Puyallup Library to host an evening of DB Cooper discussion

by Bruce A. Smith

If you crave more DB Cooper – even after the History Channel broadcasted their four-hour documentary and the FBI closed the case last month – you can partake in another Cooper fete at the Puyallup Library next week.

I am the author of DB Cooper and the FBI –  A Case Study of America’s Only Unsolved Skyjacking, and on Tuesday, August 9, 2016, I will be speaking on DB Cooper as part of their local author series. The conversation will begin at 6:30 pm, and is free.

To begin, I will give a brief overview of the case for those unfamiliar with this internationally gripping whodunit that is also very local – DB Cooper flew right over our homes on his getaway flight on November 24, 1971.

But I’ll focus more sharply on the topics the History Channel skimmed over and the FBI has avoided steadfastly over the past four decades – the evidence.

When the FBI closed the case on July 8, they claim they had exhausted all of their credible suspects, but they failed to reveal how deeply they examined the evidence in existence. Albeit, it is scanty, as little has been found from DB Cooper’s hijacking – no body, no parachutes, no briefcase or bomb, and only a handful of the ransom money was found on a Columbia River beach eight years after the skyjacking – but no one knows how the money got there or when.

But the FBI has lost the cigarette butts DB Cooper left on the plane, and they contain dried saliva that could reveal the skyjacker’s identity. More troubling, the FBI says they collected hair and skin samples off the head rest of Cooper’s seat, but to date the Bureau has not mentioned any findings from those telling bits of evidence.

Continuing, the Citizens Sleuths team of investigators found shards of titanium on DB Cooper’s tie, and no one seems to be looking for how such an unusual piece of evidence came to exist.

Most troubling, though, the History Channel never mentioned this last piece of evidence, and the FBI never commented at all of their evidentiary failings when they closed the case.

Are the feds hiding something? Is the FBI piggy-backing on the History Channel’s documentary as a way of obscuring the fact that they bungled their DB Cooper investigation and now want to be done with it?

Come to the Puyallup Library and join what will be a lively discussion.


2 Final DB Cooper and the FBI cover


Book, p 478, DB Cooper, tattoo, text only


BOOK, FBI, Composite B


BAS, Headshot, Dispatch, Guustaaf, snow, DSC_0413

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24 Responses to Puyallup Library to host an evening of DB Cooper discussion

  1. Well, good luck at the library is all I can say. You might have to explain who Cooper was to some of the younger attendees. These days, a lot of folk under the age of thirty don’t remember who he was. I think they should make Cooper an entry into those Washington State History high school classes. 🙂

  2. Ron and Pat says:

    We were disappointed with the slant of the History Channel documentary, but judging from the response we have received since it aired, there is still a lot of interest in the story in our area (and all over the country for that matter.) Bruce is correct that there is a lot of information that was glossed over that should have been examined in more detail.

  3. Trish says:

    Wish I could be there but I will be on a trip at that time!

  4. I think a lot of people will show up for Bruce. Libraries in Pierce and King Counties all have webpages and announcements, and email lists. He will do fine. Maybe he could do a one-page program and post it to Facebook as a picture, submit it to the library website. They love that stuff. Librarians are all the same. They dream of packed libraries and supporting anything that does that.

  5. Bill Cover says:

    I read the book by Bruce Smith and some of the websites summarizing evidence in the case. Based upon my gut feelings as a microbiologist and the fact US currency is made from 75% cotton and 25% linen plus ink and other additives, the money recovered at Tena bar had to be buried nearly 10 years or close to it. The black decolorization is consistent with anaerobic degradation and not “aerobic degradation”. Currency does not degrade similar to paper products. Since some of the cotton used for US currency during the subject matter time frame was sourced
    from scrap denim, one can speculate the black color is from a sulfur dye that becomes exposed during the microbial degradation process or is a sulfur derivative formed from the chemicals used to make currency. It seems the FBI would have access to research studies on the stability of currency under different storage conditions that is not available to the public to confirm or rule out this conjecture.

  6. Galen Cook, Attorney says:

    Two other factors to consider: what kind of cleaning agent(s) did the Ingrams use at their home to wash the bills? What could the hijacker have used to further degrade the bills, IF it was a plant and wanted to make it look like a 1971 dropzone? As a microbiologist, you may have some insights. And this: I saw the FBI bills at the Seattle FO and was allowed to study them. Very little evidence of the “blackened” look remained on the bills. Those bills were bright green. Did the FBI clean them up? And finally, the Palmer Report (classified study by Dr. Palmer, a leading shoreline process expert) studied the strata at the find location. He clearly states that the bills were at THAT location for between 9 and 12 months. His is a strict timeline, and appears to greatly contradict your assertion of 10 years based on degradation appearance alone.

  7. Bill Cover says:

    I am okay with Dr. Palmer’s comments. I probably need to go into more detail. If it is microbial decomposition, it would take a long time. The location could change over the 10 year period. I do not understand why the cash would be intentionally stored in an environment that contained water.

    • Galen Cook, Attorney says:

      anaerobic vs. aerobic decomposition is something that I and my science crew dealt with during repeated tests. correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I hear you saying that river water storage, over a long time, would not likely darken the bills. sand storage, on the otherhand, would? please comment, as I’m interested in this. notwithstanding the issue of the bills located on the particular beach strata, as interpreted by Palmer, what other plausible methods can you some up with that shows deterioration in the manner that the bills were discovered? ie: the corners are rounded and generally misshaped on all bills, but strangely, the serial numbers are preserved on all bills. and, as Carr and I discussed at length, most bills have tiny holes in them, which is an odd characteristic. Carr thought small or microscopic animal action. that’s not my opinion. thanks for contributing!

      • Galen Cook says:

        brief response to Bruce and Georger’s posts over at Cooper Forum site: I have a copy of the Palmer 302, which Curtis Eng provided to me. Quite clearly, the report states that the beach strata studies at Tena’s Bar represents a timeline of between 9 and 12 months of “when” the money arrived. I’ve discussed this at length with Palmer’s son, who is a full professor at Stanford Univ and understands the science well. What the report doesn’t state is “how” the money might have arrived at the location. That appears to be the source of all speculation. Eng let me examine the bills closely at the Seattle FO. There are some consistencies in the condition of the bills that add to the speculations. My own science team and I have spent about countless hours at Tena’s Bar experimenting and then conducting laboratory tests at a private lab in Portland. Conclusions are not 100% in any direction, but the proponderances point towards a “most likely” direction. As for Carr: I spent considerable time with him on the phone. Decent guy, but doesn’t understand the science at Tena’s.

  8. I thought they figured out that the black coloring came from the silver nitrate (or nitrite) the FBI used on the bills before the Citizen Sleuths were allowed to examine them. I think I read that on the Sleuths’ site. My opinion on the bills is just that…an opinion. I think they were placed inside something else and simply tossed into the river from some point upstream from Tina Bar. Maybe a paper bag or something. And then they washed up there. The bag rotted away completely, and then the bills STARTED to rot. Like I said, it’s just an opinion.

    What would motivate Cooper to do such a thing? Well…back when Cooper pulled his little stunt, there was a five-year Statute of Limitations on sky piracy. On the last day, the FBI went around that law with a friendly Federal judge in Portland, who allowed the famous John Doe warrant restricted to only the hijacker himself. It was BIG news on Northwest television. Undoubtably, Cooper saw the news reports, too. He was probably crushed, and pissed off. Imagine…one day you’re getting ready to throw a big party on how you got away with it, and the next day you realize the FBI’s going to be hunting you the rest of your life. Not the best day of his life, I would imagine.

    Maybe sometime later, Cooper decided to try a little red herring trick. You can’t do it on land. If the bills were discovered and someone turned them in…the FBI would search that area. Finding nothing, they would still know Cooper was alive. Water was the only way, and the Columbia is the biggest water around that area.

    Like i said…it’s only a theory.

  9. Galen Cook says:

    Interesting comments by a couple of old dinosaur posters over at Shutter’s site regarding money find at Tena’s. One guy believes that being magnanimous with info is a great credit towards sharing the communal wealth. This same individual, however, speaks openly about his $20 Cooper bill being diminished in value if someone else finds the booty. Where’s the collective contribution in THAT, after everyone else’s money is spent? The other individual (who told me that he doesn’t like the first guy) seems to have his thongie pulled tight and high. Lot’s of accusations, but oddly, all the mudballs sail more like boomerangs. He describes himself to a tee, complete with big armchair ego, deceptive tactics and endless ridicule of others. Some Cooper chatterers seem to be long on hypocracy and short on meaningful contribution. Tightwads appear in many forms and they are usually the first to complain about the lack of free food.

    • Galen Cook says:

      ps… the holdouts who still don’t like to use their real names in their posts. score one for Robert Blevins.

  10. Shutter says:

    You are starting to sound like Blevins. congratulations…

    • Galen Cook says:

      Dave, (isn’t that your real name) if you were a 1st Amendment kind of guy like Bruce, you’d let Robert Blevins on your site too. Prior restraint is not freedom of speech. That’s probably why you only have a following of a couple dozen people. see you at Ariel????

  11. david brown says:

    Oh, I see, so banning someone permanently is ok everywhere else except my forum, right? people banned on the DZ was ok, and user names? behavior, and amendment rights are different my friend. user names are frequently used by millions. you should start a campaign against them!

    when did this turn into a contest of sites? it’s about a 40+ year old case, and yet you guys put so much drama into this? you don’t even sound like Galen, so what would make the difference with actual names? how do you know my real name is Dave? fake names, and USER names run a muck here anyway, so your point would be?

    “see you at Ariel” what would be the reason for me to fly across the country to go to Ariel, to have “fun” ? I live in Florida, we have plenty of that.

    why does your new found friend Robert allow user names on his site, how good is his site running with all these amendment rights? zero activity, except Robert?


    • Okay, stop. Stop NOW. I don’t need people to speak for me. I can see Shutter’s website whenever I wish, and I wouldn’t post there even if it were allowed. Over at OUR forum, the AB forum, there are few members but many guests. Reason is everything is open to guests. We had a previous version of the site that was closed down when I released someone’s public telephone number, which that person deserved. No big deal. I warned all the members from the old site that it was probably better if they DIDN’T join the new site because I couldn’t protect their identities. Some of them were members of Kenny Christiansen’s and Bernie Geestman’s family. I told them it was better if they just dropped by to see what they wanted to see, and to NOT join. It’s not a site where I care about gathering traffic anyway. (That site would be the main Adventure Books site, not the forum.) It is what it is, as the saying goes. Works for me.

  12. shutter45 says:

    Oh, I see, so banning someone permanently is ok everywhere else except my forum, right? people banned on the DZ was ok, and user names? behavior, and amendment rights are different my friend. user names are frequently used by millions. you should start a campaign against them!

    when did this turn into a contest of sites? it’s about a 40+ year old case, and yet you guys put so much drama into this? you don’t even sound like Galen, so what would make the difference with actual names? how do you know my real name is Dave? fake names, and USER names run a muck here anyway, so your point would be?

    “see you at Ariel” what would be the reason for me to fly across the country to go to Ariel, to have “fun” ? I live in Florida, we have plenty of that.

    why does your new found friend Robert allow user names on his site, how good is his site running with all these amendment rights? zero activity, except Robert?


    • brucesmith49 says:

      It has become clear that somebody is posting at the Mountain News as “Galen Cook.” This theft of identify is being investigated by my attorneys and the FBI via their IC3 Division.

      We’re gonna bust his ass.

  13. david brown says:

    I received an email from Galen stating the comments above are not his, so it can only be the doings of club Bobby. I knew the writing didn’t read like Galen.

  14. It’s not my doing, and I wouldn’t join your site if you gave me a gold-edged invite, Shutter. You should know that. And you know perfectly well that you can check someone’s IP on a WordPress blog comment.

    • shutter45 says:

      I don’t run this site. must be those detractors from the non posting site? who else would attack me like that. just adding drama like you do lmao….you can’t join the site, you are perma banned, you know how bad that is, right. you state it all the time. Meyer Louie was your number one person you personally attack about being banned.

      I’ll have to check, but someone told me you were stealing copyright material off my site again. sounds like another LIE you told again about not doing it anymore new policy my ass. thief, and a liar!

  15. shutter45: Yeah…and you said you established that website to ‘get away from Blevins’. Yet, according to a Google search I ran on your site using content keywords, my name is used in posts there more than 1,400 times. If you are going to say things about me and hide behind the fact that I cannot defend myself there…then I’m going to copy over any content where you either lie, or I find unreasonable, and hold you accountable for that content by commenting on it elsewhere. Since you insist on allowing that to happen, or do it yourself, this DOES make it fall under Fair Use rules:

    “Fair use, a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work, is a doctrine in United States copyright law that allows limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the rights holders. Examples of fair use include commentary, criticism, news reporting, research…” Other factors include whether you are taking an excerpt for commercial (paid) use, (not allowed, or whether the person holding the copyright stands to lose money because of the Fair Use excerpt. (In your case, no.)

    As far as your ban on me on your website, that troubles me not in the least.
    To be fair to you, I am pretty sure none of the 16 current members of The Adventure Books Forum are responsible for the phony Galen Cook posts. If Bruce runs the IP on the phony content, I will be more than happy to compare that IP to the ones I have on file from our current members. Half of them are either related to Kenny Christiansen, or just fans of Kenny. The rest are generally from the Ariel/Woodland area. A couple are people I personally know. None of them would bother doing such a thing. However, if I discovered someone from the AB forum was doing that to Bruce, I would tell him who it was…and then immediately ban them from the AB forum. This issue is a separate issue from anything between us. And you should know I don’t like phonies. I would help Bruce pull the covers on someone doing that to him…and I would do it in a heartbeat.

  16. BRUCE: To Check IP’s in Comments for WordPress. Go to Comments on your dashboard. Since you aren’t moderating comments, (holding them for approval) select ‘Approved Comments’ and you can see the IP address of everyone who has posted a comment to an article, whether they used their real email address or not.

  17. I hate stacking on posts on you, but if nothing else, you can go into Comments settings on your dashboard and mark troublesome IP’s with phony comments as Spam. This way, they will NOT appear automatically on your blog. Then you can delete the comments at your leisure and no one will see them. (WordPress doesn’t allow you to ban IP addresses directly) If you have any questions, check out their Help function. All explained there.

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