Fears of the Resistance – What will Trump and the Republican Juggernaut do to the country?

By Bruce A. Smith

As the country ends its first week as Donald Trump as President-elect, fears of the coming Trump administration remain and the protests continue. Adding to this tension is the realization that the Republican Party now controls all forms of the national government, and two-thirds of the governorships. The combination frightens progressives to their core, so the question pressing upon the minds of many is: what will happen and when.

The simple answer is that the Republicans will probably pursue their long-stated goals of small government and ultra-conservative social agendas. Hard-core Republican beliefs seems to be mostly supported by Trump’s public positions, so it is possible that many social advancements will be rolled-back.

Obamacare is certainly on the chopping block. Other social entitlement programs, such as Medicaid may be reduced.

In addition, Trump confirmed on “Sixty Minutes” today that his administration will round up at least two-million illegal immigrants, and possibly three in the initial phase of addressing the immigration issue. Trump says he will start with “criminals,” but presumably these individuals and their families will be deported, possibly including the American-born children of the parents despite the fact that these children are American citizens.

It seems likely that Muslim immigration will be non-existent. Data bases will be established for all immigrants, and Muslim-Americans already in-country will have to register regularly, as confirmed by Kellyanne Connolly, Trump’s campaign chief. We will probably have Muslims signing in with the government to do anything, such as sending their kids to school, applying for a drivers license, receiving social services, etc. Trump has specifically stated that the government will monitor mosques.

We’ll see a lot of federal soldiers with rifles on their shoulders on street corners all over the US. We will look like Israel – locked and loaded.

Once Trump appoints a new Supreme Court justice, presumably a conservative judge as he has stated, it is fair to assume that many recent rulings will be modified or reversed. The right to same-sex marriage could end. The right to have any kind of abortion within the Roe v Wade guidelines might be terminated. The military may re-institute discriminatory policies against homosexuals and transgender people, harking back to the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” days.

Other kinds of changes may befall the people and businesses of the so-called Blue States that did not vote for Trump. MSN is reporting that certain business that are synchronistic to a progressive lifestyle, or geography, such as Amazonthe huge retail giant based in Seattlemay find their stock value plummet. MSN claimed that Amazon’s stock fell 7 percent this past week.

Others, such as Michael Moore on the “Morning Joe” talk show, fear that the United States will begin to experience a Brain Drain, as smart, ambitious foreign-born entrepreneurs move away to protect themselves from repressive policies, such as possible deportation or unwanted restrictions on family members joining them here. In addition, potential geniuses who could advance this country might choose another country, such as Germany, to follow their entrepreneurial dreams.

The small-government ideology of the Republicans could significantly reduce federal block grants to the states. This would dramatically reduce monies coming into state coffers for education, transportation, especially Amtrak, and infrastructure, policing and security issues, and the environment, such as the recent Cascadian Rising earthquake response program headed by FEMA.

They would also reduce federally-subsidized state-run programs, such as food stamps and free-lunch programs in the schools, low-cost medications, and medical transportation, such as Paratransit services.

The absence of these federal block grants to the Blue States will transform these lands, and seemingly cripple their ability to be free of Trump. Currently, officials in California are composing a “Calexit” referendum to facilitate a secession from the United States. Although widely seen as a ploy to demonstrate resistance to Trump it is very popular, and Oregon officials are saying that they are considering a similar proposal there as well. Many are thinking along parallel lines in Washington State.

A Republican majority that is unrestrained by any Democratic opposition could decimate the federal government as we know it. As stated many times during the presidential debates, the Republicans want to dissolve the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Education.

If that occurs, the Paris accords will be torn up. This global agreement is the planet’s best chance to limit carbon emissions and blunt the worst impacts of climate change. Further, the EPA will likely be gutted, along with the many protections our wildlife and lands currently enjoy.

Our entire nation will be at greater risk from the vagaries of Mother Nature. Presently, the City of Miami Beach is spending $300 million to build dikes, pumping stations, and elevating the business district by three feet to protect this iconic tourist destination from rising sea levelsand all without a dime from the state government since the Floridian governor, Rick Scott, denies the reality of global climate change.

The current stand-off in North Dakota over water rights and a pipeline for fracked-based oil will probably be settled in favor of Big Oil. Other energy disputes will be resolved similarly, and the dangers of fracking and the transportation of its oil may not be addressed for a decade.

The federal Department of Education will be terminated, and complete power given to the states to control curriculum and standards. Say hello to Creationism. Say goodbye to science.

Internationally, our standing will be radically transformed. We will be out of NATO. The nuclear deal with Iran will be ripped up. Iran will have a nuke within a year or so. Then Hezbollah will have it. The possibility of a mushroom cloud somewhere nearby is real.

The wars in the Middle East could become an absolute quagmire. On one hand, Trump deplores the Iraq action launched by President George W. Bush and eased into a quasi-conclusion by President Barack Obama, but Trump has resolutely stated he will “kill” ISIS. In addition, he has indicated support for a robust US presence in the Syrian Civil War, but the wherefores and the why are not spelled out so we could quickly find ourselves in an untenable, chaotic military situation. In addition, Trump has no stated plan for Afghanistan, nor has he identified his plan for the horrific civil war in Yemen that has Saudi Arabia bombing thousands of civilians.

Ironically, the “resistance” movement is as fractured as the country as a whole. Some are angry and marching. Some of those people are turning violent. Others are encouraging the protesters to channel their frustrations into volunteering efforts. Many want to follow Senator Elizabeth Warren’s suggestion of helping Planned Parenthood stay afloat.

Michael Moore says that a nation-wide protest is being planned as a counter-demonstration to Trump’s inauguration at the latter part of January, such as on January 16th, the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. That would seem like a perfect day to champion his ideals, especially in the face of such enormous threats.

Many friends and family – even readers to the Mountain News-WA – want me to shut up. They are unnerved by my stated feelings and the above projections. One of my fellow writers, a frequent contributor to the Mountain News-WA, has confessed to me that she agrees with many of the speculations I have presented but the prospects of these realities are so upsetting that she can barely function. “I have the taste of vomit in my mouth,” she told me.

She wants me to find peace. A friend and political colleague from the Ramtha School also encourages me to seek peace, and gently rebukes me for not listening to anything other than the voices of resistance. But I feel we are best served by being prepared for what might be coming our way. Perhaps the information provided on these pages might soften a blow or two.

In addition, I want the folks who voted for Trump to know what they have enabled. They may not want any of these outcomes, but they voted for the guy who is going to put them into play. On some level I feel they need to take responsibility for that. If I don’t tell them, who will, and if I don’t tell them now, when would be a better time?

As for peace, here is my perspective. It is what I wrote to my above colleague when she begged me to lighten up. It is also what I am sharing with those I care about.

“Peace is an unusual state of mind. Sometimes it comes from the absence of worry or need. But that kind of peace is fickle – often fleeting and brief.

“Deeper peace comes from clarity. Peace of the longer lasting kind comes from resolution. True peace comes from commitment to a worthy cause. So, the kind of real peace we seek these days is not the absence of tension about the Trump administration or fear of what the Republicans will do. Rather, I believe our greatest peace will come from holding a vision that sees our way through the difficulties.

“When I started writing for the Pierce County Dispatch on the slime I found in local politics, my anxiety level went through the roof. Even Matt Hamilton, the chairman of the local Republican Party, when he saw me walk through the door to his monthly meeting said, ‘Wow, you’re still alive?’ But I felt fine and smiled, ‘Yup. Still here.’

“I got to that state of mind in several ways. One was an active meditation where I walk up and down my driveway late at night and speak softly about what I want. Those days I wanted to be free of the fear. So, I walked it. Over time, I realized that I could write from a peaceful placean inner place that I choose to live inand secure in knowing that if others wanted to kill me, imprison me, or do whatever nasty stuff the government can do to journalists, then they might do it, but I wasn’t going to anticipate it, fear it, or give it any energy. I didn’t ignore it, I simply didn’t feed it. I said, ‘If other want to take me out, then that is their choice. It is not mine. I don’t have a death wish. I just want to live free.’ I felt totally restored.

“The second aspect is resolving the question: what happens if they do take me out. If they kill me, torture me, or throw me in a FEMA camp, then what? To me, life goes on, just in another form. I think I am much less afraid of dying than most people. That is one of the benefits of believing in re-incarnation. You Just Can’t Kill Me! I will always livesomewhere, somehow. I am eternal.”

And so are you.

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48 Responses to Fears of the Resistance – What will Trump and the Republican Juggernaut do to the country?

  1. coolmoondrops says:

    ok but did you get my message bout dbcooper talk on second 1/2 of coast to coast tonight? hope so ~ night night

    On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 9:33 PM, The Mountain News – WA wrote:

    > brucesmith49 posted: “By Bruce A. Smith As the country ends its first week > as Donald Trump as President-elect, fears of the coming Trump > administration remain and the protests continue. Adding to this tension is > the realization that the Republican Party now controls all forms” >

  2. shutter45 says:

    I see a lot of people talk about this subject and appear a lot only want one party. it’s ridiculous what’s going on. the left has whined for the last 8 years the the right is the violent one? then you have celebrities stating they will leave the country if Trump is elected, has any of them left? we look so foolish to other countries with all of this nonsense. it needs to stop, people need to accept Trump, and give him a chance. isn’t that what this country is about? people seem to have gotten tired of the way things have been going in the last 8 years.

    I don’t care which side it’s on, but if a candidate is being investigated by the Federal Government, they shouldn’t be allowed to run. what would an employer do while on an interview for employment if he found out you were being investigated for a crime? then you have the candidates spending a majority of there time digging up dirt on each other. is this what we have come too in this nation?

    People are acting like the world has come to an end. a similar fate was mentioned when Obama came into office, were still here? I’ll bet we will still be here in 4 years from now. the bottom line here is, we have a two party system, and nobody wins all the time. it’s sad, but I don’t believe we are the “United” States anymore!

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Well, we could all sit back and give Trump a chance. That’s one option. But, it begs the question if we should start doing something to protect the people that will be impacted by Trump policies.

      So. What should we do for:

      1. 20 million Americans losing their medical insurance when Obamacare gets canned.
      2. 2 million illegals getting deported because someone says they are criminals. Do they have any legal rights? Are they really criminals? Suppose some of them are falsely accused? Suppose there is a clerical error – who corrects that? Anyone? Exactly who gets deported – just the criminal;? How about his family? Does everybody get the boot?
      3. The thousands who live in Miami Beach and have the ocean coming in the door.
      4. The folks who feel Putin is comin’ over the border. Should we send troops to protect them?

      I think there is a fundamental difference between the Trump transition period and the Obama one. No one’s life was at stake with Obama took over. Now, we have people who are going to die.

      You say we should just sit back and watch?

      • shutter45 says:

        something “illegal” is against the law….a “criminal” does thing that are “illegal”

        Illegal immigration violates laws. that makes you a criminal….

        Stealing a candy bar makes you a criminal just as much as stealing $100, $1000, $10,000 etc.

        Borders are put in place for a reason. to keep people out of an area they are not welcome in without justification. just like the gated communities popping up all over this nation. they have no problem paying extra to keep safe?

        any crime that lands you in jail makes you a criminal if found guilty.

        If the whole family is in the country illegally, then yes they are violating laws, and that makes them criminals. political correctness can’t cover criminal activity. laws are laws, or as you put the Obamacare, they are laws of the land! we have a legal process for entering this country. that’s another “law of the land”

  3. Rhona Terry says:

    Obviously we are responsible for ourselves! You walked and became peaceful–we all can do that and whatever happens to us will be the result of that peace. This is a new way for us to live.
    Never give up! NEVER GIVE GIVE UP! What is important to you bring forward throughout the day.

    I just heard another spiritual teacher speak in other words that grabbed me. He said that we would change so much we can’t even imagine it-like if one of our legs are off we will instantly grow a new one. He said many things that kept me from turning off the computer.
    Ram has been here for 40 years (FOR US). HE IS LEAVING SOON AND WE WILL BE FINE.

    I believe him! I’ve seen a lot happen over the years. I experienced so much over the last year I could not even have imagined it. I am not the same person I was when I started and I want to keep changing. We are in for a tremendous period in our life and quite possibly Trump will be valuable to us.
    we could will it so!!!!

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Okay, we all create our realities. But what role does compassion play in our lives? Don’t you want to help people? I do. Also, I don’t like bullies. In fact, I enjoy confronting bullies and getting them to back down.

  4. shutter45 says:

    you need to stop listening to mainstream news. didn’t you see Trump’s response to healthcare? he stated (firmly) that the transition would not have a gap. he explained that it would be cheaper, and better, why is everyone against this?

    If you are in this country illegally you can’t expect fair treatment? I don’t follow peoples logic on this. can I break the law and be overlooked, or even get better treatment? a lot of people don’t seem to bothered with our borders, but those same people live in gated communities?

    This country is supposed to be built on freedom, and freedom of choice. the majority has ruled, and yet some think differently. that’s your choice, but fair is fair, and Trump DESERVES the right to give his fair shot at fixing problems! going around burning property, hurting others certainly is not the answer, and only disrupts any further chance of any shot for the left in the future. stop acting like children and clearly showing a divided country.

    I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all…….

  5. shutter45 says:

    A recent interview with Trump on 60 minutes discounts the fact of “people dying” when it comes to changing the healthcare system..

    Trump and his family also filmed an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes to be broadcast on Sunday. The president-elect said he would amend, or repeal and replace Obamacare WITHOUT ANY GAPS in healthcare provision. “It will be just fine. It’s what I do. I do a good job and I know how to do this stuff,” he told Lesley Stahl.

    The president-elect, who had said he would “immediately repeal and replace” Obamacare after taking office, told the Wall Street Journal he might instead seek to reform the policy, keeping the ban on insurers denying coverage for pre-existing conditions

    I want to solve healthcare, jobs, border control, tax reform,” Trump said.

    Now, regardless of left, right, center etc. etc. these are valid concerns to our nation. I take special interest in all the above. I don’t care who does it, right, or left, but it needs attention. I’m an American citizen that is concerned about this countries status. I listen to both sides, and made my choice. that’s my given right, it’s also my freedom of expression to voice it out without acting out with violence, or hatred!

    “Bullies” most politicians are bullies, and liars, so that statement doesn’t really make sense to me. perhaps, it’s time we did put someone in office who isn’t corrupt?

    I don’t like mainstream news, so should it be removed? people hate Fox news, and want it removed, why? I don’t watch it much, but it appears to be more level than mainstream. this again is freedom of choice. same with religion, that’s also a freedom of choice, but is slowly being removed. you don’t like the pledge of allegiance, don’t stand up, it’s very simple. you don’t like CNN, don’t watch it etc. etc. this country is way over it’s 1000,000 mile checkup IMHO.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      No gaps in healthcare? Really? You think that’s gonna happen? I’ll believe it when I see it.

      Most people can pronounce the word Obamacare without tripping over their tongue. Can you pronounce Trumpercare just as easily?

  6. Paula Morris says:

    Bruce, nicely done.

    To shutter45, I’d like to say that many of your points are valid and I understand where you are coming from. I agree that the mainstream media is a joke; simply infotainment for the most part. I especially agree that this country needs a major shake-up!

    Who knows what will happen next! Everything could be different from what we think it will be. We need to be prepared to help each other, maintain close community, stay alert, be thoughtful.

    The dialogue is excellent concerning this article. I hope it continues. We need to talk to one another. Sometimes talking leads to arguing, and that’s ok. Everyone should be able to vent, to explain their position, to bounce their ideas off of others, but then, after the arguing, stay in the conversation long enough to come to resolution. That way, as Bruce would agree, we will find peace.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Hmm, Paula, you say: “Who knows what will happen next! ”


      I think we can make reasonable projections based upon the 37 votes in the House of Representatives to repeal Obamacare. Plus, do you really think Trump is gonna support the Paris accords?


      • shutter45 says:

        The only problem is, the truism isn’t true. The House has actually voted to repeal Obamacare in its entirety six times. Certainly Democrats think that is six too many. But it is not 50, or even close to 50.


  7. shutter45 says:

    Thanks Paula, the whole thing is out of control. dividing this country doesn’t work, and it never will. I’m not asking anyone to join me, or even agree with me, but understanding and cutting through the bullshit is a key factor here. misinformation has always been a problem with politics. I don’t have all the answers, I can tell you that much. I’m very old school, or old fashion with a lot of things. help thy neighbor has always been a trusted value I’ve carried over the years. this value is also slowly disappearing. I DON’T judge people for who they voted for. I have a mixture of friends probably like many others. I learn from them, I listen to them. I was brought up to respect others, my mother would wash my mouth out with soap if I ever spoke like the younger generation I see now. I grew up in the country, people would give there shirts off there back to help someone in need. doors unlocked. that’s the America I miss so dearly…

    I’m not really good with words, so the best way for me to sum this up is this video here. I would be Jeff Daniels…he pretty much nails what I’m trying to say, or what I’m about…..

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I love this video, too. I embrace the ideals expressed, and they form the backbone of my resistance.

      • shutter45 says:

        The first step in resolving a problem is recognizing there is one! banning together would be a first step. two different sides can come to a reasonable conclusion. threads such as these should be posted on the White house wall showing two sides can disagree, but maintain a civilized atmosphere. if we can do it, why can’t Congress?

  8. Bryan Woodruff says:

    Americans exercised their freedom of choice as guaranteed by the US Constitution. Every election thru out our nation’s history has its winners or losers, we may not always like the end results, but the results should be respected by all Americans.

    The Nation’s past cannot be changed, it’s future is yet to take place. Clinton, Trump, nor all Americans are not absolutely perfect in living our lives, we all are simply human enough to make and accept the mistakes within our own lives. We all have faults as non-perfect human beings.

    Our Nation is seriously divided as a result of actions taken by corrupt political elites of both parties with self-serving agendas while stomping all over the U S Constitution and the laws of this nation. The mainstream media’s miss-information agenda for the benefit of the corrupt political elite has only further divided the nation, perhaps we would be better served by an honest media. No one person can honestly pass judgement on another for actions not yet taken, the future cannot be accurately predicted by any one person. Keep an open mind towards the future as it is yet to be lived.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Bryan, your perspective on the future does not satisfy me. I think the future can be predicted with some degree of accuracy – at least we need to try to anticipate the future and make sound preparations. To not do so is irresponsible in my view. Doesn’t a mother pack a lunch for her children before they head off to school, knowing that they’ll be hungry come lunchtime?

      I say the same is true for running a country. Canceling the healthcare for 20 million people will cause pain and suffering. When Trump tells journalists that he will be able to seamlessly replace Obamacare with a cheaper version is a con in my judgement. Do you really think the House of Representatives will vote for a comparable swap? I find that hard to believe.

      • shutter45 says:

        You still seem out of touch with reality. why is it so hard to adjust, or fix Obamacare? the healthcare IMO is already a con. they used the tax clause to get it past. Obama’s perspective doesn’t sit well with americans, or we wouldn’t be trying to remove it, or fix it?

        what would you do, or say if a democrat wanted to change Obamacare?

  9. shutter45 says:

    I am skeptical about everything, it’s my nature. now, having the Government control healthcare is my worse nightmare, again, I don’t care which side brought it…listen to what Reagan said decades ago. this could come true.

    Bruce, for someone who doesn’t have much faith in our government, or the FBI, sure puts a lot of faith in there healthcare?

    • brucesmith49 says:

      The most socialistic version of healthcare I have ever seen is the VA. The US government owns 172 hospitals and hundreds of satellite clinics. Yet, no one dares call it socialism. How come?

      Further, the VA healthcare system is so weird that the people who actually work at a VA hospital can’t get medical care for themselves unless they happen to also be a vet.

      Yet, all Americans pay for the VA system. For people to be denied access to a governmentally-owned healthcare program and to have that program available to only a select group is wrong. I would even consider calling it fascist.

      Yet, no one complains. “Anything for our vets,” most people say.

      I don’t.

  10. brucesmith49 says:

    Shutter 45, you ask:
    “What would you do, or say if a democrat wanted to change Obamacare?”

    I say:
    It would depend on what they wanted to change in Obamacare.

    I acknowledge that much as to be changed in Obamacare, and that many people can’t afford the increases that they are being saddled with.

    • shutter45 says:

      well, there you have it. no fear, nothing, why is that? you just heard Trump explain no gaps, and possibly only fixing, and not replacing, but you seem afraid of the right doing anything, even if it’s a good thing. it was the response I figured you would say. oh well, life will continue to revolve around this little globe we live on… 🙂

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Not exactly. Obamacare is real. Trump’s plan is not.

        It may become real one day, or not. If and when it happens, and it’s a better deal for all, then I will loudly applaud. Until then, I voice concerns about whether Donald and the Repubs will produce anything other that words.

    • shutter45 says:

      “I acknowledge that much as to be changed in Obamacare, and that many people can’t afford the increases that they are being saddled with.”

      Let me try to make sense about this quote. you admit it needs changes, but I guess we have to wait until a democrat is elected, or until Trump is out of office due to “just talk”

      Now, according to your statement people can’t afford Obamacare, couldn’t one imply people are dying due to gaps, or issues with the existing program? Shhhhhh.

      affordability, do you mean people who work and make more than $11,000 a year? my buddy next door has stage 4 liver cancer. he lost his health insurance when he had to stop working. he’s on a fixed income. he’s paying less than $50 a month with Obamacare.

      I have another friend who kept thinking he was going to get Obamacare for $100 a month. I argued with him for over a year (similar to here) until he realized he made too much money, and didn’t fall into the gap for $100 a month. he was horribly misinformed. he called me right after finding out, and said, “you were right” Obamacare was several hundred more than he was paying for his existing insurance. then he thought he was going to be fined if he didn’t sign up?

      I have another friend who has no insurance, and has had several operations due to heart attacks. no insurance, and he didn’t die? this was last year.

      It appears to me that a lot of people know Obamacare isn’t exactly working for everyone. fixing it should be something all can agree on.

  11. shutter45 says:

    That is your right, but I don’t think adding that people will die helps the matter at all IMHO. he’s not even in office, and you act as if it’s a dream? doesn’t seem like a fair way to look at this. it was words before Obamacare came into law, and I was told it was the greatest thing since sliced bread? then I was told to deal with it. that didn’t sit will with me, and apparently a lot of others feel the same way, so, yes, we all have to wait and see what happens.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I think it is important to talk about death. It’s never included in these kinds of discussions, and that is irresponsible in my view.

      Plus, I think it is vital that politicians who clamor for budget cuts by jumping on the backs of suffering people acknowledge the impact of their actions.

      Look – If the country is broke and people have got to die, well, then that’s just the way it is. If our country is really too poor to keep me healthy, then I’ll crawl in a ditch and die. I wouldn’t want to bust somebody’s piggy bank when it’s got only a nickel at the bottom of it. But if Americans want other Americans to die only so they can save a few bucks, well, I’m not comfortable with that. At all.

      • shutter45 says:

        you are assuming way to much Bruce. if a car is broken, you go and fix it, you don’t scream that you will lose your life if you don’t. we have a new President who feels, like many other americans that the current healthcare needs attention. yes, originally he said he would repeal it, but it appears now he wants to improve it. you go directly to the worse case scenario believing people will die?

        why don’t we just put an end to all of this and keep Obama until he dies? that seems to be the only option most of you will agree too? nobody else is allowed to “have a plan” it’s all make believe. lets get rid of the two party system since you don’t like anything other than your single party system? how much more one sided can one be? it’s rather selfish in my opinion. something is terribly wrong here.

        I listen to both sides, and both sides lie. it’s up to each individual to decide what they think is right for there country. screaming “not my president” burning private property, and the american flag isn’t the right thing to do, nor is it right to ignore the changing of the guard, and the possibility of things getting better for everyone? we might as well split the country in half. then you will truly have a two party system?

    • Emma says:

      45 thousand people a year died from preventable and treatable medical problems before Obamacare only because they could not afford health care. Yes, it is very appropriate to talk about death in this context.

  12. Anuttama says:

    I think that the people who really are running things are practicing the tried and true “divide and conquer strategy.” And they may have a few more tricks up their sleeves to get everything fully stirred up. In reality the election day is on December 19 when the human beings who make up the electoral collage cast their votes. What would happen if a handful of these electoral human beings from states that are supposed to cast their vote for Trump decide to cast their vote for Clinton? It would only take 5% of Trump’s expected electorals to make the switch for the election to go to Clinton. I wouldn’t put it past the people who are really running things to ensure that at least 5% do change how they are expected to vote. Apparently the penalty is only about $1000 if they do so.

    The criminals running America control the media, entertainment and the banks. Imagine if they wanted the people to get irate enough to demand a Constitutional Convention. Taking this election from Trump would be like a favored underdog football team that had been declared the winner in Superbowl and then, sometime later the referees call the win invalid. Do you think there would be some backlash?

    Neither Trump nor Clinton can fix what is wrong. We can only fix it if we are brave enough to confront the man behind the curtain.

    • shutter45 says:

      well said, you probably have better odds penetrating area 51 then exposing the man behind the curtain! meanwhile, we steadily watch gas prices go up, the cost of milk etc. etc. corporations canning people, or cutting hours to get around Obamacare. 1099’s are starting to be hired also to get around this perfect healthcare system.

      I don’t have all the answers, and as you mentioned, nether do Clinton, or Trump.

  13. brucesmith49 says:

    Now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty: Who really has the power. I don’t have any names, really, but I like using the term “corporatocracy” to describe Big Money and Big Power. I think using the word corporatocracy gets us closer to where the real juicy stuff lies. It’s John Perkins territory.

    When people bitch about the Clinton’s having $350 million in the bank, I smile. That’s chump change to the really rich people. But getting information on these people and their actions is tough. The Alt-Info people are exceptionally vulnerable to dis-information campaigns. Forbidden Knowledge and Dark Journalist are so suspect in my view. So much of what they say is so uncorroborated – and that’s not because they are lazy. They have very limited resources to check things out, and the truth is so hard to come by since it’s so problematic to people with power.

    That’s why I’m rooting for remote viewing as a legitimate investigatory tool. Also, telling stories – the bottom line is how we experiences life. Who do we care about, and why. To me that is the most important journalistic goal.

  14. brucesmith49 says:

    Shut, you say: “you are assuming way to much Bruce.”

    I get the sense that you want me to simply trust Trump. I don’t. I am very skeptical of what he says, as I think he will say anything to anybody to get what we wants.

    Would you buy a used car from him?
    Just askin’…smile.

    • shutter45 says:

      no, i’m not asking you to trust him. you are reading to hard into this. I thinks it’s poor judgment to believe people will die in a transition of healthcare. if we are to believe a president would allow this, we are beyond repairing anything…you have every right to not trust anyone, but accusing someone of wrongful death is another thing entirely IMO. I don’t believe Trump, or Hilary would allow something like that to happen. I now remember why I got out of politics years ago. this is worse than trying to tell someone they don’t have Cooper as a suspect. I don’t believe Cooper has been found, so I’m heading out to the streets to destroy things…. 🙂

  15. shutter45 says:

    Yup. The usual suspects…

    I wonder if Gates has made the inner circle. How about the Windsors? Any of the Russkies? Folks in Columbia? China? Japan?

    Du Pont….Bush…Morgan

  16. goldenhandstherapies says:

    Dear B, Given the gift of opportunity to touch the lives of many through the medium of ‘print media’ be it actual or virtual, what is it that prompts you to choose fear and not Love for the world? (That said, I too have fears about his presidency.) At every moment we are gifted with the choice of Love or fear – what drives you to promote darkness rather than light? It strikes me as the rantings of a fearful and unfulfilled child who won’t play the game anymore as he doesn’t want to honor the rules after losing when, after perusing spiritual completion in multiple different avenues (and setting admirable example worth following in the process), you could hold yourself to a higher and spiritually profound standard and create unity, love, peace and possibilities with your words. You may ask if I wanted Trump to win or another candidate and I would answer: He wasn’t my first choice – Neither, by the way, was she. As my dear friend Mitch said, and he voted for her, “The election is over; and now is the time to create peace within each of us as that is the source of a lasting peace.” Peace in the world starts within each of us, first! This is where I am and I’m clear that fear has no place in a world that works for ALL of us. PEACE: Always an available CHOICE

    Peace is the experience of Love; Love is a function of communication.

    The other side of Blame and Fault is Responsibility. And that is a context as a declaration, being source/cause in Life. Declarations become real through Integrity, beginning with the willingness to Be in Integrity, whether we feel like it or not. We never really know what makes something happen – way too many variables/possibilities at play coinciding. As far as nefarious forces are concerned, that I would share in person…maybe.

    I pray you choose peace and share that/you with your community and the world at large.


    M D


    • brucesmith49 says:

      I choose the peace that comes from commitment to worthy ideals, as I have described in my writing. What do you think of them?

      I am committed to helping people stay alive. I am committed to people who have asked for my compassion and need a refuge. I am committed to people who are under assault because of their race, gender, or ethnicity.

  17. rthurs666 says:

    Memo From: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

    TO: Mr Chicken Little, c/o Bruce Smith @ Mountain News.

    Dear Mr Little:

    Thank you for your concern about the status of our atmosphere. We have investigated your allegations and have determined that the sky is not falling. The abrupt changes in the atmospheric temperature over large parts of the USA has been determined to be temporary in nature. The major sources of this temperature increase seems to have originated in New York State, Hollywood, California and Washington DC. The hot air emanating from House Minority leader Henny Penny, Senate minority leader Goosey Loosey, President Turkey Lurkey and various members of such organizations as the Chicken News Network, Corporation for Poultry Broadcasting and similar groups has raised the average atmospheric temperature by 2.1 degrees Fahrenheit. This is expected to return to normal after 20 January 2017.

    Careful measures of atmosphere density and tropopause level have confirmed our opinion that the sky is, in fact, not falling. There is no need to reinforce your roof at this time.


    Elmer Isobar,
    Administrator, Western Region, NOAA.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      The only element of Global Climate Change that has not been studied sufficiently is in the area of the social sciences. Who does not believe in GCC and why not?

      Perhaps you could enlighten us, Mr. Isobar.

  18. Rhona says:

    Please stop sending me these e-mails!!!! Rhona

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