Trump Era Begins – Mountain News Readers Respond

Many Mountain News-WA readers are upset with Donald Trump, and now, with his presidency a reality they are responding. The Mountain News will be posting their missives in an ongoing effort to communicate how deeply angry many citizens are, and what they endeavor to do to thwart Trump’s dangerous policies.

Our first posting is from Pat F. of Puyallup. When I spoke with her today to ask permission to publish her essay, she told me that she had never been this angry before in her life, nor so despairing of her country. Pat F.’s full name and identity is known to me, but I am withholding her full name from the pages of the Mountain News to protect her privacy and to insure her safety. Donald Trump’s presidency has, in part, unleashed the Mag Dogs of War, to use Winston Churchill’s famous phrase, and blatant acts of hostility towards people who look or act differently, or oppose Trump’s policies, are becoming more evident. I will be writing about specific instances I have experienced in my own life in the near future.

In the meantime, let’s hear from Pat F.

  • Bruce A. Smith, Editor


By Pat F.

I am getting very tired of people trying to convince me that I am wrong about Trump and I would like to ask that people I care about quit trying to convince me that I need to wait and see. Some even say I will end up liking him enough to vote for him in four years.

Considering the lack of morals he has displayed, that wouldn’t happen even if his policies and volatility don’t do the harm I predict they will.

I have always been able to accept the elected president whether I voted for him or not. I felt sad when George W. Bush was elected the second time, but he was my president and I accepted him.

I started to become anti republican during Obama’s presidency. I watched for 8 years as republicans conducted a smear campaign of propaganda, trying to convince people that Obama was not a US citizen and that he is a Muslim. Their propaganda was so effective there are still people who believe it.

I heard Mitch McConnell state that the Republicans would stand united to vote down all legislation that came from the President to ensure Obama would not get a second term. How could this attitude be interpreted to be good for the country? Do we really want to stagnate our government by not considering the merits of any legislation?

I stayed silent during all the Obama bashing because I don’t like to argue politics with friends and family, but the outcome of this election has made me realize that I should have been more outspoken. Not speaking out has made me feel somewhat responsible for the mess we are in today. Going forward I will remain vigilant and speak out against the atrocities I will most likely witness. I will not necessarily argue with friends and family but I will make sure to let my elected representatives know my feelings. There is a new group called Indivisible that is providing a forum for doing this. I have friended them on Facebook.

I was disappointed when I heard that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be my only viable choices for President. With Hillary, it was mainly concern that she had too much baggage to win the election. I was already aware of a lot of her policies and thought she would make a good president. With Trump I had a preconceived notion that he was a narcissist, sexist fraud. Still I decided to give them both a chance. It didn’t take long for me to become a Hillary supporter. Trump showed his true colors almost immediately.

There are so many reasons for not voting for Trump I hardly know where to begin. The following points are just a small subset of points I heard or saw on the news or that I have credible, provable backup for. It is difficult to deny the validity when Trump himself was shown saying and doing these things.

During the campaign-

  1. On the news I saw excerpts from a KU KLUX CLAN meeting. The clan was praising Donald Trump as “one of them”. The news then played a recording of a phone interview with Donald Trump. He could be heard refusing to denounce the Ku Klux Klan.
  2. Trump hired Steven Bannon for his Campaign. Bannon was the head of Breitbart, an internet news magazine for the Alt Right. (Alt Right is the new name for Neo-Nazis. They think it sounds more mainstream. )Bannon actually claims credit for writing the creed for the Alt Right / Neo-Nazis movement. This act alone by Trump was enough to make me realize I wanted nothing to do with him.
  3. Trump made VERY SCAREY comments about the proliferation of nuclear weapons. He clearly doesn’t understand the severity of what he said. He also has a VERY VOLTILE personality. I still believe he is dangerous.
  4. Trump proposed an unconstitutional ban on Muslims entering the country.
  5. Trump was shown on television riling up his supporters until they turned to the press and started shouting JEW-S-A. This is a Neo-Nazi chant meaning that there are too many Jews in America. I was totally sickened. It was bad enough that Trump wouldn’t try to do anything to stop it, but he actually instigated it. My brother encouraged me to watch the 700 Club to learn more about Trump. He thought that would calm some of my fears about the hateful rhetoric I was hearing. On the episode I chose, Pence was on. He showed some footage of the same rally containing the Jew- S- A chants. Pence let them play a few words that Trump said that were not inflammatory, and then continued showing the footage without sound with Pence talking for Trump. I was saddened that a lot of people trust the 700 Club to be truthful to them and this was clearly a misleading propaganda film.
  6. I know some people voted for Trump because they are against abortion. One even told my son that I felt guilty for not voting for Trump because of the abortion issue. I AM NOT FOR ABORTION. I just have a more realistic view of the best way to combat it. The 700 club used a video of an abortion that would have been illegal under the current laws. If this video could have been proven legitimate, the perpetrators could have been prosecuted. This video was used as fuel to shut down Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood supplies medical care for the poor. One of their main functions is to supply free birth control for women who can’t afford it. The only abortions they perform are when the life of the mother is threatened.

    I don’t feel that Christians intend to make a judgment here on earth that the mother has to die to give birth to a baby that would most likely die if it were delivered by normal means. I think they are just misinformed.

    New studies show that abortions in this country are at the lowest number since we started keeping statistics. This is attributed to the availability of free contraceptives for the poor and strong abortion laws in most states.

    The Roe vs. Wade decision only protects the right for abortion if it is to save the life of the mother or in the case of incest or rape. I don’t think we here on earth have the right to make a judgment on the mother under these conditions. I feel Christians should leave that judgment to God. I also feel that Christians should not judge me for my abortion views.

There is no law that could be passed that would stop each and every abortion from happening. I don’t expect anyone to believe I have the answers. I just expect people who know me to realize I don’t believe in their solution to the problem as it has been proven ineffective before.

  1. Trump made derogatory comments about almost every minority in our country.
  2. Trump attacked a Gold Star family because they are Muslims. The dad actually proved he knew more about our constitution than Trump does.
  3. Trump preached bringing jobs back to America while applying for visas to staff his new hotel with foreigners.
  4. Trump has several lawsuits pending for fraud.
  5. Trump hired Flynn for his campaign. Flynn was convicted of sharing government secrets. He also is a major spreader of fake news. He was working as a lobbyist for Turkey, making him part of the swamp that Trump was vowing to drain.
  6. Our press is a major component of our 1st amendment. Trump condemns the press because they ask the hard questions. Instead he went on the Alex Jones’ show and praised him for his reporting. Alex Jones is the biggest creator and spreader of fake news in our country. He predicts the end of the world almost monthly. You would think he would lose credibility after a time, but Trump still sees him as more reliable than our press. In Trumps own words, “very Sad”.
  7. Trump continued spreading fake news about Hillary on his campaign even after the Fox reporter who originally reported it apologized for spreading the fake news.
  8. Statistics show a sharp increase in hate crimes nationwide since the beginning of Trump’s campaign.
  9. Trump’s Vice Presidential pick has a history of supporting aversion therapy for gays. AVERSION THERAPY IS NOT A CURE FOR AIDS. IT IS A CALAYST FOR SUICIDES.
  10. Trump thinks Climate Change is not real. He said it was fabricated by the Chinese.
  11. Trump made fun of a handicapped news man.

Still, after the initial shock of the election results, I decided to give Trump a chance, but he almost immediately started showing he is not capable of being a good president.

  1. Trump named Flynn to his cabinet in a position that does not require congressional approval. He allowed him to sit in on security briefings while still a lobbyist for Turkey.
  2. Trump named Bannon to his cabinet in a position that does not require congressional approval. I am not comfortable with having an adviser to the president who had Neo-Nazis.
  3. He continued to deny Russia’s involvement in our elections even after 15 US Security groups said they had proof. He continued to show deference to Putin, a war criminal while attacking the security agents who risk their lives to protect us.
  4. He has insulted almost all of our allies and the United Nations itself.
  5. He used twitter to discuss nuclear proliferation with Putin. This is so dangerous in this unsettled world.
  6. During the campaign Trump criticized Hillary Clinton for taking money for speeches given at Goldman Sachs. He has now appointed 6 Goldman Sachs employees to his cabinet.
  7. During the campaign he promised that, due to his inexperience, he would fill his cabinet with the best experts he could find. Many of his nominees are also novices in the area they will be responsible for advising him on.
  8. Trump has still refused to be transparent about possible conflicts of interest and dealings with foreign countries and actually has expressed that he doesn’t think the American people care.
  9. Trump has settled one law suit for fraud and has many more pending.
  10. On the news, a Neo-Nazi group was shown doing the Nazi salute and yelling “Hail Trump”. It took several days for Trump’s “handlers” to convince him to finally denounce them.
  11. Trump is remaining executive producer of the new apprentice and has wasted time in a twitter war with Arnold Schwarzenegger instead of working on filling the over 4000 government positions that will not have replacements when the current staff leaves.

Trump’s Economic Policies

Trump has advertised that he can fix our economy by applying his exceptional business experience. However, I would hope that most of his business practices would not be transferred to our country.

  • Trump has made much of his money with fraudulent practices.
  • He built his casinos with cost overruns and then declared bankruptcy, stiffing the many companies who supplied him with work and materials. I believe he has actually declared bankruptcy 5 times.
  • Trump’s views on trade have already devalued the dollar in the world market.
  • The high tariff on trade idea was already tried. Obama tried to save our tire industry by imposing a 35% tariff on tires imported from China. The experiment failed. The price of tires rose dramatically and there was a net loss of jobs due to the number of retail jobs lost because of the tariff. When the tariff was removed, the damage to the tire industry remained.
  • Trump’s tax policy, if implemented, would add trillions of dollars to the deficit.
  • Trickle-down economics have never worked before, and Trump’s proposed tax plan is “trickle-down on steroids”.


I understand that not all Trump voters are racist bigots and sexists, but there are a lot of them who are.

I also know that many voted for him because of the abortion issue and even though I personally believe the direction Trump and republican agendas are going will add to the number of abortions performed, I respect that they voted their conscience.

I also know and understand there was a large group who voted for him despite his vices because of their lost jobs. I understand that they didn’t see an alternative in Hillary Clinton. For them, I sincerely hope that these new economic policies will not send us back into the recession of 8 years ago.


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10 Responses to Trump Era Begins – Mountain News Readers Respond

  1. Denise Moody says:

    What Pat said. I’ve read I need to get over it and not only accept Trump as my president but to respect him as well. Bullpocky. I have to accept that he is the country’s president. But he isn’t my president. I have to respect the office he now holds. I don’t have to respect the man holding it. Trump with have to earn that, and I doubt he will.

  2. Paula Morris says:

    Excellent, comprehensive article! There’s not much I would add. I’ve heard Trump say ad nauseum that he would “make America great again.” I would like to know what people who believe that statement mean by making America great again. As these first weeks go by, it would be good to have a platform or sounding board for thoughts and feelings about this most conflictual transition of our government. Cheers to the Mountain News for making available just such a vehicle for communication.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Thanks, Paula. Hopefully we will see your thoughts on these pages as well!

    • Paula Morris says:

      A Post Script: Yes, I watched the inauguration–perhaps out of curiosity, but mostly to see how it was handled by the MSM. What I saw was an extreme “Normalization” of the event. Protests were mentioned, but the only ones the MSM actually focused on were those by the anarchists or “Black Block,” showing violence and smashing up of things. These of course were met with rubber bullets, tear gas, water canons, etc….the new means by which the citizenry should expect as measures of “normalized” control!

  3. Anuttama says:

    If those who are really in charge wanted to create as much animosity, fear and outrage as possible, what better way than to pick two unlikable candidates and then have the dark horse win? I don’t buy into it.

    What is scary is how people buy into whatever the mainstream media spews, even though they are so obviously the propaganda arm of the power brokers. This is a great time to become self reliant in terms of thought, abilities and philosophy. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay “On Self Reliance” gives some very timely advice.

  4. Pat Forman says:

    My husband and some of my friends are encouraging me to add more to my article and try to send it to more places.

    As soon as the republicans got the majority in the senate, their vendetta on Obama blocked practically everything he tried to do. He therefore used executive orders to pass legislation that the majority of Americans wanted. Trump is poised to undo all that was done with those executive orders.

    They also want me to expand on his comments on Hispanics, women’s rights, and his Russian involvement. There is so much against Trump I could write a book.

    To avoid people thinking that I was just falling for things created by the media I tried to stick to things that could be verified by actual video and audio of what Trump said and did and avoid a lot of other things that were just reported on. I’ll have to think about expanding on this article.

  5. Pat Forman says:

    This is REALLY SCARY! Yesterday the Trump team gave their first press conference for the new administration and refused to allow for questions. The first thing that was scary was the subject matter. With all that is going why would something as trivial as crowd size for the inauguration be so important? The second scary part was that the “facts” given in the news conference were so easily and indisputably proven to be falsehoods. But the really scary part came later on Meet The Press. When Trump’s counselor, Kelly Anne Conway was asked why 4 of the 5 points presented in the news conference were falsehoods, she replied that they are not falsehoods, they are “alternate facts”. In reality there are no such thing as alternate facts.

    The first amendment to the constitution guarantees freedom of speech for a very important reason. Basically a democracy cannot survive without the American people having the facts of what is going on in our government, not “alternate facts”.

    When Trump and his cronies attack the press for reporting lies and they have indisputable facts to back up what they are saying or when they are showing videos or phone interviews of the actual Trump saying and doing things. In other cases I am willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. But he needs to learn that now that he is our President he should not continue promoting falsehoods like he did when he was campaigning. Otherwise we will be lead to question everything he says and does.

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