DB Cooper case closed – but not abandoned

by Bruce A. Smith

DB Cooper World is in a tizzy this week, as the FBI announced late Monday that they have “administratively closed” their investigation. After 45 years of trying to solve America’s only unsolved skyjacking they are giving up, although if someone finds a twenty-dollar bill from the ransom or Cooper’s parachute the FBI wants to know about it.

But the FBI’s actions come at a very curious time – this week the History Channel released an epic four-hour documentary series on Norjak, as the DB Cooper case is known. This documentary is also veiled in mystery, as it is chock-full of testimony from retired FBI agents who formed what they call a “Cold Case Team.”

This latter group was organized by a Hollywood producer named Thomas J. Colbert, but instead of examining the many problems in the FBI’s Norjak investigation, such as missing evidence and an inability to get one good fingerprint from sixty sets recovered from the plane, they focused on an old suspect, Robert W. Rackstraw. Colbert and Company say that Rackstraw, who is still alive and living in California, is Cooper, but despite 93 pieces of circumstantial evidence, Colbert and the History Channel did not conclusively prove Rackstraw is DB Cooper.

In fact, the FBI’s primary witness to the skyjacking, flight attendant Tina Mucklow, who spent five hours in the company of DB Cooper, says on camera that Rackstraw is not the skyjacker. At the finale, even key members of Colbert’s team, particularly his sleuthing partner, journalist Jim Forbes, also says that Rackstraw is not DB Cooper.

More troubling, a major flaw in Colbert work and in the documentary as a whole, is the lack of attention to critical pieces of evidence, such as the titanium shards found on Cooper’s tie or developing phenotypes and DNA profiles from the human tissue found on the tie. Tellingly, the key piece of evidence that could reveal DB Cooper’s identity – the cigarette butts that were recovered from the plane, which possess conclusive DNA evidence – are missing from the FBI’s evidentiary collection, yet none of Colbert’s 40 compadres from the FBI went looking for them.

As a result, the whole murky affair is making Cooperites wonder: Why did the History Channel present a huge documentary that presents no definitive proof, receives no confession from Rackstraw, and offers no resolution – and now the FBI is dropping the case? What is going on?

In response, DB Cooper aficionados are asking if the History Channel documentary was an effort by the FBI to bury the DB Cooper case. Did the federal government assist Colbert and Crew to trot out the “big guns” of retired law enforcement, including a former Assistant Director of the FBI and a former Assistant Director of the CIA, to create a tsunami of support for Rackstraw and convincing the public that the case is solved, but allowing the FBI to slip out the back door of the Norjak investigation before too many people realize that DB Cooper is still at large?

In addition, Colbert and Company are producing a book on Rackstraw-as-Cooper, titled, The Last Master Outlaw – How He Outfoxed the FBI Six Times, but not a Cold Case Team, which suggests a major media roll-out to support Colbert’s conclusions.

Disturbingly, the FBI used the History Channel documentary to film the boxing-up of the Norjak evidence, and as the last carton was taped shut, Cooper case agent Curtis Eng waved his hand and said, “Goodbye, evidence,” in a sing-songy voice that sounded dismissive.

So, what agendas are at play? Colbert is steadfastly convinced that Rackstraw is DB Cooper, and he will be appearing at a national press conference on Wednesday to state his case. He says he plans to offer more circumstantial evidence that was not shown in the History Channel documentary. In addition, he is reportedly offering evidence to suggest that Tina Mucklow’s memory is impaired, and her rejection of Rackstraw must be discounted.

Regardless of the tensions between Colbert and the History Channel, the production was noteworthy. The History Channel devoted enormous resources to this project, and was able to put many Norjak principals on camera that had never been seen before, or only rarely, including Tina Mucklow, who overcame a 30+ year silence to appear. Her interview with co-pilot Bill Rataczak was the highlight of the show, and Rataczak wept – along with most of the audience – when he recalled Tina’s successful re-entry into the cockpit as Cooper departed the aircraft.

Other appearances are also newsworthy, such as former Norjak case agent Larry Carr, who spoke publicly for the first time since leaving the case in 2010. In addition, the current Norjak case agent Curtis Eng – until the case closed last Friday, July 8, 2016 – made his first public appearance.

Similarly, prime suspect Sheridan Peterson was interviewed on camera, his first ever despite being investigated twice by the FBI over the past 45 years. In addition, former special agent Mary Jean Fryer, who interrogated Peterson in 2002, appeared, along with FBI agents John Detlor and Bob Fuhriman who participated in the original investigations in 1971.

Lastly, I will continue to follow this case. In fact, the 3rd Edition of my DB Cooper and the FBI – A Case Study of America’s Only Unsolved Skyjacking, will focus on the unfolding of these historical developments.

Here is the official announcement from the Seattle FBI Public Information Officer, (PIO) Ayn Dietrich-Williams.

Following one of the longest and most exhaustive investigations in our history, on July 8, 2016, the FBI redirected resources allocated to the “DB Cooper” case, in order to focus on other investigative priorities. During the course of the 45-year NORJAK investigation, the FBI exhaustively reviewed all credible leads, coordinated between multiple field offices to conduct searches, collected all available evidence, and interviewed all identified witnesses. Over the years, the FBI has applied numerous new and innovative investigative techniques, as well as examined countless items at the FBI Laboratory. Evidence obtained during the course of the investigation will now be preserved for historical purposes at FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC.

The mystery surrounding the hijacking of a Northwest Orient Airlines flight in November 1971 by a still-unknown individual resulted in significant international attention and a decades-long manhunt. Although the FBI appreciated the immense number of tips provided by members of the public, none to date have resulted in a definitive identification of the hijacker. The tips have conveyed plausible theories, descriptive information about individuals potentially matching the hijacker, and anecdotes—to include accounts of sudden, unexplained wealth. In order to solve a case, the FBI must prove culpability beyond a reasonable doubt, and, unfortunately, none of the well-meaning tips or applications of new investigative technology have yielded the necessary proof. Every time the FBI assesses additional tips for the NORJAK case, investigative resources and manpower are diverted from programs that more urgently need attention.

Although the FBI will no longer actively investigate this case, should specific physical evidence emerge—related specifically to the parachutes or the money taken by the hijacker—individuals with those materials are asked to contact their local FBI field office.”

 Here is the press release that Colbert released last night to selected media:

Well, they edited down my documentary responses at the end to leave me like a deer in headlights — while also leaving out many, many pieces of the team’s key evidence that weren’t visual, dramatic or sensational. It’s the limit, and curse, of TV. That’s why the ten readers who had an early look at the book, and the members of the cold case team who’ve scrutinized all the facts, feel their personal conclusions are solid and the case should be reopened. So, I stand with these lawmen and women and their thousand years of experience. We’ll reveal the key pieces of evidence the show left out (and the FBI knows nothing about) at Wednesday’s national news conference in Los Angeles. More than a dozen of the team will join me, demanding the bureau at least review the case, before rejecting it from a distance.

The worst part, of course, was Tina. I’m not questioning the (few) moments of her ordeal she spoke of — with the co-pilot filling in 90% of the rest. After seeing Tina’s interview last April, I hunted down a five-year-old article by Bruce Smith and Galen Cook (and I delicately pumped Bruce for more), dealing with Tina’s serious memory loss. Then I purchased the books by two FBI agents that were quoted in their story — agents that separately interviewed Tina in the 1980s. Both were emphatic she had little memory of the moment by moment events on the plane. One said she could never be a witness at any trial, and it would be useless to give her photos to look at (If so, why would FBI encourage Tina to suddenly talk and judge our suspect’s photos/video? Many CCT members believe this was a set up to make us fail).

The two other traumatized stewardesses also have memory loss — I recently interviewed both. Like rape or strong-arm robbery victims, many block out the key moment, actions and faces they saw, forever. But don’t take it from me, read what one of America’s “top 15” CSI professors, Tom Mauriello, recently stated for the book:

A crime victim or a witness facing a traumatic event can sometimes experience a ‘memory block’ that results in a loss of information at a conscious level. It has nothing to do with the time spam between the event and the request for recall, but rather the state of mind of the subject at the time of the event. Research indicates that there is more opportunity for a witness experiencing anxiety or trauma at the time of an event to have a lack of recall or sometimes a total loss of memory, than with a witness at the same time, place and event who was not experiencing the same anxiety or trauma. This certainly would explain the lack of memory by the three stewardesses, with that [not being the case] of Bill Mitchell, the college student.”

And Mitchell’s finger-pointing at Rackstraw’s picture was rock solid, even though noting the wrong name (What doc cut out: Mitchell, 7 years ago, did his first TV doc, in Britain, on McCoy. I imagine if he hadn’t, he would have pointed at our man with a complete loss of words.

So we press on to news conference day on Wednesday, where I will stand with this amazing team. Then wait patiently for the day that Rackstraw finally pulls the ripcord to the truth.”


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Additional Materials:

Thomas Colbert has given the Mountain News his full list of his “Cold Case Team,” along with selected biographies. In addition, he has itemized the 93 pieces of evidence that he feels proves Robert Rackstraw is DB Cooper.


Private Investigators & Forensic Experts:

PI / Polygraph Expert Jack Trimarco (Los Angeles, CA; former FBI Manager; in doc)

PI / Polygraph Expert Ron Hilley (San Francisco, CA; former FBI Agent)

PI Jim Myers (CONFIDENTIAL; L.A., CA; former FBI National Security Investigator)

PI Kevin Adley (CONFIDENTIAL; L.A., CA, CA; former FBI Special Agent)

PI Richard W. Smith (San Francisco, CA; former FBI Special Agent / Intel-PAO)

PI John Bocciolatt (Portland, OR; now captain, Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office; in doc)

PI Jack Immendorf (S.F., CA; also worked ‘77 Rackstraw murder; in doc)

AVP Erik Kleinsmith, American Military University (Manassas, VA; forensic link charts)

COO Doug Fogg, Sorenson Forensics (Salt Lake City, UT; conducted DNA tests)

Consultant Thomas P. Mauriello, ForensIQ (Laurel, MD; former DoD Agent)

Forensic, Police & Clinical Psychologist Kris Mohandie, Ph.D. (Pasadena, CA; in doc)

Forensic Document Examiner Linton A. Mohammed (Past President, ASQDE; in doc)

Forensic Investigator Christopher Freeze (Martinez, CA; Aviation & Document Searches)

Forensic Court Archivist Shannon Van Zant (Calaveras County, CA)

Trainer/Consultant Frank Doyle Jr., Forensics R Us (San Ramon, CA; former FBI Agent)


Consultants / Federal Agencies & Departments:

FBI Asst. Director William M. Baker (ret.) – DOJ, OC & CID; also DPA at CIA (Ventura County, CA)

FBI Supervisor / Profiler James T. Reese, Ph.D. (ret.) – DOJ, BSU (Williamsburg, VA)

FBI Special Agent Patrick J. Webb (ret.) – DOJ (San Francisco, CA)

FBI Special Agent Stockton Buck (ret.) – DOJ (San Francisco, CA)

FBI Special Agent Donald “Max” Noel (ret.) – DOJ (San Francisco, CA)

FBI Special Agent Thomas R. Kinberg (ret.) – DOJ (Sacramento / Stockton, CA; in doc)

U.S. Attorney Joseph P. Russoniello (ret.) – DOJ, ND-CA (former FBI & Law School Dean; SF, CA)

U.S. Attorney Robert C. Bonner (ret.) – DOJ, CD-CA (also DEA, DHS-CBP & Federal Judge; LA, CA)

Asst. Director of Central Intelligence Mark M. Lowenthal (ret.) – Analysis & Production (Arlington, VA)

U.S Army LTC Ken L. Overturf (ret.) – 1st Cav, 11th Av; (RWR’s Vietnam commander / CS, CO; in doc)

U.S. Customs Field Ops Director Richard F. Vigna (ret.) – DHS-CBP, Pacific (San Francisco, CA)

U.S. Coast Guard Exec PAO Dan Dewell – DHS, 11th District (Alameda, CA)

U.S. Marshal Johnny “Mack” Brown (ret.) – USMS (also former Sheriff of Greenville County, SC)

RCMP Chief Superintendent of Police Jamie Graham (ret.) – also Vancouver & Victoria Police Chief


Consultants / State Agencies:

State Investigator Ron Sterrett – AZ Attorney General’s HIDTA TF; former Phoenix PD (Phoenix, AZ)

State Investigator Shannen L. Rossmiller – MT AG; former Judge & FBI Cyber-CI asset (Helena, MT)

Special Agent Jon Campbell – South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (S.L.E.D; Travelers West, SC)

Instructor Frank Cowan (ret.) – California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI) / OES (Santa Rosa, CA)


Consultants / Local Agencies:

Judge F. Clark Sueyres (ret.) — San Joaquin County, CA (RWR’s 1978-79 Deputy DA; Stockton, CA)

Detective Dan Horan – former Major Crimes, LAPD (now VCDA Investigator; Thousand Oaks, CA)

Detective Jack Ballentine – former Homicide, Phoenix PD (now Phoenix Fire Marshal, AZ)

Detective Emil “Bud” Bladow (ret.) – former Narcotics, Portland Police Bureau (Portland, OR & LV, NV)

Liaison Officer James Zimmerman (ret.) – Chicago FBI JTTF/Niles Police Department, IL

Supervising Forensic Scientist Geoff Bruton, Forensic Services Lab – VCSD (Ventura County, CA)

Officer Bill Tyler, Investigations – Denver Police Department; LEIU / IALEIU (Denver, CO)


Legal Associates:

Atty. Jeffrey T. Renz – Law Professor, Fulbright Scholar / DNA Analysis (U of MT; in doc): 406-546-2715

Atty. Mark S. Zaid – Criminal Justice / National Security (Washington, DC): 202-498-0011

Thomas J. Colbert, Executive Producer 866-778-5669 ConsultTJCC@gmail.com


The 93 Pieces of Evidence against Robert Rackstraw:

Robert W. Rackstraw – Timelined Evidentiary Summary

1) 1967 1/1 Skill Sets: US Army Reserve Corporal Rackstraw (23) moves to Ft. Benning, GA, for 4 weeks of infantry jump school. (do*)

2) 1967 2/1 Skill Sets: Corporal Rackstraw is at Ft. Bragg, NC, for 8 weeks demolition training. (do*)

3) 1967 9/31 Skill Sets: Reserve Sgt. Rackstraw begins 10 months of weekend training at the Army’s Presidio of Monterey, CA with the Navy Reserve in scuba & underwater demolition. (do*)

4) Fake Identity: Reserve Sgt. Rackstraw obtains a 2nd social security number. (do)

5) 1968 7/22 Skill Sets: At Fort Bragg, NC, Reserve Sgt. Rackstraw (24) begins 10 weeks of classes at the Special Warfare School. Courses include 140 hours on conducting Special Forces Operations and Survival Training, along with 130 hours in PSYOPS (schooling in deception, interrogation and propaganda techniques. (do*)

6) Fake Identity: Rackstraw claims to wife he’s now a Green Beret. Later on leave in CA, he’s allegedly photographed in unit’s elite cap. FYI: No, he just took their classes. (do)

7) 1969 6/25 Skill Sets: After 10 months of chopper/fixed-wing flight training at Ft. Wolters, TX, and Ft. Rucker, AL, Rackstraw (25) is a Warrant Officer and Huey pilot, headed to Vietnam. (do*)

8) Between aerial missions, Rackstraw heads out on “freelance” jungle operations with the CIA and Special Forces, sometimes for several days. (t)

9) 1971 2/1 After his USA return, Lt. Rackstraw (27) is detained for domestic assault at Ft. Rucker, AL. When his battered wife files for divorce, Army begins a deep inquiry into his history. (do)

10) 1971 6/21 Four months after being put on “special assignment to an executive officer,” Lt. Rackstraw is accused by military brass of falsifying college records (at USC & San Jose State) and lying about his rank and medals. He is forced to resign from his Army career. (do)

11) 1971 6/22 Disgraced Rackstraw stops payments on leased car, vanishes from Ft. Rucker, AL. (do)

12) Rackstraw heads to Northwest to open “plane service for realtors” seeking aerial pics. (do) 2

13) 1971 7/16 Fake Identity: A pilot claiming to be a “Swiss traveler,” ready to “walk America,” flies into

Astoria, Oregon (with an unsupervised airstrip). Enamored residents wine and dine the

mystery man who comes and goes as he pleases. Over next three months, he borrows

thousands of dollars. FYI: Of 9 witnesses, 7 who viewed pictures/video of Rackstraw believe he was their Grifter; three were told he had a plane parked at their airstrip. (h/t)

14) 1971 7/23 It appears Rackstraw’s 1st “stick it to the man” stunt wasn’t a hijacking, but the takedown

of a National Guard armory in his hometown of Santa Cruz, CA. In a night bombing and

burglary, all weapons are removed from a walk-in safe – rifles, machine guns, pistols,

even grenade launchers. FYI: FBI long suspected vet, but case remains unsolved. (h)

15) Around this time, Rackstraw’s stepdad in Valley Springs, CA, tells his 24-year-old

daughter that “somebody’s looking for Bob, so don’t tell anybody he’s here.” FYI:

Rackstraw’s Sister told this investigation their stepdad “used to lie for Bob.” (h/t)

16) 1971 9/2 Fake Identity: On Swiss Grifter’s August return to Astoria, he befriends a football athlete.

When athlete leaves for second year at OSU in Corvallis, OR, Grifter becomes his pen-pal and letters are exchanged (Grifter posted 9/2 & 9/17/71). FYI: DNA lab found “significant results” when comparing one of these Grifter letters (an old lick stamp) to a water bottle,

abandoned by Rackstraw during a 2013 surveillance operation. A forensic expert says the conclusion raises a “particularized suspicion” that Rackstraw was the Swiss Grifter. (fr)

17) 1971 10/1 Swiss Grifter vanishes from Astoria, OR. Shortly after, Rackstraw makes another

surprise stop at his parents’ home in Valley Springs, CA, where he picks up his Sister and

his two toddler-daughters (from ex-wife) and takes them on an all-expense-paid weekend at Disneyland. FYI: Resort photos are stamped “Oct/71.” Before leaving clan, Rackstraw tells folks and Sister he has a job flying a plane for a “real estate guy” in WA State. (t/do)

18) 1971 10/7 Fake Identity: Swiss Grifter resurfaces, this time in the town of Corvallis, OR (like Astoria,

with an unsupervised airstrip). He looks up the OSU football athlete/pen pal he had met in

Astoria and they become roommates for 5 weeks – until he leaves without note or notice.

FYI: He left in such a rush, his belongings were still there; footballer puts “stuff in storage.”

A mile away, Grifter crashes party of another OSU footballer; he’s allowed to couch-surf. 4 days later, he vanishes – day before Cooper’s hijacking, 72 flight miles (20 minutes) away. FYI: After seeing Rackstraw’s pics/video, 3 of 3 ’71 partiers said he looks like Grifter. (h/t)

19) 1971 11/24 Fake Identity: During the hijacking, the only stewardess who saw “Dan Cooper” with his

sunglasses off said he had “penetrating brown eyes” (like Rackstraw) and appeared to be

wearing makeup to darken his skin. (di)

20) When a stewardess asks if he had a grudge against her airline, Cooper says, “I don’t have

a grudge against your airline, Miss. I just have a grudge.” FYI: Rackstraw’s Sister told Doc

Team, when he had come home in early Oct., 1971, “he wasn’t happy with the Army. You

know, [calling it] ‘politics as usual – they had their agenda and I didn’t fit in with that.’” (t)

21) After the hijacker’s nighttime jump into icy rain, two investigators reported “a small plane

was heard in the [forest] area near where the FBI believes D.B. Cooper bailed out.” FYI:

Rackstraw was trained for all-weather jumps & flying like this; for a similar incident

involving his same skill sets, read a witness’ account at #36. (t)

22) 1971 11/27 In week after hijacking, officials confiscated 4 similar “D.B. Cooper” notes sent to papers

in the West. While 2 of the taunting notes were mailed from the states of their targeted

publications, the first and last ones sent to a Reno paper were dropped into CA mailboxes

just 35 miles (1st letter) & 50 miles (4th letter) from Valley Springs – the isolated mountain

town of Rackstraw’s family where he lived for next 18 months (bullets continue on p. 5). 3

FYI: In the “4 Cooper Letters” theory, the logistics involved in this 5-day, 1200-mile postal round trip suggests a writer delivering the envelopes by private airmail – particularly considering letters #3 and #4 (580 miles apart) were both post-marked on same day. In the weeks leading up to the 11/24/71 hijacking and mailings, both Rackstraw and the Swiss Grifter shared with witnesses in CA and OR that they had a small plane. And 2½ years after hijacking, Rackstraw revealed to new CA wife #2 his “own” Cessna plane in a Palo Alto hanger (with no official FAA registration record).

The Four Cooper Letters: The Reno Gazette was the only newspaper to go public, doing articles on the 1st and 4th (at far left and right). FBI still has custody of the 1st and 4th. The 2nd, mailed to a Canadian paper, was believed lost by local PD.

MATCHING PRINT SUGGESTS SKYJACKER SURVIVED? In these two documents, compare the similar styles of the noted lettering (numbered 1-4): On left, the airline boarding ticket the FBI says was signed by hijacker “Dan Cooper”; on right, the only handwritten note among 4 alleged “D.B. Cooper” letters. This second one, sent to a Vancouver, BC, newspaper, has same taunting tone of others, and also ends with the same expression as in the first Reno, NV, letter – “Thanks for your hospitality.” FYI: A world-renowned court document examiner, Dr. Linton Mohammed, was hired to compare this boarding ticket to the letter. He concluded “there are indications of one writer.”

So if you suspect all 4 taunting DBC notes were sent by Robert W. Rackstraw, this alleged match would put him on the boarding line. 5

23) 1971 12/9 The Swiss Grifter pops up again in Corvallis, OR. While there for a week, he writes two letters to the last of nine witnesses in Astoria, a fish factory co-worker. FYI: The letters are available. On envelopes, Grifter used the boarding house of his first footballer roommate (#17) as his return address. There’s no one alive to verify he stayed there again, but the Grifter had a reason to return: The athlete still had his personal “stuff in storage.” (do/fr)

24) 1972 Court docs, reporters, a cop and clan members state, by start of 1972, Rackstraw was living, working, hunting & commuting from Valley Springs – and would for next 18 months. FYI: After Rackstraw came home, Norman de Winter and Cooper vanished for good. (do)

25) A College Student who sat across from Cooper on jet gives FBI a better sketch of hijacker

(See page 1, far right). He also claimed his dark “hair was shiny, as if it were dyed.” (di)

26) 1973 7/15 Fake Identity: At a floor and deck-laying company in San Francisco Bay, new employee

Rackstraw (29) would sometimes wear a black suit and tie to look like a free-moving

manager. A former co-worker claims he did it “so he could steal around the shipyard. He

reveled in it – he was a thief and a gangster.” (t)

27) 1973 10/1 While Rackstraw is supervising the laying of a gym floor at Pepperdine University in

Malibu, he hires a Portland resident, temporarily relocated to CA – JON RICHARD “DICK”

BRIGGS (34). FYI: Sources in three states say Briggs, a future cocaine dealer (1977-80), will become Rackstraw’s close friend and secret crime-partner. And in 1980, his co-conspirator in an alleged scheme to plant Cooper cash along the Columbia River. (t/do)

28) 1974 3/1 Fake Identity: After working a floor job in Los Angeles, CA, Rackstraw (30) takes Briggs

and two co-workers to the Century City Playboy Club. When the staff treats Rackstraw like

a celebrity and the floor-show crowd cheers him on arrival, he admits to his crew he had

called ahead, pretending to be Governor Ronald Reagan’s private pilot. (h)

29) 1974 5/1 Fake Identity: Rackstraw volunteers as a part-time chopper pilot for the Calaveras County,

CA, “Sheriff’s Posse.” But months later, he loses his ID badge after abusing it in Stockton

bars, and later, impersonating a sheriff deputy during a CHP drunk-driving stop. (do)

30) 1974 5/24 Fake Identity: Shortly after Rackstraw married his 2nd bride, she opens his left-behind

briefcase and finds “a disguise.” Later confronted, the peeved groom claims he used the

brown toupee to hide his balding head during important meetings. But he had nothing to

say about the tape-on mustache. (t)

31) 1974 6/15 Fake Identity: During out-of-state road trips for his CA floor company, Rackstraw would

rent planes at town airports and take a regular workmate out for local flights. But on his rental applications, “he’d put down wrong names,” says the workmate today. “I don’t know what he did that for. I just was kind of naïve.” (h)

32) 1974 7/1 Dick Briggs introduces his visiting CA boss and new crime partner, Rackstraw, to his

former U of O frat brother, JIM SHELL (31). Shell sees CA visitor arrived with “a duffel-

bag” of cash. But Shell, then a loan-office manager, asks no questions and heads off.

FYI: This is the first of 16 trips Rackstraw made to the Northwest – one of 4 to see Briggs.

Shell, now 73, recalled the intimidating stranger’s “linebacker eyes.” He also confirmed

Briggs was dealing in Krugerrands – at the time, the currency of the underworld. Theory:

Did Rackstraw come to convert his 2-year-old Cooper cash into gold coins? Five years

later, two separate witnesses claim Rackstraw had his own stash of Krugerrands. (t/do) 6

33) 1975 2/16 Twenty-two cases of dynamite, “two 1000-foot spools of primer cord,” and blasting caps

are missing from a rock quarry bunker in Rackstraw’s old hometown of Santa Cruz – it’s

enough to level “the county governmental center, six times over.” An ATF official later

says the thief or thieves “knew what they were doing. I imagine an ex-military explosives

type.” FYI: Press reports say Rackstraw was Feds’ suspect, but he wasn’t charged. (h)

34) 1975 5/15 Fake Identity: On a floor-laying trip into Cleveland, OH, the drinking Rackstraw (31) is

pulled over for speeding. When officer asks who he is, the vet uses one of his workers’

names and home address. This shocks the passenger next to him because he is that

worker’s brother! When cop suddenly departs on emergency call, the lucky Rackstraw blows off his passenger’s concerns – “Ah, they’d never do anything about it.” (h/t)

35) After hearing Rackstraw’s military stories, co-worker asks him in an Ohio bar if he was

the fugitive Cooper. “He just kinda’ had a half smile. Didn’t say anything.” (h/t)

36) 1975 8/1 During visit to Rackstraw’s California aviation company, fear-filled Pudgy Hunt and Briggs find themselves on a flight into the center of a thunderstorm – with only a radio to guide Rackstraw through the blinding downpour and lightning. FYI: Hunt said, “He was unfazed, didn’t bother him one bit. It bothered the airport though, him being the only one up.” With an arm around the pilot’s neck, “Briggs and I forced him to turn around and go back.” (t)

37) 1977 One night, Rackstraw (33) takes “outlaw-apprentice” Briggs (37) to San Jose, CA. They steal a truck, smash it into a closed gun shop, and flee with a load of weapons. (h/do)

38) Later during a day drive to San Francisco, Rackstraw and Briggs hot-wire a parked VW.

They drive it into the back of a ½-ton truck, strip it of parts for resale, then dump the

vehicle’s carcass on a backroad. (h)

39) 1977 3/1 Rackstraw pays a surprise visit to a Portland bar owner, telling the 3-year friend he’s

heading to “a floor-installation job” in southern OR. But within days, bar owner learns he

came to the state for another reason: Because of a trade feud with another company, Rackstraw had just rammed a car thru their closed business to steal valuable gear. (h/do)

40) 1978 1/20 Two curious Stockton PD investigators head to library to compare the background of their

wanted check-kiting suspect, Rackstraw (34), to Cooper. When they spot matching skill

sets and his likeness to hijacker’s 7-year-old sketch, they tip local FBI. FYI: Rackstraw

was already on FBI’s radar for two high-profile crimes in Santa Cruz, CA: an armory

break-in for weapons (see #14) and the theft of 22 cases of dynamite (see #33). (do)

41) 1978 1/24 FBI agent pays visit to fugitive Rackstraw’s Sister in CA. He brings up an “angry” letter

her sibling sent to Army after ’71 discharge – implying that gave him a hijack motive. (do)

42) 1978 1/26 While serving a warrant on fugitive Rackstraw’s 8 bins at a Stockton Bekins warehouse, a bomb squad finds 150 pounds of illegal dynamite – enough to level a city block. (do/p)

43) 1978 2/10 A private eye learns of fugitive Rackstraw’s exact location in Iran and brings the tip to the local county sheriff – who in turn tips the searching FBI. (h)

44) 1978 2/20 At his NY airport return, fugitive Rackstraw refuses to exit the jet – so the FBI carries him out. Asked if he’s D.B. Cooper, the suspect freezes and demands a lawyer. That ends

the subject – nobody wants to jeopardize his pending California felony cases. (do)

45) 1978 7/11 Fake Identity: At the opening of his California murder trial (for killing stepdad), the

wheelchair-bound Rackstraw claims to be a disabled Green Beret captain with 5 Vietnam

campaigns and 40 medals, including 5 Purple Hearts and presidential unit citations. 7

L to R: Rackstraw before his 7/11/78 murder trial; after his 7/27/78 acquittal; reporter’s jail interview after 1/27/79 recapture.

FYI: DA’s doctors that examined him couldn’t find any disability. Also, while Rackstraw

was a pilot with many honors, he was not a Green Beret captain in a gunship, but an

Army lieutenant in a Huey transport chopper. And he did just one tour of duty, not five. In

addition, there was no presidential commendations, let alone any war wounds. The

chronic liar” was forced out of service on 6/21/71 for “conduct unbecoming an officer.

But his true DoD records didn’t arrive until after murder-trial verdict – the sympathetic jury

found him “not guilty.” (do)

46) 1978 9/15 During a county hearing on other charges, a prosecutor asks fugitive “about being D.B.

Cooper. Suspect ‘invoked his rights’ to have an attorney and subject stopped there.” (do)

47) 1978 10/12 With the FBI coming in “for questioning” and his Stockton check-kiting arraignment 24

hours away, bailed-out Rackstraw calls in a distress signal from a rental plane, claiming

it’s on fire over Monterey Bay, CA: “Mayday, Mayday!…I’m going to ditch!” Searchers find

no wreckage from the missing Cessna 182 – he’s on the lamb again, for 4 months. (do*)

48) FBI arrives at Santa Cruz home of Rackstraw’s 1st Wife and kids, revealing the ongoing

bay search for her missing ex-husband. Then agent mentions a ‘71 armory break-in

where weapons were stolen – it’s revealed they suspect Rackstraw. (do/h/t)

49) 1978 11/1 In the WA State woods, an elk hunter finds a plastic emergency card that Feds later

verify fell off the rear-exit door of Cooper’s 1971 jet. Placard landed “six flying minutes”

from where the skyjacker is believed to have jumped – near Ariel, WA. (p*)

50) 1978 12/1 JOHN BRIGGS JR. (13) disrupts his drug-dealer Dad’s talk with a “shady character” on

driveway of their suburban home in Portland; Jr. says it was bearded fugitive Rackstraw

(35), on the run from CA authorities. The secret rendezvous took place just two months

before Dick Briggs (39) began claiming HE was D.B. Cooper, and 14 months before the

$5800 in Cooper cash was “discovered” buried along the Columbia River. (do/t)

51) 1979 Fake Identity: While on the lam in CA, Rackstraw procures a 3rd social security #. (do)

52) 1979 1/27 Fake Identity: At a CA print shop, PD arrest fugitive Rackstraw (using alias “Robert C.

Eastman”) as he copies a counterfeit pilot’s license and medical certificate. His stolen

Mayday” plane is found in a hanger, repainted and marked with fake tail number. (do*)

53) 1979 2/3 The two Stockton detectives credited with matching the skill sets between D.B. Cooper

and Rackstraw (#40) reveal to reporter that, after tipping FBI, they were told (Alibi #1)

he was “known to be flying for a real estate development company in the Washington

[State] area about the time of the hijacking.” FYI: Rackstraw’s sister told TJC her brother

had given their family this real estate alibi in 10/1971.

Detectives also told reporter, in a 1/20/78 interrogation, they found a hole in Rackstraw’s

next story (Alibi #2): He claimed, right after skyjacking, his Army brass at Fort Cronkhite

(SF Bay) asked him if he was DBC. But detectives quickly learned Rackstraw was in

fact discharged on 6/21/71, 5 months before hijacking – from Fort Rucker, AL. (t/do/h) 8

54) 1979 2/5 Right after Rackstraw’s 1/27 print-shop recapture, headlines for first time question if he

could be the 7-year fugitive Cooper. Days later, his friend & outlaw partner in Portland,

trafficker Dick Briggs, tells two of his dope-runners that HE in fact was the long-missing hijacker. So begins Briggs’ year of stories about the ’71 jump and ‘Nam war battles. (do)

55) 1979 2/6 During an exclusive interview with the Stockton paper, Rackstraw denies he is the

hijacker “with a flippant smirk.” But the reporter noted that he relates to the outlaw: “He

identifies with the spirit of D.B. Cooper, a person he says ‘challenged the legal system

and beat it. I think I stand for the American people, I really do.’” (h/t)

56) 1979 3/1 To impress his two dope-runners, “D.B. Briggs” takes them for a midnight tour at his

Portland home. They enter a second-floor room which is housing a military arsenal –

hundreds” of large-caliber rifles, pistols, rocket launchers and machine guns are laid out

like a gun show. FYI: Are these the aforementioned ’71 Santa Cruz armory weapons (or

a more recent armory’s cache), stolen by Rackstraw? (See #14; h)

57) 1979 3/7 From jail, Rackstraw calls the NBC news station in Los Angeles, KNBC, and admits he

is D.B. Cooper. When a skeptical Editor asks for proof, the prisoner explains why he

used the name Cooper – to honor 66-year-old uncle, Ed Cooper, still skydiving after

2000 jumps. Station finds Rackstraw’s uncle and he confirms name connection. (do)

58) KNBC sends a team to Stockton jail to get Rackstraw’s confession. But prisoner just

supplies clues and shifty answers for L.A. viewers, like he did with print reporters. (do/t)

59) 1979 4/25 In CA case preps for Rackstraw’s trial involving his illegal Bekins explosives, DA blows

up a car with dynamite for jury – same cache he tried to ship to a TX veteran-friend. (do)

60) 1979 6/22 Three months after befriending a Los Angeles KNBC TV news Editor, Rackstraw mails

him two profanity-laced letters from his jail cell (posted 6/26 & 6/27/79). Prisoner blasts

his probation officer, judge and DA in his coming (unrelated) felony cases. He also

sends multiple notes to his court officials and appeals judges, totaling 100s of pages.

FYI: TJC recruited a forensic expert to compare jail letters to the printed D.B. Cooper

letters; six Swiss Grifter notes; and the signature on Cooper’s airline boarding ticket. (fr)

61) 1979 7/25 Fake Identity: Before Rackstraw is sentenced for his local felonies, a probation officer

tells the court his history as a “chronic liar,” regarding his medals and Army rank. The

defendant’s earlier testimony is also corrected. A former Army superior then calls the

convicted veteran “one of the two worst lieutenants I’ve ever seen in my 29 years.” (t)

62) 1979 7/25 After Rackstraw’s sentencing, a KNBC news crew is there once more for answers. But

he refuses to address the Cooper rumor, ending the interview with a pondering pose:

You say with a story like that, should it be fiction or should it be fact? It’s primarily up to

the American people someday, how that comes out.” (t)

63) 1979 11/24 Coke-supplier Dick Briggs (40), in his skyjacker persona, rides with one of his dope-

runners to the 8th annual “D.B. Cooper Day” party in Woodland, WA. Briggs laughs at

tourists who “have no clue” who he really is. He even puts on a festival t-shirt that says

I’m D.B. Cooper.” On the way home, the drug-trafficker feigns frustration to his runner

that he wasn’t able to “share the truth” with the crowd. (h)

64) 1980 2/7 At a packed party along the Columbia River, “D.B. Briggs” corrals his two dope-runners.

I’m going to tell you something that’ll prove to you who I am.” He then points out a

hippie couple in the crowd and he says, “In a few days they and their son are going to

find some of my [Cooper] money” – on the north side of the Columbia River. (t) 9

65) 1980 2/12 Five days later in a Reno hotel, the dope-runners see the same partying hippie couple,

DWAYNE and PATRICIA INGRAM, on national TV news – with their 8-year-old boy,

BRIAN, explaining how they “discovered” Cooper cash along shore. FBI lead agent at

at scene later suggests the hijacker “either landed in the Columbia and drowned, or

died in the mountains and the money was washed out.”

FYI: CA State prisoner Rackstraw was cleared by Feds as a hijack suspect. On

8/19/80, he walks out of his cell after serving just one year – then he vanishes from

the media’s radar. (t/p)

66) 1997 10/19 Fake Identity: In Southern California, Rackstraw (54) – now a college instructor with

three degrees in law and economics – is pulled over and charged with resisting arrest,

DUI/drugs and providing a false ID to a Peace Officer. (do)

67) 2003 5/22 Former KNBC Researcher Don Ray tells a college journalism class about a 3/7/79

phone call that came into his TV newsroom from “a man in jail claiming to be D.B.

Cooper” [Rackstraw]. He then explains how he found caller’s uncle, Ed Cooper, to

confirm he’d used the relative’s name as an alias. FYI: A school article covering Ray’s

college talk matches the facts in the KNBC incident, 24 years earlier. (do*)

TJC’s Investigative Research Begins

68) 2011 2/2 Ron L. Carlson (62), one of Dick Briggs’ former Portland cocaine-runners, gives a

statement on camera that his dead supplier had claimed to be D.B. Cooper. To show

that his 32-year recollection was solid, Carlson offers to take an FBI polygraph and

testify in court. (t/h)

69) 2011 7/9 Through TJC’s covert arrangement, Carlson makes a “spontaneous” phone call to his

former coke middleman (1977-80), Jim Shell (68), in Portland. After catching up on 25

years, the ex-runner asks the old trafficker if he remembers Boss Briggs claiming to be

D.B. Cooper, and the day Briggs set up “that hippie couple” to find the ransom cash.

The cautious Shell carefully picks his words: “Yeah, wasn’t that a big coincidence.” (t)

70) 2011 10/29 TJC tracks down the 1980 “hippie couple” Dwayne (now 59) and Patricia Ingram (57)

who, with their 8-year-old boy’s help, “discovered” the Cooper cash. In a pointed phone

interview, the parents deny it was all a set-up stunt. But when Dwayne tells his version

of the day’s events, the facts don’t match the media story they told 31 years earlier. (t/p)

71) 2011 11/1 Four years after gaining access to the 1980 river cash for an FBI-approved forensic

investigation, 3 volunteer “Citizen Scientists” publish that the Cooper money couldn’t

have gotten there “without mechanical or human intervention.” They say this proves it

didn’t float down the river and wash up there, as the Bureau had long theorized. (fr)

72) 2011 11/26 At a 40th year “D.B. Cooper Symposium” in Portland, OR, TJC and cameraman bump

into 1980 “hippie couple’s” son, Brian D. Ingram (now 40), and he agrees to talk on

video. While Brian now believes the cash was planted on river (after he witnessed river

tests done by the FBI’s 3 forensic “Citizen Scientists”), he does not believe his parents

had anything to do with it. Then TJC surprises Brian with critical details from his folks’

10/29 phone interview that contradict his own version of that day’s events. (t/p)

73) 2012 3/21 After TJC learns KNBC interviewed Rackstraw twice in 1979, Doc Team video-tapes 3

former newsmen involved. Editor Pete Noyes gifts TJC his story file, including suspect’s

two ’79 jail letters – with possible DNA under envelope flaps and lick stamps. (t/do) 10

74) 2012 4/18 An FOIA request for Rackstraw’s 1971 Pentagon records uncovers an Army ID pic (p. 1,

center) that, as a senior investigator put it, seems “a perfect match” to the FBI Cooper

Drawing #2 – considered the most accurate (p. 1, right). “The sketch looks like it was

traced from his photo.” FYI (8/15/12): FBI Seattle Case Agent Curtis Eng requested a

copy of Army picture for the official file, and TJC personally delivered it. (p)

75) 2012 6/3 TJC sets up a lie-detector test through former FBI polygraph manager Jack Trimarco for

for ex-runner Ron Carlson (on video). When he’s questioned for 2 hours about his initial

premise – that in ‘79, supplier Briggs claimed to be Cooper – Carlson passes exam. (t/h)

76) 2012 11/6 Day after Doc Reporter Jim Forbes emails talk request to Rackstraw (69) about his ‘78

wrongful arrest” as DBC, he emails his interest, pending “compensatory discussions.

Two days later during their first phone call, Rackstraw tells reporter he can relate to the

highly-trained Vietnam vets who, upon return, became outlaws: “I can see where a lot of

individuals who don’t have the drive, gumption, knowledge and education I have would

go, ‘Well, screw it all, the hell with the government…I’m anti-government.’” (t)

77) 2013 2/19 In their final phone exchange, Forbes noted that Rackstraw showed he had intricate

knowledge of the details surrounding the 1980 Cooper money discovery along the

Columbia: “That kid found some in the river up theretheir thought being that, well, he

drowned” and the dollars “were still with him, lost in the river.”

Rackstraw was then informed that recent forensic tests overseen by the FBI had concluded the river cash couldn’t have washed down, and it now appeared planted. But he didn’t miss a beat: “Yeah, I heard that too… [to] get them off track.” (t)

78) 2013 5/20 TJC joins Doc Reporter Forbes, 2 cameramen and 3 armed PIs in San Diego for 2 days

of confrontation at Rackstraw’s boatyard business. In Day One’s softball approach (on

PI surveillance cam), “Hollywood Producer” TJC drives up and introduces himself.

Then he unrolls a link chart, displaying Rackstraw’s criminal trail and partners over the

years. TJC points at his 1970 Army ID picture next to the two FBI sketches of DBC.

TJC: “That was [taken] 14 months before the big day,” obliquely referring to the hijacking

for first time.

Rackstraw: “Yeah, yeah.”

FYI: Why would an innocent man know what and when this “big day” was, 42 years

earlier? (p/fr/t/do)

79) Rackstraw smiled and pointed at a chart photo of his secret Portland crime-partner:

Hey, there’s Dick Briggs!” Rackstraw then claimed to have only known the trafficker as

a teacher” (in 1960’s, before their 1973 intro), and he wasn’t aware he had died. (t)

80) TJC makes Rackstraw a proposal: If he confesses all in the documentary and gives

himself up, TJC could later offer a book and movie deal, starting with an option check

for story rights (he briefly pulls it out of his pocket). Rackstraw then acknowledges,

I told everybody I was [Cooper],” but he claims it was just an elaborate stunt. (t)

81) Rackstraw asks to see TJC’s check again – twice – to make sure his name is on it. (t)

82) Reporter Jim Forbes walks up and joins the conversation and encourages Rackstraw to

come clean. While weighing his options, the target divulges a real concern: “The

problem is I don’t remember a lot of it.” Forbes responds, “We’ll help you.” (t) 11

Rackstraw first hides for hours inside of a shipping box (left); then after a series of tense exchanges, he drives off. To view a

3-minute doc sample video (including this face-off), go to: https://vimeo.com/173664353, password (caps) “187HOMEWOOD”

83) 2013 5/21 After Rackstraw refuses to cooperate, the next morning the doc team returns for a Day

Two camera ambush. When he’s spotted concealing himself in a boatyard shipping

container (above), Forbes confronts him from an adjacent fence. “Why are you hiding in

a storage bin? Innocent men don’t hide in storage bins, Bob!” With no reply, the reporter

tries a new approach. “Why don’t you come out and say you’re not D.B. Cooper?” (t)

84) After Forbes hard-presses him multiple times if he was the hijacker, Rackstraw’s

composure finally cracks: “What difference does it make?”

Because if you’re D.B. Cooper, the world would want to know your story.”

Rackstraw smirked, “Sure they would. So would the FBI and the secret indictment in

Washington, D.C.” (t)

85) After a day of hide-and-seek games and aggressive exchanges, the exhausted ex-felon

prepares to drive off. But Forbes’ request for “one last question” brings Rackstraw’s car

window down. “Why are you so evasive about what should be a simple thing to say?

Because you guys would make such a big deal out of it.” (t)

86) 2013 5/31 Ten days after the camera face-off, Rackstraw responds to TJC’s last offer to come

clean, then collaborate on Cooper doc, book and movie. But this emailed proviso dead-

stopped the story negotiations: “Now, we will consider a real offer if they provide

virtually every piece of data and information they have acquired in the past years.” (t)

87) 2013 6/25 Rackstraw’s estranged Sister (now 66) responds to TJC’s note, agreeing to share his

life story and why she now believes he could be Cooper. Two weeks later, she sits for a

4-hour, tell-all video interview. Four weeks later, she dies from recurrent cancer. (h/t)

88) Sister also licensed 56 family pictures to TJC (several of her brother, around the hijack

period – see two on page one). (p)

89) 2013 6/26 Through a letter delivered by a Portland PI, TJC contacts former coke-middleman Jim

Shell. Now 70 with a disabled back, the senior admits to drug past, meeting Rackstraw

in Portland, and hearing Briggs call himself Cooper. Shell agrees to cooperate. (t)

90) 2013 8/3 More than two years after finding Carlson’s former coke-running partner, Vern Burke

(72), too sick to talk, TJC re-approaches and discovers he’s now healthy and lucid. The

retired outlaw backs Carlson’s story: He remembers Briggs repeatedly claiming he was

Cooper (in 1979-80), then revealing the cash-planting scheme to them at the river apart-

ment party. He’s agreed to cooperate. (t/h)

91) 2015 5/12 Rackstraw’s Vietnam commander, LTC Ken L. Overturf, says when his chopper pilot

wasn’t in the air, he was a rule-breaker, con artist & thief. That’s why Overturf believes

he’s Cooper – he had the parachuting skills and “go to hell attitude” to pull it off. (fn) 12

92) Rackstraw’s former Vietnam Co-Pilot, Capt. Wayne Olmstead, said he was always “very

pleasant, personable, capable, a natural leader” – but then added he was “fearless” and

a “crazy sucker.” He “always had unauthorized weapons around – a Browning Army

rifle, AK-47s, M-79 grenade launchers,” tunnel “satchel charges,” and a stolen jeep. (fn)

93) 2015 9/15 In History Channel’s interview with 1980 river “cash-finders” Dwayne (now 63) and

son Brian Ingram (now 44), Reporter Forbes asked them to explain the cash discovery.

Dwayne said, when his son started digging the fire pit, he directed the boy to move.

Let’s start right over there. See them two little sticks over there? Let’s do it right there.”

Later while watching former drug-runner Ron Carlson on video (telling of seeing Ingrams

at party where cash stunt was planned), the silent Dwayne removes his glasses, closes

eyes, facial muscles tighten, grimaces, turns away rather than watch tape, rings his

hands – then at end, responds that accuser Carlson must’ve been “tweekin’,” couldn’t

be trusted. FYI: Background on this entry is not in IR’s Timeline, but on pgs. 87-88. (t/p)

94) 2015 9/21 The College Student who sat across the aisle from passenger Dan Cooper (noted in

#25) provided his description for FBI Sketch #2 (page 1, right). Now 63 and no longer a

key witness,” he agreed to partake in a professional “six-pack” photo examination for

History Channel. When he was asked if Cooper was among the black & white pictures

on the table, he pointed at Rackstraw’s 1970 Army ID photo (page 1, middle). (di/t)

95) 2015 10/1 With a PI’s help, TJC tracked down Rackstraw’s former GIRLFRIEND that joined him on two escapes from California custody (1977-79). Now 67, she gave a 2½ hour interview

(audio recorded) for History Channel doc. When FBI returned the fugitive to face multiple charges in 3/1978, the Girlfriend says she went to see him in a jail conference room. “He held a legal pad up against the window” that said, “‘Do you remember this? D.B. Cooper.’ And I said yes. He said,

Well, they’re trying to prove I’m that person.’ That was the first time that this came up.”

Before Rackstraw’s 1978 murder trial, Girlfriend acquired his Army file “for his attorney

so he could present it to the court.” But “Bob was upset,” saying, “’you should’ve just

flushed it down the toilet, because all of this proves I could be this [Cooper] person.’”

I asked him one question directly” about being Cooper, but she would “not discuss that

answer. If I knew he was D.B. Cooper, I would never discuss [it] until he had died.”

Minutes later though, she slipped up – stating when “things like this have come up,

Bob [Rackstraw] would say to me, ‘Angel, don’t talk to the psychologist, don’t talk to

anyone because there’s no statute of limitations on skyjacking.’” (t)


Sampling of opinions from the 40-member Cold Case Team:

Joseph P. Russoniello – a former two-time U.S. Attorney (CA Northern District), FBI Special Agent and Dean of San Francisco Law School – gave the following comment in 2014: “My review of the pieces of evidence compiled by Tom Colbert and his associates leads me to the conclusion that Robert Wesley Rackstraw is D.B. Cooper and subject to federal prosecution for the crimes of airline hijacking, extortion and kidnapping – a strong circumstantial case.” 13

Jay C. Todd, an undercover State Investigator and 10-year colleague of TJC’s, studied the IR; his conclusion: “A master criminal like Rackstraw (RWR) appears in America once every couple of years. Between July and December, 1971, you’ve documented three within one hundred miles of each other in the Northwest: veteran aviator and real estate aerial pilot RWR, vacationing Swiss pilot Norman de Winter (NdW), and D.B. Cooper (DBC), a hijacker with obvious aviation skill sets.

Many of your NdW eyewitnesses insist he looked very much like RWR, and RWR is a dead ringer for the FBI Cooper sketches. Also, your detailed timeline reveals that whenever one vanished, another appeared—and after RWR went home for good, the other two disappeared forever. It is statistically impossible for three master criminals to all be operating within a hundred miles, let alone three that look alike, have the same flying skills, and their arrivals and departures are synchronized like whack-a-mole.

James Reese, Ph.D., a pioneering FBI profiler at the Behavioral Science Unit, studied the confrontation transcript and full IR. He was concise: “I usually study reports three times, but my first read says yes, he’s the guy.”

LT. Col. Ken L. Overturf (ret.), Rackstraw’s former Vietnam Army commander, said after reading the IR he now believes he’s Cooper: The hijacking “would suggest that [Cooper] was not only fearless, but also had fully prepared a detailed recon of the area from the air. I would propose that of the potential suspects identified by the FBI, Rackstraw fits the mold best.”

Jack Trimarco, Ph.D., former FBI profiler and polygraph manager in Los Angeles, review the IR and the 2013 San Diego confrontation video: “I believe Mister Rackstraw is D.B. Cooper. It’s time for him to take credit for what he did.”

Jamie Graham, former Chief Superintendent, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, after reviewing the IR: “It was quite amazing to see the volume of work and care you put into this case. You seem to have turned over every rock” and “followed all the right leads. Sounds like [Rackstraw] is the best suspect so far.

Ron Hilley, a former FBI polygraph examiner, says the research correctly links Rackstraw: “If this was a fresh case with this amount of information, you couldn’t set him aside.

Johnny “Mack” Brown, a former U.S. Marshal in South Carolina (2002-10) reviewed IR. His conclusion: “Based on all the circumstantial evidence, I believe this suspect should be given a second look.”

Jim Myers, former FBI investigator and lead undercover PI on surveillance during the 2013 Rackstraw confrontation in San Diego, gave a post-operational review: “He knew a lot more about the target (Cooper) than anybody I ever met. Information that wouldn’t be normal to know unless you were directly involved in it. I feel certain he was hiding the truth.”

Kevin Adley, a former FBI special agent and the second undercover PI on surveillance during the 2013 Rackstraw confrontation in San Diego, also had a post-operational comment: “I was taken aback by his reaction, never once calling the police, the harbor patrol or anyone to have us leave. I think that reflects a consciousness of guilt.”

Richard W. Smith, a former FBI special agent for 25 years – 20 of them in Soviet counterintelligence – says, after reading the IR: “I believe it would serve justice if the Bureau revisited Rackstraw as a possible suspect.” 14



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216 Responses to DB Cooper case closed – but not abandoned

  1. Pingback: Robert Wesley Rackstraw is not DB Cooper | Marty Andrade

  2. Bob Sailshaw says:

    Bruce: Is Rackstraw too young to be DB Cooper? Was he not in his 20’s at the time of Norjack?

    • Dave Bowshot says:

      “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”

      Seriously, age estimation is a very inexact science, and I would not put too heavy a value in it, especially considering the photos of the suspect.

    • Trish says:

      Tina Mucklow was 24. Rackstraw was 28. Even if he was not aging well, I doubt she woul have seen him as “middle aged”.

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Although Tina Mucklow was 22, Florence Schaffner was 23, and Alice Hancock was 24, I believe you are correct is assessing that none of them would miss Rackstraw’s age by such a wide margin. In fact, the first reports of the skyjacker’s age pegged him to be 60, according to notes taken by NWO SeaTac official Georger Harrison, and released by the Washington State Historical Museum in 2013.

      • Trish says:

        Thanks for the correction. I thought the documentary said Tina was 24.

    • Sammy says:

      I totally agree that Mr. Rackstraw would appear to be too young if you are comfortable with the sketch artist drawing. What interest me is the list of people that were thought to be DB which is short, about 8 or 9 people. (Yes, I know there were many others, but the list I am talking about is the final version still found on the internet.) If he was too young, than so was Richard McCoy who was born in 1942 and would have been about 29 at the time. Oddly enough his name is still on the roster where as Mr. Rackstraw’s never was. McCoy I think is only of interest because of the second hijacking. We know he did that. As for him having olive/dark skin that could very well have been makeup. I am confused about something found on the plane. Perhaps I read this wrong and it was the aircraft that McCoy jumped from, but it was said somewhere that a Brigham Young University medallion was recovered with McCoy’s initials on it, and he attended that school. So if it was on the McCoy plane I get it, but if it was on the Cooper plane well, what?

      • brucesmith49 says:

        You are correct, Sammy. McCoy was too young. McCoy was not Cooper, in my view for other reasons, as well. He was too short, and his eye color is wrong. Hence, the circumstantial evidence that links him to Cooper must be re-examined and different explanations need to be developed, such as a ground man, or some kind of group operation/training mission.

        The BYO Medallion story is bogus, apparently. There is no definitive proof, which casts a harsh light on those who champion its presence on the McCoy flight.

    • he may have lied about his age.. he had at three alias’ he had the ability.

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Lied to whom, dailyc? The military? The enlistment folks in California? I’m assuming you are referencing Bob Rackstraw. You gotta remember, RWR has already confessed to being DB Cooper. And has been rejected by Tina, Bill Mitchell, and the feds. So, what else you got?

  3. Clark says:

    I agree about the lack of detail paid to the physical evidence. Newspaper articles state the FBI did DNA testing to exonerate LD Cooper back in 2011. Have they done that with Robert Rackstraw? Fingerprints? Billy Jensen said the FBI stated the fingerprints were not useful or smudged. Really? Not one good fingerprint? Cigarette butts missing? Any chance the FBI would open their files on the case?

  4. This is a great post and raises good questions. However, the formatting of the info needs to be fixed. It is a chore to read (especially the latter part of the post).

  5. Trish says:

    I’ve been interested in this case for a few years. I have no flying or parachuting experience, but I think the evidence shows the skyjacker had such skills – and more. Tina Mucklow’s interview, though it disappointed Colbert, did provide extremely useful information about the methodology of the skyjacker, and is illustrative of how human minds actually work in a high stress, terrifying situation. I really appreciate her and Bill Rataczak agreeing to be interviewed after what they, and the crew they cared about, were put through by the skyjacker.

    For me, the most stunning news in this documentary was the fact that the famous sketches were mash-ups of observations from two witnesses. This makes those drawings utterly worthless. Not only should their observations not have been combined, they should not have even been interviewed by the same sketch artist. Each witness should have been interviewed by a separate sketch artist and all resulting sketches been released, even if the resulting sketches looked like two – or more – different men. I wish we could all wash those images out of our minds.

    But in one way, it doesn’t really matter whether the sketches were this badly done, because there was little chance of the witnesses having been able to actually accurately recall and describe the skyjacker. This man fashioned a situation that would have made forming accurate memories of important details highly unlikely. It is well known among memory experts that someone threatened by a stranger pointing a gun at his or her face will be able to describe the gun, but not the face of the person holding the gun because attention will be focused on the threat, i.e., the gun.

    The skyjacker did many specific things that would have reduced the likelihood of anyone making accurate observations of his face. He wore sunglasses and sat in the back – nobody to observe him from behind. Anyone forward of him would have had to turn around to see him – awkward with high-back airline seats. He didn’t announce it was a skyjacking (as was typical of skyjackings back in the day), so passengers had no reason to notice guy in the back (drastically reducing the number of candidates to describe him to authorities). When he had the flight crew move the passengers, they wouldn’t notice the guy behind them who didn’t follow them to first class.

    The young passenger across the aisle had at best a profile view (with the diversion of a pretty stewardess between him and the hijacker). The hijacker’s note announced the skyjacking and ordered the stewardess to sit next to him, initiated fear before she even sat down. Tina Mucklow, also would have had a profile view of the skyjacker. A lot of the time her attention was being directed to reading/writing notes, as well as the contents of his case. The person with the longest contact and the closest proximity to the skyjacker probably had very little time viewing his full face. Most of the people on the plane had no reason to even notice him.

    Brilliantly, the skyjacker used his attache case “bomb” as a prop to ramp up the terror. Just by informing someone he had a bomb, as with the initial note, he had already instilled fear. But he didn’t just inform a crew member that he had a bomb, he then identified the case as a bomb, and then he showed what appeared – during a terrifying glimpse – to be wires and bomb bits, and even – theatrically – pointed out how the bomb could be detonated. For those who saw this demonstration, there was no curiosity about the contents and a strong desire to put distance between them and the “bomb”. Tina Mucklow’s description of her thought process when he opened the case and described how he could detonate the “bomb” clearly shows the resulting train of thought was about the physical effects on the aircraft, and desire to run – a mindset incompatible with curiosity or detailed observation, making accurate memory formation very unlikely. The use of attache case as a prop to support his efforts to create terror and prevent creation of accurate memories was a masterful act of diversion. (Perhaps in addition to flying and skydiving experience, this guy had some training in stage magic?)

    The fact that Tina Mucklow and one other stewardess reported the skyjacker reached into the case and touched things in it suggests to me there was no bomb in it. People don’t just idly handle parts of a working explosive device. But his handling – opening the case and touching bits – made use of the case/”bomb” as a prop to support the story he wanted to convey: do what he says in order to avert a deadly outcome.

    I think the attache case “bomb” had a second purpose. You know how some skydiving experts note certain equipment they believe would have been key to succeeding in the “DB Cooper” jump? Equipment Cooper was reported to not have? I think the case contained something that would have been extremely useful in this endeavor. As someone with no skydiving experience, i could not begin to speculate on what specific something that might have been, but I would love to learn what would kind of useful something could have fit in that case. Perhaps some of the wires and bits were also components of that “useful something.” This “useful something” might have been this skyjacking’s “deadman switch” (as in “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3” – an object that would have been so key to the plan as to have inspired the entire escapade)

    One other piece of info I learned from the History documentary was that military parachutists are trained to bury the chute and any equipment that wouldn’t be of use during the mission – a very good explanation for why no traces of the chute, etc., have turned up.

    • Sammy says:

      @Trish .. Very interesting post. I had not entertained the idea that the case could have contained something useful other than what could have been a bomb. I did wonder what happened to the case. Did he take it with him? Connected or not, I wouldn’t want to jump out of a plane with something that could explode. I therefore think that it was indeed misdirection. As for who DB is/was I have to ponder if the powers that be have known who he was and wished they didn’t, or they don’t and never will becasue they choose not to.
      I would think that a wise decision.

      Is it Mr. Rackstraw? Who knows, and at this stage of the game …. who cares. Of all the big bads out there this guy doesn’t make the list of the top 100 dangerous most scary people. Speaking of the 100. The commanding officer said that there were that many soldiers during 1971 that could have pulled this off. So could this have been a Vietnam Vet? Well …. you think? If that is the case do I want you to find him? Ah, NO! Hey, I got my reasons. If he was a Vet does the DOD really want to trip the light fantastic with this now? Well, I have a feeling they didn’t want to do it then ….. so again, NO!

      As I have been reading post from interested persons regarding this, I had a flash on a Twilight Zone episode in 1985 intitled “Nightcrawlers” with Scott Paulin. In the end the cook at the dinner as he is being taken away to a hospital screams … “There are four more, four more Vets, ….. THAT CAN DO THE SAME THING!!!!

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Sammy, I invite you to read my book: DB Cooper and the FBI. I write extensively on the possibility of Vietnam vets being DB Cooper. The MAC-V-SOG troopers I’ve spoken with are convinced that DB Cooper is one of their guys…

      • Trish says:

        Sammy, thanks for your reply, and for giving consideration to my ideas about the attache case.

        As far as I know, the case was not found – he must have either taken it with him or thrown it off the aft staircase before jumping. I suspect he waited to make sure Tina was not there to see him retrieve his “useful something” out of the case and/or tie the case to his body as he had with the money bags.

        I don’t think the fact that he hasn’t yet been caught is itself evidence of a conspiracy to let him get away with it. I think his incredibly careful planning and extremely skillful use of misdirection and tactics that interfere with observation/memory formation suggest he was not counting on getting help during or after the crime.

  6. Sammy says:

    @ Trish … I suspect he took the attache case with him, and if you find the parachute you (might) find it. Just tossing it out of the plane armed or not would have been unwise. First I do not believe he intended to harm anyone so the bomb was either fake or he dismantled it. Bad idea if some campers came upon it and like a land mine …. boom! That was NEVER his plan.

    I am sorry if my comments came off as if I think this was a conspiracy from the beginning. I do not believe that. What I trying to convey is that after researching Mr. Cooper, the powers that be were able to put 2 and 2 together and this time come up with 4. Outstanding!!

    I think it took them years digging in the trenches before they either hit pay dirt or suspected what might have happened. At that point they realized bringing Charley into the LIght might be bad for business. Cooper did the big jump in 1971. Saigon fell in 1975. If they finally had a solid lead after that, with all that transpired on the homefront with MIA’s missing, ….. well ….perhaps better to just walk away from this. Cooper became a folk hero regardless if he was a VET. So actually being one … what flood gates would that have opened?

    With the mess we are in right now I would like to think that there isn’t a Vet out there from any war that would blow the whistle on DB Cooper. Just what did he do anyway …… show the USA how well the DOD trained him?

    So to Mr. Cooper where ever you are ….. if you were a Vet, I thank you for your service. I apologize for the shabby treatment you received from those that trained you and the people at home whom did not receive you and honor you. If you are ever discovered I will be in your corner along with the men I knew that lived to come back. God bless …..Sammy

    • Trish says:

      Sammy – i didn’t mean to give you the impression that I thought you were convinced of a conspiracy. I thought you were throwing the possibility out there, and I was returning with the things that looked to me like evidence toward a solo operation. How the powers-that-be looked at it after-the-fact is a whole other kettle of fish, one haven’t really given much thought to up til now. I suspect that how this crime might have been spun for political gain is probably not something the skyjacker himself was concerned with.

      I agree with you that he either took the case with him during the jump, and possibly left it with the parachute (if left in the woods, the gear was probably intentionally buried)

      I also agree with you that the aspects of the crime that were after the jump are more consistent than not with it not being a bomb (this was a part of the incident that I hadn’t considered when I developed my ideas about the case and its potential usefulness during the skyjacking, but I think your points support my own thought that the case was never a bomb): dropping a bomb from the plane would not only have possibly harmed someone on the ground, but even an explosion that harmed no one could have been a giant clue for anyone looking for him afterwards. And carrying it with him during a parachute landing would have been creating a risk for himself in a way that is completely inconsistent with his other, super-plotted actions.

      • Sammy says:

        Trish …. thank your for your comment. To be honest, I didn’t want anyone reading this site and thinking I thought it was a government conspiracy from the start. In fact I thought it might be John List as the timing fit. I had hoped it was him and he died from the jump. I grew up not far from where the murders took place and we either wanted him dead of found. Well, we got our wish one way or another.

    • Trish says:

      Sammy – one other thing. I think the initial investigation made mistakes that would have made it very difficult for anyone including the FBI or other government figures, to conclusively identify a suspect: the misplaced bourbon glass (probably the best potential source for fingerprints, since, unlike the arm rests, it would be washed well between uses, and is a slick, non-porous surface) (and why not fingerprint all the flight’s glassware – how many glasses could have been used on such a short flight with so few passengers?), the terribly muddled sketches, the gaps in searches of the woods. Absent the parachute, money, and/or attache case, and a confession that leads to some physical evidence that ties one individual to the crime, I don’t think it can be solved.

  7. Sammy says:

    @ Bruce Smith … thank you for responding to my post. I had to look up MACV-SOG as that was a new one on me. Well lets face it …. they were a really big secret. Hey, they had to create their own patch. I am going to get a copy of your book as this is an avenue I have not considered. Please understand that unless I win the lottery and have money to burn, I do NOT want to find DB. One would need a nice chunk of change to defend him.

    I was happy to read that it might be a Vet but most likely not Mr. Rackstraw. After the way they tracked him down and hasseled him, I think he should be left alone. I also think that education or not, for what he did for our country he should be allowed military benefits.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Robert Rackstraw is currently advertising for an attorney. He is planning a law suit over his treatment by Colbert and Company, apparently. I am following this development and am attempting to contact Rackstraw to learn more.

      • Sammy says:

        @ Bruce Smith … Thank you for commenting on the BUY crap on a cracker. That was news to me. I thought I migth be slow on the up-take. That is part of the mess this case is. Too much pops up 40 years later that was not commented on in the early days. I for one refuse to entertain that I have a scarlette (S) on my forehead standing for STUPID.

        As for Mr. Rackstraw looking for an attorney, well good for him. I spent half of my life living in that state and there has to be someone there that would just jump on this. Tracking him down when he was NEVER on the main list is odd, but the way they persuaded him, badgered him at his home and just wouldn’t let go as if he was a raw piece of meat in the mouth of a bitbull, was shameful. It was at that point I wanted to throw-up on my own shoes. So I just changed the channel.

        They had me up until then; and with that I had to wonder; who were those two brats kidding? I can say that as I am a 60’s person and well, … old.

        I was a babysitter for a family that was trying to get their daughter away from the Moonies in the late 70’s. While I was with the younger children in an eastern state, they were in San Francisco. Reporters came to the home and attempted to push their way through the front door. Didn’t work. One jumped the back fense and I open the door and let the dog out. I suspect, from what I witnessed …. he is fatherless.

      • Airborne Bob says:

        They also didn’t tell you that when they first contacted me with fraudulent misrepresentations and pretenses it was about asking me for input as a consultant with other Vietnam Vets as consultants about our experiences. turned out to be just the beginning of ongoing horrendous lies and misrepresentations from Colbert, Forbes and Zaid (who would be my attorney). Their story is filled with innuendos, misstatements and conceptions, incorrect locations, motives, means, opportunities, capabilities, reasons, theories, incorrect conclusions. I can see why Donald Trump got upset with people in the media. Nothing about the 37 Air Medals, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, nothing nothing, and I am not James Bond.

        Nothing about taking the issues of the State of California illegally holding people longer in prison if they could not afford pre-trial bail as opposed to those who could —after sentencing by a bastardized formula implemented by the well oiled prison system designed to permanently incarcerate people as long as possible to get more money out of the taxpayers. Rubber stamped “denied” by every California Court all the way up. So I took it to the US Supreme Court and low and behold SCOTUS held the State of California answerable in my writ (Case No. 79-5779), So the AG assigned nine attorneys to the case and they dumped me out of the system on the street with $100, rendering the case moot. So I left them alone and tried to start a new life.

        I did start a new life, now the patriarch of six wonderful children and 14 grandchildren and along comes Colbert, Forbes, Zaid and economic terrorists to terrorize my family, my country and even the FBI and be paid for it.? I think that I can have him arrested for what he said about myself and our FBI after disbarment.

        I am going after Zaid first for disbarment proceedings and criminal charges and for his misrepresentations and fraud and his personally conducted “press release” and have sent evidence to every bar association that he belongs to for that purpose. Then there’s the lying media people( like Donald Trump hates) not all of them, just those who rubber stamp an article not caring about who they destroy. I’m betting that our personal and constitutional rights Trump theirs. I am also looking at the hogs troth that feeds them—producers, sponsors and financial people—-one step at a time.

        Yes, I am looking for a no holds barred law firm, because I cannot do it by myself and it needs to be done for our nation. God Bless America, my family and the people in it.

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Thanks for getting in touch, Bob. You certainly have made your case crystal clear.

        Editor’s Note: Airborne Bob is believed to be Robert W. Rackstraw, the subject of the DB Cooper investigation conducted by Thomas J Colbert, Jim Forbes, and the History Channel.

      • Sammy says:

        AB …. If Trump is on the level and is elected and you are a vet I suggest that a gaggle of letters be written to him. Regardless of who you are; and that is NOT my business; if you served our country and were given the shaft in any department than that needs to be address, and not just for you I might add. The history hunters are in my opinion harassing you and it would appear, also stalking you and perhaps your family and friends. That is NOT to be Tollerated by anyone. Unless they quit now they might be looking at a court date they did not plan on. Unless they can recover the money or the parachute than according to the FBI the case is CLOSED.

        If Trump wins I will write a letter unless you tell me not to. Peace Sammy

  8. Airborne Bob says:

    Colbert, Forbes and Zaid also formed a conspiracy to purposely and intentionally defame me, my family, acquaintances and friends just as they said they would when they made every fraudulent intentional effort misrepresenting themselves and purposes to get me to sign a bogus contract giving them all of my rights in perpetuity. Notwithstanding myself and family they were also intentionally complicit in totally destroying a disabled veteran small business that took us seven years to get to the point it was before their Nazi/ISIS sympathizing terrorist media blitzkrieg and frenzy. I am a disabled very patriotic veteran and have a little American Indian blood from my grandmother and ask for a little help to prosecute these people.

    Again,we have no choice but to pursue them one step at a time and one court at a time, to prevent them from doing this to anyone else and from making unfounded disparaging remarks about our law enforcement people, specifically the personnel at the FBI. The tiger will shred the rogue elephant little by little in each legal arena until it drops.

    God Bless America, my family and the people in them.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Bob, you’re making strong accusations against Colbert, Forbes, et.al. Will you please identify yourself. Please confirm that you are Robert W. Rackstraw, if indeed you are. If you are not Rackstraw, then please tell us who you are.

      • Sammy says:

        Okay, I have about had it with this. Someone is getting way out of line here.

        1. If Colbert, Forbes and whom ever else wants to tap dance on a landmine that is their call. What they cannot do is harass, stalk, slander or disrupt the life of another or their family without evidence to back up their investigation. They are not members of the FBI, NCIS, CIA or even the local PD. Who are you again? Get off my land!

        2. Accusations? Really? Would you like to hear a few I have for Hilly and Billy? How about Chris Christy the fat donut eating oinker? I would think not as everyone seems to be making ACCUSATIONS about everyone and everything these days. Don’t you just the the information highway?

        3. Who cares who Airborne Bob is anyway? Is he not allowed to comment on this site with out being hassled by other chatters? Do you want to know who I am? Okay, I am a relative of someone who was in law-enforcement. I am now exempt from jury duty anywhere in the USA. Isn’t life strange, a turn of the page.

        4. What if AB is RWR? What will that do for you? If the FBI isn’t interested in him what is anyone hoping will come of this? Oh right, he was a vet that was shafted because he didn’t take his finials. Film at eleven.

        5. If anyone thinks that AB is RWR is he a person of interest because RWR might be DB. Well, the FBI doesn’t think so. Therefore why would anyone care if RWR is AB. Gee, if I put a few pluses and minuses in here we might have an algebra problem. How’s your math? Did you pass your exam?

        6. Final answer …. RWR is NOT DB. If RWR is AB than he does have a reason to seek legal council if the gooney birds with nothing better to do keep breaking the law by harassing and stalking him. Rock and Roll and Good Morning Vietnam!!

  9. Trish says:

    I don’t know if it would make Mr Rackstraw feel any better, but the History Channel program did not convince this viewer that there was compelling evidence against him. This documentary was a good illustration of the dangers of amateur sleuthing. Colbert, a movie producer, produced what would look compelling as a piece of fiction, using a different skill set and understanding of what is convincing to an audience compared to what police or prosecutors would use to convince jurors in a trial.

    Focusing on Mr Rackstraw, showing multiple depictions of his likeness, and claiming to have “solved the case” was not only unfair to him, but unnecessary if the goal was to produce an interesting and up-to-date exploration of the skyjacking case.

    Any suggestion that Tina Mucklow’s memory is somehow faulty to undermine her reaction to the photos of Mr Rackstraw is unfair to both of them. Miss Mucklow was gracious enough to agree to the interview, and had compelling things to say. Even if she had identified the person the program producers were hoping she would, that would not have been any more evidence of that person’s involvement than any of the other items the program linked to any of the people they identified as suspects.

    • Sammy says:

      Thank you for your comment Trish. I found Mr. Rackstraw interesting because I had never heard of him and that confused me. As I said before I thought is was List. When Mr. Rackstraw came into the light the door that opened for me for the first time was that it could have been vet out of Vietnam. It can’t be RWR as he is just too young, but there were 99 more out there that could do the same thing. This I didn’t know until I watched the History special. At that point I started taking a better look at this, thanks to the Generals comments. The money was never found except for the 5,800. It seems that it never when back into circulation and there is no body or geer. So DB must have been telling the truth …. it wasn’t about the cash. It I think was about training and I suspect the slaps in the face they received. Therefore I am delighted that the FBI closed the case.

  10. brucesmith49 says:

    I am responding to “Sammy’s” comment several posts above:

    3. Who cares who Airborne Bob is anyway?

    The answer is, I care. Airborne Bob has made strong accusations against several individuals, including law suits and disbarment. As editor, I feel that these kinds of charges require a substantial degree of responsibility on the part of the accuser, i.e: who is it, exactly, who is making these accusations? To be angry is one thing, but to be hostile and hiding behind an Internet moniker is another. It is not acceptable behavior at this website.

    Remember, if Airborne Bob is in fact, Bob Rackstraw, the army removed him from the military due to his dishonesty and deception. I maintain those standards here, as well.

  11. Trish says:

    One other thing that disturbs me, thinking back on the History Channel show, is that Colbert et al claimed to have 90+ pieces of evidence. Then later in the program, they mention having shown 30+ of those items to the FBI some years before the HC show was filmed. The FBI didn’t make an arrest based on those 30+ items, so I think it’s kind of disingenuous to claim that they have 90+ items of evidence, more like 50-60/something items “new” items.

  12. G. Cook says:


    I told you that LMNO Productions was a piece of s**t before they even started filming. For the life of me, I don’t know why you gave them meaningless face-time on the camera for a slice of birthday cake, unless you just wanted some meaningless face-time on camera. Everytime HC plays that four hours of nothing about D.B. Cooper, LMNO probably takes a royalty. When they called me, I told them to get lost and never use my name in their production, or I would sue them. They got the message.

    The D.B. Cooper case has been distracted by a bunch of rank amateurs. No wonder the FBI threw in the towel on this case after learning of what was being advanced during four hours of wasted time.

    Tina Mucklow and Bill Rataczak seized the opportunity to close out their involvement. The better crew witnesses were never even contacted though. Mitchell did a good job, and he ruled out the suspect.

    As for Tom Colbert, glad I caught him at the right time, when he was paying me cash. Not a bad guy in my estimation, since he paid his bills. Just naive as hell when it comes to this case. But, it was kind of entertaining to watch all the silly end runs being made by these characters.

    The former FBI Asst. Director dude looked perplexed the entire time, as if, “what am I doing here?”

    Anyway, some bodies were paid well to appear with their mugs on camera. If I was you, I would have negotiated for more than a slice of birthday cake.

    G. Cook

  13. Airborne Bob says:

    I even gave a plastic bottle to Colbert with my fingerprints on it and told him to run them and the DNA and then leave me alone. Also told him that some of my Navy SEAL and SWCC friends had been practicing surveillance…

    Editor’s Note: The remainder of Airborne Bob’s post has been removed due to objectionable content. The following post is a copy of the email the Mountain News sent to Airborne Bob explaining his removal and the requirements for him to continue to post at the MN:

    Greetings Airborne Bob,

    The Mountain News-WA does not tolerate veiled threats of violence, especially from individuals that we have specifically asked to identify themselves in past comments.

    If you would like to identify yourself by posting your full name, and also retract your threats of violence, we will consider posting your comments.

    Otherwise, we will not post this commentary, nor any in the future.

    Bruce A. Smith
    Mountain News-WA
    Eatonville, WA

  14. Sammy says:

    Dear Mr. Smith

    I am confused by your last comment. I have read and reread AB’s last post, and I for the life of me can’t see where he made any veiled threats of violence. Perhaps I have become a bit to bias on the subject so I will have others read the copy I retain.

    Another thing that mystifies me is a comment made by your friend Mr. Colbert:

    “Airborne Bob,” Colbert wrote, using Rackstraw’s email account name. “If you don’t respond, [the media will] go hunt down your relatives. I’m afraid this will be the Rackstraw clan’s new life. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s not too late to . . . receive my hefty option fee, and tell us the truth about Nov. 24 1971 — one time, in a private controlled setting. Then, by next year, you’ll be sharing the profits (6-7 figures) from my best-selling book and hit movie.”

    So am I to understand that if Mr. RWR doesn’t take the deal he has offered by Colbert, Mr. Rackstraw’s family will be hunted down and terrorized? Does that include children, or do you have to be over 18? Ah, another thing, is it only me or do others question how (veiled) Mr. Colbert threats are? Looks like window glass to me.

    Of interest here is a comment you made to Bob Sailshaw on July 13th at 7:52am, when he asked you, “Is Rackstraw too young to be DB Cooper? Was he not in his 20’s at the time of Norjack?”

    You replied same day at 10:43 am. was “Yup. Too young.”

    So if you thought RWR was too young to be DB Cooper, than if AB is RWR than how can he be Cooper? Help me out here … I’m getting tangled up in the math.

    I ponder how long this post will remain on this site so I have of course made a copy. As stated before, don’t you just love the information highway?

    • Airborne Bob says:

      RWR is not Cooper as the FBI agents so astutely stated. But in order for Colbert to get reimbursed for his “rabbit hole” as his team pointed out, apparently the only two left standing because they owe so much money to “investors and sponsors” are Colbert and his ambulance chaser Zaid as they have to drop all the way down into the septic tank they created to fain stupidity and evil..

      However it is a blatant and obvious example of how some people in the media, selectively destroy other people just to make money and we most assuredly need to enact legislation that allows us to legally sue such people.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      1. As I stated above, I have removed the offending portion of Airborne Bob’s post, so it is not available to read.
      2. Yes, Mr. Colbert’s comments to RWR about hunting down his family are disturbing. However, at this point that seems to be an issue that Colbert and Rackstraw will have to revolve between themselves.
      3. Yes, I believe that Robert Rackstraw is too young to be DB Cooper. I have stated that belief on multiple occasions.

      • Airborne Bob says:

        Bruce apparently did not know that in a high security area like San Diego CA there are a lot of people involved in government security and yes they are armed and yes some of them are friends of mine and yes they notified me that some idiots were snooping around and they were concerned and those idiots were armed and those idiots were hired by and belonged to Colbert and his co-conspirators. WHICH raised the concern of the US Navy when they were photographing my boat that I had at the time. They came very close to being arrested and they still may face federal trespass charges.

        Only media morons like Colbert and Zaid would hire armed people to an interview (albeit by their own definition a “media ambush”).

        Where in the world do they get these media people and why is it that they are not in jail? MY First Amendment and personal rights most certainly trump that of a corporation and its employees and consultants and they are going to find that out.

      • Sammy says:

        AB could you not consider getting a restraining order? It might not do much, but it would at least be on file. Everytime you even suspect you are being followed called the local PD. All calls to the PD are recorded and saved for a time. Everytime they hassel you report it. If you end up in court all of that will be questioned. If they attempt to chat with you take a picture with your cell phone. Do not respond to any questions or comments. If the FBI says you are not DB and has closed the case the only statement you are required to make is ….. until the case is reopened and I am questioned by law-enforcement I have no comment.

        Hey, don’t you reside on a boat in San Diego? Gee, if I were young again my mode of dress in that area would be a bikini. Now lets just say they are stalking you at home and wow, there are pretty girls in tiny cute swimsuits. Someone is taking pictures. Mommy, mommy says the under 18 year old ….. there is a strange man taking my picture. He isn’t planning to print that in some rag-mag is he mommy? Or worse, alter it so I look like I’m naked. What should we do mommy? Should we call the police?

      • Sammy says:

        Ah, wrong Mr. Smith. What AB said is available to read. Once something is posted a notice is sent to all on the site as long as they checked the (Notify me of new comments via email) box. If they are on their computer at the time they get said notice immediately. Once it’s opened it belongs to the receiver and cannot be recaptured on the other end. At that point, it is their decision to save into a file folder or delete. I have refrained from bringing it back to (this) site as I wanted to see where some of the responses would go. So if there are six people out there that are interest; one would have to be AB as it was his post in the first place; I will revive it here or else where.


        I have had others read said questionable post and none could see a veiled threat of violence from AB. In fact it seemed to me that he was attempting to protect himself and his family from an attack by people that are not even connected with law-enforcement.

        I also have to wonder why you didn’t allow other readers to decide for themselvers if it was a threat, and to whom the threat is directly aimed at. Are you perhaps concerned that most of your posters are enept at critical thinking or should not be allowed to come to their own conclusions? Now that’s insulting.

        About the only thing you can do to prevent me, AB or any other person from making comments that do not fit into your agenda would be to block us from entering this site. If that happens I suggest interested persons hop on over to


        and splash around in that bubbling cauldron for a spell.

        I have noticed that you and Mr. Zaid appear to be in two different camps concerning AB. You have stated more then once that AB if he is RWR is too young to be DB, where as Zaid says to AB:

        “Give it a rest bob you might have everyone else fooled but not us we know your cooper and we have a new evidence that we will be releasing that will put this all to bed. Stay tuned folks!”

        I’m confused, has Mr. Zaid dethroned the director of the FBI, or maybe promised him buckets of cash from his best selling book when he finally talks (anyone) into confessing to being DB? If the FBI is going to stand by their statement that the case is closed unless you find the money or the parachute, is Mr. Zaid going to hire a pack of gremlins armed with pick-axes and shovels and deploy them to the wilderness of Oregon? If that is the case I suggest he rethink it. Folks in Oregon are a lot like those who reside in Vermont. They tend not to cotton to well to strangers. So tread softly and leave the big stick at home.

  15. Sammy says:

    Hello Bob,

    I’m so happy to hear from you. Before Mr. Smith or is it Jones banished your post I captured your email. I will be contacting. S

  16. Truth Hurts says:

    Bruce i WAS going to buy your book. BUT reading your replies on here shows me your just a puppet like the rest of them,trying to throw off the scent in another direction.
    ANYONE who believes 1 word from tina or the crew is automatically disqualified to know the truth. Read between the lines. During hijack she was not in fear at all,and handled it knowing she would not be harmed. Then in confrence after hijack she defends and protects DB cooper saying he was nice and respectful,etc. All was left was for her to say how he was great in bed lol are u kidding me? Finally I leave yall with this……..
    Db cooper had no beard and glasses,yet the HC show wants tina to identify db cooper looking at a video of rackstraw with no glasses and a BEARD! Haha what a joke of a investigation

    • Airborne Bob says:

      I agree. Also when they shoved my old photo in front of people, . . . .”is this him, isn’t this him, look are you sure this might be him.” even rookie police officers know better then that.

      • Zaid says:

        Give it a rest bob you might have everyone else fooled but not us we know your cooper and we have a new evidence that we will be releasing that will put this all to bed. Stay tuned folks!

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I’ve got good news for you Truth Hurts – you don’t have to buy my book to read what I have to say about Tina, as I have posted many articles here in the Mountain News trying to find out what happened to Ms. Mucklow. Unlike you, I read her behavior – not as a co-conspirator with the skyjacker – but as a woman who is skilled at handling dangerous, predatory men, even if they are “nice” and act gentlemanly. I trust you’ve heard the phrase, “wolf in sheep’s clothing?”

      • G. Cook says:

        Bruce, you and I both have met Tina Mucklow, although on different occasions and under different circumstances. Nuns don’t lie, do they………………………….

  17. Vicki Wilson says:

    Here is a missing person from Minnesota. He disappeared September 1971 after being charged with counterfeiting. Posting it if RWR is found to NOT be Cooper. 😉

    In your recent email from Ayn, She stated another suspect that came to their attention five, or so, years ago was ruled out. Could you find out if that was L.D. Cooper or another suspect. Thanks!


  18. brucesmith49 says:

    Galen – Nuns don’t lie, and that’s the truth.

  19. Adrian says:

    I knew Bob Rackstraw and I believe him to have been D.B. Cooper. Bob was a helicopter pilot and had access to one at that time. He also had been a paratrooper in the Army. Bob was a very flamboyant and aggressive man with brass balls. I meet him when I went to work in Iran in 1978 as an instructor pilot for the Iranian Army. Bob was extradited and sent back as a suspect in the case. When we left the US he had a large amount of cash and planned to go on the run. Even before I found out about the Cooper thing, he had impressed me as one of the most interesting people I have ever known. We partied together before leaving for Iran and he was one crazy dude. Cooper or not he was unforgettable!!!

  20. brucesmith49 says:

    Attn Sammy:

    So, what is a veiled threat? By its very nature it is subjective. Hence, as editor I stepped in and pulled the offending remarks as described above. Perhaps other editors would not have made the same decision. Nevertheless, I did what I did, and I stand by it for two reasons:

    1. First, there was a growing contagion of disrespect and accusation building in this thread. I wanted to “nip it in the bud” before it became fully inflamed.

    2. The second thing is that I wanted to draw a line in the sand with Airborne Bob. He is a master of innuendo, in my opinion. At that time, Airborne hadn’t even admitted that he was Bob Rackstraw, a declaration he has yet to make on this page, although he acknowledged his identity to me in an email a day or so ago.

    As a result, I had to assume that Airborne Bob was Bob Rackstraw, and that meant I had to acknowledge the potential for violence from Rackstraw. He had been tried and acquitted for the murder of his stepfather, Philip. But Bob’s aunt allegedly told reporters that Rackstraw killed her brother, and an associate of Rackstraw, Vivian Jones, told the Colbert team, “We all knew he (Bob) killed him, (Philip).” despite the acquittal.

    In addition, Bob Rackstraw’s love of guns and explosives is well documented. He openly talks about his relationship with the military and his love of weaponry. Plus, his animosity towards Colbert and Company is sharp and oft-expressed. Thus, I pulled a few sentences that I thought might endanger someone.

    • Sammy says:

      His love of guns? Than anyone in the NRA who fits the profile could be DB Cooper. Maybe they should be interviewed. See link below.


      Explosives? My family owned tons of acreage in Northern Calif. and Southern Oregon. Guns and explosives were all over the place. When the old man finally got too crazy to know what he was doing my big brothers took pot-shots at the outback buildings to blow up the stored dynamite that had become unstable. Remember, dynamite is a compound.

      All of my brothers had pilots licenses. Heck, even I was behind the controls a couple of times. What a rush. Oh, and by the time this girl was 12 years old I could hit targets at 120 yards. You by the way were not born yet, but, I digress. Armed with this information do you think that maybe one of my brothers could have been DB? They were more than a decade older than me so, well …. maybe. Add to the fact that that part of the family was very well heeled into the million mark, they wouldn’t have needed the 200,000 either. Say, I know, it got blown up with the discinerating TNT. Gee, if only I had known. No wait a minute, the serial numbers were recorded and besides, I didn’t need the money.

      Seriously Cousin Brucy, why don’t you allow others here to decide if AB’s post was out of line. Surly you have that much failth in the posters you have gathered to your table. No?

      Here is the bottom line. There are only four possible avenues to travel regarding your selection for the flavor of the month, …. Mr. Rackstraw.

      1. He is not, as the FBI has claimed, NOT DB Cooper. Has never had anything to do with this and knows nothing. There is no connection.

      2. He is not DB, but since his Commanding Officer stated that there is 99 more Vets out there that can do the same thing, he knows who it is. If that is the case there is a good chance that the person is dead.

      3. He is not DB, but was part of the ground crew that waited for the jump. Take 4 to 6 well trained soldiers on the ground with night vision goggles placed strategically like in any misssion. They had eyes on him, instead of the other way around. He lands and they converge on his location like the stealthy unit they were trained to be. They cut up the parachute and divide the spoils, each taking a portion. They move off in different directions and bury the take. They never return to the site nor have any contact with their brother’s in arms. Mission Impossible is now a success.

      4. He is DB Cooper and did this all by himself. He jumped out of a plane at 10,000 feet traveling at over 200 miles an hour in a pair of loafers and a business suit. My goodness, you’re not smoking wacky weed … you’re on LSD-25. Hey, I haven’t seen that in a spell, who is your supplier?

      Putting the DB silly putty crap on a cracker aside. I am totally amazed you are still allowing me to post here.



      • brucesmith49 says:

        Dear Sammy,

        The REALLY BIG QUESTION is why you think I think Bob Rackstraw is DB Cooper. So, once again, for the record: Despite Rackstraw’s many alleged confessions to being DB Cooper, I do not think Bob is DB Cooper.

        Lastly, Sammy, thanks for the “Love.” I appreciate it.

  21. Sammy says:

    Nice trick. I never said RWR is DB Cooper. If you believed I did please qoute me. I am old and my memory is short. I think I also ways said (IF).

    The following is something I posted on another site:

    Robert Rackstraw is Not DB Cooper. There is no DB Cooper. More than likely DB is a composite of several disgruntled Vietnam Vets who pulled off a stealthy operation for no other reason than because of their training …. they could. They proved a point. They didn’t hurt anyone. They didn’t blow anything up. They didn’t keep the money. They didn’t do anything except do it and walk away. Rock and Roll and Good Morning Vietnam. For once I am pleased that the FBI has closed a case. I mean, do they want to tap dance down the Ho Chi Minh Trail, yet again?

    Cooper who ever he was had a ground crew. They had eyes on him when he jumped. They reached the target and broke up the cash and cut up the chute. They disbanded and buried what they had in different locations. They never returned and had no contact with each other after the mission. They have kept it that way. Whom ever is still alive I can tell you, they will not break their silence for any amount of money or for any mention in any book. That would not be honorable. That jump was about honor. That jump was about training. That jump was about the discipline ingrained in them from the powers that trained them. That jump was for all the boys that didn’t make it home or those who did and lived and died in a dead-end jobs. For the young men that had to fight for their benefits or rotted away in deplorable VA hospitals. It was also for you and me, who sadly didn’t know it at the time.

    The fortune hunters have zeroed in on Robert Rackstraw for what ever reason. The FBI has dismissed him and the case, yet the press still hunts him like he was the VC here on American soil. What, this is their service to our country? Fine, you want to fight, well enlist. Mr. Rackstraw is being tracked like a wounded deer. After 45 years it seems that slautering a Vietnam Vet is still a favorite past time. Well, I guess the more things change the more they stay the same. Good job.

  22. Sammy says:

    I am going to fight you Mr. Smith. I am going to fight you with all that I have. I’m going to fight you and the FBI for all the nightmares I have in my head since the 60’s when I was only a teenager. I am going to fight you for all the friends I lost regardless if they came home or not. You see, even if they did, they were empty, lost and angry. I am going to fight you for them.

    I do not care who RWR is. He is just a name. He is just a person you zeroed in on. He is just a convenience like a towel that wipes up the blood after the battle. He is not part of me and worse means nothing to you. Except of course for the 10% you might get if you keep this site open.

    I am doing this for Jake, Bat, Ronny, Paul, Skipper, who were Army or Marine. I am doing this in their memory, I am doing this in their honor. It has nothing to do with RWR whom I don’t know.

    You have not been listening to me. You pick and choose what suits you. You and yours are opening up a can or worms that will punish and hurt all the wrong people. You love it. You relish in it. You are bathing in the blood that is old and dried.

    So okay, shut me down if you choose. I will find another way.

    PS DB Cooper did not act alone. How many Charlie’s are you planning to bring into the light? Outstanding Mr. Smith you want to bring the Vietnam War home yet again! Do you have the FBI on your side?

  23. Sammy says:

    Mr. Smith, I want you to shut this site down. If you don’t then maybe we should play with the war. I think perhaps what folks here need is a history lesson. The next thing I will post is Operation BabyLift. In fact here is the link:


    You seem to want to embrace the past. Okay, lets do that. I will bring it all front and center. Just for you.

  24. brucesmith49 says:

    Sammy, I have good news – don’t worry, I’m not closing this thread. But I am concerned why you say you want to fight me. Wassup with that?

  25. Truth Time: When ‘G. Cook’ says he ‘met’ Tina Mucklow, he means he sneaked up on her, or had someone do it for him, and snapped pictures of her without her permission, which he then posted on the internet.

    Truth Time: LMNO Productions presented a slanted investigation that attempted to force a square peg (Rackstraw aka Airborne Bob) into a round hole. (the hijacking) It was ridiculous from the start.

    I believe Airborne Bob has a right to his anger about this whole thing, but that anger needs to channel itself into a defamation suit against LMNO Productions and History Channel both. The show was an unmitigated disaster.

    I have been in contact with one of the main persons who appeared on the show. He told me he knew it was bogus from the start. I’m not going to make his name public, or confirm it if you ask. You can take that as you wish, or with a grain of salt.

    Virtually EVERY witness who came into contact with Cooper pegged him at mid-40’s. How the heck that show ever got off the ground is beyond belief. And when they should have known better than to spend all that time and money investigating a 27-year-old fresh out of the Army, they should have just given it up based on that fact alone. I actually feel sorry for Rackstraw, although instead of going public so much, he should just serious with the lawsuit. I think he has a case.

    Here is something REALLY funny about their whole ‘investigation’. At the same time that ex-FBI agents were working with LMNO Productions to create the show, LMNO was being ripped off for more than a million bucks by their bookkeeper, and got raided by the REAL FBI right around the time the show premiered. Here’s the article and the cartoon about it:

    Here’s my review of their show, which did nothing to help solve the case, while running roughshod over Mr Rackstraw at the same time: https://thedbcooperhijacking.wordpress.com/2016/07/17/less-than-zero-history-channel-lays-an-egg-with-their-db-cooper-case-solved-tv-special/

    • I don’t know about the contact with the NBC affilliate in LA by Rackstraw. I will accept your comment that Cook has had contact with Mucklow somewhere along the way. It’s possible. But I have always considered the pictures a bit not-nice. On the other hand, you could say it’s no worse than what papparazzi do. I don’t like it, but I can live with it. Not something I would do, but it happens.

    • G'er says:

      Truth Time: You are still a dimwit and swishing toilets for a living. Give it up, mouseman.

  26. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note:

    1. Galen Cook has stated that he has met Tina Mucklow on multiple occasions, and on at least one occasion he spoke with her at length on a topic far afield from DB Cooper.

    2. It is my understanding that circa 1978 Bob Rackstraw initiated contact with the LA-based NBC affiliate and announced he was DB Cooper. This was during his trial for the murder of his stepfather, Philip Rackstraw, of which RWR was eventually acquitted.

  27. shutter45 says:

    Mr. Blevins, why do you even show up here? didn’t you request Bruce’s removal from the Ariel store? tell them how you lied and told people we are saying bad things about Donna on my forum?

    We had a discussion about the future of the Tavern. you twist everything out of context, then you use a proxy server to STEAL copyright material off my forum to post on your GRIPE site, after being permanently banned from viewing my forum in 2014.

    Kenny Christiansen has been RULED out by the FBI. you sent them material over the years that is now considered “not viable evidence” you lie to your own viewers by stating a radio program never happened between Lyle, and Mike Fitzsimmons. then you try and claim everyone changed there minds about the conclusion of Decoded.

    Why would you talk so much trash about Bruce, and then feel free to post on his site? you have done nothing but try to and discredit me, and members of my forum for years? including Bruce Smith!

    To the people who don’t know Mr. Blevins. he has been harassing me for years. all because he was banned from my forum, and some of us found multiple problems with his story about Kenny being Cooper. his own moderator called Bruce a scumbag, and yet Mr. Blevins tells people we personally attack him? Mr. Blevins was the main contributor to the closing of the largest DB Cooper forum to date, which was Dropzon.com,, due to is constant rants, and spamming of his books. he will lock a thread up in minutes. watch what happens next…

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Editor’s Note:

      By “his site,” Shutter 45 is referring to the DB Cooper Forum.

      Robert Blevins is the co-author of “Into the Blast-The True Story of DB Cooper.” Despite its title, it is merely a compendium of coincidental material that Blevins weaves into a fabric to prove that former flight attendant Kenny Christiansen was DB Cooper. It is a tale similar in some ways to Colbert trying to prove that RWR is DB Cooper. Christiansen, like Rackstraw, has been dismissed by many, including the FBI.

      Mr. Blevins has attacked me in several DB Cooper forums, and his latest rants concern an upcoming BBQ at the Ariel Tavern. Blevins says that I am unwelcomed there based upon my writings here at the Mountain News, but those reasons seem nonsensical to me.

    • Come on Shutter, don’t you think you are overreacting a bit, or as Shakespeare once said, ‘The lady doth protest too much…’ (?) Neither of you addressed those previous issues with me personally, even though I invited you to do so, and my previous post wasn’t about Kenny Christiansen, some book, posts at my website, (which I didn’t mention anyway) or the viabilitiy of Christiansen as a suspect, or even the Ariel Store event. Since Bruce has a Cooper-related book out there, it isn’t kosher for me bring up anything related to my own book, or Christiansen, on Bruce’s own website. (This website) It’s bad manners.

      My comments here were about the show ‘DB Cooper, Case Closed’ which I found frankly…well, laughable. I have confirmation from one of the main people who appeared on that show who said he wasn’t going along with the Colbert allegations, either. And I think it’s safe to say that most armchair investigators of the Cooper case think the same thing. Even YOU have voiced your doubts on your own website. I’ve seen the posts. So I don’t think I have to defend my opinions about the show too hard, since my arguments that the show was a total crash-and-burn are well-supported by the evidence, as well as other Cooper Folk and Fen.

      If either Bruce or yourself wish to contact me regarding these other issues you talk about, you know how to contact me. I don’t see any point in hashing those things out publicly, except for ONE thing: Your claim that the Seattle FBI has dismissed Christiansen as a suspect. Yes, they did. But only once…and long before any books or any current investigation was done on him. I will quote my statements on that claim of yours, to which you never responded. From ‘The Six Biggest Myths About Cooper Suspect Kenny Christiansen,’ I give you Myth Number Three:

      3) The Myth: ‘The FBI dismissed Christiansen as a suspect several times, even after a report on Christiansen was presented to them…’

      The Reality: This is one of the biggest myths on Christiansen, and is mostly untrue. Christiansen was only ‘dismissed’ once as a suspect, and that was in early 2008, and was based solely on the article in New York Magazine by Geoffrey Gray. And this was prior to our investigation, the two books that eventually emerged, and the evidence presented on Decoded later. He has not been ‘dismissed as a suspect’ since 2008, nor has he been investigated at all by the FBI. In two messages I received from the Seattle FBI over a three-year period, they admitted they had not investigated any of the information they were sent about him. Lack of a budget and manpower were the reasons given. It was glanced at, and filed away. No one contacted any of the witnesses I named, or investigated the allegations. If anyone out there can prove the FBI said they dismissed Christiansen after January 2011 when the two books and the Decoded show came out, I challenge you to find such a statement. In fact, in an email I have quoted several times, Special Agent Fred Gutt specifically said Christiansen had NOT been ruled out as a suspect. He said: “Some here (in the Seattle office) believe he’s a good suspect,” Gutt says. “Others believe there are better suspects.” Since the FBI did rule out Christiansen early on, and Gutt’s messages came after January 2011, this proves that at least some agents at the Seattle FBI changed their minds and now considered him a suspect. They just didn’t have the budget to investigate him…’

      I guess if you wanted me to, I could take actual screenshots of the emails themselves, instead of just quoting the text of the messages. No problem. All you have to do is ask and they will be sent to you.

      • shutter45 says:

        It isn’t “kosher” for you to be here at all. you have spoken horribly about Bruce in the last couple months. go back to you little Facebook friends, and stop wondering what the actual Cooper researchers are doing. the FBI doesn’t “glance” over potential evidence, stop buttering it up to make it look like all you sent them was over looked. it’s all over the news “no viable leads” this includes what you sent them.

        You blast Bruce, allow your moderator to call him names, and then you show up like nothing happened. your buddy Bryan has a filthy mouth on him. much worse than your 500 comments from the dinosaur ages you love to post. there is nothing here for you. his mother would never allow all of this. I can assure you of that!

        I’m friends with Colbert, I might not agree with his conclusions, but you don’t see me trying to smear his name or story all over the place as you do. we get it, you don’t like the show, or the fact of Rackstraw being Cooper. I guess you are a “detractor” and a “hate monger” to Colbert? perhaps, Bernie Geestman should file against you, no? you don’t have dick on him, but you have no problem accusing him of a Federal crime with no evidence.

        You like to make everything a public issue, except your own site that you often close out to the public forcing people to join. how is Mikej doing? you censor the comments on You Tube. you whined about me being on a free server when I started my forum, what’s Robert on? yep, a free server. you have been on it for over a year. I dropped mine, and actually pay for my site! you lost the best poster a year ago due to inward thinking on your forum. public, open forum? not a chance dude. half of it revolves around me.

        Then you got Bryan to ban everyone from my forum, until you realized that would be 377, Tom Kaye, Brian Ingram’s etc. etc. now who is it, just me and Bruce? or did you flip flop that around again? I’m in Florida, you do realize that, right? why would I go to a BBQ 2,500 miles away? you sure made sure all your Facebook friends knew I was banned, right?

        I have over 110 members, 20, or so still in conformation. some are Government officials by the way! prosecutors, retired police officers, people of substance. that’s what a research forum needs, not someone who pisses and moans about everything said. I’m rather set back that Bruce even allows you to comment here after everything you have said about him. go back to your millions of viewers on that semi open forum you run.

        Bruce, is there a “ignore” function on here?

      • You go on a lot there, Shutter. You have your side of that whole story, and I have mine. I don’t know what else to tell you. I’m not going to discuss anything publicly about Bruce and the Ariel Store event, or any of that on Bruce’s own website. You want to discuss these things, I’m not hard to find. Just on a matter of point, you have posted on YOUR website several times that discussions there on your website should not revolve around me, or even the little Cooper-related forum I have. You still allow that, and many of the posts are yours. Now…even though I refuse to go into all of these issues on Bruce’s own website, (it’s very bad manners) you are being hypocritcal by using HIS site to do the same thing. My response to your comments is ‘no comment’. 🙂

  28. shutter45 says:

    Yes, Robert had a lot of good things to say about the show prior to it’s airing. he thought the whole thing was going to be about Kenny (laughs) first he thought Peterson was Lyle, then he changed it to Bernie Geestman. if that wasn’t enough, after the show aired he whined that the lineup of photo’s Mitchell was given had Kenny in the mix. one email to Colbert proved that wrong.

    Then he noticed Kenny only got about a minute worth of time on the show, so he goes into attack mode, trying to discredit the show. typical Blevins. if you have any theories, he will not tolerate those either. he constantly picks on a guy who believes the flight path might be east of the known path. the gentleman with this theory is a well known pilot, an aeronautical engineer, and a skydiver. now, he is retired, but I believe he has a little more credit than a part time book editor?

    Robert’s story is more far fetched than Colbert? Kenny is 5′ 8″ bald on top, and worked for Northwest airlines during that period, and 20 years past! the FBI stated the only match was the fact of him being male. Tina stood right next to Cooper, and was the same height as Kenny, so how did she claim Cooper was taller? NOBODY has ever come forward to verify anything stated about Kenny, other than Lyle, who originally wanted to make a movie about his brother being Cooper. now look how much it has grown?

    The FBI has stated for years that Kenny “is not a viable suspect” it’s even posted on there website! since I don’t believe Kenny is Cooper, he tries to label me a “hate monger” ?

  29. shutter45 says:

    I’m sorry, I noted that R99’s flight path theory was east of the known flight path. what I meant to say is that it was west of the known flight path, which could give some answers as to why the money ended up on the Columbia river in 1980. the known flight path has the plane flying over heavily populated area’s. this is odd since they possibly might have a bomb on board, so it makes some sense that they would avoid flying over the area’s shown on the map.

    A recent video showing the original broadcast of the money find has opened up doors, and closed some as well. they were right on the beach with the FBI while they were digging, and found pieces at depths up to 3 feet. this makes planting the money nearly impossible. unfortunately, the video was taken down for unknown reasons, but I can say that certain parties have contacted the station, and hopefully will be including the video in the future.

    I work close with Bruce, and we often dig deep in finding the truth about things. others ride our coat tails for the information we find, not to long ago I released never before seen documents of the statements of the crew taken shortly after the hijacking. they can be found on my website. I don’t like to post the link until Bruce gives the ok.

  30. brucesmith49 says:

    Shutter 45, if you would like to post the link to the DB Cooper Forum and the crew debriefing reports, please do so.

  31. shutter45 says:

    Thanks Bruce….

    This is the ink to the files….

    This is the link to my forum….

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Shutter, a few posts back you asked if there is an “ignore” function. I suppose it’s the “delete” button.

      Personally, I only scan the posts from Blevins to make sure there isn’t anything particularly offensive. If not, I leave Mr. Blevins alone, for I find his contributions to the conversation are modest.

  32. Rather than doing the back-and-forth thing with this sudden influx of negative comments from Shutter, let me say this: First, Bruce knows that I am still trying to work it out with him regarding his relationship with Bryan, the owner of the Ariel Store. I don’t hate Bruce, I never have, and I don’t now. Second, did you (Shutter) or did you NOT send a snail mail to Ariel Store owner Bryan Woodruff recently trying to convince him that my participation in the Ariel Store event was a bad idea simply because I was the one helping him? He says you did, and this made him very angry. I will be reading this letter soon. Third, I was not the cause of the Dropzone thread on Cooper being closed. The Admin there, ‘Sangiro,’ said why in the last post made to the thread. He said it was because of too many private message complaints to him from people posting on that thread. I made no complaints to ‘Sangiro,’ ever. I knew it was a bad idea because he is a touchy sort.

    I don’t know what it is you exactly want from me. I am not the ‘evil one’ by any means, even though you try to portray me that way.

    As far as the upcoming Ariel event, I have worked tirelessly to make it a success. I contributed the money and did the shopping to feed at least 300 people. I contributed several valuable items I have for the auction to help raise money to do repairs on the store. I have fielded all the media questions for Bryan, since he requested I take care of that. I convinced Travel Channel to change their shooting schedule and make the event a part of their flagship show ‘Destination Unknown,’ and they have confirmed they are coming. I set up a playlist of 300 tunes on CD’s for the event. I’m bringing much of the equipment we will need for the shindig, and enough bottled water to keep everybody in liquid. My press release to the Oregonian is resulting in the event being listed in their Sunday supplement. I’m even going down there this weekend to clean the bathrooms and do some finalizing. Your best contribution to this event (according to Bryan) was to send him a letter. He did not respond well to it.

    You’ll understand if I think those things are GOOD things. If you have questions or issues to address, feel free to contact me privately. I answer all the messages the best I can. 🙂

  33. shutter45 says:

    Robert, you can’t be honest about anything. you were the main reason Dropzone was closed. the PM’s were part of the reason. you left a part out (no shock) ” It has long turned into a bickering platform for 3 or 4 individuals.”

    Now, the bickering is pointing directly at you, see above posts. this is a perfect example.

    I didn’t try to convince Bryan of anything. I told him about your past, just as I have done here! it was nothing rude, or out of line. unlike his response which was full of nasty vulgar language that was completely uncalled for. someone is telling him things that are not true. why would he tell me he has not been to my site, and yet say that people are talking bad about his mother, or asking to have his name removed if he was a member on my forum? both are untrue. I told him I don’t play those games.

    You guys like to celebrate Cooper, that’s fine, but it has nothing to do with what I do. I research Cooper. this again is something that was hard to do on dropzone with you on the forum. I have achieved that goal with your absence.. the forum runs nice and smooth.

    I offered to help, but only if you were not in the picture. you turn everything into hatred. you personally attack people, purposely state things you know will upset people, like Georger for one. you constantly enjoy stirring the pot. that’s what got you banned from my forum in the first place.

    You are not worth the time Robert, plain and simple. when things don’t go the way you like them, you lash out with personal attacks, threats of public humiliation etc. etc. you are mentioned on my forum in passing. I have far to many other things to attend to other than making you the center of my forum, sorry. I’m not the one who has threads dedicated to all this drama. that’s your job. mine is researching DB Cooper. I have a steady average of 13 posts a day, that’s almost 400 posts a month. you are lucky to be involved in 10, most of the time it will be zero!

    Good day Robert. do the right thing, and go back to your quiet little forum.

  34. Shutter: I think your comment there says a lot about you. ‘You are mentioned on my forum in passing’ isn’t exactly true, either. I made a comment about the recent TV show on Cooper, and you responded with a multi-comment tirade that not only is full of falsehoods and inconsistencies, but is about as defensive as it gets. I don’t understand why you used Bruce’s website to do that.

    I don’t need you to tell me to ‘do the right thing’. I can usually figure that out on my own. I’m happy for your ‘steady average of 13 posts a day,’ as well. 🙂

  35. shutter45 says:

    No, you are hardly a topic on my forum. you have dedicated threads about me. you had several threads about the show, even pictures, so don’t act all innocent. “confidence is high”: etc. etc.

    You need to make things right with Bruce. he’s an aggressive investigative reporter, no, I don’t always agree with what he does, but Bruce, is Bruce. causing all of these waves will have repercussions in the long run. you can ban me for life, I’m to far away to bother with what goes on in Ariel. Bruce has made more contacts with people involved in this case than a lot of other reporters. is it really worth all the bad publicity just to throw crap in people faces? nobody said anything bad about Bryan’s mother. I just lost my father, I know what he’s going through.

    Bruce hasn’t made any real comments about being banned from Ariel. I think it’s an insult to the whole Cooper community. what do you stand to gain from all of this? I can’t see any good out of any of it. Bruce has never said anything bad about Ariel. he doesn’t deserve to be left out. me? I’m guilty of teasing you about the fundraiser, Well La-dee-Frickin-Da, and Whoopty Doo.

    The ban, and unban is childish. you are dealing with grown men, not little kids you scold. I’m an old school fool, I don’t play. I rarely change my mind. I stand behind my statements. people see that on my forum. I don’t look for fame, or fortune, and I don’t expect a pat on the back with things I do. I’m just a good ole boy from south Florida.

    I’m not telling you what to do, but you better think about the future, and the consequences that can follow. Bruce can do more good vs the bad you always look for in people.

    • The thread I created about the show with the pictures was just an attempt to take screenshots from the commercials and try to figure out who and what was in the pictures. So…I was wrong on that. It was harmless, and just like everyone else in Cooperland, I was curious about the upcoming show.

      It wasn’t ME who said he didn’t want you at the Ariel Store. I am not the owner of the Ariel Store. I live 128 miles from Ariel. That would be Bryan Woodruff. Did you see back there all those things I have done for the upcoming event? Did you see how much money I took out of my own pocket to help? What did YOU do besides send a guy you don’t even know a poison-pen, behind-my-back letter? Nothing, that is what. No wonder Bryan went off the deep end on you. He sees your letter. He sees me spending boatloads of money and time trying to help him. He wasn’t going to listen to you. If you had communicated with me properly instead of trying to go around my back without having all the information on what was going on regarding the Ariel event, you wouldn’t be sitting there trying to justify your actions now with egg on your face.

      I already said what happened with Bruce. He kept calling, emailing Bryan, when Bruce knew perfectly well that all questions regarding the event were to go through ME. Bryan got tired of the harassment. I am sure it wasn’t that bad as far as harassment goes, but Bryan has gone through more than you know in the last year, and not all of it was about his mother. And what in the heck are you doing using Bruce’s article here as a forum to go on the attack about ME? You don’t want me to email, fine. You don’t want me on your forum, that’s fine too. But what you are doing on Bruce’s blog shows you have few manners.

      If you have issues or suggestions or whatever it is you want, why don’t you just email me with them. That’s what regular folk do. You say, ‘You don’t tell Bryan what to do’. Your letter was just that, and a rather cheap shot on your part. I’d discuss this more, but I don’t think Bruce’s article is the place to do it. As far as Bruce not being allowed to show up at the Ariel Store, at least for now, I have offered him several opportunities to work on that, but he hasn’t responded. I’m sure he will in his own good time.

      Meanwhile, I would appreciate it if you’d stop blaming me for everything and anything Cooper-related. As far as the Dropzone thread, there was more than enough blame to go around for everyone.

  36. shutter45 says:

    Robert, Bryan emailed me. I told him like it is. I don’t care how much money you spent. that’s your concern, not mine. he said there is two sides to a story, and I told it. he don’t like it, that’s tough! that’s exactly what I told him in his response, with all his vulgar language. I don’t know him from dick, and don’t care to after his response. you don’t have any respect for Bruce, you have said it a hundred times. so stop trying to play the nice guy on his site. you came here, what did you think would happen? none of this would be here if you didn’t post where you don’t belong. you have attacked Bruce too many times to count. show some respect, and bow out.

    You were the main reason Dropzone closed, period. you don’t see a lot of things you do. why does everyone else agree as to why it closed? you are disruptive, spiteful, vindictive, hateful all rolled into one. nothing gets done with you in the mix. so, go drop some more money, and make sure you tell everyone how much, and leave us alone….Dropzone was a thread about DB Cooper, you turned it into a circus with self promotions, off topic rants, constant attacks on my forum, and you say it wasn’t you? get real Robert….

    Bruce can easily just wipe these comments away…no sweat here…that’s what I would do.

    • I have criticized Bruce for his reporting methods occasionally, yes. We have differing opinions on what is proper in an interview. He knows that. I do have respect for him. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have offered to edit and get his book into normal distribution channels for free…something I have never offered to anyone else. I am NOT the main reason Dropzone closed, and I know this because I spoke to a regular user there whom you know who told me the reason. It was the complaints Sangiro, the admin, was getting just before they closed it. It’s true he didn’t like the bickering, but he was willing to let it all go until a couple of people kept PM’ing him over and over. So he pulled the plug. Jeanne, (‘Amazon’) was the one who warned me about not contacting him. I didn’t even know he WAS the admin until he closed the thread. This information came to me straight from the source. You can believe what you wish.

      Personally, I think Bruce should take every comment that both of us have made here starting immediately following my rather harmless comment about the TV show. Next thing I know, my email box is filling up with replies from you. You made like what…two or three in a row before I got around to responding? Why would you do that on Bruce’s news site? If you want to discuss things with me, you could just email me you know. You sent an email just last month so I know you have the addresss.

      And what the heck business is it of yours…sitting 3,000 miles away in Florida…having never even MET Bryan Woodruff…gives you the right to interfere with the event? You had no idea what we were doing, or what was involved in organizing the event. You went after me with Bryan simply because you don’t like me. It reminds me of the classic Twilight Zone episode ‘Four O’Clock,’ which I will not explain to you here, but if you look it up at Wiki, you’ll understand.

      And getting back to the TV special on Cooper, I still think it was a joke and a complete crash-and-burn. The biggest joke of all is at the same time that ex-FBI agents are working with the production company trying to solve a crime…the REAL FBI was kicking down the doors of the production company with a warrant on another crime. Come on, man. You have to admit it’s a bit ironic, and kind of funny in a way. That’s why I did the cartoon.

      Look. If you have any other complaints, I will happy to address them, but not here on Bruce’s own page. It’s impolite.

  37. shutter45 says:

    I told you in the beginning, it’s impolite for you to even be here. you don’t criticize, you down right trash him. there is a difference.

    You stopped all forward motion on Dropzone, similar to what is going on here. that’s what you do. you pick, and poke at everything. why do you think I started the forum, because you were so great on Dropzone? it was to get away from you, and have a forum that could discuss DB Cooper, guess what, it works. you started one, and do nothing but trash me, and Bruce. that’s why you don’t have people on your forum, and why you had to make up members, and close it to the public forcing people to join.

    If you have anything further, don’t bother to reply, or email, as you know you are blocked from all avenues. get out of the past, and look at the future for once. it’s old news dude….

  38. Actually, I am looking at the future, believe it or not. I do that a lot.
    Some folks talk.
    Others put their money and their effort where their mouths are. I like to believe I’m the latter.

  39. shutter45 says:

    Yep, specially, when they live in the same State, and have that ability. however, real people don’t flaunt, or promote things like that (hint), or are a sleep at 3:00 am in the morning. I didn’t know this was a premium hobby, where you have to payout to be considered right, or worthy? I missed that memo…

  40. Adrian says:

    Bob was a big fan of Canadian football and in one of the cooper letters he mentions going to the grey cup game…I find that very interesting.

  41. Shutter says: “Yep, specially, when they live in the same State, and have that ability. however, real people don’t flaunt, or promote things like that (hint), or are a sleep at 3:00 am in the morning. I didn’t know this was a premium hobby, where you have to payout to be considered right, or worthy? I missed that memo…”

    The very moment you heard we were doing a fundraiser via Indiegogo back in April, you immediately started picking at the idea simply because I was the one setting it up.

    Then you posted up…”You would support the Ariel Store effort…IF I were NOT involved.”

    Then…you send a letter to Bryan talking about me that somehow really made him fly off the handle. I have not seen this letter, but I will see it this Sunday when I go down there. I have to (yes) scrub the bathrooms, deliver the bottled water, and take with me some of the donated items that will be sold at the auction. I financed most of the food, and got us good media coverage. What exactly in all of that is bad? I was just wondering.

    You made yourself look foolish by sticking your nose in where it didn’t belong. You understand that if Bryan had actually gone along with your assessment…there would be no event at all. You would have hurt his chances of reopening the store. What you (and Bruce) should have done was contacted me first to see what exactly was going on before you did all that. As far as your comments on your website…yes…for a while I was copying them over and making my defense about them. I could not contact you personally to keep you informed, because you shut all the doors. However…since I knew you were keeping track of all posts at Unsolved Crimes, I knew I was getting through to you.

    About three weeks ago I removed all direct references to your website, as well as all those posts where I made comments. I did that because I knew you had gotten the message. When you emailed me recently, I tried to reply…asked what it is you exactly wanted. You didn’t answer. Yet here you are with these tirades, and some of your comments are either uninformed or just downright not true. Would you like to see the emails, the actual screenshots from the Seattle FBI where Agent Gutt says Kenny is NOT eliminated as a suspect and that some agents there believe he might be good for the hijacking? I can’t say whether Kenny is Cooper or not, which is part of the reason I released the full version of the report I provided to the Seattle FBI last August. I figure sooner or later someone will check it out for real. The FBI told me…yes they got the report…and NO…they have NEVER investigated Christiansen. EVER.

    What really happened here is that because of Marla Cooper’s little game, the FBI decided not to waste any more money investigating suspects, unless the case presented can prove beyond any reasonable doubt that a suspect is definitely Cooper…and they want that case presented in such a way so that THEY (FBI) do not have to spend a penny on it, or send agents into the field. That’s the reality.

    As far as your comment about ‘three in the morning,’ I was up because I got home from work around 4PM, ate dinner, slept till midnight or so…and didn’t have to work the rest of the week. I don’t care if you personally like me or not. That is not a big deal. But in the future, if you have any problems that concern me or whatever I happen to be involved in that is Cooper-related, why don’t you just go to the source first. I know you and your members can see the website. Even Georger. There is no one on the ban list except a couple of outright spammers. Next time…just ASK.

    In reality, if you hadn’t started the negative ball rolling early on when I got involved with helping Bryan, we wouldn’t be here now. I actually WANTED Bruce to be able to attend the event on August 27, maybe even do a few words for Travel Channel. I have emailed him three times now trying to work it out with him. He doesn’t answer. And the longer this goes on, the less likely it is I would be able to convince Bryan that Bruce is okay. I did not cause this mess. YOU did. And a little bit from Bruce because he refused to recognize I was coordinating the event and Bryan was way too busy to be bothered with questions. I know you saw my posts about all that at Unsolved Crimes. In my opinon, this whole situation is way overblown, and kind of dumb and childish.

  42. shutter45 says:

    I didn’t cause anything Robert, he posted something Bryan didn’t like, and never seen due to your typical tattle telling. he Banned Bruce before I even knew. so, don’t put that shit on me. yes, the whole thing is ridiculous, I’ve been stating this for months. you post all kinds of crap you shouldn’t so, again, stop acting innocent. for once Robert, let things go. go about your business.

  43. This situation has enough blame to go around for everybody. Just like what happened at Dropzone. I thought I explained things very well in my last post there. I imagine if I were able to search on the terms ‘Bobby’ and ‘Blevins’ on your website, it would return a few hundred hits. 🙂 When you cut off com on everything, the only way I had to respond was copy/paste…and then comment. I heard something about a snail mail letter. I will be interested to see it, should it exist. Don’t worry. I won’t say anything about it publicly. Look…next time if you have questions or concerns, just use the email or something.

  44. shutter45 says:

    You just keep going. that’s why you are blocked.get that through your head…you killed Dropzone, period…if we call you Bobby, so be it….tough!

  45. Everyone has a right to their opinions, Shutter. And there are two sides to every story. You have yours, and I have mine. You’re the one who came on board this nice article and started in with the off-topic comments with your ‘truth about Blevins’ stuff. The fact that you posted those comments more than once in a row before I finally responded proves you were trying to get my attention. So you did, and yes, I responded. I never was one for taking stuff lying down, you know. You think I was the problem at Dropzone? The only one? Georger got banned three times. Your friend Meyer Louie got banned permanently for calling me filthy names. Jo Weber’s repetitive posts drove readers of the thread crazy. I got suspended twice myself.

    But…I was NOT the one who started sending complaints to the Administrator, which is why the plug was finally pulled on that thread. People were just lucky Sangiro didn’t delete the whole thing. The ONLY message I ever sent Sangiro was after he closed the thread. I asked him NOT to delete the Cooper threads because I said they had historical value and contained a great deal of research and information on the case. So he let them stand. If it weren’t for me, the whole thing would have disappeared. You are blaming the wrong person. Blame the people who whined to Sangiro. One of them is a regular poster at your website. 🙂

  46. shutter45 says:


  47. Not clueless. The problem here is…when someone gives it to you straight, you just can’t handle it. Kind of like that scene from ‘A Few Good Men’. Don’t you think I researched out WHY Sangiro came to the idea of closing the Dropzone thread? Of course I did. Any my information came from long-term skydivers who were hanging out at that website years before you, me, or even the thread itself was created. If only ONE person was the problem, Shutter….they would have banned that person, don’t you think? 🙂 Trust me, it was a group effort, but the Complainers finally pushed Sangiro over the top.

  48. Shutter: Tell you what. Go ahead and post up a final comment and we will leave it at that. I think both of us made our points and to go on would be redundant. I’m outta here on this one. 🙂

  49. Oh, brother. What in the heck am I going to do with the following information? No one is going to believe this, but here it is: I just got it on a good source this morning that a current FBI agent (not in Seattle) has verified two things. Why the FBI closed the case, and two…that they know Kenny Christiansen was DB Cooper. Allegedly, part of the reason the FBI closed the case was because Kenny is dead. I have the name of the agent involved, as well as the names and phone numbers of the two other witnesses who heard him state those things. They all live and work in Virginia. The four of them carpooled to an event, and when they passed Quanico, my friend says the agent began talking about his work on different cases, mostly murder cases. But after the event, they stopped somewhere for a bite, and my friend brought up the Cooper case. That’s when the FBI agent spilled the beans, allegedly. My friend was pretty shocked, but kept a straight face. He’s been following the Cooper case for years.

    How in the hell am I going to respond to this? I actually KNOW the guy who contacted me. He’s an engineer with a family, does contract work for the Navy. He was pretty excited. But he did provide names, phones, etc of his two friends because he thought I wouldn’t believe this conversation occurred. I guess I will have to start by calling the other two witnesses. I don’t dare approach the actual FBI agent yet. I don’t know what the frick to do with this, but I don’t think he’s lying. I checked on the name of the agent, and his public info matches what my friend said about his work with the Bureau. I haven’t been able to find any holes in his story so far. Geez, Louise.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Big News, RB. Thanks for posting this information, and please keep us informed.

      Sounds like quite a conference, as Colbert is relating important RWR information via Fuentes, who was in attendance, apparently.

  50. I’m not EVEN going to put this on my website. No way in hell. I have to look into this further, and very carefully.

  51. I guess it’s okay to say a few things here. First, I have spoken to all three witnesses now, and I verified their identities. I have their addresses, their home phones, and work phones. All three do contract work with the government. Two of them at one facility, one at another for the Navy. All three have security clearances with the Feds. All three agree the conversation happened.

    The agent himself: I have verified his identity and his job with the FBI, which is fairly high-profile.
    I have sent a message to the Seattle FBI, but I did not give any names. One of the points I stressed was that if this story is true, and one agent has already spilled the beans in front of three witnesses…that it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out, but I had no intention of revealing the agent’s name. I don’t want to get him or his friends into trouble. But I also suggested that if the story is true, that perhaps the Seattle FBI might want to make a public statement and put this case to rest once and for all. That’s all I’m going to say about it right now. And I’m not posting anything to Unsolved Crimes about it.

    Just what I need to deal with three weeks prior to Ariel. You (Bruce) and I should talk about this sometime and not in email or on the internet.

  52. brucesmith49 says:

    RB, why haven’t you talked directly to the FBI agent who claimed that Kenny Christensen was DB Cooper?

    • Because he would know where I got the information. Because I don’t want to embarrass him or get him into trouble. I am letting these three other guys sort of discuss the situation among themselves before deciding how to proceed here. One of them is a close personal friend of the FBI agent. I can’t get in the middle of that. I think my mild challenge to the Seattle FBI will do for now. If these things are true, (They know Kenny was Cooper, and dropped the case because he is dead) then the FBI *might* come forward with a media statement. One thing is for sure. If the allegations are true, the truth will come out sooner or later. And probably sooner. I will let the three guys involved discuss this among themselves, see what, if anything, they want to do. The friend might even approach the agent quietly about this whole thing. I don’t know…I want to see how the Seattle FBI reacts to my message to them. They might go public now, since they will know that another agent has already spilled the beans in front of solid witnesses. I told them everything except the names. I said it was not my wish to embarrass anyone or get anyone into trouble. But if THEY know this whole thing is true, then who knows how they might react? They might come clean. I want to give them a chance to do that before taking this any further.

      • I’m pulling the report on Kenny from our website for now. I am nearly 100% certain that this incident happened, and the people involved are telling the truth. So for now, I think leaving the report up publicly any longer is inappropriate.

  53. brucesmith49 says:

    Don’t you want to know WHY this particular FBI agent thinks Kenny was DB Cooper? The agent could be totally deluded, mistaken, confused or drunk.

  54. Remember what the Wicked Witch of the West said? “These things must be handled delicately…” I have discussed this situation at length today with the three other people involved. The agreement we came to was that they would discuss among themselves how to proceed here. And that I would message the Seattle FBI without giving any names yet. It is important to me that this agent NOT be embarrassed, turn his back on his friend, or get into trouble. This is the most important thing to everyone here.

    The agent did not say he thought Kenny was Cooper. He said the Bureau figured out it was an inside job, that Kenny was indeed the hijacker, and that the FBI dropped the case because he is dead. He also made some comments that early on in the case that the FBI never looked at this possibility, i.e. inside job. I don’t know. These are the most solid witnesses you could imagine. I figure if all these allegations are true, then the Seattle FBI…confronted with the fact that someone has already revealed this things…might decide to issue a public statement confirming that KC was the guy and why they really dropped the case. But I’m going to move forward carefully on this one. I could get into trouble. As long as I don’t reveal any names, I think I’m okay with this one though. I should know more in a few days. I want to let these three guys talk about it among themselves, which they are doing now.

  55. brucesmith49 says:

    Norjak as an “inside job” opens up the portals to many rabbit holes:

    1. Kenny did it, as he was a flight attendant for Northwest.
    2. The crew did it. The permutations on this angle are many and some have been turned into TV shows and many books.
    3. DB Cooper was a covert operative and the government wanted a dramatic skyjacking to amplify the public’s call for greater safety in the aviation industry.
    4. Other, more secretive dynamics. Remember, an armed FBI agent boarded Flight 305 and then left mysteriously shortly after speaking with passenger Larry Finegold, whom he knew professionally from Finegold’s work as Assistant US District Attorney. Why the agent was on board and then left is open for speculation, as is why this fact has been stricken from all official records and narratives, allegedly, including crew statements.

  56. brucesmith49 says:

    I wonder what Airborne Bob, Sammy and Trish make of all this??? And Colbert?

  57. NOTE: I fully expect (and understand to a degree) that people at the DB Cooper Forum will have some nasty things to say about all this. They will say I’m lying, I’m making it up, or the witnesses are mistaken, or lying. But before those people go too far with these things, just remember that I could be right. I’m not lying, nor am I misrepresenting these witnesses. I got the same story from all three. They all have security clearances. They all do contract work for the government. I have verified their names, where they work, their addresses and work/home phones, etc. They freely provided these things. And I don’t believe they are lying. They are actually as nervous about the whole thing as I am. But they all heard what was said.

    As far as the FBI agent himself, he’s a senior member of the Bureau with decades of service, and serves in a fairly prestigious role there. I checked him out, too. What I think is that if HE knows the truth on why the case was closed (it was big news all over the Bureau) then the Seattle FBI certainly knows. Like I said, I will let these work out what they want to do, how to proceed without embarrassing anyone. This is why I pulled the KC report off the websites. I don’t want any more copies going out until something breaks, or the Seattle FBI responds to my message. If the allegations are true, they might do just that. We will see.

  58. brucesmith49 says:

    Another possibility is that the agent doesn’t have a lot of really detailed information to give. So far, we can determine that he did not say, specifically, that “Kenny Christiansen was DB Cooper.”

    That is your analysis of his commentary of “inside job.”

    • He made no bones about it, Bruce:

      ‘He said the Bureau figured out it was an inside job, that Kenny was indeed the hijacker, and that the FBI dropped the case because he is dead…’

      That’s pretty straightforward, I would say. I don’t know. Let’s see if the Seattle FBI responds to my message. And what those three men want to do about all this. One of them may fly out to come to the Ariel event, he says.

  59. That is right. Now look, Bruce. I have seen your post about all this at DBC Forum. It wasn’t ‘a friend or a friend heard this or that.’ It was a guy I know personally with two of his friends at the same table as this FBI agent. All three were right there heard what was said. I think I made that pretty plain.

    1) That the FBI had determined that Kenny Christiansen was Cooper.

    2) That the reason the FBI actually dropped the case was because Kenny is dead.

    3) That at some point the FBI figured out it WAS an inside job. I think that point is moot, since we all know KC worked for the airline.

    The question among these three is: What the heck do they do with this information now? They are discussing this right now. What do you do? One of them is good friends with the agent, so if they go public, the agent will know where they got the information.

    I also saw Shutter saying you should shoot off an email to Ayn Dietrich. Don’t worry, I already did. I gave her all the details (including that these three hold security clearances) but I left out their names, the name of the agent, and where they worked. We will see how they respond. If these allegations are true, the Seattle FBI will know already that they are. If they go into denial, then I will work with these three to see how we should proceed.

  60. It’s too bad you don’t have an italics function for comments, otherwise I would have said: ‘The FBI agent did not say he *THOUGHT* Kenny was Cooper. He said Kenny *WAS* Cooper. That’s straightforward enough, I guess.

  61. brucesmith49 says:

    If this true, why doesn’t the FBI say so? Or better, why didn’t they announce KC was DBC when they determined that. The absence of that kind of statement suggests that something else is in play, such as:

    1. Your senior official is lying, or was misinformed or mislead by his people for reasons that can only be speculated.

    2. You senior official is misleading you for some reason.

    3. Your senior official is closed-mouthed to protect the agency for some yet-undetermined reason.

  62. brucesmith49 says:

    Better yet, RB, why aren’t you asking these kinds of questions?

  63. shutter45 says:

    Caution…Rabbit Holes……

  64. Answer: You think I want to get into trouble with the Feds? I sent a message to the Seattle FBI today. I want to give them a chance to respond. Maybe they will realize that the horses have fled the barn, and decide to come clean on their own. I would rather it be that way. I’m not naming any names, that’s for sure. It’s a pretty simple allegation here. A senior FBI agent told three people that first…Kenny was the hijacker. And that second…the real reason the case was closed was because they knew Kenny was dead. Who knows? Maybe they actually checked out the report I sent them last August. I don’t frickin’ know what they did.

    This is the way I figure it: If the allegations are TRUE, the FBI, knowing that one of their own must have already spilled the beans…will decide to come clean. Probably not to me, but maybe a media announcement. If the allegations are TRUE, they have to assume this isn’t going to end here. And they would be right. I don’t really WANT to be involved in this. I wish these guys had just gone to the Washington Post instead.

    If the allegations are FALSE, then the FBI will totally ignore my message. If they said to me: ‘Those allegations are absolutely NOT true’ then believe it or not I would accept that and go no further. This is because I don’t think the FBI would deny something we both knew was true. But if it is truly FALSE, they might say so.

  65. Let me rephrase that last bit:

    If the allegations are FALSE, then the FBI will either ignore my message, or tell me: ‘Those allegations are absolutely NOT true’. In that case, I would accept that answer and go no further. This is because I don’t think the FBI would deny something that they knew to be true. But if the allegations are FALSE, they might tell me so. I’m hoping, like I said before, that if they realize the cat is out of the bag, they might decide to make an announcement on their own.

  66. brucesmith49 says:

    Hoping that the FBI will comment on a case they officially closed? Hmm. Good luck with that. AND tell the truth? C’mon – get real.

  67. brucesmith49 says:

    Wanna turn the heat up a little on your sources? Tell them that I’ll start investigating this story seriously on Monday morning unless we have something definitive from them beforehand – official confirmation, official denial. Names, phone numbers, emails addresses. The whole enchilada.

  68. Ha. I will say this. You got more nerve than I do. I emailed you on this stuff. I think I have a plan.

    Point of Order: It was not ‘a friend telling a friend’ and then coming to me. One of the four people is known to me. Yes, he’s a friend. But how this came down was they were carpooling to a local event. They stopped to eat afterward. All four were at the table when the agent said these things. One of the four is a close personal friend of the agent. What you have is three friends who all do the same basic type of work for the government, and one of them is friends with the agent. But they were all there, all heard what was said. My friend was so worried I wouldn’t believe him, that he not only gave the agent’s name and his history with the FBI (checked out), but the names, places where they worked, home and work phones of the other two. He even tried giving me two other people he worked with as character references. His emails were extremely detailed.

  69. Dave Bowshot says:

    Cooper was G. Gordon Liddy… The funds were used to conduct White House “Plumber” operations as payoffs.

  70. I have done two things. First, I sent a copy of all my email exchanges to two people I trust, just in case. (Look, I know it’s paranoia, yes. But what if they came and grabbed our computers or something? I want there to be a record.) Second, I have contacted a reporter I know at the Wall Street Journal, who has occasionally volunteered things to me about the case. Last thing he sent was a court paper regarding the Geestmans’ divorce, a filing AFTER the divorce was final and Bernie was challenging a few points about it.

    Now…if this whole story is true, this is what I think happened: I think the Seattle FBI actually DID do a cursory investigation based on the KC report I gave them last August, and then approached Bernie Geestman and made a deal with him. And part of that deal was to keep both he and Kenny’s name out of it, so that Geestman’s family would not be harrassed by the media. I also mentioned this point to the Seattle FBI.

    I will know a lot more by midweek. Either that, or I will be in a boatload of trouble for sure. 🙂

  71. Look folks, I can see those posts at the DBC forum. You know that. You think I enjoy being put in this position? Hell no, I don’t. But the information I was given was extensive, to say the least. I have contacted the Seattle Times as well. I saw comments at the DBC forum about ‘how would this one agent know’ etc. I can give you an answer. Because he works in suspect profiling out of Quantico, that’s how. Because he’s in a senior position there and has been for decades. Because after the FBI dropped the case it was big news, and even FBI agents talk sometimes, especially to people they might trust. Three solid witnesses I have here, and I verified not only their contact info, but the facilities where they work in the DC area, and that they do have security clearances to do their work for the government. I’m going to turn over all the emails and the info to both the Wall Street Journal and the Seattle Times on Monday. This is bigger than me, for sure.

    I think the FBI made a deal with Geestman here. I really do. If these allegations are true, I don’t know how else it can be explained. I don’t blame any of you for being skeptical, either. But there is just too much information here for me to ignore. I mean this guy went overboard with the information-providing service. He went into great detail, and everything he has said I verified. I don’t think he’s lying. When his wife heard what he did (I already informed Bruce) she went ballistic on him, calling him a ‘leaker,’ and reminding him that their family was involved with the wives and children of other FBI agents’ families as well as military families, because their own kids were on swim teams with the children of these families. Then he emailed me and asked me not to say anything to the FBI. Well, you can’t put the milk back into the cow. It’s too late for that. But I’m not touching this one personally. Let the WSJ and the Seattle Times decide how to proceed with the information. Maybe the Seattle FBI will let me off the hook by just announcing that yes…Kenny was the guy and Geestman assisted him. Would save everyone a lot of worry and trouble. I will tell you this much. The truth is going to come out one way or another, and probably soon.

  72. brucesmith49 says:

    RB, you say you’ve received a plethora of information. Can you detail it please? What we know from you so far is:

    1. Norjak was an inside job.
    2. The skyjacker was Kenny Christiansen.
    3. The case was closed in 2016 because KC is deceased.

    Have I missed anything?

  73. Bruce: I’ve given you all the information I can right now. I have to make the trip to Ariel in about six hours, and you still haven’t answered my one simple question regarding the Ariel event. Quid pro quo as they say. I like you, but there are unaddressed trust issues as well. I will check messages before I leave. Why don’t we wait to see how the Seattle FBI responds, and what the WSJ and the Times want to do here? This is better, and more believable than anything I could do on my own.

  74. Parrothead Vol says:

    So, an FBI agent, spills the beans that Kenny was indeed Cooper. He spills the beans to someone who just by chance, happens to be friends with non other than Robby Blevins who has been pushing Kenny as Cooper for years? What are the odds? This is the same Robby Blevins who said that Kenny paid cash for his house (a lie). Same Robby Blevins that said Lyle gave DNA to two FBI agents (a lie). Same Robby Blevins that has been deceptive on his own website (MikeJ). So now, we have this agent just freely giving this info out like candy on Halloween night. As with most of the other things that come from Robby Blevins in regard to Kenny, there is a lie in this story. Not sure who the liar is, but there is one in there for sure.

    Also, closing the case because the suspect is dead makes no sense at all. LD was dead, remember him? But they made no bones about the fact that they had a dead suspect and wanted to show that he was Cooper and they got their man…

  75. shutter45 says:

    Don’t forget he doesn’t allow negative comments on You Tube, or how about the time he held his forum hostage trying to get me to met his demands, that was hilarious. the two main poster disappeared after that stunt. don’t forget that Carolyn Powell also stated Kenny paid cash for his house. that story could of only came from one person, and it wasn’t Carolyn, because Robert thought since Grey stated “he purchased his home” Robert assumed it meant cash. I’ve said it a hundred times, nothing has ever been verified in the whole story.

  76. robertblevins says:

    Excuse me Shutter, but it seems that your negativity runs real high when you get to screen me out of your Cooper Forum. I’m not impressed with your style of 1st Amendment rights, or your journalistic skills. Pretty lame stuff over there.

    For the rest of you Cooperland hatemongers, I guess I need to remind you that Brad Smeltzer’s show was the number one rated show on D. B. Cooper. How do you get around that fact? My book and Paul Gievett’s book are also rated the number one Cooper books. I know this fact just makes Georger real jealous. Bruce, you need to find a good publisher and quit wasting time with the self-publishing gig. You’ll never sell your books that way. And the Puyallup Library is a poor way to promote your book. You should have signed up with Auburn Days.

    As for Ariel, I’m maintaining a ban on almost everyone at Shutter’s forum. You are all hatemongers. Shutter keeps bringing up the issue of the 500 filthy remarks that were on the internet, so I guess that makes Shutter my prime suspect.

    We are going to have a lot of fun at Ariel, with Georger, Bruce, Shutter, and the rest of your hateful pack uninvited. Feel free to never post at my forum on “unsolved crimes.” You are awful, hateful people. Too bad, because you would have gotten a personal invite from me if you treated me better.

    At Ariel, we are going to reveal the true D.B. Cooper (Kenny Christianson) along with confessions by Geestman, Lyle Christianson, Skipp Porteous and others. Paul Gievett will be available for private readings from his book, as will myself. The old Airstream trailer will be on display too, and we will reveal first-time information about the getaway from Paradise Point.

    All of you crazies at Bruce and Shutter’s sites can stay home and watch football while me and the real investigators spill the beans again on Kenny Christianson.

    The FBI should invite me to Quantico where I can teach them a thing or two about investigation work.

    • “Excuse me Shutter, but it seems that your negativity runs real high when you get to screen me out of your Cooper Forum. I’m not impressed with your style of 1st Amendment rights, or your journalistic skills. Pretty lame stuff over there…”

      Not me, sorry. My posts actually have a linked identity at WordPress. 🙂

  77. Uh…have you guys even read the final report that went to the Seattle FBI on Christiansen? We’ve been over these things you mentioned many times. I keep giving you the answers…you keep ignoring them. This is the LAST time I am going say these things to you. I will make it brief.

    MikeJ was a real person and I banned him for his persistent PM’s…and then his emails..demanding I release the full contents of the report on Kenny. He got really nasty. He should have just waited, since I eventually released it anyway. He lives somewhere in the North Seattle area, and that’s all I knew about him. For a while, I thought he was a shill for the DB Cooper Forum.

    Everyone thought at first KC paid cash for his house, even Geoff Gray. Later, everyone found out he assumed a mortgage for half, did a promissory note with the Grimes for the other half. The Grimes couple are dead since about 2005. Their son testified that Dear Old Dad was a cash on the barrelhead kind of guy, and wouldn’t have waited nineteen years for his money, although Seafirst Mortgage did. It’s all in the report.

    I don’t recall the Carolyn testimony. She probably didn’t know for sure anyway. She did say Geestman lied on TV when he said he was at Kenny’s deathbed. Geestman only called the house, and for maybe ten minutes. Kenny left her some stamp sheets after he died, and half the house.

    Lyle got mixed up. He met with the FBI twice. Once at his house, once at a nearby park where he spoke to an FBI agent in the agent’s car. He had his DNA taken later by the local sheriff. I still have it…unopened.

    You can stop saying Kenny was dismissed by the FBI just about any time now. They dismissed him once, and that was back in early 2008, and based solely on the article by Geoff Gray. Long before we did any investigation on him, the Decoded show, or the two books. You want to see the emails where Agent Gutt says he hasn’t been dismissed as a suspect, and that some agents in the Seattle office thought he was good for the crime? Email me, and I will send you the actual screenshots of Gutt’s emails. I’ve offered them to you at least a dozen times now.

    I don’t care a whit whether you think the incident that happened yesterday with Troy and his friends was just a lie I made up for kicks. Maybe it is. Maybe I just wanted to pull your chains over there, and invented the whole thing. You never know. Since you think it’s a lie, I don’t see the point in updating you any further. Why bother? You would just think THAT was a lie, too. So I will keep the results of my investigation into this incident a secret to everyone except the AB staff and the FBI.

    Met Paul Geivett for the first time today, while helping prepare things down in Ariel. I told him he comes off better in person than he does on his videos. I got to look at everything he has. Some makes sense, some I don’t know. But an interesting thing happened. Bryan Woodruff had all the cards and letters that have been sent to the Ariel Store over the years laid out on the pool table. He was sorting through them to see if any had auction value.

    This one completely blank postcard comes up that matches the handwriting on the Reno letter. It’s a spot-on match. Old Paul spotted it and snatched it up. Card says: ‘Sorry I couldn’t make it there this year.’ It was signed with a capital C in quotes, like this: “C”. Front of the blank card has a Portland cancellation, and is dated a few days before the anniversary, 1978. I examined it closely with Paul against the other letter under a magnifying glass. (He had copies of all his work with the letters in a briefcase.) I agreed with him. Same person who wrote the Reno letter, almost certainly wrote the card. I think the ‘C’ could mean….you guessed it…Christiansen. Who knows? Could be my sister Cathy, too. I have some pictures I took of both sides of the card. It was addressed to: ‘Ariel Store, Ariel, WA’ and the zip code. Nothing else. Didn’t the Reno letter also arrive without an actual address? I think so, but I would have to look.

    I told Bryan: Keep this postcard for his museum on Cooper.

  78. shutter45 says:

    Do us all a favor, and save it for a rainy day…I was wonder when you would hook up with Paul..they guy who claims they took a picture of Cooper looking out the back of the plane, among other nonsense I couldn’t believe he said….I thought he already solved the case. hell, he said Kenny was the Zodiac killer as well. perfect company…

    “you deserve each other”

    You need to get back to that busy site you have been running…nobody understands why you are here, other than attention, of course…

    • LOL just because Paul showed up at Ariel and helped move a bunch of wood doesn’t mean I believe everything he says, you know. He only lives twenty miles from the store, you know. Over in Cougar. He stopped by because he read at Unsolved Crimes I was going to be there today. He’s actually a nice guy, but no…I don’t believe everything he says is accurate. I told him: “Well, we DO agree that we think Kenny was the guy, anyway…” I haven’t heard too much of his theories. Just a few things on the letters is all. At least he worked hard hauling the wood off the stage today, so it could used for the event.

  79. Oh, pulllleeeze…I made one harmless comment about the recent TV show and you haven’t stopped complaining since. Then you brought your friends aboard as well. Give me a break. 🙂

  80. shutter45 says:

    One harmless comment, which one, here, on your site, or Facebook etc etc. you put a lot of effort into trying to discredit the show. fooling yourself again?

    Is this your forum? where you decide who can post? I didn’t bring anyone Bobby. this is called an open forum. something you are not use to since the DZ. which you destroyed almost single handed.

    Your work is done, so you should be moving on, no?

  81. The show was discredit on its merits, or lack thereof. Even some of your members agree with that. I mean…if you really believe a 27-year-old guy was DB Cooper, you should go public with your support on that. The entire concept was ridiculous on its face. And so is your allegation about Dropzone and why the thread was closed. Are you kidding me? Your forum member ‘Georger’ was suspended at least twice for personal attacks, and then got permanently banned. Same thing with your friend MeyerLouie, except they didn’t give him a suspension first, they just perma-banned him for the same thing. At least one of your members bitched to the Admin ‘Sangiro’ so many times about other posters that the Admin got pissed off and finally closed it. There was plenty of blame to go around, I assure you. And I spoke to a couple of long-term users (non-Cooper, they were REAL skydivers) who told me it was the complaints that finally pushed Admn Sangiro over the edge. If I were the sole cause, they would have banned me from the site. I was still there at the end, and NOT banned.
    And by the way…a lot of the complaints came from a person who posts a lot on your forum now. You guys should be pointing fingers at each other, not me. 🙂

  82. shutter45 says:

    so what? you were banned several times on the DZ, and permanently banned on my forum, so try another forum of discredit, you fit too much into the bullshit you claim. we are having a discussion about the show, nobody is writing up articles, and blasting LMNO for something done outside of that show.

    Robert……please read c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y. the statements made in the past were in reference to you being a large part of the reason the site was closed. “destroyed almost single handed” I also stated Jo was the other problem. both of you tied up the thread, just like you are doing here. you both posted far more than anyone else, so that should tell you in itself. you are heavy with rules on your forum, but stomped all over them on them on the DZ.

    You see my forum on a daily basis, right. it has a heart beat. when you look on your forum, you see this ___________________ and the paramedic gives the nod (shaking head, no)

    You are disruptive where ever you go, when you run things the way you like them, censored, and with “inward thinking” people leave that area. you only look for the bad, and run like hell with it. my god, you went on for years about those stupid phony comments dating back years. guess what, there is another site like that, so you better get to work finding it. someone gave me the link a couple weeks ago. it’s horrible and worth updating your hatred files.

    You claim so many people view your forum, and yet you are here disrupting the thread? the FBI can’t do anything to you, so don’t rush to hide, or pull the hard drives. you are so dramatic it’s ridiculous. you won’t need that lawyer you claim to threaten everyone with either. according to you, the case is solved, why would they need anything from you? if it does turn out to be true, your BIG mouth will have there security clearance revoked. you know, that trust thingy you always whine about.

    Give us all a break, pullleeeeze …

  83. Blah blah blah. See the video. I won’t post the link. You know where it is anyway. 🙂

  84. shutter45 says:

    Who is the fake poster using your name, you seem to let that one go by too easy? pretty sad you have to resort to those things. Bruce can verify it’s not me, so try something else.

    • Sorry, wasn’t me. Probably Georger, but that’s just a guess. Looks like his work. You can trace IP’s to comments at WordPress if you know how. Ask Regina Winkles. Georger was using other peoples’ names there, too. On HER article. So was your friend Galen Cook. Regina traced many of those comments you conveniently ‘remembered’ to their IP addresses.

      Would you like to see the email where she showed me all this? Just message. Happy to provide.

      You guys over at the DBC are soooo nice and all. Poor Regina ended up having her account closed here at WordPress. Nice members you have there, Shutter. Anyone with a crumb of sense is going to figure it out.

  85. Blevins, you can’t have it both ways. You think that the description of Cooper was wrong on height, eye color, amount of hair, complexion and weight. But yet think it’s absolutely crazy that someone thinks they got the age wrong??

    Glad to see you are also a handwriting expert now….

  86. I’m stopping my notification to this article and moving on. When someone decided to use my name, I saw the Regina Winkles thing all over again. And I haven’t thought about that in a while. I think everyone has had their say, and the number or comments is getting kind of ridiculous, especially when most of the recent ones have nothing to do with the article itself. No big deal, but I’m out of this one. 🙂

  87. shutter45 says:


  88. regina Winkles says:

    Robert; I’m thinking about reopening my site again. I’ve had many, many requests over the past several years to post the “filthy comments” that you had me take down. Those comments are actually pretty humorous and they seem to depict your character and lifestyle accurately. Of all the folks who have worked to get the DB Cooper case solved, your participation is the most self-serving, and at the same time, the least contributory. As some of your detractors have mentioned to me in past e-mails, you are a veritable 65-year old child with no hope of ever reaching adulthood. So in closing, Robert, I’m sending out all the 594 “filthy comments” about you that you are obviously obsessed over. I’ll try to edit out the comments about Gayla’s unshapely posterior and other derogatory comments, including the names of people associated with Grapevine News. Of course, those are probably made up names, as I understand that you work alone cleaning restrooms and lavatories as a primary occupation. I sincerely hope that Mr. Smith and Mr. Shutter keep up with their superior work on DB Cooper. They outclass your work in ALL categories.

    Regina Winkles,
    Editor in Chief

  89. Well…I guess I can make ONE more post. (smiles) A reporter at the Wall Street Journal isn’t quite as skeptical on Troy’s story regarding the FBI agent and Christiansen as some of YOU are. I will be speaking on the phone with him this week, and he has received our preliminary report on all of this. Same guy who has occasionally sent us stuff on Bernie Geestman on his own, just to be helpful.

    We’re going to release all the emails and information we have to him, and let him approach the FBI on our behalf. My main concern is that Troy does not get into trouble,or lose his job as a result of his testimony. With the sheer amount of information he sent to us, it was an absolute cakewalk to verify his story. I told the Seattle FBI the same thing. Skipp Porteous, to say the least, is happy.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Well, congratulations, almost, I suppose. It’s been quite a summer, with the DB Cooper case solved twice, and closed once!

      But let’s cut to the chase, RB. What did Kenny do with the money? Since he used a mortgage to pay for his house, where did it go? Stamps and coins? How much did he give Bernie? 50%?.

      Plus, how did the money get to Tina Bar?

      Now that we know Kenny C was Cooper, almost, a lot of answers should be forthcoming!

      What broke the case? Can you tell us? Did KC confess and the FBI kept that quiet for 20 years???? Did the feds find some Cooper $20s? The parachute?

  90. LOL ‘Regina Winkles Editor-in-Chief’. She’s a bookkeeper for a meat packing company in Texas. You guys must think we’re dumb around here. 🙂
    Get real. No wonder the public is blowing off the DBC forum.

    • Regina says:

      Bruce; I was thinking about posting over at Mr. Blevin’s “Unsolved Crimes,” but changed my mind when I saw that all the posting there comes from only one source……….Mr. Blevins. ie., he doesn’t really have any diversity in viewpoint, or, an audience. He’s just one guy muttering to himself.

      Bruce, you rock, and Shutter too………..because you have a diversity of viewpoints. I would guess that you are a Hillary supporter and Mr. Blevins is a clear TRUMP man.

      Just for the record, Mr. Blevins is a real Pain in the A**. He bugged me and bugged me for almost a year before I took down my site. He threatened me with a lawsuit. So I took it down against my better judgment. Now I see that Mr. Blevins has interrupted all the serious researchers again, in an attempt to create a new flicker for Mr. Christianson. That flame died years ago.

      I will soon reveal where on the internet the old “filthy comments” can be reviewed. I’m doing some editing now and will archive them to a new site. The world really does want to know more about Mr. Blevins and the “filthy comments.” Fortunately, the world really doesn’t care about Ken Christianson as DB Cooper, as we all know that that was the biggest fraud suspect announcement in the case.

      And with that, I’m pulling back on any prior notion to attend Ariel in late August. Sounds like another lame gathering with a last gasp by Mr. Blevins to peddle more of his bs to the world. He should stick to “cleaning” bs, rather than make more. It’s what he knows best.

      Regina Winkles
      Editor in Chief

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Ariel used to be a fun place. The Cooper party was one of the social highlights of my entire life. Now, not so much.

        Bobby B and Bryan seem to staking claim to it, and besides turning it into some kind of RV-Park/DB Cooper Destination site for tourists, it has also become a hostile zone for some of us. I have received numerous threatening emails from these aforementioned gentlemen, and not only is it clear that I and many others in Cooper World are not welcomed, I have been repeatedly warned that I will be arrested if I show up at the August 27th BBQ.

        Added to this is the appearance of a film crew from the Travel Channel. It seems that the Cooper Story is being divvied up, with certain fractions staking out certain suspects and locations in Cooper World, and even selecting documentarians to tell their side of the story. To wit: Blevins/Woodruff/Christiansen have picked the Ariel Store and Travel Channel, while Tom Colbert and the History Channel have selected Rackstraw, and the FBI selected them to cloak the closing of the case.

        I have been threatened many times with law suits in my writing about Cooper, and my character and reputation has been assaulted with frequency, but a Rubicon has been crossed. Before, the attacks seemed more the rantings of crazy people or good people who temporarily lost their better judgement, than vicious. Even at its rankest, Cooper World felt safe.

        Now it feels dangerous.

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Regina, emails to you at reginaeditor@…….com are bouncing back. What’s a better way to communicate with you?

        I’m at brucesmith@rainierconnect.com

  91. Well, since I put out that other info regarding the FBI agent and those witnesses, I think I should be fair and not leave people hanging. Believe it or not, I do try to be mostly fair with people. (My old man used to say this anyway: “Everyone gets what they deserve in the end…”

    First, I’m glad I didn’t make a thread about all this over at the UC site.
    Second, I turned the witnesses’ information and all my notes over to a reporter I know at the Wall Street Journal.
    Second, the FBI gave a response, said they closed the case because they don’t have enough evidence on any one suspect to arrest or convict.
    Third, FBI says…could just be that one agent’s opinion.

    I am OUT of this one. If there’s anything to it, the WSJ guy will figure it out.
    I do feel a bit bad for the witness, though. It’s weird, but I was actually a bit angry he dropped all that stuff on me. I thought about it all day, talked about it at length with Gayla P and Greg the Techie Guy. I told them a felt like a rat, because this witness guy works for the Navy in a security clearance capacity and he could conceivably get into trouble. Maybe even his friends who were there to hear the agent say all this stuff. I have no doubt they were telling the truth. But I’m pissed because I got forced into a decision on whether to say anything or not, and the guy says its okay if I inquire with the FBI…but then he contacts me an hour after I did…and suddenly he’s worried because of the things his wife said. And because one of the witnesses he named (and provided where he worked, his phones home and work, etc is a friend of the FBI agent.

    Why the hell then didn’t he just gather up his friends and go to the Washington Post or something? Why bring ME into it? Because I wrote a book about Kenny? Because he saw the report? Because he’s seen both of those things? (Yes, he has.)

    I’m not a cop, neither am I the media. Now I could be responsible for this guy losing his job. Or his other friend no longer being friends with the FBI agent. Or maybe the FBI just isn’t willing to admit the truth of the matter. On the other hand, the response I got wasn’t a form response. It was a personal one from the Seattle FBI. And I want to believe them. I guess in the lack of any other evidence, I will take them at their word that they didn’t close the case because ‘we know the hijacker is dead” and ‘it was Kenny Christiansen’.

    Gayla thinks I shouldn’t have talked to the WSJ reporter, but she always goes the most conservative route.

    Greg says: “The guy brought it on himself when he provided everything except the kitchen sink, in order to verify the validity of his story…” That’s an exact quote. I actually drove to Burien today and we talked for an hour in his living room.

    But the whole thing still sucks all around. The witness? He’s a nice guy with an even nicer family. Sometimes people get excited and then get carried away…and then maybe later they regret it. If he had contacted me a few minutes sooner, BEFORE I shot off the message to the Seattle FBI, (which he agreed was okay to do) we wouldn’t be here now. I am dropping the whole damn thing, although now that the WSJ reporter has everything, it is really out of my hands anyway.

    I still feel truly bad about the whole thing though…in my heart…even though my head tells me the witness brought any possible trouble onto himself. His wife called him a ‘leaker’ and went through the frickin’ roof on him. I don’t know. The whole thing just stinks. But I made up my mind about something. The next time someone contacts me with information like this on the Cooper case…I will look at it…and then I’m going to tell them to contact local media about it, and not use ME as a go-between.

    Sincerely, Robert

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I gather from the above that the Seattle Division of the FBI is not backing the story you told us this weekend about a senior FBI official declaring KC was DB Cooper and that the Bureau closed the case because KC is deceased.

      That is certainly the perspective I took from the email I received to day from Ayn Dietrich-Williams, the Media Coordinator at the Seattle Division, whom I queried this past weekend about the veracity of your story.

      Here is her statement, in full:

      Hello, Bruce—

      The FBI has been completely straightforward about our reasons for closing the case and that our reviews of all previous subjects have failed to yield sufficient proof to resolve the investigation. FBI employees may have their own personal theories, but investigators leave aside any assumptions and follow facts, wherever they may lead. I’m not surprised to hear various theories about this well-known case, but those theories do not impact the fact-based investigation conducted by the personnel officially assigned to the case.

      To reiterate the reason for the FBI closing the case at this time: the FBI’s Seattle Division was awaiting results of FBI Laboratory testing of items related to a person considered a possible match to the hijacker. The results came back in January 2016 and did not resolve this case. There are no additional leads to pursue, neither for that individual nor any others. In order to solve a case, the FBI must prove culpability beyond a reasonable doubt, and, unfortunately, none of the well-meaning tips reported, or applications of new investigative technology have yielded the proof needed to solve this mystery. Every time the FBI assesses additional tips from the NORJAK case, investigative resources and manpower are diverted from programs that more urgently need the attention. Although the FBI will no longer actively investigate this case, should specific physical evidence emerge—related explicitly to the parachutes or the money taken by the hijacker, individuals with that evidence are asked to contact their local FBI field office.


      Ayn Dietrich-Williams | Media Coordinator | FBI Seattle Division

  92. I’m going to re-enable downloads on the Kenny file at both the UC and AB websites. But next time someone comes forward…they are getting a referral to someone else if their questions require either media atttention or contact with the FBI. This incident has really put me off any further active investigation into Kenny and Company. Either he and Geestman did it, or they didn’t, and sooner or later that will come out one way or another, yes or no. At this point, I have no idea which way it would go. And frankly, I no longer care very much.

  93. So, two days ago the case was solved. Now, not so much. Only one person is surprised at this and I think you know who that is.

    You keep saying that the truth will eventually come out on Kenny and Bernie. WAKE UP. The truth has been out and you just simply refuse to accept it.

    Here is another truth that you probably will not accept: You got hosed!!!

  94. I don’t ‘accept it,’ because what you and yours have been saying is NOT the truth. I have at least two emails from the Seattle FBI saying that KC was NOT investigated, and that he has NOT been eliminated as a suspect in the Cooper case. I’ve offered you guys a look at not just the quoted text of those emails, but actual SCREENSHOTS. And I’ve offered that mulitple times. You ignored that offer because you don’t want to know the truth.

    One thing Agent Gutt said is that if any reports or tips come in to the FBI on the Cooper case, they do not investigate them anymore. He said the reasons were NO BUDGET and they were unwilling to have agents go into the field to do any checking. He has said that, and I believe him. Unless the case is handed to them on a silver platter, with all answers resolved, they aren’t going to check a thing. This is a truth you guys at DBC seem unwilling to accept. That is not my fault.

    Why don’t we let ‘J’ over at the Wall Street Journal handle this incident with the witnesses and the FBI agent and leave it at that. The witness is being truthful. And there is more than ONE witness here, all with security clearances. I did a thorough check on all three, which was easy because Troy handed me everything about them short of their SSN’s. And then tossed in two more people as character references, people he works alongside with at the Naval facility. Their home phones, their work phones and extensions, the places where they worked, (which I verified anyway but running the phone numbers.) I’m not stupid, you know. 🙂

    The only REAL question here is whether the agent was merely voicing his own opinion about the Cooper case, and the reason it was closed…or if he was relating something he knew to be true. THAT is the real question. It is up to the WSJ reporter to find out which is which. We are working together now, and since he now has everything that I listed above, he should be able to find out.

    My main point here is that the next time this happens, (someone comes forward with information that requires media contact, or contact with the FBI) I’m referring them to the proper media outlet closest to them If they have questions, that’s a different matter. I get a lot of those. Then I will try to answer. But I’m going to be a go-between anymore.

  95. CORRECTION: ‘But I’m NOT going to be a go-between anymore.’

  96. Meh. The heck with it. I dumped it on the reporter at the Wall Street journal. I feel bad enough as it is. Let him handle it. I have a festival to organize that happens in 19 days.

  97. I can’t do that. He’s been provided with everything I have on this issue. I have to give him the chance to work it out. And we should stop using this article for the comments. I’ll bet even the DBC is tired of it.

  98. brucesmith49 says:

    This is my site, and I’m not tired of it. In fact, I’m just warming up because you used this site to spend days telling us that you had broken the DB Cooper case. Now I want to know the details. I won’t let you back out. It’s not the way this works. You said you can’t put the milk back in the cow, and you are correct. Now you have to pay the piper for using this instrument to play your tune.

    So, again, what are the details of this story? Or better, what’s the name of the Wall Street Journal reporter that you shared the details. Why are protecting him? Don’t you think he can defend himself well enough from my questionings?

  99. brucesmith49 says:

    Robert Blevins, you are dodging me. What is the name of the WSJ reporter that you told the details of the FBI story on KC?

  100. I’m out of here…:)
    I don’t do demands very well, and frankly…you haven’t obtained my trust yet. That will take some work on your part.

  101. A couple of quick things here.

    First, this Troy fellow sounds like a real dumbass.

    Second, if there was anything to any of this, any merit whatsoever, does anyone really believe for one second that Robby Blevins would hand this off to someone else? He knows it’s BS.

    Finally Robert, I don’t give a shit what Fred Gutt told you in an email. The FBI dismissed KC very early on, you yourself have said this. They have seen nothing since to change their mind on him, including your expanded super sized report, which I have read by the way. There is nothing in it that should sway them. Period.

    For the record, I just want to know who Cooper was. You really think it would bother me if it were KC? Not a chance. I just want to know. If it’s Kenny (we ALL know it isn’t) then so be it.

  102. By the way, if anyone is ever suffering from insomnia, the updated Christiansen report will cure that shit quick!!

  103. Skipp Porteous says:


    This record of my involvement needs to be aired out here.

    I am the former private investigator from New York City, dba Sherlock Investigations. In 2007, I was hired to locate a certain Hollywood film producer for Mr. Lyle Christianson. I was under a small retainer and after the task was performed, I was later in contact with Geoff Gray of the New York Magazine. With my help he located Florence Shaffner in South Carolina. Florence was a crew member of NWO Air, Flight #305 on 11/24/71. The purpose of Ms. Shaffner’s interview was to acquire a positive ID for Lyle Christianson, who believed that his brother Kenneth might be D. B. Cooper. Ms. Shaffner did not positively ID Ken Christianson. She also told us that she didn’t even know Ken Christianson, who worked for the same carrier as Ms. Shaffner.

    But this story had potential for a book and a film. So, I pursued it a bit further and decided to write a book before Geoff Gray wrote his book. I did not want to spend any money on this project, so I contacted a virtually unknown publisher near Seattle, Adventure Books, a one-man outfit run by Robert Blevins. Blevins agreed to edit and publish my book, as long as he received royalties and had his name on the bookcover as my co-author. I paid Mr. Blevins nothing for the project, but I am very sorry that I ever involved him. It was the mistake of my career.

    Robert is a very weak investigator. He lacks the training, knowledge and skills to ever be an investigator. However, I used him to get my book on the market before Geoff Gray got his book out there. That was the only objective.

    That was 8 years ago. Since, I’ve retired from the trade and live with my new wife on the West Coast. I have nothing further to do with the D. B. Cooper case. Into the Blast was a worthless book with sales below 300 copies. There was never a positive return on investment.

    Lyle Christianson had no evidence whatsoever about his brother as D. B. Cooper. It’s a made-up story. Robert Blevins, who I have no present association with, has tried to keep this hoax going with expectations that someday he would become famous as a writer/author and crime solver. Robert and his wife Gayla, are private home cleaners. That’s the world they live in.

    I cannot stand the fact that Robert Blevins is still trying to run this false scheme with the public. Kenneth Christianson was not D. B. Cooper, and that’s a fact.

    In the interests of setting the record straight one last time: Ken Christianson was not D. B. Cooper; Lyle Christianson tried in vain to set up a hoax about this for financial gain and personal glory; and Robert Blevins…………….well let’s just say that he is a very insecure man with no redeeming skills or talent, but understands the art of repeated lying. I guess if I was a an old janitor who lived in small rental unit in Auburn, Washington, I would try my best to deceive the public too, in a effort to get out of my unfortunate situation.

    I have moved on with a nice retirement. Unfortunately for Mr. Blevins, time is no longer on his side. He is making one last desperate attempt to be a somebody.

    Thank you, Mr. Smith for letting me make my statements here. I will make no more. Keep up with the superb reporting and commentary. Mr. Blevins should take note of your great work and accomplishments.

    Sincerely yours,

    Skipp Porteous
    Author of Into the Blast

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Editor’s Note:

      I don’t believe this is a legitimate post. I have queried Mr. Porteous, and eventually he got back to me. He says that this commentary is not from him. I have had many pieces of correspondence with Skipp Porteous over the years, and his recent emails to me appear genuine.

      Further below RMB that they are not. That comment, too, I believe is incorrect.

  104. shutter45 says:

    If ever there was a perfect example…this is it. fake accounts, Bobby jumping to conclusions, or out right lying. this was all confirmed, and Blah Blah, frickin Blah. then he runs away…Dropzone.com 101.

    This is all starting to sound like something Paul Gievett would state. Paul is known for myths, and crazy things he states as truth. I listened to him for over an hour years ago rambling off things that couldn’t possibly be true.

    All this crap above shows you exactly how he operates. it’s funny, he never mentions any emails that are anything related to what Bruce posted. nothing VERIFIABLE what so ever, what a shock?

    The Ariel Tavern? it’s an outright shame what’s going on. threatening law suits, and law enforcement, banning people who attempt to give Bruce a ride,really? my god, what is wrong with these two?

    Yes, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Ariel over the years, but the minute Mr. Blevins came into the picture, it went to shit. I’m positive Byan’s mother would not approve of all of this. as far as I know, she welcomed everyone. I never heard anything negative about that place.

    Bruce, I wouldn’t allow him back here after this demonstration…..

  105. Skipp Porteous says:

    Thank you for posting my comments, Mr. Smith. You and Mr. Shutter are examples of good internet stewards.. And one final note: I NEVER have met Mr. Blevins face-to-face, and NEVER will.

  106. shutter45 says:

    Again, I think this should be the end of the story….

  107. You guys have absolutely NO morals…and the person who impersonated Skipp obviously doesn’t know his situation. Of course, some of you are known to pull out all the stops in your hatred of me.

    But this time…you reached a new low. My suspicions are that Galen Cook wrote the message impersonating Skipp. Only he and Georger have been caught doing that. The other person was Bob Knoss, but you can always tell his because they will have some sexual innuendos. You guys have not a clue, and you have alienated a great many people.

    And just so you’ll know, smart guys…Skipp Porteous suffers from severe aphasia. He can still type, but barely, and sometimes his messages are not that understandable. He has to keep them short. And he can barely speak now. You guys are cruel beyond belief.

    I also saw Bruce Smith’s reports on my recent emails to him. I have bent over backwards for two straight weeks to try and and include him in the biggest party that the Ariel Store has ever seen. I don’t think he ever wanted to anyway. I could sort of tell. Too bad.

    It’s nothing like any Ariel party that’s been done before. None of you will be there, and that’s too bad. Me? I will have lots of fun. I think you’re all just pissed off and acting like children because I am the one organizing it, and I’m the one who convinced Travel Channel to change their shoot schedule to film the event. Just pisses you off when I succeed, doesn’t it? Ha ha. Too bad.

    Troy is not my ‘personal friend’ by the way. I saw that post. He was a guy who read Blast, downloaded the report, and we spoke on the phone a few times. And if you were all so worried about his welfare, especially you Bruce…you wouldn’t have kept asking for his phone number. He agreed I could talk to the WSJ reporter, and he agreed with inquiring with the FBI. It is not fault he had a change of heart and that it came too late.

    You guys believe you are be-all and end-all of the Cooper case. Maybe you were at one time. But you’ve lost a lot of fans. I mean real people, not phonies who hide behind a bush and pretend to be someone else. And doing that simply to attack others. Nice guys you are.

    But here’s the deal: I couldn’t care less. I just don’t like it you picked on an old sick guy just to get a few laughs. Never talk bad about me again. I do GOOD stuff. You do hateful shit.

    You can ban me from this news blog if you wish. Couldn’t care less about that, either. 🙂

  108. ‘Sold less than 300 copies of the book…’

    Well, that’s true enough. Since the first of August, Lightning Source reports only 220 copies have gone out. This month, it’s mostly US sales. LSI pays 90-days back since we have a 90-day sale or return policy. Amazon is a poor indicator of sales when you are are a wholesale trade publisher, boys. Way less than five percent of our total sales come through Amazon. The rest are ordered by bookstores or other book distributors who hold accounts with Ingram and get the quarterly catalog. 🙂

    Christmas will be good. I can see it already.

  109. brucesmith49 says:

    Skipp Porteous’ physical and neurological capacities are well- known and documented. As a result, I have sent multiple communications to Skipp via email and Facebook asking for confirmation on the above comments attributed to him. As of midnight tonight, Skipp has not replied.

    Porteous is a difficult man to contact. He has historically refused to return my emails and phone calls to him. Nor does he respond to third-party requests for comments on pertinent details of his work on DB Cooper. I have asked the new owners of Porteous’ former PI business, Sherlock Investigations, to intercede for me with Skipp, but he apparently does not respond to those requests, either.

    Drawing conclusions from these silences is difficult. However, I find the rumor intriguing that Blevins and Porteous have never met.

    Is that true RMB? Have you and Skipp never met in person? If not, why not?

  110. Are you kidding? Do you know how many co-authors have done books and never actually MET? A lot. Why haven’t I met him? Well, it wasn’t like I wasn’t invited when he lived in Morro Bay, CA. But I am a pretty busy guy and I’m lucky if I get to fly down and see my folks once a year in Arizona.

    What am I even doing here? And why did you allow that phony-ass ‘Skipp’ post to stand without challenge when you knew his physical condition?

    Why doesn’t he answer your messages? Because I warned him about you a long time ago. Because he can hardly put three sentences together on a keyboard these days. Because he’s sick now and gets care from a family member in Florida. He doesn’t LIVE on the West Coast and hasn’t for a while.

    I’ll tell you this much. My friends are nicer than YOUR friends.

  111. There’s a rumor that the posts back there on your article signed ‘Skipp Porteous,’ aren’t actually written by him. You think that’s possible? I would say…maybe. 🙂

    As if someone LIED or something, using a cheap, attack-dog mode.

    Maybe you should address that rumor, instead. I answered the other question on Porteous years ago.

  112. shutter45 says:

    Guys, he could care less…post after post, after post, after post, after post?

  113. shutter45 says:

    Speaking of rumor’s. the story Robert has given has clearly been proven false. that’s coming straight from the source, the FBI. as for Kenny, we can use the tactics he used on Rackstraw. virtually everyone pegged Cooper above 5′ 10″. Tina stated she had to look up at Cooper. Tina is the same height as Kenny. these are hard facts to get around.

    The passengers have different views due to them not having a reason to recall Cooper in memory. they relied heavily on statements made by the crew who actually knew who they were dealing with.

    Now, to recap, and conclude. the story given by Mr. Blevins has been proven false. the FBI spoke out, and Mr. Blevins has chosen to play cat and mouse by given nothing to verify anything, much like his whole story about Kenny. If this was anyone else making claims such as Roberts, you would see him screaming “source please” names, put up, or shut up etc. etc. going all over the internet trying to discredit the story since nothing could be verified.

    Now, I don’t agree with all of the phony accounts on here, but making false claims, or things that can’t be verified ranks right up there just the same. I lean towards the FBI’s statements, and back them 100%. I see no other reason not to, period. it just doesn’t make any sense. it goes from two statements in his original post that it was his friend, to someone who read his book, and the report.

    Stick a fork in it, this Turkey is done 🙂

  114. Whatever…no one here at AB or anywhere else I know really cares. No one posts up sources or results on a touchy investigation until they have results. That would be stupid. You speak out of one side of your mouth about not liking ‘phony accounts’ here posting trash, while supporting them at the same with your comments. You’re as two-faced as they get, and this is not just MY opinion. No wonder no one wants anything to do with you. (I mean people in the Real World, not your little closed group LOL)

  115. shutter45 says:

    No one should go shooting off there mouth before they have all of the facts either! I have no control of these fake accounts Bobby, they could be linked to you, so try another angle.

    the story is NOT VALID, period. this is what the conversation was about, not the foolish phony accounts. it’s all about Robert, just as you like it, but when the heat comes around, you quickly divert attention.

    one of them was your friend! you stated it twice, and now try to squirm out of it. you didn’t leave much wiggle room on this one. I think that’s obvious. try and stay on track of the real topic here.


    Robert Blevins claims the case is closed by several people in the FBI with high security clearance, and you found out through a FRIEND! this was stated by Robert Blevins. now, the FBI has responded to your allegations, and they don’t fly, so where do we go from here? if this is all so hush hush, how is the WSJ going o find anything? is your FRIEND going to tell them the same bogus story? did you really contact anyone? Bruce got a reply rather quickly? and posted it!

    It’s funny how all of the sudden nobody cares on your end. prior to that you make it appear that you have an special team that figures things out? “we” think you are rather ridiculous! oneminute you think you solved the case, and the next “nobody cares”???

    Go back to Unsolved Crimes, perhaps you need to change it to, Unconfirmed Stories”

  116. Mr. Blevins,

    Could you please quit slandering me? In 1971 I was too short, too fat, too bald, too white and had the wrong color of eyes to match the description of Dan Cooper.

    Thank You,

    (PS – Yes we do have internet up here. I’m told it’s been here since the 1800’s. We also have the actual perpetrator of the crime you guys love to follow as well. I can’t reveal that name though – don’t want to get sent to that other place. Too hot there).

  117. Now that was actually funny. The one regarding Skipp was not. Your post makes a reference to the postcard from 1978 that just dropped out of a big stack of old letters addressed to either Dona Elliot or the Ariel Store.

    Let me say something about Paul Geivett. He actually comes off better in person than he does on his videos. I told him that, too. To be honest, when he walked up on Bryan, me, and Tina Strong, I didn’t know who he was. And I understand about the Zodiac stuff, yeah…he’s way off base there. His work on the Reno letter is interesting, though. We’re hauling all this wood, he’s telling me all about it.

    I have to admit though…he could be right about a match between that strange postcard and the author of the Reno letter. I sat there and looked at them side-by-side for a few minutes. Sure look like they were written by the same person. I think we will do a display of these two items together in a picture frame I have. Not using the originals, but copies of both documents. It’s interesting, anyway.

  118. shutter45 says:

    I’m sure Paul is a nice guy, but he also thinks 2 + 2 = 5……

    Paul believes, and states a lot of nonsense. his credibility is zero. that doesn’t mean he is a bad guy. you need hand writing experts to look at the document, and not frame it as fact. that’s exactly how myths are started. someone was on his site claiming to be a hand writing expert, and firmly disagree’s with his conclusions. so do a lot of others as I read the comments. it’s been that way for some time now.

  119. Look…he’s just a guy checking out some letters. I never said I was absolutely SURE the letter was done by the same guy as the Reno letter. I just said they ‘looked like’ they were done by the same person. And the lack of an exact address on both is strange. It’s also strange it was addressed to the store only, and no one in particular, and only signed with a single C. It’s definitely weird, but nothing that would cause mass turmoil in Cooperland. I only went to his YouTube once, and I didn’t even know he had a website. He comes off in person as a regular guy, more or less. At least he helped haul all the wood. Sometimes I think you guys at the DBC forum take stuff way too seriously.

  120. There was (quickly) something else. Our new policy at the AB forum is absolutely no comments about the DBC or any posts there. And any references to you and yours have been gone for weeks now. We didn’t do this because of your message. We just decided we weren’t going to direct traffic your way. Besides…it’s what you wanted anyway. This policy is permanent.

  121. shutter45 says:

    Thanks, but I don’t need your traffic. I have enough as it is 🙂 new members flowing in, comments being made. I have no policy other than to research the DB Cooper case. that gets accomplished on a daily basis.

    It’s not the fact of what I wanted. you have been banned from viewing my forum, so the Fair Use clause is void. I’m protecting my rights, and what is mine, and not yours to do with as you wish.

    You constantly claim nobody cares, but you intrude into the forum on a daily basis? you are not welcome there. period. you have been banging on that forum for 3 years now? that’s rather obsessive don’t ya think?

    go have fun in Ariel, I’m too far away for all the fun I will miss. it has nothing to do with what is done on my forum. we don’t celebrate Cooper, we research him. have Cooper weeks, months, what ever you wish. move there, and raise a family…..you are jumping to conclusions again thinking this bothers me. Bruce being left out does. it is what it is….end of story….

    Speaking of stories, no new ones yet?

  122. Paul at the Dropzone says:

    I see that you guys are now dealing with the same shit I dealt with for years at the Dropzone. Robert Blevins. He’s the only reason we had to say farewell to everybody over there. The good old days with Sluggo Monster, Snowman, Georger, and a few other heavy hitters. Even Jo Weber had some interesting things. Then this sob Blevins came in and wouldn’t leave. It was the same old crap day after day, even though he promised to leave. His MO hasn’t changed. He’s like fly on shit, or worse, shit on a wool blanket. You can’t get rid of it. Bruce, you should have secured your site better. Now, you pay the price like I did. He’s a crazy old loon, and everyone knows it.

  123. Well…here’s a REAL post for you, with a REAL identity: I have reviewed the latest comments at the DBC forum. Saw that some of you were trying to contact Skipp Porteous. Here’s the problem: Skipp agreed long ago that any official comments on Into The Blast, or our investigative work…would go through ME, because of his current medical condition. (Unless you are a member of recognized, mainstream media)

    It’s been like that for almost two years. No worries. I sent him a strong warning…saying that some of you were posting up phony comments in his name…and then had the nerve to go to him asking him about those comments. Nice try. He won’t answer your emails now.

    If you have questions, you know where to go.

  124. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note: Attention all posters:

    Please keep your comments relevant to the Mountain News and the stories posted herein. Any references to other documents, websites, or sources without proper links will not be tolerated. Besides being rude to the readers, it is simply not acceptable behavior at the Mountain News. From this point forward, all such irrelevant posts will be scrubbed and/or blocked.

  125. Bruce asks: ‘Bogus posts here at the Mountain News seems to be a recurring problem. What do you suggest?’

    Same thing I do. Screen all comments and then approve them on a case-by-case. If the email or weblink is bogus…delete the comment and move on.

    People say I only approve ‘positive’ comments at YouTube. I don’t base my approvals on that. I base approvals on whether the poster has a history at YouTube, and whether I think it’s just a cheap attack from a one-time poster at YouTube. And many people do this on their accounts at YouTube, not just me. A lot of folks disallow comments completely. I at least give people a chance to play fair. If they don’t…into the rejection bin they go. 🙂

  126. Bruce: You should post that comment somewhere on your homepage. Way down here in comments, most people will never see it.

  127. “Thanks, but I don’t need your traffic. I have enough as it is:) new members flowing in, comments being made. I have no policy other than to research the DB Cooper case. that gets accomplished on a daily basis…”

    That’s cool. You have the researchers, and I hope you guys solve the case. I really do.

    However…although you have the research end covered, I think it’s safe to say we have the Cooper fans, especially the ones local to the hijacking. And the ones we don’t have now, we’ll probably pick up August 27-28 at Ariel. 🙂

    (I didn’t notice your comment up above until this morning)

  128. Albert Shumate says:

    Everyone keeps missing the point on DB Cooper. This was a bar room bet and one of these days somebody is going to clean out Grandpa’s bookcase and find a bunch of money and not know what it’s about.
    Suffice it to say that back in the ’60’s there were exercises involving jumping out of airplanes at very high altitudes and where you could exit a plane from. There were wind tunnel test done. This was before they were called HALO’s. There was even an attack from B52’s on the DEW line.
    The reason for this was during WWII transports was mixed with bombers to drop commandos and supplies over Europe and the transports would return to England. The ’60’s radars were being developed to identify the type of aircraft flying so thus the discussions about using bombers.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Okay, Al. So in 1971, what is your best estimate of how widespread the knowledge was of jumping from a 727? Further, can you explain why the pilots didn’t know that could be done, or anyone at Northwest Orient flight operations. Specifically, their hang up was: could the plane be flown successfully with the aft stairs deployed. You’re saying everyone in your bar knew that. But the tavern Rataczak, Scott, Anderson, et al. frequented did not. How did that happen, do you think?

      • Albert Shumate says:

        The bar I’m speaking of is not the corner car. Usually back then they were found near ports where merc’s hung out in between jobs. Back then Portugal, Spain, France and a few others which paid more than the US Military hired merc’s on a regular basis. They traveled by ship as part of crew. These guys were always seeking adventure and were always up for anything.
        These bars still exist and people can still go to them if they find one but if someone not known to the usual patrons, things will become very quiet in a hurry.

  129. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s note: The following commentary was left by a poster named “dailyc.” For some unknown reason it did not post; hence, I have copied and pasted it here.

    dailyc (@gaydailyc) commented on DB Cooper case closed – but not abandoned

    “he may have lied about his age.. he had at three alias’ he had the ability.”

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Greetings dailyc:

      I assume that you are referring to Bob Rackstraw. But please remember that RWR has already confessed to being DB Cooper and has been denied by Tina, Bill Mitchell and the FBI. So, what else ya got?

  130. I stumbled across this conversation. When you gather a bunch of people, like Tom Colbert’s CCT, you run a great risk of group-think. This did not happen with the CCT. Members pushed back against theories. Members shot down conclusions. Members changed their views in light of new evidence. Some facts, however, were unavoidable. RWR once claimed he was DC. RWR was flying in the Northwest in November 1971. RWR has a Senior Parachutist badge displayed on his SUV. RWR has a record of doing crazy stuff as a pilot in Vietnam. DC’s commands to the NWA pilot demonstrated knowledge of flight characteristics of the 727 that a pilot, but not your average Joe, would know. RWR would know them. Other facts raise questions: Why jump in winter weather? How do you hit your chosen drop zone? Where is the money? (Is it stashed/was it lost in Teheran?) Whatever you think about Tom Colbert’s and Jim Forbes’s motivations or the quality of the documentary, these facts exist and the questions persist. The FBI has not told us why they decided RWR was no longer a suspect, so we have no idea why he was excluded.

    • brucesmith49 says:


      A few things:

      1. Are you part of Tom Colbert’s CCT? You seem to know a lot about their inner workings. If so, I’d love to talk with you and learn more about those dynamics. Also, I’d love to know why the CCT has not been more assertive with the FBI in terms of researching the evidence, ie: titanium, DNA, fingerprints, etc.

      2. No one doubts RWR’s skill set, but it doesn’t prove he was DB Cooper.

      3. How do you explain the second money find at Tina Bar?

      4. How do yo explain the multiple witnesses who say RWR was not DB Cooper.

      5. How do you explain the age discrepancies between RWR and DBC?- 29 vs mid-40s.

      • Jeffrey Renz says:

        1. Yes. Talk to Tom or Jim about the inner workings.
        2. Wrong question. Does it rule RWR out?
        3. I don’t. Not my expertise.
        4. Wrong statement, unless those witnesses knew DC. The correct statement is “witnesses who believe . . . .” Nothing unusual there. You read Airborne Bob’s diatribes. The guy is a sociopath.
        5. Age estimates are notoriously inaccurate. RWR looks much older that 29 in his photos from that period.
        6. The RWR matter would be easily resolved if the FBI would tell us why they eventually excluded him.

  131. Bob Sailshaw says:

    Bob Sailshaw

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I agree, Bob. The FBI’s closing the case makes it look like a cover-up – a getting rid of the case before it gets too dicey. Not only was Sheridan Peterson not fully investigated, such as confirming his whereabouts and actions in 1971, but the FBI steadfastly ignored the physical evidence, ie: the titanium and rare earth metals that are now becoming SO talked about.

      BTW- Everyone: Please do not post in ALL CAPS. I consider it an eye sore to MN readers.

  132. Tammy says:

    I haven’t read all of the facts , but surely they looked into the possibility that he remained on the plane and exited upon landing?

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Sounds easier than in actuality. Where did he exit? Reno? Boeing Field the day, or Quantico, VA when the feds flew the plane back for additional testing of seats, etc. How did he walk away? Did he take all of his stuff with him? How did the money get to Tina Bar?

      All these issues are fully explored in my book, DB Cooper and the FBI.

  133. bob says:

    Robert Westley Rackstraw falsiefied his records.
    which mean he is capable of lying and deceiving.
    Robert Westley Rackstraw said:
    “It could of been (repeat) Smirk- I dont want to –
    Commit myself on that.” Smirk- I am afraid of Heights”.
    Linda Loduca -said she and friends talk about brother.
    They all said -about him -that exactly what you would need.
    Tina Mucklow – Stewardess said :” I ve seen so many
    pictures -I twould be very hard – for me to say – YES –
    Seen it -NO – Haven’t Seen it – But you know – But -I -Oh –
    ” I dont think So – and -then asked- who is it in photo?

  134. Junior says:

    Sleuths – Colbert & cold case team go by hearsay.
    1.Do not have a picture of De Winters prove he looks
    or is similar to Robt W Rackstraw?
    2.Do not have Doc & airport doc proves that De winters
    Or Rackstraw was in washington State / Oregon area ?
    3.Do not have anything belonging to Dewinters /Rackstraw
    during the years 1971-72 ore/washing area?
    4.Do not have no bank Statements & Receipts prove that
    De winters / Rackstraw had $200,ooo dollars or that they
    spent $200,ooo dollars on something during 1971-72?
    5.Briggs & Shell drug dealers & druggaddicts are not worthy
    subjects to trust on topic when drugs affect their body/brains?
    6.Did Colbert cold case team manipulate bob sister Lindato say
    the things she said about her brother Rackstraw in order to
    prove what they wanted to prove against the man served vietnam
    Or did Linda have some hidden issues against her brother Bob
    to make him look bad to the outside world?
    7.What really happened to Philip ,Bob Rackstraw Stepfather –
    Philips had lots of guns on his property and he was a alcoholic,
    by accounts of Linda Rackstraw Loduca claim that Philip lied ?
    8.Bob sister said had uncle Ed Cooper paratrooper ,live arizona,
    his wife Deretta Reese Cooper sister to Lucille L Reese Rackstraw.
    (head william wife Theresa Dau Deretta 14 Dau Lucille 8 Ohio)
    9.Robert W Rackstraw wed 1965 dev 1968 Pamela King.
    Pamela marriage 1971 Santa Cruz Keith W.Geiger.
    (pamela G KING ,Kenneth A McGreevy ,David L Kenner )
    10.Linda McGnuiry Exhusb Charles Alexander -Polk dir-
    Charles medical Centr Emps -address 426 Victoria Street.
    ( in the polk directories 1972 – 1973- 1974- 1975 )
    Linda S McGnuiry Wed 1974 dev 1977 Robt Rackstraw.
    Rackstraw 1542 47th Ave (ocean av – mission Street)
    San Francisco California Polk directories (search yourself).
    11.Here is Ex Wives that have married devorced few times?
    They either picked wrong men or liked bad boy type men?
    12.Can you believe Astoria & Cornallis believed stranger (DeWinter)
    claim to be Rich Swiss man who beg for Food, Shelter,Etc,
    and Money -wouldn’t that send out signals he was con man?
    13.So all their info given to them from people is hearsay ,
    no video ,no pictures, no doc that De winters signed& so called
    De Winters belongings kept in storage -none of it surfaced ?

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