, when I read about predictable environmental catastrophes in Windwords, I was fixated. But when I started hearing the strident fanaticism spouted by folks such as the profiled couple – talking about corporate world conspiracies and philosophical woo-woo – I shoveled the newspaper off my lap as if it was on fire, and schmooshed it into the waste-paper basket under my desk.

“Yee-gawd!” I screamed. “This thing is a cult.”

I felt scared because they had almost “gotten me” with the environmental stuff. Fearing some kind of psychic contamination, I took the newspaper gingerly out of the basket and carried it directly to the garbage can outdoors and dumped it inside on top of a ton of bacon grease and coffee grinds.

I came back inside and started reading the rest of my mail; quickly, forgetting about Windwords and Ramtha.

About twenty minutes later, I put down my mail and sat back in my office chair. I felt very mellow. Then, a curiosity came over me, a desire to re-visit the Windwords and see what else it might contain.

In a kind of slo-mo stroll I went outside and retrieved the newspaper, valiantly brushing off the garbage grit. I still vividly recall scraping off the coffee grinds from the newsprint.

Inside, I began reading Windwords again, and was fascinated by what Ramtha had to say about life and why we were here.

He talked about us being gods – divine beings – who are here on Earth to “make known the unknown.” From that I took his message to say we are unlimited beings who are in a physical realm to experience our emotions and attitudes – to physically experience love, hate, fear, joy, and the sublime accomplishment of resolving all the yucky stuff.

I was enthralled, and finished the whole newspaper. Then, I folded it up, placed it on a stack of paper on the side of my desk, and forgot about it completely.

A month later, a second Windwords appeared. Again, I dove into it and loved it. I learned in more detail how the Earth is a living, conscious entity, and that jived completely with my understanding of the Gaia principle. I learned more about the “Days to Come,” and how the coast lines of the planet would be uninhabitable in the near-future, which also resonated with my deepest sense of what was coming-down-the-pike environmentally.

When I finished reading I again folded up the paper, placed on a stack of books, and forgot about it for another month.

When the third issue appeared, I figured I better call Windwords and get myself a regular subscription.

“I don’t want to trust the Fates to keep delivering me something that is so fantastic,” I said to myself.

I dialed Windwords and spoke with a no-nonsense receptionist.

“Hi, my name is Bruce Smith,” I said, “and I want to thank you very much for the trial subscription you’ve been sending me. But now, I want to get my own subscription. Can I give you my credit card number?”

“We don’t have trial subscriptions,” she replied.

“Well, you must,” I countered, “because I’ve been receiving Windwords for three months. I don’t know how you got my mailing address, but I run a business and I’m a kind of New Agey guy, so I know that my address gets passed around a lot.”

“Are you Bruce A. Smith from Sea Cliff, New York?” the voice on the phone asked.


“Well, our records show that you already have a year’s subscription.”

“No, no, no. You don’t understand. I want to get a year’s subscription. That’s why I’m calling. I want to pay up, so I keep getting your newspaper!”

“You subscription is already fully paid, Mr. Smith,” she said curtly.

“That’s impossible. How could that happen?”

“Maybe, somebody bought you a subscription.”

“Nobody I know would do that,” I exclaimed. “In fact, every one I talk to about Ramtha and Windwords thinks it’s a cult.”

“Well, Mr. Smith, all I can tell you is that our records say that you have a year’s subscription and it’s paid in full. I suggest you just enjoy it,” she retorted, then hung up.

Stunned, I took a deep breath and recalled some other seemingly mysterious experiences of my life in the prior couple of years.

The previous summer, I had narrowly escaped a beachcleaning incident that could have killed me. I was crawling under one of my beachcleaning machines on its trailer when the ground beneath the jacks inexplicably collapsed, dropping the entire 10,000 pound rig down on me. The axle pinned me in place, with my head on one side and my left shoulder on the other. However, not one piece of metal was actually touching my skin. I could breath, but I couldn’t move. I shouted for my co-worker, George, to get bigger jacks and larger pads, and re-hoist the rig.

However, when he saw my condition he panicked, and ran around like a mad-man screaming for help from other guys in our industrial yard. Within a few minutes, though, cooler heads prevailed and I was freed; and we all celebrated with a couple six-packs of Heineken.

But those kinds of bizarre, fortuitous events had happened before. Never as dramatic or life-threatening, but they were nevertheless noticeable. One day after a quirky twist of phone calls got me a fat contract, I said out loud, “I don’t know who you are and I sure can’t see you – but thanks for being around!”

Was my “guardian angel” Ramtha? I wondered after the Windwords exchange. Did Ramtha put me into the computer banks of Windwords so I could learn about him?

I believe so, but regardless I accepted my mysterious mail delivery and moved on. I started reading about Ramtha, and one year later I went to see the fellow for myself.

In early 1989, I flew to Atlanta for a weekend retreat at the Hilton near Hartsfield International and attended a “Beginners Consciousness and Energy” workshop.

When I saw Ramtha for the first time, I was thoroughly impressed with his command presence. He looked like a guy who was wholly at ease leading a million men into battle. He was definitely my kind of guy, and I immediately felt he was the real deal.

His teachings thrilled me, and also confounded me. He described his seven levels of consciousness and how we live in the first three levels in this reality. He taught us a focused-breathing technique called “Consciousness and Energy” so that we could access our “analogical mind,” and leave behind the “binary mind” of social consciousnesses and the predictable bio-chemistry of our bodies.

He told us stories about the good ol’ days, 35,000 years ago, when he was a warrior and had conquered the known world, and he described how we were members of his army back then and that he had returned to teach us how to evolve and become gods-realized.

I loved it.

But I grew disturbed on the second day when we were doing another round of C&E, as the Consciousness and Energy breathing technique is termed.

During this session I noticed that a lot of students were shouting a kind of new-agey warrior cry that was both primal and cosmic. However, it wasn’t the noise that was upsetting me. What really bothered me was that I wasn’t screaming. I wondered if I was missing something; perhaps I hadn’t gotten the full lesson from Ramtha.

Throughout the day, this thought continued and my despair deepened; finally my frustration burst.

“Ramtha!” I screamed mentally in my head. I’m not getting this. You’d better come down here and show me what to do!

I began to sob with despair. Heaving, and snorting-back nasal drainage, I suddenly felt a small hand on the top of my head. I assumed it was the palm of the kindly grandmother sitting next to me and with whom I had shared my mounting concern that I wasn’t really getting all the cosmic goodies that everyone else seemed to be savoring.

I guess my boo-hooing is bothering her, I thought.

I resolved to suck up my angst, quit the crying, and try some more C&E. Wanting to re-assure my granny next door, I patted the hand on top of my head. However, the hand didn’t move, staying put with a gentle firmness.

I patter it again.

The hand remained.

I raised the eye shades I had been wearing to shut out the light so I could focus with fewer distractions, and I looked over to my granny to tell her I was okay. However, she was blowing passionately and totally unaware of my difficulties.

I gazed forward.

I saw two little, white patent-leather shoes standing in front of me.

It was Ramtha.

As soon as I recognized what was happening the hand withdrew from my head, and the tiny feet walked away. I returned to my C&E exercise, and later savored the lessons of that day – that I am loved, my learning is my own, and to not judge or compare my experiences to others. Interestingly, these valuable principles have only come into my conscious awareness as I write these words. To me, that speaks to the power of Ramtha’s actions – they can still impact me, even after twenty-five years.

Quite simply, since that encounter in 1989, Ramtha has been the most important teacher in my life.

Most of the time, I have been one of a thousand students sitting in his large audiences in a converted horse arena on JZ Knight’s ranch in Yelm, but I’ve also learned that Ramtha is supremely skilled in one-on-one teachings, or via in-direct ways far from his physical presence. Things that he has said at an event will manifest in some manner a few days later at work, in the grocery store, or walking down the driveway. Truly, Ramtha can reach me at any time.

In the physical, though, he has counseled and yelled at me, tussled my beard, and walked with his arm around me during another outburst of despair several years later. I have felt truly loved by him, a love unlike any other I have ever experienced.

Further, I have experienced him as an exceptionally insightful teacher. He has demonstrated many times that he knows the exact words to say to me at the most propitious moment.

Not surprisingly, I love Ramtha. My life has been profoundly changed by studying with Ramtha, and all for the better.

Now, as to what Ramtha is and what he teaches, here we go:


Who is Ramtha?

Exactly who Ramtha is, and where he comes from – frankly, I don’t know.

What I can tell you is that I experience Ramtha as some kind of interdimensional being who channels through the body of JZ Knight, and in that format what I have heard from him on this subject is usually a mystical-but-vague reference, such as “I come from beyond the North Star.”

His use of metaphor, and to some extent what I consider his mythological-storytelling-style-of-teaching, are key ingredients of Ramtha and ones I am very comfortable with.

In a way, studying with Ramtha is like drinking fine wine – it is best savored by swirling it softly around in one’s mouth for a moment before swallowing.

Ramtha reminds me of the great storyteller, Michael Meade, who once told me that mythology is the way we tell the truth that can’t be told any other way. I think that is an apt assessment of Ramtha’s style.

In terms of the specifics of who Ramtha is, I find he is very different from JZ Knight. I have experienced Ramtha channeling through JZ hundreds of times, and since I have seen JZ when she is in her own persona, such as when she speaks publicly on political matters in town, I can tell you the differences I see between JZ and Ramtha are utterly remarkable.

I experience Ramtha as being an entity of substance and power. He is strong and kind, gentle and focused. His presence radiates wisdom and maturity, and his teachings have never failed to inspire me.

JZ Knight, however, strikes me as a woman who’s a student like me – a mix of brillance, warts and attitudes. In essence, she’s on a journey to become greater than what she has been – sometimes enlightened and wise, sometimes arrogant and self-centered.

At her most inspiring, though, I’ve seen her be a highly accomplished leader, direct and assertive. Her writings and public speeches are lucid and compelling; and her successful efforts to heal herself using the lessons of Ramtha’s teachings are laudable.

As for the validity of channeling, in 1996 a team of scientists led by Dr. Stanley Krippner, PhD, studied Ramtha and JZ before, during, and after channeling sessions.

Numerous scientific anomalies were recorded that indicated, in the words of one of the researchers, Dr. Ian Wickramasekera:

“JZ is not faking it because when we hooked her up to test her physiological responses, we got results which could not have been manipulated.”     (1)

Specifically, here is what the researchers found:

“According to Wickramasekera, who is president-elect of the Association for Applied psychology and Biofeedback in Colorado, when JZ Knight went into trance and the consciousness of Ramtha took over her body, her heart rate hit a low of 40 beats per minute and then raced to 180 beats per minute. In her normal, resting state, Knight’s heart rate was between 85 and 90. He pointed out that “You might see this in someone who is jogging or having a serious manic attack, but at the time JZ Knight was sitting completely still….It became apparent to the research team that something very dramatic and physiological was going on, and something that on the basis of everything that is known about human capacities cannot be faked.” Dr. Krippner explained that ‘An individual cannot really fake, cannot really role-play because in hypnosis there’s barely any psychological change at all. In role-playing there’s basically very little change at all.’” (2)

In addition, Dr. Gail Harley recorded:

“Her eyes changed from a soft striking blue as JZ Knight to an unfocused deep steel gray as Ramtha. Her skin tone darkens and her jaw stiffens, as her bearing becomes more militant and formal as Ramtha. Her stride becomes stiffly gaited….

“The dramatic changes in her appearance when Ramtha is in control are far too stringent to suggest that (JZ could be playacting or performing as Ramtha).”             (3)

Nevertheless, the essential tenets of Ramtha for me are: what does he teach and how has it improved my life. That last element – how have I changed – is the perspective that has pulled me through many a doubting moment, for I have grown mightily and I acknowledge that. At the very least, this book would not have been written without the lessons I have learned, namely, to open myself up to learning bold concepts and having the fortitude to plod through this writing and research.


The Science of Ramtha

At his School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington, Ramtha not only teaches the most advanced concepts of quantum physics, but also weaves in a consistent and informed knowledge about how life is created, why we are here, and where we are going.

In terms of the New Physics, Ramtha offers a comprehensive and detailed examination of the role of consciousness, energy and the brain in the formation of physical reality, and the dynamics of many kinds of energy fields, such as kundalini energy and the energetic fields of the body.

Upon the request of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, I present Ramtha’s teachings here in large, unaltered tracts, and I offer my brief commentary only to provide a measure of contextual clarity.

Specifically, what is shared here are the actual transcripts of Ramtha’s presentations to his students as published by JZ Knight Publishing in several books, such as the “Fireside Series;” The Mystery of Birth and Death, Redefining the Self; and A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Reality – all of which are available to the general public.

Readers please note: these transcripts are sometimes difficult to understand on first reading. Footnotes have been added to clarify information due to the lack of visual aides; but may I suggest that reading a master teacher in his own words is worth any inconvenience.

So let’s begin.

Ramtha distills his science to one simple equation that all students learn on their first day: “Consciousness and energy creates reality.” (4)

Ramtha continues and says that we are Gods on an earthly mission to “Make Known the Unknown,” of our lives – the emotional and experiential aspects of our lives. (5)

On the heels of this concept Ramtha follows: “Consciousness and energy and a brain create mind.” (6)

As we discussed in earlier pages, Ramtha defines consciousness as:

“Consciousness is the child who was born from the Void’s contemplation of itself. It is the essence and fabric of all being. Everything that exists originated in consciousness and manifested outwardly through its handmaiden energy. A stream of consciousness refers to the continuation of the mind of God.” (7)

And what is the Void?

Ramtha’s Glossary defines it as “one vast nothing materially, yet all things potentially.” To me, Ramtha’s Void is akin to the concept of superposition, or Bohm’s Superimplicate Order and Eternal Order – the utterly unlimited state of potentiality.

The entry point into material reality from the Void is a concept or place called Zero Point, as I understand Ramtha. From Zero Point, seven levels of consciousness and energy unfold, each level having its own distinct consciousness and energy characteristics, the lowest level being our present physical reality.

The remainder are all accessible through mind via their corresponding seals, which are energy centers in the body. (8)

As for the basic concepts, Ramtha explains his fundamental tenet of consciousness and energy creating reality, thusly:

“The brain is different than consciousness, although consciousness is what gives cells their life. The brain does not create consciousness; it creates thought.

“Consciousness and energy is the Source. When it gives life, it gives life because of a thought. The body, the human body, contains a brain, that that brain is the vehicle for streams of consciousness and energy. It is its power source.

“The brain’s job is to take impulses of consciousness and energy at the neurological level – don’t go to sleep – and create thoughts. The brain actually chops up the stream of consciousness into coherent thought-forms that are lodged in the neurosynaptic pathways in the brain.”   (9)

Ramtha further describes the relationship of consciousness and energy:

“Consciousness and energy are the dynamic forces of creation and are inextricably combined. Everything that exists originated in consciousness and manifested through the modulation of its energy impact into mass.”   (10)

Ramtha continues, and links his perspectives to those described by David Bohm, particularly the way in which matter folds and unfolds into wholeness and implicate order.

“Now so we call the Void one vast nothing materially, yet all things potentially. Come on beginners, say it. Now this is what in elder days of my appearance here I called the Mother/Father Principle, the Void. It was also called the Source – the Source. Now there is a great, brilliant scientist who got an understanding of the Void. He kind of called it the ether but that is incorrect. This scientist understood – and his name is David Bohm – he understood that particles don’t travel. They don’t travel; they appear and reappear. What an amazing concept. Don’t they do this? Yes, down here they do.

“He said the Void folds, enfolds, and outfolds potentials. He is right.”  (11)

Although the following Seven Levels of Consciousness were introduced in Chapter One, I think it vital to our current discussion so I’ve included it again.

However, when Ramtha presents this concept he encourages us to view this list as a pyramid, so that the first level of consciousness, “Subconsciousness,” is the broad base and tapers to the seventh level, “Infinite Unknown,” at the apex: He also adds the corresponding energy levels as they are described in the visible light spectrum.

Ramtha’s Seven Levels of Consciousness

and Corresponding Energy Levels


1. First Level: Subconsciousness                          Hertzian

2. Second Level: Social Consciousness                   Infrared

3. Third Level: Conscious Awareness                    Visible Light

4: Fourth Level: Bridge Consciousness                 Ultraviolet Blue

5. Fifth Level: Superconsciousness                        X-Ray

6. Sixth Level: Hyperconsciousness                      Gamma Ray

7. Seventh Level: Ultraconsciousness                   Infinite Unknown


As for what these types of consciousness are, here is my understanding:

The most basic consciousness, the first level Subconsciousness, is the primal nature of our being. It is our need to eat, stay warm, breathe, procreate, and protect ourselves. It is composed of dynamics that we aren’t always consciously aware of, hence, sub-conscious.

Ramtha also says that the Subconsciousness “has the power to access the mind of God, and the wisdom of the ages.” (13)

First level Subconsciousness is also localized at the first seal, which we’ll discuss in greater detail in the upcoming pages, but it suffices for now to know that the seven levels of consciousness are connected energetically by seals.

The second level is social consciousness, and to me that encompasses all that we have been taught by our parents, religious leaders and social institutions on how to be a member of society. I also sense it is the level of consciousness that deals with self-identity issues, such as self-awareness and feelings; a sense of pride and confidence or a feeling of lack, fear, or despair. Gut feelings, one might say.

Specifically, Ramtha describes social consciousness as “the collective consciousness of society. It is the collection of thoughts, assumptions, judgments, prejudices, laws, morality, values, attitudes, ideals, and emotions of the fraternity of the human race.” (14)

Next, the level of Consciousness Awareness has to do with our mobilization of our physical and mental capabilities to become individualized, to have certain experiences and create a place for ourselves in the world. As I understand from Ramtha, the third level of consciousness is characterized by the interplay of power, accomplishment, determination, domination, victimization and defeat.

These first three levels of consciousness encapsulate our physical existence, but the dynamics of the higher four levels are radically different as they are the transcendent pathway to an enlightened state of beingness.

The fourth level of Bridge Consciousness spans this divide, and it introduces a state of unconditional love, bodily perfection – such as perfect health – and a unity of being that transcends the polarity and separateness defining the first three levels.

As for Superconsciousness, Hyperconsciousness and Ultraconsciousness, well, I don’t really have a handle on those dimensions as my focus has been on more pressing matters in the basic levels, such as paying the rent. But I assume they are sublime, and I expect they are the realms that comprise the evolution towards God-Realization.

Now, since we have already had an introduction to superstrings let’s examine Ramtha’s seven levels of consciousness and energy in relationship to those hypotheses, keeping in mind the concept of a ten, or possibly an eleven-dimensional universe.

Further, it will be useful over the next few pages to remember the relative size of superstrings compared to the rest of reality.

To whit, descending in scale: first we have first galaxies, then solar systems; after that planets, us, and atoms; and then within the atoms are found electrons, protons and neutrons. Inside them go quarks, leptons and bosons, which are particles that carry energy or matter. Within those particles are the superstrings.

The following is an insightful comparison of string theory with Ramtha’s seven levels of consciousness as presented by RSE staff in Ramtha: The Mystery of Birth and Death, Redefining the Self.

“Edward Witten, a physicist at the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton is the leading proponent of superstring theory, which holds that quarks are constructed of strings. Superstrings exist in a ten-dimensional space-time. The extra six dimensions are enfolded to form the internal structures of quarks and electrons. The size of the string scale is 10ֿ³³ cm, a billion, billion times smaller than the size of a proton at 10ֿ¹³ cm. Superstrings have been described as vibrating threads of energy or rips in the fabric of space-time. They are either open-ended like lengths of rope or looped like rubber bands. Each string – like a piano string – has many different modes of vibration or harmonics. One of these modes has the properties that describe the long sought-after graviton, the quantum of gravitational waves. In contrast to conventional quantum theory, which makes gravity impossible, string theory requires gravity. Thus string theory unifies the theories of general relativity and quantum theory, the models of elementary particles and the four forces.

“[Note: The four forces are the four major forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism, weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force. The latter two forces are what keep the nuclei of atoms intact.]

“From 1970 to 1994, five superstring theories and one supergravity theory were developed, each differing significantly from the others in the general properties of the strings. In 1995, Whitten united all six of the theories into a single, more fundamental theory he called M Theory. The M stands for matrix, or membrane, and has eleven dimensions. In M Theory, strings and loops are anchored to sheets and bubbles called d-membranes or d-branes. They also describe the theoretical subatomic black holes speculated by some scientists.

“Ramtha’s eight spatial diagram, showing the sevenfold involution of consciousness and energy from Point Zero can be described in terms of M Theory. Point Zero would be similar to a subatomic black hole. The superstrings would correlate to the seven planes of existence, six of which are rolled up or enfolded, plus the dimension of time and the three dimensions of space, length, width, and depth.”  (15)

In addition, the seven levels of consciousness have corresponding physical representation in the energy fields of our bodies. These are the “bands” that Mike and I discussed in an earlier chapter, and here is Ramtha’s description:


The Energy Bands Surrounding the Human Body

“How many of you have heard the term, “auric field?” Raise your hands. Auric Field. Now how many of you believe that you can tear an aura? How many of you believe that? How can you tear energy? How can you rip up a thought? Auras, that is a metaphysical term for a band of energy that is actually dual in nature that surrounds all human beings, and this is what it looks like. [See figure.]

“Now this energy – Let’s say this is you [Ramtha is pointing to the drawing of the bands around the human body] and you have dual bands around the body. In other words, it is just not a gray area or a blue aura or a rainbow aura. It is very specific about energy because what an aura actually is, is levels of frequency with levels of consciousness. Now hold out your arm. Hold out your arm to your side. That is how wide the field is around your body. Now put both of your arms out and stretch them out and look at who all is sitting in your field. So would we say this is a social-conscious group? Indeed we would. Take a look around. Now go sideways. Go sideways and look at who else is in your field.

“This field, extending to the tips of your fingers, is actually a set of two bands. The first one ends here [the elbow]; the second ends here [fingertips]. It goes all the way around you and it is all the way in front of you and it is moving. The field cannot be seen with human eyes except for that which is termed the field closest to the finger, closest to the hand. If we were to put a black cloth on this wall and set two of you up and the rest of you to the back of the room and turned out the lights except for a small light on, you would be able to see literally the first band in the lower frequency around the body, around everyone that we put in front of that backdrop. You would actually see it. It is not a trick of the light. It is only what is visible to the brain. Got it?”        (16)

Ramtha also talks about how energy and matter change as they pass through the seven levels of consciousness. They, in effect, create seven levels of reality on the macro scale, but they also create our individualized life as our bands are comprised of each of the seven levels of consciousness and energy.

In essence, as energy moves from Point Zero and the seventh level of Ultraconsciousness to lower levels, energy slows, time is created and matter formed, and it does so seemingly, in a calibrated, stair-step fashion.

So superstrings could be thought of as originating on an upper level, perhaps in Hyperconsciousness, and as their energy slows they drop to the next level, possibly Superconsciousness, where they form quarks, leptons and bosons. These guys in turn slow a bit more, drop to the next level and form protons, electrons, etc.

Now, I have never heard Ramtha talk about superstrings, or even M-Theory, but he loves David Bohm’s theories of the implicate order.

Further, Ramtha is quite specific about the process of energy slowing and matter forming. Here is one of his teachings on the subject:

“Do you remember yesterday when we were working on this, the seven levels [see 8-spatial diagram]? How many of you remember? Remember we did it first with the hands and then with the drawing? [The students are spreading their hands, palms facing each other to stylistically envision the eight levels of reality.] Remember when we started, if you will recall, we talked about the energy between these two points. How many of you remember? And we said that is time {the space between the palms]. How many of you remember we talked about what happens to this energy if we slow it down to the next level? What happens to it? Turn to your neighbor and tell them what happens to this energy if we bring it down into this time field [sixth level].

“Now if we took this energy and slowed it down, it would wind itself up like this. It normally looks like this [a wave], undulating fields called the serpent [kundalini energy]. If we took them and put all of this nucleus, starting right here, brought it all the way down, we would have what science finds baffling about life. What they find baffling is – they call it subatomic fields – minute particles, atomic particles.

“You all know what an atom looks like. If we were to undress an atom, starting with that which is termed its electrons and its positrons, if we undress it, taking them out first along with that which is termed the outward shield and the momentum there, we could actually undress an atom starting here [first plane] all the way up to here [seventh plane], and every part would equal one of these levels of time. How many of you understand that?

“So science is trying to understand life from the big to the little instead of understanding life from the little to the big. Do you understand? Don’t go to sleep. So what this means then, that all matter, including this board and your body, are made up of atoms, that then if you coagulate atoms together in what is called a brotherhood, these atoms create what is called gross matter. Gross matter then creates molecules. Molecules then create tissue. How many of you understand? So be it.

“So now if we were to take a microscopic cell out of your body, it would still be big compared to the subatomic field. Are you still with me? Now so what does that tell you, my beautiful students? It says then that all life is made up of condensed consciousness and energy in the form of particles and that what science is endeavoring to understand is how do these partners, how is this partnership formed? How does one atom know to connect and share electrons with another atom? How do they know that? In other words, what is the intelligence behind an atom? For example, if everything that you have on your body is made up of atoms, then why is your garment feeling different than your skin? I am here to tell you that all atoms share a relationship together according to consciousness, and that is the pattern that glues them together.

“Remember, energy – energy, like this – energy is consciousness in motion. It is in motion. So even if we have energy, we have an inextricably riding field called consciousness. So every atom and every part of the atom, all the way to its orbit, has a mind. So every atomic structure has a mind.

“Now if we understand that it takes this entire pyramid [the eight-spatial diagram of consciousness and energy] to create an atom and that it takes time and mind to coagulate that atomic field, we will find out now that we can readily explain on the Earth how everything got here. (See figure describing the Energy of the Seven Planes of Existence) We had free form of energy. We had a superior intelligence that focused a thought, if you will, a thought-form, if you will, that the thought-form became the lord of energy, and the energy mutated and created relationships, coagulated to fill in the pattern of thought. Are you still with me? Every tree, every insect, every grain of sand came from a superior intelligence. And all sand is, is coagulated energy in the form of particles, but what holds it together is a mind, and the mind is what has put that atomic field into relationship with itself. It is attracting itself. How many of you understand?

“So then the large is made up of the invisible. The visible is made up of the invisible. So in order to correct the visible, to make change on the geographic scale even in your own reality, it is not about us going and cutting up these things. It is not about us sweeping the sand out of our life. It is about changing our mind to the large structure. Then the large structure falls apart and recoagulates itself into a new relationship to take new form. How many of you understand? [cheers from the students] You do?”  (17)

To re-cap what Ramtha just described – as I understand him – at different levels of consciousness energy slows down and enters a new level of being, coagulating into a larger form of matter. In addition, what holds all these bits of matter together is mind. Further, he says that thought is the master of what happens to energy, and ultimately, matter, and that every atom and every part of the atom has mind.

Rounding out the concept of different bits of matter coagulating while in different levels of consciousness, Ramtha has said that the sixth plane is the “quark field,” the fifth is the “proton field,” and in the fourth occurs the “closure of the nuclei” (18), which I assume to mean the combination of protons and nuclei to form a nucleus.

Lastly, each level of consciousness has a corresponding physical state, and we will see in the upcoming pages that Ramtha sometimes refers to these individualized physical states as “bodies.”

But for the moment, let’s next examine how Ramtha couples the seven levels of consciousness and energy to two different states of conscious thought: binary and analogical mind.

Binary and Analogical Mind

“Binary Mind means two minds. It is the mind produced by accessing the knowledge of the human personality and the physical body without accessing our deep subconscious mind. Binary mind relies solely on the knowledge, perception, and thought processes of the neocortex and the first three seals. The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seals remain closed in this state of mind.

“Analogical mind means one mind. It is the result of the alignment of primary consciousness* and secondary consciousness*, the Observer and the personality. The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seals of the body are opened in this state of mind. The bands spin in opposite directions, like a wheel within a wheel, creating a powerful vortex that allows the thoughts held in the frontal lobe to coagulate and manifest.          (19)

“…[Note: Ramtha defines primary consciousness as the Observer, the great self, the God within the human person. Also, secondary consciousness is referred to as the Self, the true identity of the human person different from the personality. It is the transcendental aspect of the person.]”   (20, 21)

Now might be the time to discuss the seals, and how all of the above dynamics are linked.


The Seven Seals

“Now in every one of you, you have this same triad, (see eight-spatial diagram of consciousness and energy) and the power that is around your body is enfolded not only around your body but in your body. The human body with its brain and its seven centers – these are not chakras – these are called seals (see diagram of Kundalini Energy and the Seven Seals). A chakra is where two lines of energy cross, and that is a chakra point. These [on the body]) are called seven seals. Every one of you has it. They are equal to this pyramid right here. And how simple is this? It means that what is important to you is where your energy will sit. And how many of you in this audience, that the only thing important to you is your sexuality, which is here, procreation [first seal], your pain and suffering, which is right here [second seal]. That is all that is important to you. You like to suffer and make other people suffer. You are warlike creatures. Or you are powerful people. You are tyrants. You are tyrants and you are victims [third seal]. These attitudes have to do with these vortexes right here [first three seals]. They are called seals.

“And everyone in this room has these open. What does this mean? It means that the first three bodies’ [the physical states corresponding to a specific consciousness or energy level, here meaning the physical states of the first three levels] energies are working on this level, this three-dimensional Earth plane with its time-flow, because it is necessary to have these open [the first three seals] in order to exist down here. But these are delivering energy every day. So whatever you think, the energy in your body opens. So just imagine this: Yeshua ben Joseph [Ramtha’s preferred name for Jesus of Nazareth] was born in the first seal. He grew up going through his youth and having this center activated [first seal], having this center activated [second seal], and having – at his last test in the desert of forty days, his Boktau [a month-long retreat] – his power being tested through abuse right here [third seal]. Now that is as far as anyone goes in this plane. This is not to demean intelligence. We can have a neocortex-brilliant person, but their energy is only here [first seal]. Neocortex brilliance usually is in agreement with the establishment, so this energy is open here [first three seals].

“Let’s think about Yeshua ben Joseph. In order for him to have healed the blind man, he had to have had energy not coming out of here [first three seals] but that energy had to have come from there [upper four seals]. He had to open up and develop and make manifest his fifth-level mind, the mind that exists up here, in order for him to perform a miracle down here. So what did that mean? That meant that that moment all of his energy was sitting here [higher seals], not down here [first three seals].

“Your body today has seven seals just like this (see diagram of The Seven Seals). And you have a drawing; take it out. This drawing here is the way that this physical body is held together according to these doors right here [first three seals]. So in every human being we have energy spiraling out of this center [first seal], we have energy spiraling out of this center [second seal] and this center [third seal]. Now if that is what is pulsating out here, if this is the energy that is manifesting as sexuality, power, or pain – stretch your arms out again – how many people do you affect with that attitude? Turn sideways. Have I made my point? So be it. Now if we could take and unlock these [higher seals], then we would unlock these [upper four frequency bands] and we would activate these [upper four levels of consciousness]. If we did, we could then change all reality and bring about a lofty mind to re-create it.”     (22)

At this point, it is time to take Ramtha’s views on consciousness and couple them with how they interact with our brains.


The Brain

“Now take out your drawing on the brain and out loud to yourself, as I point, I want you to read the names and associate yourself with this area of the brain. Look at your drawing and look at it. (Audience: Reptilian brain.) Louder. Or lower cerebellum. Louder. Now let’s pause here for a moment. It was once thought that the pineal gland was the seat of the soul. It is not the seat of the soul. Let’s continue. (Audience: Midbrain, corpus callosum, neocortex, thalamus.) Saint Thalamus. Look at your drawing. If you want to call this a hippopotamus, you can. It is all right with me. It is the hippocampus, amygdala.

“Now let’s take a look at the brain now that you have familiarized yourself and mapped yourself with its parts (see the diagram of the brain). Let’s do this. This is a timeline. Just draw underneath this drawing a timeline. And you can start here with number one. That is the first day you found yourself here [first plane]. Let’s go on down to about here, and I want you to date this line 455,000 years ago, 455- years ago. And I want you to come down a little further and I want you to make another line right here, and I want you to date it 40,000, another one right after it 35,000, and then barely in front of that – what is your year as you call it? – and put that timeline there: day one, 455,000 years, 40,000 years, 35,000 years, and today. Now underneath the timeline up to this point I want you to write ten and one-half million years. Now right up to 455,000 years, now we are talking about time as an arrow. It is linear. So now let’s turn and look back on the arrow where it came from, from whence it came (see diagram of the Arrow of Time).

“If we look in this time area here [prior to 455,000 years], this human brain looked drastically different. We did not have that which is termed the amygdala. We had the hippocampus. We did not have the frontal lobe, as we know it, or the neocortex. Prior to 455,000 years, let’s take a look at how large the brain was. It was only this large. How many of you have seen the skulls of hominids of antiquity? Now imagine for a moment, remember how small the back of the skull was? Do you remember? The back of the skull ended where the corpus callosum is, so all it had was this. That was prior to 455,000 years. Now that is not a bad thing since his was the original brain. Now it is called the reptilian brain because they date it to that which is termed the reptilian era, and it has been around at least that long. But do not confuse that this is the brain of the reptile, although some people, it could be argued, they have acted like that.

“Now if this is the brainstem coming up – Let’s use our arm as an example. [Ramtha raises his arm in the vertical position, with the hand closed, as an example of the brainstem and the midbrain’s section.]. Make a fist up here, and this will be the midbrain section, this is the brainstem, and the right in here is the reticular formation [the fingers in the fist]. Now take this other hand, wrap it very tightly around your wrist. The reptilian brain, or the lower cerebellum, has a very tight grip on the spinal column. In other words, all information coming from the body to the brain, is edited by this brain right here [lower cerebellum]. Now have you got a grip? This fabulous hominid brain was much more spectacular than we have given it credit for. The human being itself looked vastly different than what you have today, especially in the cranium and the lower cranium. But this brain has been around since the beginning.

“We are carrying it with us though evolution. But this was the brain that we accessed all levels of energy with when we were first in this body. The tissue of this brain is vastly different than the neocortex. Let us say we took a shave. We took a little razor and we took a little tiny shave of the material of this organ and we pout it under a microscope. That tiny shaving of the lower cerebellum has more tissue, more atoms in one slice, than the entire neocortex put together.

“So this grainy, darkly colored organ is the transmitter and receiver from all of these levels here [all seven levels]. So the first hominid was actually us, bringing with us the intelligence of that which is termed six other bodies, [from the other levels of consciousness] and we unfolded a stream of consciousness through this mechanism here. The yellow brain [the frontal lobe and neocortex, which were colored yellow in the demonstration], the neocortices, does not receive a stream of consciousness. That stream of consciousness only enters here [lower cerebellum] and it enters at the back of the brain here. So we get new knowledge from the back door, not up here [neocortex].

“This reptilian brain then became – up to 455,000 years ago – it was our transmitter and receiver to the higher and multiplex dimensions of which we had just come from [prior to incarnation]. The midbrain section was intact, and that which is called the pineal gland was much larger prior to 455,000 years than it is today. And the reason is if the reptilian brain is the seat of the subconscious, the midbrain itself is the seat of all psychic activity. It was created to be that way. The midbrain section is sensitive as a receiver to infrared radiation. Now it is the only part of the brain that is sensitive to infrared radiation. In other words, infrared would be if you are occupying this level at eight hertz [the Hertzian level], the second level up from this, which happens the moment you die; you enter that realm. That is called the infrared realm [the second level]. Now infrared as a band has a low end and a high end of its wavelength. This is what we have called the second plane of reality, very far from where we came. This band, because its wave is faster than out here, is called the psychic realm. The hominids prior to 455,000 years ago were telepathic. They communicated much like the animals do to day. Animals today are very telepathic creatures. Their brains are ultrasensitive to infrared radiation, and infrared is the psychic band.

“So the hominids picked up and received thought through the bandwidths, and their brain was the perfect receiver. They picked up communication with this area right in here [mid-brain]. The pineal gland, often called the soul of man, it is called that because it is the pineal gland that is responsible for manufacturing two neurotransmitters that are tantamount to consciousness in the yellow brain. The neurotransmitter serotonin – don’t go to sleep – we call her Sara for short. Sara is a day girl. The pineal gland, when there is light, is producing serotonin. Think of serotonin as the key. Now the moment the light diminishes in the retina of the eye that contains the same cells – your eye in its retina contains the same cells that are located in the pineal gland – so the moment that light begins to darken, it signals the pineal gland then to stop manufacturing Sara and start manufacturing Mel. Melatonin is the second neurotransmitter and melatonin is created to put the body to sleep.

“So they configured that the off- and on-switch of human behavior was located in the head, and when they finally realized that it was the pineal gland they said, ‘Ah, that is the master switch.’ It is not.

“However, it is the gland that we call the gland of the sixth seal, is tantamount, important because – listen to me very carefully – if this little gland, according to your eye, as soon as light penetrates your eyelid – that is why your eyelids are transparent, so even if they are closed you still get light in when the light comes up – the moment light starts to hit the retina, this starts to produce the serotonin.

“Serotonin is the get-up-and-get-going neurotransmitter. It unlocks everybody that is asleep and turns them on. Now the moment the light diminishes, is seen through there, it switches and produces melatonin. It is the thing that makes you lazy and lethargic and puts you to sleep. However, if the pineal gland is a little factory that manufacturers these very important neurotransmitters, it does something else extraordinary; it synthesizes from melatonin a hallucinogenic drug called pinoline. Would you write that down please, pinoline.

“The pineal gland synthesizes from melatonin a hallucinogenic drug called pinoline.

 “I do not spell. Pinoline. How does it sound? It sounds like a hallucinogenic.

“Now the shaman in the brain is the pineal gland. After midnight, at around one in the morning until about three in the morning, you move into your deepest level of sleep and your most lucid dreams occur there. Lucid dreaming is only possible if the pineal gland has had enough time to take Mel and change Mel into pinoline. And why pinoline? Pinoline is the hallucinogenic that the subconscious uses to allow the brain to communicate with the deeper spheres. You got that? Now people who stay up late at night don’t get to produce pinoline and therefore are robbed of this communication. What that means is that pinoline, distributed throughout the sleeping neocortex, fire-reverses the neurons, thereby allowing this entity [mirror consciousness] to talk to this entity [Point Zero]. Got it? Pinoline opens the door to the subconsciousness mind and, if it does, it allows out-of-body experiences to occur. Furthermore, it allows prophetic vision to be seen on the timeline. And it allows you to move up into these [higher] layers of consciousness, and that before you return to your body, the pinoline that is a short burst in the neocortex is absorbed, and that is all that is produced, and the door shuts and you are back in your body. Go it? How many of you understand? Now the pineal gland produces what? Louder. And how about after midnight? Is there truth to the Cinderella story?

“Now when the kundalini rises and hits this area [pineal gland], it immediately – immediately, by virtue of its alignment and energy – ionizes the spin ratio in the neurotransmitter serotonin.

“Now when we say ionizing the spin, what does that mean? Fancy words, eh? Well, if serotonin is a neurotransmitter molecule, then all molecules are made up of atoms. How many of you agree? Correct? Now the atoms that it takes to make a molecule of serotonin is that they have all agreed to have an association and in that association their spins are relative to one another. They interchange electrons together, thereby changing mass, which in turn changes its chemical nature. So if this is a molecule of serotonin, and then we have a hot wind of kundalini and we have a powerful magnetic field of kundalini passing through this molecule, that energy is going to reverse-spin that molecule, thereby changing its characteristic. The molecule itself becomes fractured and then is reconfigured, and what it is reconfigured in is its highest body – never its lower body – its highest body. The highest molecule potential of serotonin is pinoline.

“So then this energy moves up into the midbrain, opens up the door of Saint Thalamus. Energy moves and starts firing simultaneously on the left and right hemispheres of the brain. All of the neurons start to fire. And with pinoline, immaculately changed in the twinkling of an eye, the brain is thereby capable of logging and registering timelines that go back to a point of eternity. Now turn to your neighbor and explain what I have just taught you about the brain so far. Now, my beautiful people, you have a little better understanding about what is sitting between your ears?

“[After a short break, Ramtha continues.]

“What is this? The pituitary gland is the seventh seal, it is the crown, because the pituitary gland directly affects the yellow brain and is the turn-on of all other glands starting from in the head throughout the rest of the body. The pituitary gland does this by secreting certain hormones that then in turn, turn on the pineal. The pineal then secretes its hormones and its neurotransmitters and turns on all of the rest of the glands going down into the body. If you were to have this removed, this entity right here [pituitary gland], then you would be dwarfed in your size and would not live for a great time. In the beginning, prior to 455,000 years ago, this particular gland was mutated. In other words, it did not have the capacity then that it does now. There was no need to have it then. So in the beginning stages, if we were to see that which is termed a proper hologram of Homo erectus’ brain, then we would be able to determine that that brain in those times did not have a seventh seal, that the seventh seal has become a graduated gland according to the use of energy.

“So this is your brain. The yellow [brain] came when, as I told you the Gods came [According to Ramtha, extraterrestrials advanced the brain of Homo erectus through genetic engineering and brought forth the neocortex] and took you as primitive entities and commingled that which is termed their genes with yours. And the timeline from 455,000 to 40,000 years, that is what it took to get seeded into the human DNA that which is termed the differences of the DNA from your brothers and your sisters that gave you new physical possibilities. The first group of entities created from this cross-mutant were in the form of Mongolians. They were all olive-skinned and black-haired and some carried an enormous amount of body hair. It would not be until 40,000 years ago in your understanding, at the point in which Cro-Magnon’s brain was utterly fixed, [and the frontal lobes fully developed] do we have now a diversity of that which is termed skin color, hair color, and eye color. This large neocortex is exactly what the Gods have. This is what they have. Some of them have a larger neocortex than Cro-Magnon, but this is what they gave you.

“You have done little with this except used it automatically and genetically to operate your body, to operate your speech, to maintain balance, used it for memory. You have used it in its barest form. But the majority of the neocortex lies unmapped. It lies unmapped because it is waiting for something to happen. It is waiting for a realization to occur. And how does this transfer? This is not the day to go into a brain teaching. We will do that into your Retreat. But it is to say that the way that the brain is used today and the way you are going to use it this afternoon is that whatever sits right here in the frontal lobe, whatever sits there becomes reality because this place above the eyes and the brow, in science it is called the quiet area. That is the area that all those who are adept at meditation focus on. That is the area that they turn into. Whatever this brain puts here [frontal lobe] becomes the law and as an Observer will affect all energy fields, keeping it status quo or changing it.

“So now how does the brain do that? This yellow brain is created to fire holographic images. This is what thought is. And every neuron in your brain is hooked up to other neurons. Just to form the color yellow as a thought takes ten thousand and more neurons to fire simultaneously to give the color of a yellow sun. So now the brain is used to make images, make them, create them, imagine. The brain is an imaging machine. The neocortices make images. Those images that sit here are what precludes reality. It gives reality. It allows reality. It either eternalizes it or changes it. And this is what science calls the Observer.

“When the scientist created the trick for the light and created an aperture in the opening of the veil, he did that while he was thinking about it (Thomas Young and the Double-Slit Experiment). That was his plan. He had a neuronet plan to follow. When he constructed the light to fall through, to be shown upon the veil, he knew there was a slit there. His brain fired the entire plan simultaneously. You call it thinking. But as a stream of thinking occurred, it was those thoughts about the plan that affected light and allowed light to move through the slit to the other side of the negative screen. So whatever sits here [frontal lobe] is reality. So the yellow brain is a great architect. Its job is to design archetypes. Its job is to think coherently. Its job is to provide you, the Spirit, with as great amount of imagery as possible, because without it we don’t collapse the wave into particle form. Got it?”   (23)

Let’s re-cap this section:

First, the brains of ancient hominids were composed of two parts: the lower cerebellum, commonly called the reptilian brain, and the mid-brain area that was particularly sensitive to infra red energies, which made it acutely attuned to physic and telepathic communications. This neurological ensemble was altered 455,000 years ago, and genetically expanded to produce frontal lobes and a neocortex to form what is often called the modern brain of Homo sapiens.

[Note: As controversial as Ramtha’s historical statements might appear, Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin makes similar claims in his substantive Earth Chronicles series, most notably The Twelfth Planet. According to Sitchin, the beings who tinkered with hominids were called the Nephilim and came from a planet called Nibiru. Through genetic engineering they created a more advanced hominid here on earth that eventually became Homo sapiens, aka the modern human. In addition, the Nephilim are also discussed in the Hebrew Bible.]

It is the frontal lobes that are the seat of the Observer, the part of the brain that astute masters place their thoughts – the images conjured up by the rest of the brain – and through focus utilize the capacities of the frontal lobes to create what they want in reality.

In addition, pinoline is a neuro transmitter and a derivative of melatonin, which in turn comes from serotonin, a common brain chemical.

Pinoline is produced during sleep and it allows the brain to communicate with deeper spheres of consciousness. It can also facilitate out-of-body experiences and provide unlimited access to any region of time and space.

Further, this process can be also be created by “the hot wind of kundalini” energy. [Ramtha defines Kundalini energy as the life force of a person that descends from the higher seals to the base of the spine at puberty. It is a large packet of energy reserved for human evolution…] (24)

Kundalini energy can be released by certain disciplines of the mind and it can create a “reverse-spin” on molecules of serotonin, which changes their characteristics and can then open the doors to advanced states of consciousness.

Now, for the home stretch on Ramtha’s science:


Becoming Aware of Our Thought Processes

“Now think about this for a moment. What if you were conscious every day of your thoughts? Most of you are unconscious of your thoughts. You are unconscious of the way you speak. You speak like barbarians, like trash, unbecoming to a God. You don’t even use your words as force. But what if for a solid week you were observing the way you thought? What if you got to do that? You would certainly see how a train of thought is the image that is necessary for creating life the way you have been experiencing it. So what if we change the picture? If we change the picture, we change reality. It is as simple as that. So the great runner I am going to send you this week is I am going to make you very conscious of your thinking for a week. So be it.

“Now when I said to you last night, “Go and think of three things you would like,” what did I tell you to do? I said, “Think.” So you are sitting down and you are telling your brain, “Now pull up the files. What do we want, want, want, want? Let’s see, what do we want, want? Oh, want, oh.” Your brain is forming thoughts. At first you had something and then you tried to think of two more things. Did you know you are trying to think what you want? Isn’t it interesting that you have to try to think of what you want? Why, if a genie appeared in front of you, you would be tongue-tied for the first five minutes. You can have anything you want. It is always safe to say, “If I can have anything I want, then everything I wish for after this I want, because that is the only thing I can think of this moment.”

“The brain is giving you images. When you decided what you want, you had to make your yellow brain be creative with you. And then it would give you an image, and you know what you did? You thought about the image. You know what else you did? You judged the image. “Oh that will never happen. I don’t deserve that. Oh, that is too much. Get real.” That is what I am trying to tell you to do is to get real. So you put an image up and then you analyzed it. How many of you did that? How many of you analyzed what you wanted? Wouldn’t you think that that is an ill–use of analysis now knowing what you know? What if you just created something and didn’t judge it at all and said, “This is what I want.” What would happen? What would happen? Would you get it? How many of you think you would? What would happen if you judged it? What if you were running an analysis on this hologram? What would happen? You don’t get it. You know why? Because it is under analysis. It is under analysis. Even though it is sitting there, it is not permitted to do anything because it is being judged and weighed. It is being thought about, talked about. It is never left alone. As long as it is under analysis, it never manifests. How many of you understand that?

“So think of the yellow brain as an archetype, a deliverer of images, and it puts it right here [frontal lobe]. Whatever goes here is in agreement with this entity here [Point Zero] always. It is from the back door in your brain that the energy comes, like through the kundalini, to give this total credibility. Without energy this doesn’t go anywhere. If we allow it, we give it the greatest energy of all. If we discern it, we take away from it. We limit its energy.

“Now here is what is very happy about this knowledge. When you truly understand how your brain works, how it affects energy and reality, what should become that which is termed apparent to you is that if it works for one thing it can work for everything. There is no law written anywhere that prohibits the use of that which is hidden in any area. You create everything. There is nothing impossible to you when you learn this science, when you learn the discipline. What, sadly, some people do is they never apply it. They are too lazy. But it works. If you can manifest a feather, you can manifest the ability to be Christ, as it is the same energy straight across the board.

“[Ramtha releases his students for a meal break with the following comments:]

“I want you to eat like ravenous children. And attitude is everything. I want you to be happy with every chip you swallow, happy, happy. And when you have an opportunity, I want you to take a walk outside and clear your lungs, read, rest, and by the time that I come back have your three things [of which you want to focus on and create] narrowed down to a word each. I love you greatly.

“Student: I love you.

“Ramtha: I am worth it. That is all.”       (25)

Again, let’s re-cap.

What I take from Ramtha is if we want to change our lives we need to change our thoughts and hold a different image of reality in our brain. It’s critical that we not judge, discount or dismiss it. Analysis robs a thought of its energy. Remember, consciousness and energy creates the nature of reality, and this law is utterly unlimited. This science works for all thoughts, even the desire to be a Christ or the wish to be remain a victim.

Along those lines Ramtha has more to add:

“Now Yeshua ben Joseph was considered a master all the way up to the sixth level. He was only a master; he was never a Christ. And his job, as difficult as it was, was to defy reality with his mind. Look, if I am telling you today that what you think affects all life around you, then if you stop for a moment and reflect, you will see how your life has stayed static according to your image thoughts. You drive down to the city, you expect to see the city, the city is there. You expect to see people begging, they are always there. You expect to see a car wreck on the side of the road because you need a little excitement, there is always one, isn’t there? If that is true and you have the power, imagine what an initiation it was for such a being, and beings, that they had to defy physical reality with a mind so powerful that they could see what was not there and make it that. Powerful, eh?

“Do you think that this is more powerful than you? No, it is you. But where is your energy? Your energy is that you accept what is mundane in your life. You accept your ill health, you accept your problems, you accept your limitations, and because you accept them you freeze them and lock then that energy into a relationship. That is what you do every day. You are a God. You are doing that. Imagine what it would be to get up every morning and defy reality, to start changing what has been normal to you to be supernormal every day. So the first day you get up and a few things change but not everything. Is that enough to go back and accept mundane reality? Or is it that we are having to create a mind that is so powerful that it can acquiesce the energy field of any lifeform and any situation and change it immediately. What does it take? Constant focus on what is expected rather than what is seen.”    (26)

It is my understanding of Ramtha’s teachings that as we evolve through the seven levels we develop a Great Mind, which allows us to transcend space and time. Further; a by-product of having a Great Mind is the ability to create fantastic realities, such as teleporting, levitation, or maintaining an invisible state.

One of the ways Ramtha has taught us to create our Great Minds is through the Torsion Field process, which Mike and I talked about in Chapter 2, and it is an advanced form of the consciousness and energy breathing technique that I discussed at the beginning of this chapter. In the Torsion Field process, one consciously spins the bands of the body in a counter-rotational manner to induce a robust analogical state of mind.

Not too surprising, a counter-rotational flow of energy is a dynamic that scientists are using to engineer field-effect propulsions systems, aka antigravity, and in later chapters we’ll address the bio-physics of human levitation and explore the work underway to create anti-gravity devices.

But for the next few chapters I think it wisest to focus on the neurophysiology of the brain, and how consciousness and mind are at play there and in the body as a whole.



 Ramtha – An Introduction to his Science and View of Reality

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©  2014   Bruce A. Smith

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54 Responses to An introduction to Ramtha’s model of science and his view of reality

  1. Dempsey or Everdell says:

    “scrapping the coffee grinds” nice job of itemizing what you learned, by the way.

    What is the difference between scraping and scrapping?

    In: The Difference Between [Edit categories ]


    Scraping means:”To remove (an outer layer, for example) from a surface by forceful strokes ”

    Whereas scrapping means:

    1. Discard or remove from service (a retired, old, or inoperative vehicle, vessel, or machine), esp. so as to convert it to scrap metal. 2. Abolish or cancel (something, esp. a plan, policy, or law) that is now regarded as unnecessary, unwanted, or unsuitable

    AND-(and) do you have any interest in a fight I am having with JZ and the fact she is paying the publicity costs for the SE Thurston Fire Authority while they refuse to allow the public to meet in the buildings the public built? HD

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  3. Sunscape says:

    I “stumbled” across Ramtha in 1986 when a friend introduced me to his work. We watched a video tape of one of JZ’s channelings. I’m not sure what happened during the channeling, but deep in my inner recesses I found truth, and a wave of emotion surfaced in tears. In those days I was heavily caught up in the minutiae of life and had never considered anything beyond the daily grind with its endless and tumultuous challenges.

    You could say that Ramtha was my first teacher because subsequently I started a 28-year inner spiritual journey with many masters and teachers–to name a few such as Babaji and Jeshua. Today I work with a spiritual group dedicated to living in truth with love, integrity, and compassion for all.

    It’s been a blessed journey and I thank Ramtha, my first teacher, who started me on my spiritual journey.

    P.S. just a koinkidink–I was thinking of Ramtha the other day and then came across this article. No accidents in the Universe!


  4. Trail Lover says:

    OMG Sunscape! I had the same experience in 1985 when I saw a video of Ramtha at a spiritual centre open house night. I was so moved, i had to excuse myself, go to the parking lot and I wept from a deep, deep place. It was like a dam broke and I was releasing all this pent up confusion and sadness from the past. I felt like I had come home. Home to my real family. I read many books and saw many videos, but didn’t actually go to the school until 2010! I continue to be a current student of RSE and go to Yelm whenever I can. I feel so blessed to have had this great teacher. I am strong, sovereign and a manifester!

  5. Andrew Bauer says:

    I believe the size of the string scale is 10 to the power of MINUS 33 cm and the size of a proton 10 to the power of MINUS 13 cm! Also … 455,000 years ago is equivalent to 455-THOUSAND years ago. From an RSE student 🙂 Excellent article, by the way! A joy to re-cap the essence of what I have heard somewhere sometime during the past 25 years.

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  7. snowmman says:

    Hi Bruce.
    What would a friend tell you?
    A friend would tell you that all of that is just hogwash, and it connects with your mind for a variety of reasons, that have nothing to do with “truth”.
    While we are all searching for a reason for our existence on this planet, it’s kind of sad to see what appears to be a rise in people embracing bullshit. Well maybe it’s not sad, because it raises the I really care? I guess I care about you, so I write this note, which is a pretty minimal level of caring. Admittedly.

    There’s plenty of stuff out there to embrace, that’s not bullshit. 100, nay, 1000 things, thoughts, and ways of being, that are more truthy and more rewarding that that bullshit.
    You get to pick and chose. But so do heroin addicts.

    I wish you the best,

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Snowmman is indeed a friend, but his concerns are his, not mine.

      Neverthless, I am grateful he has posted his thoughts here, and I do consider them an expression of caring.

      All the best to you, too, Snow-

  8. snowmman says:

    Bruce, when you say “his concerns are his, not mine”, then you are lowering the value of any connection we have. A friend would acknowledge the connection. Obviously there isn’t one. Well, that’s a weight off my back. I don’t have to care any more!
    My quick read is that Ramtha likes to create the feeling of about caring. I think you like the feeling of caring, more than reality. Reality is better!

    And I’m not about attacking the idea of exploring the wide range of human/body/emotional experiences. That is the goal. Except not with a con artist like Ramtha.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I do not feel like I am lowering the value of our connection, Snowmman. In fact, I am honored that you have written about your concerns about our relationship.

      As for Ramtha, if he is a con man (con woman?), then I suppose a sincere seeker can learn something of value from anyone. I certainly have.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Yes, many scathe Ramtha, but does that really change anything?

      The essential question remains – does consciousness and energy create reality? If not, what does create reality? God? If so, then what or who is God, and what science does he/she/it use to create it?

      It also begs the next question – who are we? Are we outside of God? Are we separate from God? Are we outside of whatever process God uses to create reality?

  9. snowmman says:

    your questions about God are too easy.
    I am God. And so are you.
    Find some hard questions.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I agree, we are Gods.

      The next question, I sense, is WTF is going on with our lives and the world. Why have we created so much mess? Next question is, what do we do about it.

      • Mark M says:

        Mess is inevitable. It’s called entropy. We angst about it and try localized antientropic endeavors, but entropy will always win on a Universe-wide scale.

        Kindness and compassion don;t violate any laws of thermodynamics, at least in my opinion. Concentrate on battles we can win.

        Bruce, you completely dodge the crass commercial aspects of JZK and her Ramtha BUSINESS. In my view any alleged deity, spirit or god that has his hand on my wallet is a fraud.

        JZK has a great business model. Convert existential angst into revenue. COGS is low, margins are astronomical. She screwed up (business wise) in making herself so essential to the enterprise. Ramtha may be ageless but she isn’t.

  10. brucesmith49 says:

    I’m not dodging anything about JZ Knight, crass or otherwise. Her business practices are for her to “own,” as we say in Ramtha Land. The bottom line for me is what I learn in the school that she operates. Every thing else is a distraction.

    That said, once I get the hang of being a God, I trust that I’ll run my school of enlightenment a bit differently than Ms. Knight runs hers. In the meantime, I go with what I’ve got.

  11. snowmman says:

    Here’s a nice acid test bruce (and for your readers)

    If you cringe the slightest at saying “I am God” or cringe at me saying “I am God” …it’s a sign that you might be too brainwashed in the idea that there has to be some entity or something you’re beholden to.

    Whether it’s the guy on your wallet or the guy on some cross.

    Given the limited amount of information we have about the universe, it’s perfectly reasonable to go with your own godliness.

    If when you die or something, you amazingly find out you erred, and that someone’s weird story actually turned out to be true, well it would seem to me that any god-thing people have described should be perfectly comfortable with the route you picked, rather than bending over for some mass-hysteria-kind-of-thing.

    The buddhist koan has it right: “If you meet the buddha in the road, kill him”

  12. snowmman says:

    re: what do “we” do about it.
    well, if you someone have the ability to organize large masses of people to do something positive, go do it. Most of it are not able or willing to do that. Barring that, accept that you’re just a mass of flesh and blood with a slightly better brain than a dog, and put it to good use somehow. Minimally, try to minimize how much worse you make things. Everything above that is gravy. There’s no report card, or permanent record. So what you do, is basically something you decide makese sense. Isn’t that the biggest problem? That we actually have free will, but we don’t exercise it much.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      The real test as I see it is to not organize large masses of people to “something positive,” but to simply live as a God. It’s often an alone journey, and I find that tough.

      As for why we have life, I go with the most sublime and elegant concept I can envision. Being a God does that for me. Imagine – what would the traditional Supreme Being say if I could imagine a more exquisite purpose to life than what the religions of the world offer or the cynics of the secular world?

  13. snowmman says:

    it would say “Imagine not. Do”
    Does it matter if it just stays in the flesh you call brain?
    I think you may have dialed back your existence to something that feels comfortable, and are now searching for a rationale.
    Maybe you’ve not cut off enough yet. Cut off a hand and foot and maybe you’ll be closer to exquisiteness.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I agree. “Do” is more important than imagining, but the action has to start somewhere.

      I don’t exactly follow your thought on if I am dialing back my existence as my intention is to engage life at a more robust level. Sure, I’d love to be more comfortable, but it eludes me at the moment. However, the results are still teaching me something vital.

      As for being “cut off,” Snow, I find it ironic that we have never had this level of conversation before. Regardless on how we got here, I’m thankful for the exchange with you.

  14. snowmman says:

    I was thinking I should stop preaching for a second, because all I wanted to do was give you some feedback about this Ramtha nonsense, just to clear my conscience..i.e. I didn’t stand by and say nothing.

    So what’s the next level of feedback that you might find useful. Well hell, you’ve said it’re looking for love, of some kind..wherever it comes from. I suspect it’s all around you already. Anything you get from Ramtha is a poor substitute.

    I have that thought, because I was wondering what motivates you. I mean, you can have your questions about “why”..but why even have that in your head..i.e. the questioning. You’re looking for something..maybe the looking is what you’re all about. If so, then Ramtha is like drinking coca-cola and proclaiming you’ve discovered everything there is about the human experience of tasting liquids. Drop the coca-cola and find reality, even if you can’t understand it.

    It tastes better. If it doesn’t, you’ve not found the right reality yet.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      What motivates me?

      Many people call me a seeker, but I call myself an experiencer – I seek new experiences. I am an explorer, shedding much of the confines of social convention to find the new. I have had many different types of jobs – recreation therapist, commerical beachcleaner, stagehand, newspaper reporter. I’ve loved that life, and I see that few choose to do the same. Yes, I have had to forego many of the comforts of society, and am often alone at ‘family times,” such as Christmas, or worse, a stranger in a roomful of people I’ve known all my life.

      One of the results of spending 25 years in the Ramtha school is that I am a bit detached from regular life. Hence, I am seeking to engage life in a more complete way. That is why it is so exciting for me to be writing about what I learned at RSE. I’m bringing my whole being into the world. I am like a monk who leaves the monastery and starts wandering the streets, eating tasty treats from roadside vendors.

      Perhaps this is what Tina Mucklow is doing as well. For those who do not know the Tina reference, Ms. Mucklow is the primary witness to the DB Cooper skyjacking, having been the flight attendant that he held hostage on his get-away flight. Afterwards, she entered a cloistered convent and stayed hidden from public view for thirty years, emerging recently to work in social services in central Oregon. I have written extensively about Tina and Cooper, and my reporting can be found elsewhere in the Mountain News. Snowmman and I first connected as fellow sleuths in the hunt for DB Cooper.

  15. snowmman says:

    fair enough. new experiences are good.
    Then I’ll give you feedback about your “science” crap above. It’s not science. You wouldn’t know science if a scientist hit you with a baseball bat. It’s amazing to me, that people shoveling some point of view, mix in some weak pseudo-science and people accept it. It’s perfectly fine that you’re trying to be a scientist, but if the above text is it, you’ve failed. hmm. in terms of new experiences, you could actually try to be a real scientist. Take some physics courses, learn real stuff. etc.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Snowmman, stop.

      Your comments are offensive and pointless. In this chapter I presented Ramtha’s model of science. Have I done that fairly? If so, then STFU. If not, then tell me what I got wrong. If you disagree with Ramtha, then tell us the how, what and why. Give us facts, findings, and proofs – not personal attacks.

      I’ve asked you in the past and I’ll ask again. In your view what causes reality? That’s the question on the table, not name-calling and nastiness.

  16. snowmman says:

    in your monkdom, I don’t get the sense that you resolved a key question about sense of self:
    are you deciding 1 or 2 or something in between
    1) I am who I believe I am
    2) I am what others perceive me to be.
    I get the feel you want 1), but chase issues relating to 2)
    If you want 1), be it.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I am striving to be greater than what I have been.

      I sense you are caught up in trying to understand the life of a Christ-in-training. I am certainly in an in-between place in my life. I have a lofty view of life with the unlimited nature of levitation and remote viewing, but I struggle to afford gas for my neighbor’s car so I can drive to town and do my laundry.


      • Mark M says:


        You are wasting your time pursuing human levitation. Really.

        The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi made tons of money promising his students that they could levitate. Not one succeeded. Their excitement over pre levitation “hopping” was just pathetic. They were conned. Plain and simple. Faith fleecing is what I call it.

        No human has ever defied gravity without external assistance. None ever will. It’s this nasty thing called Newtonian physics.

        I can’t tell you that telepathic communication is impossible but levitation? No problem there. It is impossible. Wanna dispute that? Levitate.

        Skydivers would be all over it were levitation possible. Cheap bastards would do anything to avoid paying $20 for a lift to 14,000 feet.

        Your friend, supporter and critic,

  17. snowmman says:

    Bruce. You can’t say “shut the fuck up” to someone and then ask a question and expect a response. The hardest thing in the world, is to get someone to give a fuck about you. Why should I give a fuck about you? Obviously I shouldn’t. You don’t want me to.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Looks like I need to start cracking on revising my chapter on the bio-physics of human levitation. It’s original version was published in Mount Shasta magazine around 2004 or so. As for the Maharishi’s students bouncing into the air, they are able to gain 30 inches in height. Not too shabby, I say.

      Stay tuned.

      • Mark M says:

        Bruce wrote:

        “As for the Maharishi’s students bouncing into the air, they are able to gain 30 inches in height. Not too shabby, I say.”

        Mark writes: Then jackrabbits must be even better “levitators”… and they don’t pay anyone for a mantra.or flight training.

        Nobody wishes for an exception to physics more than I do, but I am a realist. I’d NEVER invest a penny in Maharishi levitation training or on a proposed machine that violates the laws of thermodynamics. Others less sceptical have been fleeced for millions by promoters of perpetual energy machines.

        Pseudo science does no good and has been used for evil purposes like swindling investors and levitation students.

        Now it looks like TM is selling preflight training and has scaled back its promise of levitation.

        Transcendental Meditation® from the Sceptics Dictionary:

        “Probably the least believable claim of TMers is that they can fly—well, not really fly, more like hop. TM loudly promoted levitation in its early days.* Television news programs featured clips of TMers hopping around in the lotus position, claiming to be hovering. Apparently, this claim was too easily disproved and now TMers do not claim to be able to fly or hover, but say they believe that they can advance so that some day in the future they will be able to truly levitate and gain other super powers (sidhis) as have many holy ones before them.”

  18. brucesmith49 says:

    Snow, I would much prefer if you would choose to respond with scientific information, not a statement of your anger.

  19. snowmman says:

    sorry bruce. I’m not helping you with your book. I’m assuming you write because you like people to read what you write. If you want feedback on your “science” …you need to find people that think it makes sense. It’s not me. I gave you feedback: if you want to learn science, take some physics courses. There is learning, experiments, tests..i.e. feedback from experts about what you know or don’t know. If you’re not interested in what people who are experts have to say, but want to make up your own twist on things, then you don’t need feedback. Just write. Some set of fools will read it and say “Makes sense”. With 4B+ people on the planet, any set of ideas finds an audience of some kind.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      The feedback I am getting from you, Snow, is this:

      1. You think I’m a jerk and undereducated.
      2. I need to go back to school and learn some “real” science.
      3. You have more fun bad-mouthing me and my writing than talking about the hypthoses espoused by Ramtha, Tiller, Penrose, Satinover, Goswami, Hammeroff, Putoff, et al.

      Am I missing anything?

  20. brucesmith49 says:

    As for what is going on at the Maharishi’s university and the folks who bubble with bliss up into the air for a moment, I don’t know. Is it a loss of g? Is it some kind of field-effect that doesn’t have a name yet?

    I don’t know, but whatever it is, it seems to be induced by certain kinds of deep meditation.

    Along those lines, students from RSE have been tested at the STAIF conference for loss of g while meditating. I understand that the subjects both gained and lost g. I have the exact amounts in my notes and will be sharing them shortly, as soon as I get my potato rows weeded.

    Mark, would you please call Snowmman’s mother and tell her that he needs to learn some manners. My interventions with The Great One don’t seem to be having much of an impact. Thanks.

  21. snowmman says:

    hey mr. sensitivity. When you don’t know someone, and start making assumptions about their family, trying to appear to be the superior in sensitivity…you run the risk of saying something inappropriate like maybe my mom committed suicide, I was adopted and never met my mother, I killed my mother etc. Social media has its risks. You seem to want the benefits but remain blissfully unaware the risks.
    I don’t matter here. If you’re right about all your write, then your readers will embrace you and you’ll ride happily off into the sunset.
    Me or the way I write is not the problem (note that since I force ideas into your head, by definition I’m a good writer).
    Meditate on that for a bit!
    I’m not the one complaining, you are. Fix yourself.

  22. snowmman says:

    on your summary bruce, no you got it wrong
    it’s this:
    4. You did some work I appreciated in the past, in which I thought you did a good job. I figured I owe you a little, to maintain my overall karmic balance. I consider the karma balance complete now. You may not have wanted what I tried to give, so that maybe invalidates it, but in the overally philosophy I’ve updated, it still counts.

    Good luck with your adventures.

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  24. Katherine says:

    When will your book “The New Physics – An Introduction to the Science of Consciousness” be published?

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Frankly, I don’t know at this point. I’m working on my book on DB Cooper, and when it’s finished I might go back to this one, the science of consciousness. The big issue for me is how well do I know the subject? My grasp of manifesting with focused thought is weak.

  25. Great overview! Thank you.

  26. 377 says:


    Forget TM levitation. Spend your money on skydiving lessons.

    Our floating “weightlessness” is also an illusion but it is a damned good one. 😉

    With your new status as a published DB Cooper author, some freefall experience would add to your cred.


    • brucesmith49 says:

      Cred? 377, you must remember that the American Physics Society invited me to their STAIF (Space Technology and Application International Forum) gathering in 2003 to present my paper on antigravity. Plus, noted physicist Eugene Podkletnov says the European Space Agency loves me and my work, but so far I haven’t received an invite nor seen a Euro…

      • 377 says:


        I don’t want to pop your antigravity balloon but you were probably just an amusing eccentric anomaly to the scientists. Their masses don’t view you as a peer. Maybe a few on the fringe do.

        It’s not hard to measure gravitational attraction. Show me one credible repeatable experiment that shows it can be reduced by mere thought, concentration, mediation, chanting, wishing, hoping etc… Gravity has no feelings. It’s just an inherent property of mass. Gravity doesn’t care what you or anyone else thinks. It isn’t tuned to that channel.

        If it works save your pals at ESA a huge amount of launch vehicle money by engineering an antigravity boost assist device.

        End of pompous skeptic sermon. 😉


  27. brucesmith49 says:

    Proof? I suppose the ultimate proof will be when I hover over the crowds at a Giants game and wave to the crowds. But until that time, there are indications of influence upon g. Have you read my examples in the AG piece, or Human Levitation 101? They are around here someplace.

  28. Barbara Jean Jackson says:

    Hi Bruce, we have a Vancouver group that we’d like you as a speaker. I have a guestroom you can stay in overnight if you need it. Hope to hear back from you, Barb 503 949 7114

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