Poetry Flows as Resistance to Trump Grows

By Bruce A. Smith

The following poem was written by a long-time Democrat friend, Dave Mitman. Dave has always put his money where his mouth was, and gave a couple bucks to local candidate Darcy Burner in 2008 and 2010. He even put up yard signs for Obama in 2012, and slapped a “Feel the Bern” bumper sticker on his pick-up this year.

But he never wrote a poem about a politician before. That’s how angry Dave is.

In his email to me with his poem, “Putin’s Puppy,” he prefaced it with a little note:  “I realized I had way to much time on my hands when I started to write a poem. Could not help myself as this was therapeutic. Hope you enjoy, and if you wish pass it on. Also, I refuse to use a capital “T” for trump; he does not deserve one.”


Putin’s Puppy

by Dave


Putin bought a brand new puppy.

He called his puppy little trumpie.


Now trumpie comes when Putin calls.

He sits, he begs, he’ll catch a ball.

A pat upon his head he needs,

for on your praise his ego feeds.


Putin is both smart and wise.

He looked his trumpie in the eyes.

My dog is lonely I must say,

he needs a friend with which to play.


My lap dog Rex is who I’ll get,

to play with trumpie, my new pet.


Now Rex is a digger I am told,

he’ll dig and dig for that black gold.

But trumpie likes to dig holes too,

the two of them make quite a crew.


Poor mother earth is in great fear,

she knows those mongrel dogs are near.

They’ll rape and pillage and pollute,

and Putin doesn’t give a hoot.


It’s wealth and power Putin seeks,

he’ll keep his trumpie at his feet.

His lap dog Rex he’ll keep close by,

and Mother Earth can only cry.


Pandora once upon a time,

released much evil on mankind.

But Hope had also been set free,

so now it’s up to you and me.


But Hope alone it will not do,

for work it takes to pull us through.

So my friends be strong of heart,

for each of us must do our part.


Like little drops of rain that fall,

the waters rise and breach the wall.

If all of us stand strong and true,

there is no thing that we can’t do.

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6 Responses to Poetry Flows as Resistance to Trump Grows

  1. Denise Moody says:

    Love it!

  2. brucesmith49 says:

    Me, too, Denise.

    Did you attend an of the Women Marches today? I was in Olympia, WA and I’ll be writing a piece on it shortly.

  3. Paula Morris says:

    Good job Dave. We all need to channel our anger, disappointment, feelings of hopelessness, etc., into something creative and positive!

  4. rthurs666 says:

    Juvenile and pathetic.

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