SNOW! – The Great Super Bowl Sunday Snow Storm, 2017

Bruce A. Smith

We got dumped. There is 12-14 inches outside my little abode, but the amount varies as more snow plummets off of tree boughs, or the melting slush thwarts a bigger build-up. Regardless, I can’t even open my little garden gate to get to my driveway.

Soon, I will venture out to see what needs to be done. First, I’ll have to figure out how to move the snow, since I don’t have a snow shovel. I’ve lived in Washington State for 27 years and never needed one. Now, I suppose I do. In the meantime, I’ll take an old plastic political sign and screw it to a stick. Ug.

Worse, though, is that cold weather is coming. Double Ug. I lost power twice during the Super Bowl Sunday Snow Storm, and had to rely on my “Little Buddy” portable propane heater. I went through two canisters last night, but I was toasty. I figured out how to use it safely, too. I kept a bathroom vent window open all night, and the bathroom door has a one-inch gap between it and the floor, which allowed cold, fresh air to circulate in and keep the propane burning while the heat rose to the ceiling and kept me warm.

I also have a low oxygen, CO and smoke detector, so I was copacetic.

So, today is Dig-Out Day in Mountain News Country. Be gentle with your back, everyone – and have fun with the kids or do what you can at work, and enjoy a remarkable Winter Wonderland.

Views from Pulford Road in Eatonville:

My little apricot tree got crushed:


The gate:


Sure looks pretty, though..






Digging Out. Dave Mitman helps out getting snow off the roof, which cracked under the weight of the snow – see “V” in the roof line.



I got tired of shoveling, so I put on my snow shoes and tromped around where I wanted a path. I’ll let Thursday’s 50-degree weather take care of the rest.




I’m ready when the mail folks are…









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4 Responses to SNOW! – The Great Super Bowl Sunday Snow Storm, 2017

  1. Paula Morris says:

    Yep…we got about 14 inches here in Graham. Can’t back out of my driveway! I sure hope a lot of this melts by tomorrow! This is the first time since I moved here 6 1/2 years ago, that I’ve seen this much snow! It’s beautiful, but I don’t care for the power outages and damaged trees, etc. Sorry about your little apricot tree Bruce. Can you remove the snow and prop it up some? Maybe it will still have a chance? Keep warm. Don’t do much….it’ll probably melt in a few days anyway.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Good News Tree Lovers: Little Appie didn’t crack. Apparently everything rolled to a pre-set lean towards the sun. So the roots are intact, and I’ll just trim off the branches that are facing the ground and let everything grow skyward!

  2. Jane says:

    Well, Minnesota’s sidewalks and driveway’s are an ice rink…usually March weather melt and a nightmare for all…young or older…you can fall down! We would gladly take a foot of snow!

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