DB Cooper and the FBI – A Case Study of America’s Only Unsolved Skyjacking, now available on Amazon Kindle

Greetings Everyone,

I’ve got great news – my book, DB Cooper and the FBI, is now available at Amazon as a Kindle e-book.

The cost is $6.99, and I should see about 4 bucks of it in 90 days. But it is my understanding that folks can read it for free for a few days or through a Kindle system program, but you’ll have to examine the fine print on the Amazon page for exact details.


This project began in 2008 when I interviewed Ron and Pat Forman at a Thun Field air show for the Dispatch. They told me about their friend Barb Dayton, who had confessed to being DB Cooper in 1978, and the story grew to an investigation of the FBI.

Thanks to all for your support.


Below is the opening chapter:


DB Cooper and the FBI

 A Case Study of America’s Only Unsolved Skyjacking


Chapter 1

An Introduction to DB Cooper and the FBI’s investigation


The DB Cooper skyjacking is a stunning true-crime mystery. In 1971, a man known as DB Cooper hijacked a Northwest Orient airliner and after exchanging the passengers for $200,000, he parachuted into the night skies north of Portland, Oregon. He has never been seen since.

Additionally, we don’t know who Cooper was or if he survived, and nothing has ever been found of the skyjacking—no parachutes, no body or clothes, nor any of the money except for $5,800 that a kid found eight years later buried on a Columbia River beach.

Adding to the intrigue, no one knows how the money got there or when.

The DB Cooper case remains the only unsolved skyjacking in the history of the United States. Nevertheless, hundreds of FBI agents hunted for Cooper along with scores of local police. This investigation has been termed “Norjak” by the FBI, an acronym of Northwest Orient Airlines hijacking.

Besides being a whodunit, the Norjak investigation also gives us a view into the workings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and shows us that the FBI is a closed shop. The Bureau only tells us what they want us to know, and only when they want us to know it.

Thus, determining the facts beyond the headlines and cursory press releases has been difficult. Currently the FBI has clammed-up on Norjak, which makes the federal investigation a mystery as well.

This dynamic is troubling since it is increasingly evident from the work of open-sourced sleuths that the Norjak investigation is flawed. Arguably, it has been compromised or even corrupted, possibly sabotaged by political pressures.

Most damning is the FBI’s loss of its most valuable piece of evidence: the eight cigarettes butts Cooper left on the plane, which contains his dried saliva and is the ideal substance to reveal the skyjacker’s DNA.

Worse, the butts were not secured in the evidence locker at the FBI’s Seattle office, which is the “Office of Origin” for Norjak and should have been the repository for such important artifacts. Rather, they were stored in Las Vegas due to a bureaucratic turf battle.

Worst though, the cigarette butts went missing only after their true value was realized. Adding to this disaster, the documentation of the saliva findings is also missing.

Similarly, a Norjak FBI agent, Jeremy Blauser, vanished shortly after his assignment to the case in 2008.

But perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the investigation is the murder of Norjak’s parachute expert, Earl Cossey.

Cossey was a key figure in assessing Cooper’s skydiving abilities for the FBI, but over the years Cossey told plenty of lies and half-truths to the public. Now many wonder if he was killed because his deceitfulness puts the FBI in a critical light.

In addition, the red warning flags flying over the FBI’s investigation are many. Besides a missing cop and a dead consultant, they include seemingly minor aspects of the case, such as the Bureau’s inability to pinpoint Cooper’s exact landing area, or why they delayed their major ground search for five months.

Yet, to evaluate the actions of the FBI it is necessary to fully understand the skyjacking.

Cooper’s actions were straightforward.

The day before Thanksgiving, DB Cooper commandeered Flight 305, a NWO 727 inbound to Seattle. He used a bomb in a briefcase for persuasion, and at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport he released the thirty-six passengers in exchange for $200,000 and four parachutes. After refueling Cooper ordered the pilots to fly to Mexico, and forty-five minutes later he jumped into the chilly November rains of southwestern Washington with his money in a sack tied around his waist.

Since nothing substantive of the crime has ever been found and the skyjacker’s identity is still unknown, it is as if DB Cooper came from nowhere and returned there when he jumped.

The hijacking has amazed the world because it was history’s most daring and brazen act of sky piracy. Hundreds of airplanes had been skyjacked prior, but they all had been political and no one had done it strictly for the money. Plus, no one had jumped out of their plane for their getaway.

Since then, thousands of journalists and arm-chair sleuths have sought to solve the Norjak puzzle, seeking at least an inkling of who DB Cooper was. Author Geoffrey Gray calls it “The Hunt for DB Cooper,” and that’s a worthy title: The search is primal, visceral and impassioned. One researcher told me that he puts himself to sleep at night thinking about the hijacking, and I frequently write in the wee hours myself. In fact, spittle flies across the room whenever my fellow investigators and I discuss the case.

Culturally, millions champion DB Cooper as a man who beat the system – a master criminal who perpetrated a mind-boggling crime, completely outsmarting “Da Man.”

For its part the FBI has investigated over 1,100 suspects. Officially, the case is still open although it’s “inactive” according to the Bureau’s public information officer in Seattle, Ayn Dietrich-Williams.

The night of the skyjacking every FBI agent in the Seattle office, over thirty men, were deployed on the case: securing the grounds of Sea-Tac, interviewing the passengers, or managing the actual hijacking via radio through the Seattle Center FAA tower.

Several hours later, two-hundred FBI agents and local police awaited Cooper’s plane in Reno when it landed for another refueling.

Although the FBI launched a ground and aerial search immediately after the hijacking, it was suspended after a few days. Five months later, in April 1972 the ground search resumed and hundreds of soldiers and dozens of FBI agents scoured the fields and woodlands around Ariel, Washington, deemed the most likely landing spot for DB Cooper. But after two weeks of tramping in the woods they found nothing.

As a youth I’d been aware of Cooper’s iconic status in American folklore but I’d never paid him much attention. In 1971, I was living in New York and attending college, and DB Cooper’s exploits paled in comparison to my efforts to get into medical school and finding a girlfriend.

After re-locating to Washington, however, I became reacquainted with the story while covering a local air-show for the Pierce County (WA) Dispatch newspaper.

Perusing the dozens of vintage aircraft gathered at Thun Field in Puyallup, Washington in August of 2008, I was elated to see a beautifully restored Fairchild 24. It is a single-winged plane from the 1930s and was the “Rolls-Royce” of private airplanes for its day. When I was a kid I loved building model airplanes, and the first balsa wood job I made was a Fairchild. Now, for the first time I was seeing one for real.

Sensing my appreciation the owner, Ron Forman, came over and we started talking. But after a few minutes in the broiling sun, Ron suggested we retreat to the shade under the Fairchild’s starboard wing. We camped in his lawn chairs, drank ice-cold cokes, and talked airplanes.

After a few minutes, though, I saw a book by his chair that was titled, “DB Cooper…something…Legend…something…Death….”

“Are you into DB Cooper, Ron?” I asked.

“Heck, yeah!” he replied. “My wife and I just wrote that book!”

For the rest of the afternoon Ron regaled me with his story:

“Besides the Fairchild my wife and I have a Cessna 140, and for years we’d fly on the weekends with a few other 140 pilots here at Thun Field. One of the pilots, Barb Dayton, confessed to being DB Cooper during one of our coffee breaks in some airport when we were arguing about the Cooper skyjacking. Our book is about her life and how she did the skyjacking.”

Barb? I thought DB Cooper was a guy!” I answered.

“Yeah, he was, and Barb also told us that she was the first person in Washington State to get a sex-change operation. Before 1969 she was Bobby Dayton.”

So right at the beginning I knew the DB Cooper story was going to be a wild ride.

As Ron continued I learned that Barb/Bobby was a skydiver and an exceptionally skilled pilot. In addition, she was an explosives expert and daredevil, and had worked aboard ammunition ships before her “gender-reassignment surgery,” sailing between San Francisco and Saigon. There, Bobby killed a VC sapper with his bare hands during a late night sneak attack.

Bobby had also fought in WW II with indigenous head hunters in the jungles of Borneo against the Japanese. Bobby was even chased by a grizzly in the Yukon while panning for gold.

Wow, what a story, I thought.

Ron and I spent the rest of the day talking Cooper. From what I gleaned about Barb it seems she did the skyjacking to prove to herself that she still had cajones.

“Barb would tell us all these incredible stories that we only half-believed,” said Ron, “but when she died in 2002 my wife and I started checking everything out and it all proved true except the DB Cooper confession, which we haven’t confirmed yet. For that we need a DNA analysis from the FBI, but they won’t even return our phone calls or emails, not a single one!”

I found such resistance troubling. Doesn’t the FBI want to hear a confession from DB Cooper?

So, I decided to see what was wrong with the Bureau. Plus, I wanted to learn more about the remarkable Ms. Dayton.

Ron educated me on the basics of Norjak, arming me with contact information for many of the individuals involved with the case.

But I encountered some of the same obstacles Ron had.

Ralph Himmelsbach, former FBI agent and chief skyjacking investigator in Portland where the hijacking started, is now retired. Yet, he refused to discuss the case with me unless I paid him.

Himmelsbach’s counterpart in Seattle, Special Agent Ron Nichols, has thoroughly stonewalled me.

Further, the one federal official I did speak with, Special Agent Larry Carr, was adversarial. Carr was the Cooper case agent from 2007-2009, and he bullied me throughout our twenty-minute phone conversation.

Organizationally I have also been rebuffed, and the Bureau has denied me access to all files and evidence, although it has opened its doors to other private citizens, such as Geoffrey Gray.

The current case agent, Special Agent Curtis Eng, declines to discuss the case with me in any form.

Also troubling, no representative from the FBI has attended any of the professional gatherings focused on the skyjacking, such as the DB Cooper Symposium in Portland in 2011, and a similar event held in 2013 at the Washington State Historical Museum in Tacoma.

As a reporter I have long known that law enforcement is leery of the media. In effect, the police simply view us as a way to distribute their side of the story to the public, and they rarely discuss complex cases with journalists.

But in Norjak they have stonewalled me while cherry-picking the voices they prefer. This practice is possibly illegal since it runs counter to the Equal Access doctrine. It also raises the question if there is a quid pro quo—if you want access to the FBI’s files then you better write copy that is favorable to the Bureau.

Adding to that concern, I have learned in my newspaper work that the central mission of law enforcement is not to catch criminals or fight crime—if that was the case then half of our country’s cops would be camped on Wall Street. Rather, the primary purpose of the police is to protect the interests of the powerful, and in my view that dynamic is displayed in its full glory in Norjak.

Not only has the FBI withheld information from certain media, it has withheld evidence among its own agents and between field offices. At times it even appears that no one is in charge of Norjak, and is mostly an “every-man-for-himself” type of operation.

Part of that is due to the nature of a large bureaucracy trying to solve crime. Agents are competitive, and therefore selective with whom they share information.

Adding to that dynamic, case agents are given a lot of administrative leeway and run their investigations like a fiefdom.

This compartmentalization also restricts how field offices interact with each other. As a result, the Bureau isn’t very skilled in solving complex cases that involve multiple jurisdictions, as we saw in the 9-11 attacks when the FBI had trouble “connecting the dots.”

In Norjak, three main FBI offices shared the case: Portland, where the skyjacking began; Seattle, where the ransom exchange took place and the on-going skyjacking was managed; and Las Vegas, which supplied the agents for the evidence retrieval in Reno and where it was stored.

Later, as the dozen or so Cooper copycats began hijacking airplanes other field offices became involved in the Cooper investigation, particularly the Salt Lake City office. Therefore, a fourth major player landed solidly into the Norjak mix.

In addition, the case is huge, generating rooms-full of documents. So it is understandable that the record-keeping is a bit sloppy. But the Norjak information seems so disorganized, contradictory or confusing that Cooper case agents appear befuddled. Larry Carr, who relished speaking publicly about Cooper, nonetheless presented a haphazard view of the role of Earl Cossey played in the FBI’s investigation.

Further, it seems that Norjak investigators have not read many of the documents in the case files, and rely mostly on anecdotal narratives passed down from case agent to case agent. Additionally, Cooper case agents are rotated every two years on average, further eroding case management continuity.

In addition, young agents don’t have any personal knowledge of Norjak and they stumble in their efforts to identify principals in the case.

As a result Norjak appears to be in disarray. The mess is so complete that these days the FBI reportedly has to ask journalists for the phone numbers of witnesses to the skyjacking.

With such a muddle it is not surprising there are rumors of a cover-up engineered by Big Money and Big Power.

Welcome to one of America’s greatest true-crime mysteries.

Has there been a cover-up? Has the FBI’s investigation been squashed by powerful sources claiming “national security” concerns or other geopolitical canard?

Or is the FBI just sloppy, overwhelmed, or unlucky? Perhaps Cooper outsmarted the FBI and the feds just don’t want the public to know?

Or did Mother Nature simply stuff Cooper into a tiny hole somewhere in the wilds of Washington along with his parachutes, the money, and a bomb in a briefcase where no one has found him yet?

Even though this book is about the FBI as much as it is DB Cooper, I don’t solve the case or prove a conspiracy. I just offer my findings: who said what and why, at least as far as I can determine.

It’s also my effort through truth-telling to deliver a measure of justice to the incompetent, the hubristic, and the power-hungry.

So, follow me through the details of this astounding crime and come to your own conclusions.

Cover, Amazon, 3. 23. 15, 91TTxL7OO3L._SL1500_

Copyright 2015

Bruce A. Smith

All Rights Reserved




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78 Responses to DB Cooper and the FBI – A Case Study of America’s Only Unsolved Skyjacking, now available on Amazon Kindle

  1. catalina says:

    Yay! Good news! Good job!

  2. galen cook says:

    Bruce, as I’ve stated all along, you are a determined journalist who is not afraid to get those difficult interviews. Your work on the D.B. Cooper mystery is exciting new ground. It was a pleasure teaming up with you on particular aspects of the case. You know as well as I, that detractors exist in this business, usually out of jealousy. The two in particular, Robert Blevins and Jo Weber, have contributed virtually nothing to the advancement of the case. To listen to Robert Blevins and his long-winded lectures about how to get results in the investigation and publishing world, one would think that he was a master detective with advanced degrees and multiple best-sellers in his resume, and now teaching you the tricks of the trade. As Georger has stated repeatedly over the years, it’s a good thing that Mr. Blevins kept his day job as a common janitor, with 23 hours per day of idle time to boast on the internet. Pretty pathetic. My best to you, Bruce, for your humble service and contribution towards solving this case.

  3. galen cook says:

    ps…. oh, and Bruce, please don’t do what Blevins does and make 47 revisions to your book. Your book stands on its own merits on the first publication. Blevins revised so many times that it made everyone realize he couldn’t do good research, or for that matter, any research at all. His multitude of errors prove this point. To cover, Blevins acts like a know-it-all. Fact is, he uses everyone elses research and reguritates as if it was his own. I think this is called research plagurism…………..and pure LAZINESS. But then, EVERYONE is already well-apprised to the conduct and behavior of Robert Blevins.

  4. brucesmith49 says:

    Not to worry, Galen. I already made 47 revisions to my “final” proof before it went off to Amazon.

    • Uh, I only made ONE revision to the book, except for adding some contact information to it…and I’ve never met Jo Weber…and finally…our ‘common janitor’ business is actually an upscale housecleaning business with many long-term, high-paying, very happy customers.

      (I think Galen Cook just didn’t like what we said about his suspect William Gossett and the ‘Janet Fable’ in our book on suspect Kenny Christiansen.)

      On Bruce Smith’s book: Much of it is drawn from previous investigations and some books on Cooper. But that is to be expected when writing about a case forty years old. He brings a fresh perspective on the Cooper case. At AB of Seattle, we highly recommend you add this one to your Cooper collection. Book is also indexed, which is always a plus.

  5. Bob Sailshaw says:

    Bruce: Good job and I just read chapter 16. You are off to a great start and I will pass the book info over to my boating friends.

  6. Mark M says:

    Congratulations Bruce! Hope you sell a bunch.


  7. galen cook says:

    Bruce, I e-mailed a copy of your e-book to Skipp Porteous……………he loves it! He extends his best to you for future sales. He maintains that he never has, and never will, meet his co-author Robert Blevins. That chapter of his life is over. What a nightmare it must have been for Porteous co-authoring with the Bleep!! And yes, my contacts with the agents at the Bureau have further informed me that anything Blevins sends them goes immediately “Into the Trash,” where it properly belongs.

  8. brucesmith49 says:

    A fellow named Andrade just left a review of DB Cooper and the FBI at Amazon. It is quite a comprehensive view of the book, and I found it refreshing to hear his perspective. To read it, simply click on the Amazon link in the article above. It takes you to the Amazon page, and just scroll down to see the reviews. Ron and Pat Forman left one, too! Thanks to all.

  9. galen cook says:

    will do, Bruce. I also forwarded an e-book copy to a Los Angeles based film crew eager to do a new documentary on DBC. I hope they choose you.

  10. galen cook says:

    B: Also sent a copy to George Nuttall who’s own book deals with J.Edgar Hoover as chief conspirator on the DB Cooper case. When he responds back, I’ll let you know. I’m thinking about sending a copy to Curtis Eng too, as we e-mail each other on occasion. I could tell you personally what Curtis thinks of Jo Weber and Bleep, but I don’t want to sour this Reply column. Let’s just say that CE doesn’t spend any time reading Bleep’s crap. As for your book sales: you probably bypassed Bleep’s book sales when your sales hit 18 on the first day. Porteous told me that “Into the Trash” sales were so dismal……he had to leave New York, sell his business and hide from Bleep. I asked him if it was like being in a secret protection program and he stated in the affirmative. But not to worry, Skipp. Bleep is so lazy and slothful that he wouldn’t know where to start to locate you. He couldn’t locate a pimple on a shaved poodle’s ass.

  11. galen cook says:

    Good job on the Hayden aspect, Bruce. Tosaw and I talked about this at length and your info seems to square-up. Nice research. As for Bleep, the biggest idiot to weigh-in on DBC, Georger still has this best summation. A complete fraud, who lives in an apartment in Auburn, WA with a cat, who is one of life’s big losers and who tries to act important with boastful postings 24-hours per day. A house cleaner who can’t write. Confuses facts in his psychodelic publications. Probably used far too many drugs in his prime. Did Georger forget to mention that Skipp Porteous can’t stand Bleep? The two co-authors that never met??

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Thanks, Galen.

      The controversy surrounding the parachutes, Norman Hayden, and Earl Cossey is enormous. The chapter I wrote on the subject was the most difficult and laborious aspect of writing the book. I re-wrote it several times until I finally understood what was going on. Now, folks at the DZ seems to be willfully mucking-up the issue again. Why people argue for their ignorance is a true mystery of life.


      And the number of people who profess an interest in solving the case but refuse to read the book even though I sent them a free copy is beyond astounding.

  12. galen cook says:

    It takes time, B. I talked with Coss many times via phone. Strange guy with some twerky views. He liked being the guy who was called first by the FBI, then being able to dismiss things. Bit of a prankster, too. Funny, he talked incessently about Cooper never being able to survive. But almost everyone else in the parachute community thought it was a relatively survivable jump.

  13. galen cook says:

    bruce: If you want your book to go, you ought to disengage from any future discussions with Blevins. He doesn’t know jack about DB Cooper and will only hurt your book. Don’t forget that you are engaging with the idiot who’s never been to Tina Bar, never met his co-author Skipp Porteous, and who has Captain Scott in the back of the plane chatting with DB Cooper. Don’t spoil your chances on this simpleton house cleaner, bruce. And if you want more, talk with Georger. He know Blevin’s background to a tee.

  14. Skipp Porteous, retired says:

    Bruce, first let me say that I really enjoyed reading the e-version of your book. You did a great job with your own investigation. Far better than myself or my miserable co-author. I wish you so much luck. My inclinations were to leave some posts at the Dropzone site, but since Robert Blevins took over that site, along with Jo Weber, I didn’t want to get involved any longer. I know in my heart that Ken Christianson was not D.B. Cooper. Robert Blevins just wouldn’t let it go. Robert has nothing left in his life that is worthwhile, so I decided about five years ago to get completely away from him.
    I’ve decided long ago to never meet him and I’ve kept my word. I’ve become so sickened by Robert’s childish behavior at the Dropzone, and the way he treats you and others, that I decided to send the Dropzone moderator, Sangiro, a personal message to tear the site down. I told Sangiro that Robert was so obsessed with posting at the site, it ruined my chances of ever getting my book into deeper circulation. My book has sold less than 100 copies worldwide. I hope Sangiro pays attention and dismantles the Cooper forum. Anyway, Bruce, you are a great guy and I’m so sorry you had to put up with all the crap from my co-author, who relishes in deceipt and mental illness.
    (don’t even try to get ahold of me. I don’t want anyone knowing where I’m at, in fear that Robert Blevins will try and reach me again).

  15. Skipp Porteous, Retired says:

    Bruce, thanks for allowing me to post here, this will be my last one. Looks like Sangiro got my message loud and clear about Robert Blevins, and then decided to pull the Dropzone thread down. Good for Sangiro and especially good for real DB Cooper researchers. Now I have to go to google and convince them to do the same thing concerning Robert Blevins, which I will do. On a humorous note, I see that Robert is already posting at google, but he’s the ONLY poster. Then he views himself over and over to run up the spool. 🙂 That’s Robert, and that’s why I never would meet with him. He’s disgusting and so dishonest. If you people only knew the real Blevins. With Dave Shutter’s site on lock down to Robert Blevins, it looks like my lousy co-author will be isolated from here on. Give my best to Mr. Georger, who helped expose this bumbling idiot and exposed him to the world for what he is: a big fraud.

  16. Galen: Does the number 35583 mean anything to you? It should. Skipp Porteous can’t USE a computer anymore. He’s very sick and has been for some time. Your posts both HERE, and at Dave Shutter’s site, along with other relevant evidence, (such as the REAL Porteous’ email responses to your phony comments) have been forwarded to the WSBA on a complaint form with extensive details. I had to convert the screenshots to PDF’s since they don’t do JPEG at the WSBA. It’s hard for me to believe you’re actually an officer of the court sometimes. No kidding.

  17. No worries. You’ll get all the details. WSBA says they have to inform you. It’s the law.

  18. Comments by Galen Cook have been screenshot and converted to PDF’s for the Washington State Bar Association…along with a complete report on his libelous activities both here and at Dave Shutter’s site. The ‘Porteous’ comments are a complete phony. Galen Cook is a lawyer and supposedly an Officer of the Court. Tell me people don’t go off the deep end sometimes regarding the Cooper case. Even attorneys. This comment screenshot even though the mod probably won’t post it.

    Cook is a member of the Washington State Bar Association and his WSBA number there is 35583.

  19. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note;

    Robert M Blevins is the co-author with Skipp Porteous of the book: “Into the Blast – The True Story of DB Cooper.” Robert was a frequent poster at the DZ website, which was monitored by a fellow named Sangiro. Robert and I tangled routinely at the DZ’s DB Cooper chat room.

    Galen Cook is an attorney, and has been a long-time researcher of the DB Cooper case. He has partnered with me informally on several aspects of the case, most notably on the study of Tina Mucklow, the flight attendant held hostage by Cooper, and what has happened to her after the skyjacking. After Norjak, she disappeared for thirty years and spent almost half of that time in a cloistered convent in Eugene, Oregon.

    Galen is currently working on a book on the DB Cooper saga, and he is a leading advocate for Wolfgang Gossett as the skyjacker.

    Although personal bashing is not a goal of the Mountain News, I allow all posters the freedom to express their views as long as they refrain from using foul language or threatening comments. Robert’s threat to bring a complaint against Galen at the WSBA is borderline behavior. I treat it currently as primarily a news item, but if the tone and language turns nasty I will block it. Regardless, I will monitor this exchange of comments very closely.

    – BAS.

  20. I’m sure Galen Cook is a decent human being. DB Cooper can do funny things to people. Everybody gets carried away sometimes on this case, me included for sure. If he has a case to present on Gossett, I’m willing to listen to it.

  21. I didn’t actually make any complaint. I didn’t have the heart to do it. Cook’s been working on the Cooper case for years and like everyone else exploring Cooper, he has found a dead end or two along the way. So have I. So has everyone. No one knows the truth about it yet, but many are trying to find out.

  22. Probably shouldn’t make three comments in a row, but I wanted to get back to Bruce’s book. I have finally finished reading it completely. My previous comments were based on reading about 70% of it plus the Index. It is well done. And it doesn’t matter if Bruce explores some of the out-on-the-edge scenarios regarding Cooper in that book. This is because no one has ever done that before, not even Geoffrey Gray. I’m going to revise my rating on this book. I still think Tosaw’s 1984 book is the most solid on the case, but Bruce Smith’s book is a close second. And Smith had the Time Advantage going here. That means: It’s been a while since Tosaw’s book came out, and Bruce was able to take advantage of all the information that has been discovered in the Cooper case since 1984. I have to hand it to you. Good work.

  23. Seat 18E says:

    You fellows are a piece of work. Cook plays Mr. Blevins like an oversized worm on a fish line, and Mr. Blevins bites every time. Even on April Fool’s Day. Is this part of the DB Cooper case too? I doubt Cook has to worry about Mr. Blevins “not having a heart to do it.” I think what he really meant is, “he doesn’t have the balls to do it.” Anyway, it’s all entertaining. But the thing most of us Cooper fans wonder about is why Skipp Porteous never wanted to meet Mr. Blevins? That part is just plain weird. Is it sanitation issues, contractable diseases, cooties? What gives, Mr. Blevins? Please tell. We’re all DYING to know.

  24. Dave Brown (aka Shutter) says:

    Who is this Dave Shutter guy. seems he continues to get things half right 🙂

  25. Bob Knoss says:

    LMFAO. Right Dave. But that’s STILL 50% better than Robert Blevins gets it. btw, as for 18E’s comments above, I’m going with “sanitation issues.” Isn’t Blevins the home sanitation guy? Skip still thinks its better to wash your hands after going number 2, than to rely on your co-author’s word that cleaning sh*t for a living somehow makes one immune to filthy disease. Time to call Bob.

    • Bob Knoss says:

      Someone is impersonating me again. The above was not from me. I try not to contaminate by memory by reading Cooper books, BUT… Having scanned your primer, I would add the significance of Mac’s Brigham Young Medallion with McCoy’s initials on the back missing from the evidence box, and the mysterious tie clasp that appeared in it’s place. (McCoy bought TWO of those tie clasps from a jewelry salesman neighbor in Utah.) Mac now has his medallion back. The most shining example of FBI involvement is O’Hara’s visits to that evidence box, and his comment about how he can keep secrets. I don’t have to.

  26. Dave Brown (aka Shutter) says:

    I’m surprised Mr. Blevins hasn’t come back here to remove is review about Bruce’s new book. he removed his review from Amazon.com out of spite. Mr. Blevins constantly shows how professional he is with the above mentioned. he lost his audience when Dropzone.com locked the thread. a large portion of that reason can also fall back on Mr. Blevins.

    As to his relationship with Skippy? who knows. Mr. Blevins once again feels the need to “speak for all” when it comes to his discussion about DB Cooper. Nobody has come forward to give any merit to anything he states! he claims Skipp is ill and can’t use a computer, but turns around in another comment stating he will ask Skipp to look into something for him?

    He blasted me for a year about being on a free website claiming the public can’t see anything due to Google not searching out free websites screaming censorship etc. etc. guess what Mr. Blevins is doing now? he’s on a free website trying to have a DB Cooper discussion? need I say more?

    The last I heard was he checked into the famous ” Reality Hotel ” that he commonly tried to refer others too 🙂

  27. Bob Knoss says:

    lol. I wonder if Blevins is the janitor at the Reality Hotel? You know what they say about janitors and gossip. The RH must be getting full now. I hear Jo Weber checked in as a perm resident (top floor with view). Maybe Skip is there too. The DB convention at Ariel has run its course and the new location should be at the RH. I’m sure Bruce concurs. Bruce and georger can work the check-in counter. Spilled drinks, dirty linen, garbage disposal……………….time to call Bob.

  28. Dave Brown (aka Shutter) says:

    How is life treating you Bob, long time to argue with 🙂

  29. Dave Brown (aka Shutter) says:

    That’s …long time, no argue with lol

  30. georger says:

    I don’t want the front desk. Put me in security so I can monitor Blevin’s work. I want the RH clean, and rid of leaches, bozos, trolls, impostors, snake salesmen, frauds, and wannabes.

  31. Bob Knoss says:

    Is there room for the Dynamic Duo (Porteous and Blevins)? Better get separate rooms. They don’t get along too well. In fact, they never even met. See you in the funnies.

    • Bob Knoss says:

      The two cover-up artists working for the No. 1 suspect, creating alternative suspects. Collusion after the fact. Confuse, distract, muddy the waters, sway public opinion. Even Jo Weber finally figured it out. Again, that was not posted by me. This is.

  32. brucesmith49 says:

    Gawd Almighty – look at who’s showing up here! Georger and Bob Knoss? What’s nexxt Mrs. Cooper herself?

    Just what I always wanted – my very own DZ. Sigh.

  33. 1969912 says:

    Looking for a place to drop in. I guess I found it. Funny stuff written here. The only site where Blevins is actually invited into, but he won’t do it. Imagine that! Otherwise, the gang is coming around, Bruce. Maybe Jo? And for the Reality Hotel, put me in a room next to Skipp Porteous. I’ll buy him a beer just to know why he would never meet Robert Blevins, his uh, famous (???) co-author.

  34. Mark 74 says:

    I’ll drink to that! burp!!!

  35. Pingback: DB Cooper cyber sleuths adopt the Mountain News as a chat room | The Mountain News – WA

  36. Gosh, here we go again. Just when things were settling down. Enjoyed your book, Bruce. At least it wasn’t way out there like one book I know of on Cooper. I see that the characters from the DZ are migrating back. I’ll pop over from time-to-time, just to see if SNAFU still rules this case.

  37. Orange says:

    Just when I thought the DB Cooper case was being fed to the shredder, along comes Bruce Smith to revive it back to some form of “SANITY.” Thank you, Bruce. Great book, too.
    After you find Cooper, would you report to us where Skipp Porteous has been hiding? Even his co-author wants to know. 🙂

  38. Some of the above comments are complete phonies. Dave Brown’s are not. Skipp Porteous has never posted here for real, and Galen Cook doesn’t know squat about my relationship with Skipp, nor has he received any messages from Porteous as he claims. And contrary to that opinion I read back there, I have more than enough cahunas to file a complaint against Cook with the WSBA. I just didn’t want to make this crazy stuff here (comments on this article) worse. The reason I deleted the review I made to Bruce’s book is simple: No one liked it. After a week online, it hadn’t received a single vote. Hey…I can take a hint as well as the next guy. 🙂

  39. Marla says:

    We know who the REAL phony is, Robert Blevins. So exactly what is your relationship with Skipp Porteous? Never met him? No confirming evidence? If Skipp is alive, why is he hiding from you? What is his e-mail address? Where does he live? Telling us something, without lying to everyone, Robert. Tell us Skipp loves you and that he is dying to co-author another book with you. All the evidence you provide states just the opposite of your claims. Thanks for dropping by here, Mr. Blevins. It’s always a pleasure to have you in our extended family. Smooches!!! Twisty Butt.

  40. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note:

    Looks like I’m being pranked.

    Georger? Orange? Sluggo? Mark? Twisty Butt? BK?

    Shut says his posts are real. Georger says his are not.

    Who is 1969912?

    Reminds me of the Paul Simon song “,,,if I could get all the girls that I’ve dated – all in a room for one night….

  41. Bob Knoss says:

    Duane told me the truth. Janet and Rataczak were in on it from the start. McCoy learned from Duane, and Jerry Thomas knows all of this to be FACT. As for Blevins, looks like the ghosts of the DZ’s past finally caught up with him. Wonder how it feels to be scrooged?

    • Bob Knoss says:

      Duane didn’t tell me anything. Janet was not in on anything, she simply reported what she saw and was threatened by McCoy to be quiet. I think “Jerry Thomas” (Jim R) is your prankster here.

  42. Phony comments, mostly insulting, not actually being posted by the people whose names are being used proves two things: First, that some of you are very worried about our upcoming presentation to the Seattle FBI. Second, that some of you will go to any ridiculous lengths, even pretending to be someone else, because you are desperate. Well…guess what? I’m back from Phoenix and it’s time to do one last check on the report and make an appointment with the FBI. And to shortstop any comments saying they don’t want to talk to me, I already have an email saying they are willing to see what we have. This isn’t a ‘chat room’. Half the posts are complete phonies. It may be a joke to some of you, but all you are really accomplishing here is to make Bruce look unprofessional with the general public. Since so many of the comments are phony…this also makes them worthless. The really weird part is that Bruce actually GOES ALONG with the comments allegedly made by Skipp Porteous, when I already informed him that Skipp Porteous is almost completely unable to use a computer anymore. Bruce KNOWS this. And has for a while, LOL. You guys are funny if nothing else.

  43. I’ve been allowed to tell you why Skipp Porteous cannot post to forums, and how I know anything posted with his name attached is a complete phony. It is because he has THIS now: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aphasia

    It began two years ago and he is in reletively poor shape these days. I told him not to worry about it. The AB staff is handling the closure on the case against Christiansen, and it’s just too bad that…

    A) You don’t know what WE know…and…

    B) I can’t give you the details because some of you can’t be trusted.

    Let’s try not to go personal on him about it. Unless you have absolutely no morals at all, and in that case, do as you wish. I’m not posting to this comment thread any longer. Galen Cook should be ashamed of himself.

  44. Bob Knoss says:

    And now we know why Skipp Porteous would NEVER meet with his co-author, RobertMBlevins. Skipp got ill because his name is forever associated with one of the biggest rats imagineable. That kind of illness has no cure.

  45. Guru312 says:

    Poor Skipp is still haunted by his “mistake” and now he’s paying for it all over again. His proxy voice keeps putting him into rougher shape. I hear that the Bureau is anxiously awaiting Blevins most recent report and the 52nd revision of his book, so they can try out their new paper shredder. No shortage of propaganda coming out of Adventure Books and House Cleaning Services. Time to call…………..BOB.

  46. You guys are truly funny. We have an appointment now with the Seattle FBI. You have Bob Knoss.

    Good luck with that.

  47. G-men says:

    Bring along signed copies of the most recent revision of your book, Mr. Blevins. We want to make sure that all the staff and the director in DC gets a genuine copy. We want you to make sure that you tell us how we f*cked-up the NORJAK case. You’re the man we’ve been waiting for.

  48. Bob Knoss says:

    Can I come and get a book signed too?

  49. safecrackingPLF says:

    Count me in on the big meet too, with the Seattle FBI. I can’t find Blevin’s book anywhere. Must of sold out early, or everyone threw away their copy. I’ll check the bottom of the bird cage.

  50. Bob Knoss says:

    ha ha. here’s a first. Blevins left the room and hasn’t been back yet, for days. he’s either out target practicing with his bb gun or trying to find the Airstream that Geestman used for his getaway. or maybe the FBI has him in detention in the shredder room.

  51. Andrew says:

    Hey guys – I work for a well known documentary/non-fiction television production company with shows on Travel, History, AHC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery and more. We are currently developing a new project on the DB Cooper case and are looking to speak with as many DB Cooper enthusiasts, experts, investigators, etc as possible. We’re in touch with many of the former FBI agents as well as other key players. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! If you’re interested speaking with us – please shoot us an email at tvcasting1@gmail.com with a picture and as much info about you and your DB Cooper expertise as possible!

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you all!

  52. Bob Knoss says:

    Andrew: call Robert Blevins. This is probably a History Channel remake of more bullsh*t about DB Cooper. Perfect for Blevins. btw, looks like Blevins got chased out of this chat site since he can’t control what goes on in here. Bruce controls this site. Sorry Blevins. You lose.

  53. Bureau says:

    When you guys get it all squared-up with the History Channel and solve the case, let us know. We do know that some of Cooper’s money was stuck in a woodpecker hole in Bonnie Lake, WA and that an Airstream trailer was used in the getaway. We also know that some of the money was back-traveled upstream by ship’s propeller on the Columbia River. We also know that Captain Scott was drinking a bourbon with DB in the back of the plane while circling overhead at SeaTac. DB might have been trans-sexual, Tina was being channeled by the nuns, and Janet saw the entire jump from her house in Vancouver. Bob Knoss and Robert Blevins seem to have a full handle on the case episodes. Meanwhile, the History Channel is eliciting more Cooper scenarios for a new documentary. Would someone please notify us when all of this gets resolved. We want to watch the new documentaries so we can train the new agents to the latest in law enforcement nad investigation techniques.

  54. SafecrackingPLF says:

    Hey, isn’t marijuana now allowed up in Seattle? Maybe Blevins should take a few baggies when he shows up at the FBI office. Can the History Channel put that in their new episode too?

  55. Mark74 says:

    Actually, a bourbon with Captain Scott and ol DB would make a better fit for the documentary. *****burp…. I’ll have another, please.

  56. Jerry Thomas says:

    Bruce its good to find yor site up and runinng again.

  57. Dave Brown (aka Shutter) says:

    Jerry Thomas wanted me to state that he didn’t make the post above. end message.

  58. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note: The above commentary has been removed in its entirety due to the reasons stated above.

    BAS, 5. 5. 15; 20:40

  59. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note:

    There seems to be a game going on here that is becoming increasingly distasteful.

    No further comments will be allowed here unless emailed to me directly at brucesmith@rainierconnect.com and I can verify that the poster is who he or she claims to be.

    Simply, no more fraudulent postings will be approved.

  60. Bob Knoss says:


  61. Harlan McDougle says:

    Hello Mr. Bruce Smith. I am president of “DB Cooper Bullshiteers Anonymous,” Washington Chapter. It has come to my attention that your site is one of the most visited DB Cooper sites on the internet. Congratulations. We truly appreciate your support. There is no shortage of “DBC bullshiteers.” Some live their lives in the wilderness of truth, others depart for personal reasons. Many brag about what they know, and actually know nothing. This qualifies them to become members of DBCBA. We are always seeking new members and it appears that your site is fertile ground for recruitment. Keep up the good work, Mr. Smith. DB Cooper would no longer be in the news without the good support from Mountain News and other well-intended web sites.

  62. Harlan McDougle says:

    Bruce Smith rocks. The Bullshiteers ordered new hats and tee-shirts which will be introduced at Ariel, WA this coming November. We are an equal opportunity club with huge growth potential. To date our membership is strong, thanks to Mikey, Georgie, Vickie and Bobbie. These are our future stars for the upcoming TV show called, “Bullshiteers Club.” Jerri is also being considered for membership, along with Ralphie. We even have a song which will be featured soon in the Mountain News.

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